To quit or not to quit

I havent been playing maple in a long time and im wondering whether I should stay, I even made a new account on khani just for fun, and now im wonding were I will go from here. My guy is level 54 I got him there through alot of hard work, with alot of annoying people making me slow >.> read my other entrys if u dont get that , so does anyone know what I should do, I know its my choice but im wonding should I quit or stay? read more

An attempt to Party Quest.

Recently, I had heard of a strange whale/clock boss lurking in the zenith of the forbidding EOS tower.
The night before, I had leveled up, and boosted power into my skill of Meditation.
Excited to experiment with my greater magic power, I grabbed my wand and headed to the train station.
After a short and anxious seven-minute ride, during which i traded reputation with another player, I arrived at the Toy Land called Ludibrium. I smoothed out my robes and used my Teleportation skills to reach the EOS tower. read more

one of my crazy days

Well I leveled to level 59 on Friday and I was super happy that I was going to be level 60 soon, and I almost have 5mill so I can get a guild. On Saturday I just went around Henesys owning noobs with my lighting, then allot of my guild members logged on so we went to turospears and we killed so many I got 20 horns. Then we went to jr.balrog and we waited, and waited, and waited then it popped up and it died in like 10 seconds I only got 3 hits in on it before it died it dropped a black crystal and I got it yay. Later I went to mush mom and I was in a party with a fire mage. Then some level 72 hermit came and tried to act all smart and say big words and make all the lower levels fell stupid. But lucky me, my brothers so smart friend was over and he made the bandit look like a stupid noob. Oh and he left and we killed mush mom dropped nothing sad. read more

godly sauna robe

errm well i thought i was lucky so i just wasted my scroll i got from pq that was 10% dex overall. i used it on my sauna robe and it worked….. couple pqs later i got a 60% dex overall and that worked too.. then a friend gave me 5 60% dex overal scrolls cuz he wanted me to give me the robe if all them worked.. well 4 worked… so thats 3 slots left and still lto be even godlier read more

The Treachery of Dawn0fdeath part: 2

Dawn and Ziggy were getting married which I still to this day find weird since internet dating=weird and internet weddings=???? Man… weirdoes. Any who the day of the wedding came near, well not much happened, they got a priest (ya the class) to come and do some stuff and they got married which creeped me out a lot, but my suspicions of dawn grew, I believed she was a total liar . Dawn and ziggy were always going smochie and stuff like that kinda getting weird so I decided to go out and have some fun, so came the rebirth of the FIGHT CLUB!. read more


I don’t know if this is just me, but there seems to have been a sudden increase in the amount of beggars.
Every single time i go to henesys, I get totally swarmed with trade requests. I mean, it’s not even as if i’m that high a lvl.
The begging itself is extremely annoying. I mean, it’s not as if we’ve all begged one time or another – but the difference is, when i was a noob and needed help, I’d just say ‘Hey, have you got any spare leaves I could have?’ etc.
These people don’t know how to spell, they don’t know how to turn off caps lock, and they are getting stupider by the minute. They just come up to you and yell ‘MESO PLZ!!11’, ‘GUILD PLZ!!11’ and the like. There was one particularly stupid person a week or two ago. I came out of Free Market channel 1 in perion with my kargo, and there was this lvl 12 or so archer. She came up to me, and yelled in caps lock ‘CAN I HAVE YOUR DOG PLZ!!11’.
I had already had a few beggars that day, so I just ignored her. She flippin’ chased me through about 5 different maps, not changing her sentence once, and not listening to me repeatedly saying ‘No.’ to her.I eventually cced about 5 times, and took a cab to kerning.
These people are getting on my nerves. A LOT. read more

Hello all

Hi, I have a lvl 72 runescape account and I wanna know hwo wants to buy it on MapleStory. I was grabbed by maple and how the cartoony 2-D graphics coped well with the skills that most high lvl and mid lvl characters have. I like it so much that I have quit runescape (v.2). Therefore I want to know if anyone in the Bera server in maple would be intrested in buying my runescape account. I would be willing to offer on a reasonable price at least 1.5M. I am not a scammer I have sold a other account named latinsimone. My runescape accont has the following skills:60 attck (good if you want to wield dragon wepons) 60 def (again,good if you want to wear dragon armor) 58 str 60 hit pionts 42 prayer (about to lvl if you want to use “protect from melle”) 55 magic (good for money making aka “high alching”) 51 cooking useful (or at least useful for me) 48 wood cutting (getting that to 70 would be nice) 32 fletching (such a vboring skill but useful if you want to make bows to alch) 48 craft (umm I really dont use this skill unless I make bow strings to sell) 67 mine (cool I guess,I mine pretty fast) 38 thief (my final listed skill because the rest of skills are moderitly low). I ONLY want people who are SERIOUS BUYERS in the BERA SERVER who will put up a REASONABLE OFFER. peace out. read more

Malady Hunting

Come close, fellow Maplers and I shall tell you a tale, one full of adventure and excitement, one that involves hunting the “Evil Witch of the East” as I’d like to call her. Here is my tale:

One day, while at Lith Harbor, I stumbled upon Jane, the kind woman in a bunny outfit who I had met many seasons ago, greeted me with a smile. She proclaimed that since she wasn’t able to leave the watch of her father, she was going to become an alchemist. Naturally, I inquired of her on what that was. She explained that alchemists were able to take something simple and make it into something wondrous. She said that if I got her Medicine with Weird Vibes, the frog of Malady and a Pure Water, she’d give me the end result. read more

My Maple Day

Well today I levelled to Lvl 46! It’s one step closer to wear my Greek Clothes aka Calaf, I was training at Jr Pepes ,and surprisingly NOT pq-ing , I never thought I could sit still and train all through ONE WHOLE LEVEL , but i did! SO MUAHAHA. Anyways my friend came to see the very moment of me leveling and smiling like a freak , hehe. After i lvled we went up the Orbis Tower and to Ludi! read more