Back in the game.

Well, this is odd.
The attached photo is from the 28th of August, 2007.
I’m still level 88.
It’s been almost a year since I last levelled, yet I’m 90%.
Maybe I’ll hit 90 before the summer ends.

But now that I’m back in Maple, I want to try my hand at merchanting again.
I really enjoyed it, despite how stressful it could be.
And I’m going to be sort of starting from scratch – I have 7mil and nothing to sell.

By the end of today (if I get my room tidied in time) – I’d like to have 10mil.
That’s my goal. I’m not sure if I can do it, and it doesn’t seem like much compared to the money I used to have, but…
I might as well try.

Who knows, by the end of the summer, I could be a billionaire.

Making money on Maple isn’t the only thing on my to-do list though.
1. Get a job.
2. Actually use that gym membership.
3. Tidy room (Might be done today!)
4. Get good exam results ._.
5. Get a life.


lmpqing is pain if your lvl 51 D:

You know, when you finally level to 51, you get really excited for lmpqing for the first time… but seriously? Its just like being back to level 35 and trying to join a lpq. It really feels like your a noob allllll over again, and im sick of it.

Although theres some nice high levels out there who invite you to your party, they eventually become level 71 and your stuck being alone again. For me, its a sad and depressing stage. The thing is, you dont even know WHERE to train! And training seriously takes AGES just to level up ONCE.

I know its easy for you spearmans and such, but unfortunatly, what are the mages supposed to do? D:

It’s just all a mess….and to be honest, i think this is one of the main reasons why so many people quit…

just because one person cant invite a low level in their party…

I’m Back…Again?

Well, I’m finally back after like, a year’s hiatus. I got Poo to level 52 and now I’m training Delcer mainly, he’s level 48 and counting. After a two hour session of CPQing (I love it), I decided to come back to MMOTales for no reason whatever. So anyway, I’m in the mood for a little rant.

1. I was getting another person for CPQ, and I managed to get a level 47 I/L. She had been spamming “J>PQ no noobs” and had a lot of NX. We managed to get in fairly quickly, and we sat in the lobby waiting. For my eyes I had male 4, the kind of small rectangular eyes with the low mouth. And guess what she said:

“That guy is so asian <–”

Ouch. I hate racism, but I decided to ignore it and let her stay in the party. (By the way, I am Chinese, but I’m actually female) I decided to start up a conversation wtih our other party member, a bandit, because we had known each other for an hour and were pretty good friends. A level 50 dexless sin had just left our party, so we decided to talk about him. The conversation went:

“I wish we had that sin back.”
“We kicked ass.”

And suddenly, the I/L’s like “noob” and she leaves without warning. Great.

2. Before that incident, a different I/L, me, and the dit were PQing happilyl and owning the other party. Suddenly, the leader of the other party says: “defame him” to my party’s dit. He said “Why?”

“You defamed me.”

“But you defamed me first!”

“because ur ugly” The dit in my party had the level 45 bandit’s hat or whatever covering his orange antagonist, and he had bushy brows. No NX. But the other guy had semi-decent NX, but he had orange antagonist and squinty eyes without a hat. Major ewwww. Who in their right mind would choose such an overused hair as their NX hairstyle if they had a lot of NX?

So for revenge I summoned a bunch of master chronos on them along with protectors and managed to cream them.


Next time, I shall give you readers (if anyone reads this anymore) a bunch of tips on how to defeat parties in CPQ.


And i thought THIS was hard…

I’m making this blog because i wanted to talk!

Lol no, I’m joking. This is why I am here…

When i was level 15, I thot it was hard to level to 16 and then 17 and so on. But when I saw other people training their *** off, I thought to my self… How could I be so stupid and think that I have it hard?

People work their heads off just to get to level 50 and I am complaining that its hard for me, just because i don’t have as much good stuff and weapons as other people? And while I’m complaining, i could just be using valuable time on training.

Sorry for the random blog topic.


Carnival PQ Tips (really, they work!)

Alright. Here we goes. A very brief guide on what to do in CPQ.

Fields 1/2: They suck.

Fields 3/4: In this stage, a Lightning mage would be VERY VERY helpful. Clerics are all right, I guess, but they must be pretty high level and have heal. (Lol, what cleric doesn’t have heal?) Warriors own here, as well as bandits <3 Archers are decent, as long as you have a close range party member to lure away all the monsters so you can snipe from a distance. Sins are only good if they have decent haste.

Fields 5/6: For rombots, sins are the best choice since they can jumpshoot, but if they’re below level 44 then they might not be the best choice. Bandits also own, but don’t get one under level 44 to do it. And your bandit might need a cleric. Warriors are a no-no, and no mages unless you have to. As for robos, getting either archers or sins would be a good idea, since they can snipe from platforms just in case the other party summons a lot. Sins are especially good since they can jumpshoot onto the platform above them.


Next topic is summoning.

Fields 1/2: No summon plz. Weakness + looting all the all-cure potions is a cheap tactic, but it works ;] But protectors might be better worth your CP.

Fields 3/4: If the other party has decent I/L mages or warriors or bandits, do not summon. I’m warning youuuuuuuuu. Otherwise, feel free to summon master chronos. Well, it’s actually moar complicated than that. Probably the most efficient strategy would be to summon avoid up/cancel weap/cancel magic all the time so the other party can’t kill at all. That’s usually what I do….If you insist on summoning a lot, either do rombot if you have A LOT of CP, or most likely master chronos. Power Up goes with rombots and magic up goes with master chronos. Speed up is very, very good if all they have is ranged units.

Fields 5/6: Spamming protectors won’t exactly work here, since robos aren’t affected. You must get your party’s UTMOST COOPERATION for this to work. That means they have to obey your every whim without question. Sound good ? It’s imperative that you make “the move” first. If you see the other party summoning, you’d better start doing it too. Master chronos are the best here, because if the other party’s on the ladder the master chronos’ magic attack will zap them off. Press F9 until it says you can’t summon anymore. Then mass summon protectors. You need around 150 CP for this. Start from F9 and go all the way down to F1. If you want to save CP, summon cancel magic/weapon, avoid up, speed up, and magic up. It sounds easy but it’s not, trust me. You have to know when to summon. If the other party isn’t making a move and they’re ahead, do it when you’re sure you have enough CP, but no later than five minutes in. Six is pushing it. If you’re ahead, do it at six. If you’re basically tied, do it at five. Also, loot all the potions so the other party can’t get them.


Time to go into the classes.



Levels 30-43

You don’t need cancel magic for them, just avoid up. Magic up for chronos.

Levels 44-50

Cancel magic beceause their accuracy might be too good for just avoid up. And you’d better watch their heal if you’re planning to summon master chronos.


Levels 30-43

Avoid up. You MIGHT be able to get away with summoning on them in fields 3/4, but I’d be careful if they were 40+.

levels 44-50

Cancel magic. Do not summon on them in fields 3/4 unless they only have ice.


Same deal. Their mobbing sucks so feel free to summon.


No need for seperate classes here. They have a crapload of HP. I’m warning you, do not summon on them in fields 3/4 unless you either spam avoid up (for 45 and below) or cancel weapon attack. Again, avoid up for 45 and below, cancel ewapon attack for 46+.



Dexless and low dex above 45 are very, very dangerous. Especially if they have haste. Above 42, do cancel weap. Otherwise, avoid up. If there’s a party full of hasting sins use Slow.


45 up, cancel weap. Below that, avoid up. If they’re romboting you might consider doing Power Up so they’ll die. Unless there’s a cleric. Do not summon on fields 3/4 if they have a high level bandit.


Below 42, avoid up, above that, cancel weap. Ehhh…whatever. Same deal.


If you can spare a couple of maple coins, if one of the monsters you kliled drop one, wait until the losers flock to the maple coin and pick it up at the last second. The only skills I find worth it are weakness in fields 1/2, and darkness and slow. All cure potions do not cure slow, apparently. But remember they only have a 70% chance of working.

This guide is supposed to be concise, right? I got carried away, and I have to eat lunch.


Incendiary Outing 4 – Maple Bash.

A new face,Lolli,came for the event. >D
The new veectim.

So before hand,Eon got the whole gang to come 5mins before him.
Reason being that we were going to eat real life lollipops slightly before he comes.
*hands out black paper bag labled ‘Eona’s Poisoned Lollipops’ [which no1 seem to notice] with lollies inside*

The funny thing though,when he came,he walked 1 round around a nearby giant pillar and just stood there clueless.I gave him a call,in which he started turning to our direction but somehow didnt see us.
Me Cat Silver Pb Mandy – All eatting lollipops. (You cant tell if pb is eatting a lolli though,he pratically put the whole thing in his mouth.Yes,stick and all.)

Ah yes,the famous ‘Are you the one?’ finger pointed at him,and it points back.
(I made him eat his lolli >D)

So off to the Maple 3rd year bash,with Pb panicking along the way. (Cos he saw many little kids armed with prepaid cards)

(around 9:20am i guess)
Majority of the stuff started at 10,only the verication booth was opened at 9.Thus we went to the verication booth 1st,on the 3rd floor.To those that didnt know it was on the 3rd floor,they spent their time aimelessly waiting on the 1st floor atrium for the event to start.

Uh ok…..
The q snaked everywhere,because in that area,majority of the shop booths are circular in shapped,and they were spread throught the place.So the q bends here and there,like a real humonoid snake.
So,time to wait!
*Waits for MORE then 10mins*
Lolli: We moved!
Eon: We are NOT EVEN 1 meter away fromw here we last were!! *Furiousely points*
*Begins to sweat,because the air-con wasnt on*
So after waiting for a hell long time,it was decided that silver and cat would stay,and the rest go below to q up to help redeem Eon’s Golden Ticket,which gives entree to the FR33 Market where players could exchanged their used ppcs for goodies.

The q did move,but sideways only due to the security.
By the time we were 1/2 way in that q (mind you,that q is HELL HELL HELL shorter then the verication one)
Silver and cat had ready reach the verication booth. (The booth q was more then 1thousand ppl long,the golden ticket one was less then 80 people long,so imagine.)
Pb couldnt verify,so he hogged the golden ticket q.
So when it was done,Eon and lolli went back to the q,with pb’s friend going off to take part in the lucky spin q,and the rest off to hog the FR33 Market q.

(Around 12pm i guess? > &lt
Got the golden ticket,which was more like a yellowish prepaid-sized plastic card,and went off to the FR33 Market q.If you know where Suntect Tropic’s atrium is,i will explain how long the q is.
The FM Booth is near the consiarge (Suntect help counter thingy) and the q streches from there all the way to near where starbucks is.Perhaps 1/2 the time shorter then the verication q.

It was till 3pm+ did i get to the FM.By then,they had run out of alot of stuff,and they had started to take back the golden tickets.(The golden tickets are by right yours to keep,and they give you unlimited entrees to the fm,cos you can only redeam 3 items at 1 shot) A big fight and a unhappy face later,Eon got her 3 items,with her guildies empty handed. (Cat was behind hogging the q too,because pb,mandy and lolli wanted to redeam a item each.)

In the end,me and cat didnt make it in time to cut in the spin the wheel q,because 1 staff was there being a ass.(Bty that q was from the Help desk area,through the toilet and out outside the building) And it turned out you didnt have to spin it anymore,1 coupon entiles you too a item.And we didnt even use our coupons D:

To sum it up,after 5hours + of NON-STOP q-ing with 7 people all over the place in most of the qs,
We all got 1 Maple Cash suit that lasts only 3 months,and the hat makes u BALD ._.’
I got 3 maple standee ( i gave the mage 1 to mandy as part of a deal) / a Maple Scedualer and a Maple Drawing Book.
Along with a Maple Paper bag and a lame can drink.
The rest got a standee each and some ez-link stickers.

One Word.

One Comment.
Horrid lack of croud management,dispite hosting the same event last year. (Last year’s event qs were SHORTER mind you)

Then it was off for lunch and bowling.
But the bowling fees were abit steep,so it was off to pool!
(Eon and cat were 1st timers)
It was fun,and i almost stabbed some1 with my stick thingy :3 while i was taking a shot.
Then i got thirsty and went to drink my can of Whatever beverage.
I have utterly NO IDEA WHY,all the flavous i get out of that louzy can is Lemon flavoured 100+.
> < Heck,i just sip it bit by bit and put it around the pool table whenever i was taking a shot..
Then pb got a idea.

My poor beverage was placed on the pool table,with a white ball placed near it.
And pb’s poking stick near the white ball.
*Takes photos*
After a few photos,pool shots and wrestling in the attempt to colour pb blue with the pool chalk thingy,me and cat went off.

There you have it,Incendiary’s 4th Guild Outing.
P.s. Cosfest is on the 5th n 6th! Who interested?

“And the heavens shall tremble”

I don’t think anyone made a blog about this yet so here i go.

On Saturday, June, 28, 2008, something AMAZING happened. The long awaited game was finally announced that it was in the works… Diablo 3!!
The gameplay looks amazing =D. Most 3D games’ graphics suck. They usually have polyagonal faces and body parts. They “humans” look like inhuman beings because of that. So far Diablo 3 look nothing like that.
One of the things i like anout this game is the destructible objects in the game. Rather than recklessly run in and smash zombies and demons with your weapon, why not just break a nearby wall and see them get squished? Just as enjoyable and yet takes less energy. (Lazy bums =O) So far they only showed 2 of the 5 (i think its 5) classes you can be which are the Witch Doctor and the Barbarian. So far a couple skills are shown. Also there is a version of each class for both genders (Yay, in other games i’ve seen men trying to look like womon since there’s no other verision for the other gender.)
Witch Doctor- summons these little monkey-like things to do his/ her bidding
-sends out a loctus swarm thing to attack enemies and after its done with one enemy, it goes to another one
-throws a fireball thing
Barbarian- slams the ground and does AOE damage
-spins around
-rushes forward will attacking
There also seems to be weapons enhanced with elements like ice and thunder.
Ice freezes them and thunder stuns them i think.
The feature i like most is when you die =D.
A lot of games when you die, you die the sae everytime. It could be falling out the floor so you look like you’re tanning or it could be a random tombstone drops outta the sky and you appear as a ghost floating around it. In Diablo 3, its much more exciting. There was a party of 2 barbarians (1 of each gender) and 2 witch doctors (1 of each gender). the female witch doctor, i believe got trampled over by a boss monster. The monster picked up the male barbarian and bit into him (ouch) and ripped him in half. (Ouchies) Later when the two survivours killed it, it blew up and all these zombies appeared. The game also has some kind of multiplayer on it. So far The game is looking great =D unlike other games that are coming out such as Warhammer 40000, Dawn of War 2 D=<. They last updated the site in April so theres barely anything in it D=<. Blizzard is so far making 2 games that the public knows of right now, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. But i seem to be more excited abou Starcraft 2. Maybe beacuse its probably going to be released sooner.
If you wanna know more about Diablo 3 read here –> link

Also, yesterday i saw my cousin play maplestory. I was temped to look at my account which i hadn’t touched in about a year. Somehow i still remembered my ID, password, and PIN (Pin was quite easy, it was 1337, Hack me=D) as soon as i logged in, there was a notice. I knew what it was right away. ” You have been expelled form the guild” O well. I never even knew i was in a guild. Then came 2 buddy requests which i never heard of thier IGNS. But i added them anyways and surprisingly one of them was on!. I had 1.3 mil and i was at 89%, at the ludi PQ. I remember last time i was here on channel 1 it was packed. But now its empty D=. Then i got bored and logged off. Maple has turned into such a shame D=.

Edit- I also forgot to inlcude,

Obey Or Die.

Wow. I think this is the closest I’ve ever posted two blogs together before.

Usually there’s like…a month in between each one.

But Err. I have some interesting screencaps and stuff Let me show you them.

[screencap hor]

#1 — David half way through his seks change. We’re so proud of him.

#2 — Seks change complete. Maybe we should have stopped him? . . .

#3 — Glitch. I went through a portal and obtained 6 Moltres.

#4 — The screencap I took that inspired the following picture.

[/screencap hor]

#5 — The ‘following picture’. Doodling with copics. Angelina Jolie got nothin’ on this. Except the anatomy. My professor would smack me if she saw this. Also, I’ve never drawn a gun before so don’t pick on me T.T; *COUGH* Dest *COUGH.*

first. time. evah.

So i was bored with having to wait for MMOTMS to go up, so i decided to play GMS. I logged in to find *gasp* my level 22 lukless mage. . .

I hate training
I hate training
I hate training
I hate training
I hate training
I hate training

once more,
I hate training

Sooo, i decided to hack. Soon i was happily hacking with Pin Unrandomiser, Perfect Damage, No KB, Super Tubi, Pin Type, Lag Hack, and Lemmings at Ellinia.

I quickly leveled to 23, and went back to hacking.

Within 10 minutes, i dced.

“Argh, again?” I thought to myself. I had been constantly getting disconnected, so it was normal. Or so i thought.

I logged in again, only to get a message saying This.

And the funniest thing is, ive been hacking for over three years (intermittently) and this is the FIRST TIME IVE EVER GOTTEN BANNED. And the funnier thing is, ITS ONLY FOR 1 DAY!

(I’m not really sure whether ive been banned for hacking though, because it just says using illegal programs. . .)

Yeah, I have no idea why i’m so happy either. Must be because its my first time. . . and you know what they say about your first time. . . ;]

Well actually i have no idea what they say but whatever.

Im done now, bye!


One day, I was playing maplestory and I realized.
“Hay, this game is too repetitive. I’m going to try something new!”
And off to google for search for a game fit for me.
I didn’t want any first person shooter games… I didn’t feel like it then.
But I feel like it now!
But anyway, I’ve tried Cabal Online but it’s only for Europeon people. Silkroad was also a small failure, since I was too lazy to, and finally I’ve met a game cloes to a first person shooter, but not as much. It was called Exteel and it was about these giant robots fighting with guns, rocket launchers, cannons, swords, spears, rifles…
I was playing this game.. And I realized
“Hay, this game is too repetitive. I’m going to try something new!”
And off to google to find a new game. (No luck.)

And also, I’d like to say hi to everyone on MMOtales. (hi )