Tricks Of The Trade-4

“Pics for forum” scam

I go ttricked by this once.

Mapler- looking for someone with good (types item here) to help me gt pics for a forum!!
You-ok i’ll help!
Mapler- K come with me. (I got scammed in a weapon shp..)
In most weapon shops theres a spot in th upper right corner where they cant see your name or you.
Mapler- Ok go up by the upper right corner and drop the item.
after the maple takes a few pictures he says ok one more!
He says, drop your best item.
You drop yor item and the guy in the upper right comes ut takes it and runs. read more

new patch

any 1 still having trouble with using ur f keys
well heres an easier solution
go to key configuration and select default at the bottom
it erases where all ur keys were but then u can put them back where u had them
thats it they should work now
srry for those of u who already know it i figured it out like right away and planned to put it on as soon as possible
but i got caught up in playing the new aqua road place XD =)
well c ya around BERA~MAPLE! read more

Maple Academy vs. My old Stories

I just re read some of my old stories and they SUKED. Lol I just needed to get that out. Then I look at Maple Academy stories and they’ve gotten much better over the months of writing. Anyone have the same exp as me? Share anything you want that has to do with your stories and old stories/ poems.

Being a Popular Mapler… Are you Too?

I have been a-maplin’ for a year now. (My bday is aug 10th, coming up, WHEEE~)
I have alot of friends on maplestory. (None are in real, cuz all my friends in real are so un-computer-exped. psh, HomeSchoolers -_- no, i have never in my entire life been to public school.)

I have alot of friends, (not to brag) I’ve been called funny, nice, generous, affectionate, and sometimes a meanie. read more

Another Hacker >.<

Yes yes, another hacker. But this hacker was different from others I had faced.


SO I was doing Dr. Kims quest for retreiving the 3 boxes and went to Plateon Field to start off. So I go throughout the map breaking boxes and finally come to the opposite side of the map. There stood a vack hacker Slash blasting away. So I do the usualy defame and report and walk away. But this guy was weird. He started to follow me. So I continue to cc and find more boxes and finally get what I need. So I rush out of the map and into Mateon Field. And so again, he follows me there. I get what I need there and I get away again. Lastly I head to Macateon Field for the last box. And now he decides to whisper me. read more

Tales of a Lost Phoneme (44)

Episode 44 Explosion!

Kunai opens his eyes and stares as Ryuu and Shuriken appear in front of him. “Sorry we’re late,” Ryuu mutters out of the corner of his mouth to Kunai. “But don’t mind us crashing the party.”

Ryuu turns to face Kunai. “Kunai, get yourself out of the way. We’ll take it from here.”

“I’d like to…” Kunai mutters stiffly, “but I can’t move!” read more