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WoW’ing, you’re doing it wrong.

So. Let’s start this therapy session with some soothing music, shall we?

I guess I should begin where we left off.
FFXI never really picked back up for Mike and I. He got medically discharged three weeks after basic training began, because he had preexisting conditions and was going to get stress fractures in his hips and knees if he continued. That was a huge bummer. read more

Face of Fact.

Well, since no one seems to enjoy rules anymore, I might as well bask in that glory with a little awesome thing known as a blog.

To start off, thank god, the semester is finally over! Even though I start another semester in just a few short weeks, college has been tough! (Especially Japanese, which I scraped by with a 64%. >_> Nihongo wa honto ni muzukashii desu ne..)
But, I guess the real reason I’m here is the fact that I’m a little depressed.
My husband shipped off for basic training for the Air Force last Monday, and I’ve been missing him horribly. I guess you really don’t know how much you miss having someone around till they’re gone. But then, to make matters worse, I hear from Sergent Peters (his recruiter) that he won’t have 2 weeks break after 6 weeks of basic. He’ll go directly into tech school, so I can’t even go visit him (which means buying an airplane ticket, which I can’t even afford at the moment), until about 11 weeks from now. read more

All Your Site Are Belong to Me.

Just kidding, ladies and gents. It is April Fool’s Day, yeah? Time for the evil to make it’s reappearance.

Oh, look, dear friends, it’s the mythical creature of lore, out to eat your children~

‘Fo’sho, duds.

So, here I am. Ooh yeah, and I actually have something to write about for a change! I’ve finally gotten into a new MMO, only this time in a completely foreign format! <dun dun dun> THE XBOX 360! *insert thunder and scary lightning* read more

Perfect World: Boring?

I am so lonely, so very lonely.. I have nobody to call my..

WAIT. What am I saying? Maybe the first part is true. Perfect World is a very lonely place. It’s all about quest after quest after quest, and nobody really socializes ever. Into week two of my experience, reaching level 30, and it’s still all about the quests and buying/selling. While the quests keep it interesting, I’ve only ever been in one party, and that lasted less than two minutes when I learned this dude just wanted me to help him power level his mule. read more

Not So Much.

So, I’m sitting here in my school’s library, writing a 7-page essay on Dr. Kevorkian’s fiendish antics, and I decide to take a break to scan the MMOT bloggies, and I see one that catches my attention. This is for all you kiddies out there that spout that 2x exp cards are hacking:

Suck it up.

As much as you whine, and complain (trust me, from the one time I logged onto MS in the past year, I got it left and right), 2x exp cards are legit. Just because you don’t have enough money to get them doesn’t mean that they should be banned. But ultimately, we all knew it was gonna come to this. Nexon is out to make money. They’re not out to make you, or your little brother, happy. They just want to make monies (that’s right, I said it), and games are the only way they can do it. We all knew when the cash shop came out that this was going to happen, it was only a matter of time. read more

A Mile a Minute to Oblivion!

Ahaha, you thought I was dead DIDN’T YOU?! ~____~ Well, I am. Kinda. BUT, here I am anyway, from the grave, to present you a *gasp* Real. MMO-related. Blog. From Yours Truely. BWAHNYAN~

*weezes that college-nofun-studyingallthetime-gottagetthemgoodgrades-air and rolls*

So. Remember that MMO I mentioned in my last blog, which was about four months ago? Perfect World, you know? Well, I was overly excited to see that they had an English Beta open. In my fits of excitement, I totally forgot what I was supposed to be doing (*cough*Studying for finals*cough*) and immediately downloaded it from Grimno’s suggestion.
Btw, my internet pwns yours ftw~!
So, after the 10 minutes it took me to download it, it was easy to install and update. Registering, however, was another matter. Again and again, it would keep telling me there were things wrong with my registration, such as the email being wrong, it made me emo for a while. BUT, I didn’t give up! I kept retyping it until FINALLY it took. So, I log on, and instantly I’m faced with a simple and clean interface. read more

Mip Under Fire!

I got something to report, boys and girls. Grimno and I have both noticed ‘XXX’ and otherwise ads popping up on this site, going so far as planting spyware and viruses on my compie. (Woohoo, go $2000 rustbucket laptop go!) So, I’m not sure why this is happening, on MMOTales only, but for the moment, I’m going to continue to be persistant and gather as much information as I can before my computer laughs and kicks the bucket on me. read more

So what.

So. I’m going to do it. Steel-Whip Mip is going to demolish her own rules, and pour out her heart. How I feel. What I feel. I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you what is going down with this site.

I can’t do my job anymore. Things are dying. It’s so absolutely maddening, frustrating, to see something I’ve put my heart and soul into for over a year die. My favorite writers, my friends, my acquaintances, all slowly shift into that damned behemoth that is Profil3. I’m bitter, I’m so bitter, how this is all ending. Why are people leaving?! Is it something I did.. am I being too strict? Are people angry that I’m doing my job?! Even my own supervisor, at one time, my guidance, my inspiration, has thrown me and the rest of the site out of the nest like a bastard child. But I can’t fly by myself. I don’t have any wings. read more

Dude, so you gotta try this new game..

Hey folks, Mip here. I come to you, as usual, with an awesome new game!

Well, to start my little tale of joy, it- as always, starts with a woe. I see Perfect World (an MMORPG labeled the most beautiful in China), and a shiney Phillipines ENGLISH version coming out July 11th: my excitement is high. It doesn’t matter to me that the program has an IP block, I thought I could hack to bypass it. (I didn’t say that, did I?) So I search for the download on the website, only to find a backed up FTP server that I couldn’t get a download from in a millon years. read more

‘Green light!’ says the Flyff.

Oh, look! What’s that in the distance? A donut? A gamer? It’s that odd never-blogs-doesn’t-really-say-much-mod, Mip!

How long was it since I blogged about FlyFF? Almost a year, I do believe. Goodness, I’m suchan oldbie. >_> But, these past few weeks or so, I picked it up again, although without my sister, Ryeu. She had been trying to get me to play with her again for ages, but I had recessed from anything gaming, so I refused. So she quit and what happens? I come back again. read more