F/P Build

Hello my name if Eric and this is a guild about Fire Wizards.

Most common type of fire wizard is the Fire Arrow (FA) build.

30:1 Fire Arrow
31:1 Teleport, 2 Fire Arrow
32: 3 Fire Arrow
33: 3 Fire Arrow
34: 3 Fire Arrow
35: 3 Fire Arrow
36: 3 Fire Arrow
37: 3 Fire Arrow
38: 3 Fire Arrow
39: 3 Fire Arrow
40: 3 Fire Arrow (MAX)
41: 3 MP Eater
42: 3 Meditation
43: 3 Meditation
44: 3 Meditation
45: 3 Meditation
46: 3 Meditation
47: 3 Meditation
48: 2 Meditation (MAX)
At level 49 you can pick between 3 skills. I personally think getting MP Eater is worth it.
49: 3 MP Eater
50: 3 MP Eater
51: 3 MP Eater
52: 3 MP Eater
53: 3 MP Eater
54: 2 MP Eater (MAX) 1 Teleport
55: 3 Teleport
55: 3 Slow
56: 3 Slow
57: 3 Slow
58: 3 Slow
59: 3 Slow
60: 3 Slow
61: 3 Teleport
62: 3 Teleport
63: 3 Teleport
64: 3 Teleport
65: 3 Teleport (MAX)
66: 2 Slow (MAX) 1 Poison Brace
67: Here to 70 you can max anything from first job or you can put the remainders into Poison Brace read more

Maple Event Story and What I Learned

The maple event is going to approximately end in2 hours and 50 minutes for the Eastern Time Zone. Playing 2 days of the last maple events has taught me something. Ironic too

I remember seeing the patch load. I was exicted, as maple items means = CASH! I was a bit poor, havin 3 mil. I told myself that I would find maple items.

Skip 20 days later… read more

JMS Ludibrium Party Quest Stage 8

Hi to all, my name is Kagutsushin from Mardia.

This is a guide to JMS similar to that of SMS (simplified maplestory) found online. However, slight changes in numbers envisioned but basically they are very similar.

What you see below is the labeled numbers on boxes:

1 2
3 4 5
6 7 8 9

So now, much similar to SMS, the numbers on the boxes are envisioned in JMS as followed: read more

Kitty rant, Battle RM rant and other

Well, Galanet released the Kitty pet today. I didn’t even know about it because they started Maintenance at 10pm. You know what? I don’t play until 10pm. Basically, the pet was released early for a few hours and then maintenance started. They didn’t even announce it, it was just there in the Cash Shop. I mean come on, at least say something about it. read more

One time to take away all pain!

One more to turn myself insane! *rocks*

So I got Yuliht to 33, I ditched him entirely, and I made 37.8m meso, I may raise another Sin in the future, but for now, screw that, I want my Page.


So I got Revrant to level 59, one more and I can use my sexy ass The Blessing, you know, I have to admit, if there’s one thing I like about Maple, it’s swinging a weapon, and hitting something, knockback and all. Also, the length, and shape of the weapon, they actually matter, you go on to some crap like WoW or Eversuck, you have a static range, and it increases or something. Yet on Maple, if your weapon is longer, it affects how you fight with the weapon, the shape too, a square hammer hits a little different versus say a Maple Doom Singer, so I guess every weapon is a little unique. read more

WEEKEND: Slow Leveling. REMAKE!


I did not have enough time to finish this because I was in class! I shall make it look more presentable!! Plus I did this during computer class in the morning so I was NOT in the happy awake mood I am in NOW (sort of)

Well for this blog I’ll start off with a Haiku that I just created. I hope that you will Enjoy it! read more

A weird blog

This blog has no point at all. Absolutely, actually, categorically, cert, conclusively, decidedly, decisively, def, definitely, doubtless, easily, exactly, positively, precisely, really, right on, straight out, sure enough, surely, truly, unambiguously, unconditionally, unquestionably no, that means AWOL, astray, away, bag, blitz, cutting, elsewhere, ghost, gone, hooky, missing, no-show, out, removed, vanished , point at all. Which means for all you people that just decided to skip, that means if you have decided to cut, desert, disregard, dog it, escape, eschew, flee, knock off, leave out, miss, miss out, neglect, omit, pass over, pass up, play hooky, run away, skim over, split, then here os the point. read more

This Is the Way I Train!

I was bored at my moms office so i thought, why not make a parody. This took me like an hour to do. I don’t know if thats good or bad, just thought id mention it.

If you want to hear how the real song sounds look it up on youtube. Or click this link

The Way I Train

This is the way I train
Lil’ Boy at a TV tray
Sittin’ at a comp all day
Don’t need to work hard that’s the way I train, I train, I
This is the way I train
Lil’ Boy at a TV tray
Sittin at a comp all day
Don’t need to work hard that’s the way I train, I train, I
This is the way I train read more