To quit or not to quit

I havent been playing maple in a long time and im wondering whether I should stay, I even made a new account on khani just for fun, and now im wonding were I will go from here. My guy is level 54 I got him there through alot of hard work, with alot of annoying people making me slow >.> read my other entrys if u dont get that , so does anyone know what I should do, I know its my choice but im wonding should I quit or stay?

An attempt to Party Quest.

Recently, I had heard of a strange whale/clock boss lurking in the zenith of the forbidding EOS tower.
The night before, I had leveled up, and boosted power into my skill of Meditation.
Excited to experiment with my greater magic power, I grabbed my wand and headed to the train station.
After a short and anxious seven-minute ride, during which i traded reputation with another player, I arrived at the Toy Land called Ludibrium. I smoothed out my robes and used my Teleportation skills to reach the EOS tower.

Upon arriving at the tower, i realized that I could not defeat this Monster on my own. I decided to join a small party of adventurers, including two speedy assassins, a bulky warrior, another wizard commanding the elements of fire, and a cleric.
After entering their band of soldiers, the cleric, apparently the leader of this party, told me of another group of adventurers already attempting to kill The Monster, Alishar. He mentioned the name of their leader, so that i could keep an eye out for him.

A few minutes later, a worn party emerged from behind the doors of the 101st floor in the EOS tower. They had failed to kill Alishar, and ended up fleeing for their lives. I steeled myself for the oncoming tasks.

Traveling through the tower, we encountered a set of talking balloons, which set up separate tasks for each party member to do. Upon completing that task, which involved taking care of the infestations of Toy monsters, we were allowed to enter Alishar’s dark lair.

The Creature was ferocious; nearly five times our size! He screamed a deafening roar, attempting to lock my mind and disable my powers of fire.
Launching fire arrow after fire arrow at the grim beast, i suddenly noticed a shocking mistake; My fairy, the Magic Guard, had left me! I desperately attempted to turn on my Magic Guard, but it was too late. Alishar blasted me with a wave of magic.
Drained of my vitality, i collapsed and teleported to a room in the EOS tower.
Later, I decided to try to kill Alishar again.
I rejoined the band of adventurers, but there seemed to be a strange disagreement in the group. They disbanded the party, and reformed, inviting a speedy assassin in my place.
Feeling betrayed, i ventured down the tower and fought Block Golems, alone.

That concludes my attempts to kill Alishar today.

one of my crazy days

Well I leveled to level 59 on Friday and I was super happy that I was going to be level 60 soon, and I almost have 5mill so I can get a guild. On Saturday I just went around Henesys owning noobs with my lighting, then allot of my guild members logged on so we went to turospears and we killed so many I got 20 horns. Then we went to jr.balrog and we waited, and waited, and waited then it popped up and it died in like 10 seconds I only got 3 hits in on it before it died it dropped a black crystal and I got it yay. Later I went to mush mom and I was in a party with a fire mage. Then some level 72 hermit came and tried to act all smart and say big words and make all the lower levels fell stupid. But lucky me, my brothers so smart friend was over and he made the bandit look like a stupid noob. Oh and he left and we killed mush mom dropped nothing sad.

godly sauna robe

errm well i thought i was lucky so i just wasted my scroll i got from pq that was 10% dex overall. i used it on my sauna robe and it worked….. couple pqs later i got a 60% dex overall and that worked too.. then a friend gave me 5 60% dex overal scrolls cuz he wanted me to give me the robe if all them worked.. well 4 worked… so thats 3 slots left and still lto be even godlier

The Treachery of Dawn0fdeath part: 2

Dawn and Ziggy were getting married which I still to this day find weird since internet dating=weird and internet weddings=???? Man… weirdoes. Any who the day of the wedding came near, well not much happened, they got a priest (ya the class) to come and do some stuff and they got married which creeped me out a lot, but my suspicions of dawn grew, I believed she was a total liar . Dawn and ziggy were always going smochie and stuff like that kinda getting weird so I decided to go out and have some fun, so came the rebirth of the FIGHT CLUB!.

I got 1 cleric 2 assassins 1 bandit and 3 warriors (including me) we got into the dungeons and destroyed everything in our way, we destroyed mancis and got owned by taurospears. But managed to make it to the sanctuary, but no barlog, we repeated this like 4 times but he never showed up . Soon after my friend created a guild called pronoobs, which I joined it was really fun I met great people and my chat screen was now always filled with orange and purple text.

After that it was same old same old, but then dawn never disappoints, she came up with a new story this time she said she was at a party and got drugged, she got driven home and she is not sure whether she got raped or not, next she says she’s feeling dizzy and drank 7 cups of water, then “slick” comes on and started talking, “he” says that Dawn fainted and is laying down, everyone was worried but me and ziggy were like -.-. Five minutes later Dawn got up and was talking again, but she was coughing blood and managed to tell ziggy that she loves him, rather then saying he loves her, he says I don’t believe this. “slick” comes on and says dawn fainted because she was so sad that he didn’t believe any of this (neither did I lol). After a long conversation Dawn had to go sleep because of all that happened, but left ziggy and me puzzled still. The next day ziggy decided to give up on not believing and he was asking her if she was okay and all that and they were back together, but I was still in denial could any of this be true, only one things for sure NO! cuz its stupid but no one believed me, and I get just go upfront to dawn about it, it was time to play a little divide and conquer

Oh tell me if you like these coment or vote like, cuz I got lotsa storys like this but I wont bother posting if no one likes em


I don’t know if this is just me, but there seems to have been a sudden increase in the amount of beggars.
Every single time i go to henesys, I get totally swarmed with trade requests. I mean, it’s not even as if i’m that high a lvl.
The begging itself is extremely annoying. I mean, it’s not as if we’ve all begged one time or another – but the difference is, when i was a noob and needed help, I’d just say ‘Hey, have you got any spare leaves I could have?’ etc.
These people don’t know how to spell, they don’t know how to turn off caps lock, and they are getting stupider by the minute. They just come up to you and yell ‘MESO PLZ!!11’, ‘GUILD PLZ!!11’ and the like. There was one particularly stupid person a week or two ago. I came out of Free Market channel 1 in perion with my kargo, and there was this lvl 12 or so archer. She came up to me, and yelled in caps lock ‘CAN I HAVE YOUR DOG PLZ!!11’.
I had already had a few beggars that day, so I just ignored her. She flippin’ chased me through about 5 different maps, not changing her sentence once, and not listening to me repeatedly saying ‘No.’ to her.I eventually cced about 5 times, and took a cab to kerning.
These people are getting on my nerves. A LOT.

Hello all

Hi, I have a lvl 72 runescape account and I wanna know hwo wants to buy it on MapleStory. I was grabbed by maple and how the cartoony 2-D graphics coped well with the skills that most high lvl and mid lvl characters have. I like it so much that I have quit runescape (v.2). Therefore I want to know if anyone in the Bera server in maple would be intrested in buying my runescape account. I would be willing to offer on a reasonable price at least 1.5M. I am not a scammer I have sold a other account named latinsimone. My runescape accont has the following skills:60 attck (good if you want to wield dragon wepons) 60 def (again,good if you want to wear dragon armor) 58 str 60 hit pionts 42 prayer (about to lvl if you want to use “protect from melle”) 55 magic (good for money making aka “high alching”) 51 cooking useful (or at least useful for me) 48 wood cutting (getting that to 70 would be nice) 32 fletching (such a vboring skill but useful if you want to make bows to alch) 48 craft (umm I really dont use this skill unless I make bow strings to sell) 67 mine (cool I guess,I mine pretty fast) 38 thief (my final listed skill because the rest of skills are moderitly low). I ONLY want people who are SERIOUS BUYERS in the BERA SERVER who will put up a REASONABLE OFFER. peace out.

Malady Hunting

Come close, fellow Maplers and I shall tell you a tale, one full of adventure and excitement, one that involves hunting the “Evil Witch of the East” as I’d like to call her. Here is my tale:

One day, while at Lith Harbor, I stumbled upon Jane, the kind woman in a bunny outfit who I had met many seasons ago, greeted me with a smile. She proclaimed that since she wasn’t able to leave the watch of her father, she was going to become an alchemist. Naturally, I inquired of her on what that was. She explained that alchemists were able to take something simple and make it into something wondrous. She said that if I got her Medicine with Weird Vibes, the frog of Malady and a Pure Water, she’d give me the end result.

I had the water with no problem; being a Cleric, dehydration was a common problem that had to be dealt with or you were useless until your body got some rest. So, a fellow Cleric friend of mine who went to sleep once told me about finding Medicine with Weird Vibes as well as the frogs. As much as I hated travelling, this one would take some cab money. Suddenly, I got a message from my Maple Phone saying that one of my friends, an assassin named Hazo had just woken up. I gave him a small mental message, asking if he was busy with anything. He responded with “not really” and went off to kill Golems with some of his friends.

As a Cleric, I realized that getting the Medicine wouldn’t be too hard; some purifying blasts of Healing would be sure to purge the undead life out of those ghosts that invaded the subways of Kerning City. The real challenge lay in killing Malady. Two seasons ago, with the recklessness of youth, I had ventured out after being lost in the forests of my home town, Ellinia. After going past ‘monkeys with halos’ (which I later found out that they were Zombie Lupins), I had ended up in an area only known as the ‘Forest of Evil’. Despite its ominous name, it was quite the bright place, with platforms built long ago, when the world was peaceful.

Fearing nothing at the time, I moved from platform to platform, noting how sturdy they were even after all of this time. “Stump’s Firewood must be quite sturdy…”, I thought, when I heard a flapping of robes. Could it be another player? I turned around and saw no one. Shrugging it off, I continued to move slowly, ignoring the flapping of robes that I heard. Then after a few more steps, I heard it again, this time, a bit closer. I turned around, but the presence was gone. As I turned back around, there it was…floating on a broom with black robes and a horrid, gnarled face, covered in warts…the dreaded evil in the Forest!

Words could not describe this dreaded evil that hovered before me, however, a look of widened eyes that stared blankly at the menace before me. Surely, my reckless indignation with a mastered Magic Claw would cost me dearly this day. I began to back away, moving as fast as I can. Before I could get to the exit, another had appeared in front of me. My eyes had barely returned to their serene green before they were blank once more.

I had to get out of there, I thought. Quickly checking my pouch for a scroll…any scroll would have done. There were none, no getting out of this one. Realizing that the end was near, I concentrated and formed a barrier around myself to reduce damage as a small fairy sprinkled it all over my body. I focused myself and casted Magic Claw as some hit, but most missed. One had hit me and I saw my vision fading, slowly dropping to the floor as they circled. My eyes were still open as I saw them circle around like vultures, screeching in victory. There was darkness, and then, I could see no more.

Somehow, I had found myself in Ellinia again. I gently got up and shook my head groggily, drinking an Orange Potion to make the headache of recovering from the fall a bit easier. From that day forward, I did my best to exercise caution no matter what happened. I swore to get those monsters back someday, no matter what means I had to achieve to reach that goal.

But now, things were different. I wasn’t a lowly mage no longer, but a Cleric determined to make the undead suffer beneath my feet and the dark monsters to hide in fear. Aside from a Maxed Heal, I really didn’t have much to tackle the Maladies with. I gave Hazo a call and asked for his help. After a moment of silence, he responded that he would be there in a moment. No sooner than I had closed the phone, there he was behind me. We shook hands and smiled, heading along the way. I hadn’t seen him for a while, since was always in the frigid, yet heavenly land of Ossyria, a place that I seldom went to.

He asked me how was life being a Cleric and all. I responded that it was decent and that money was alright. He smiled and responded that things would get better. We passed the first two areas before returning here. It was still the same with the occasional Malady flying below. “I’ll back you up with heal and provide support with Magic Claw” I said to Hazo as a calm wind flowed around us. For some reason, I felt lighter and it was almost as if I had wheels on my feet. I jumped slightly in the air, seeing Hazo below me briefly before coming back down lightly. “As long as we can move fast, these witches should be no problem.” Hazo said before jumping down, launching a flurry of Icicles at a Malady. I jumped down and watched as it fell to the floor, a frog in a bottle escaping from its robe.

I carefully went over and picked it up, quickly pocketing it as a few more Maladies showed up. We quickly got to work on eliminating them. Unlike the past, I wasn’t missing as much, but my Magic Claw wasn’t as good as the sheer power of the thrown Icicle. Suddenly, Hazo was hit and fell down below. I jumped after him, landing at the bottom to focus my energy and healed him before crawling through the hollow tree trunks to fight the Maladies that had pushed him off of the platform. There were many of them and all hope seemed lost. Suddenly, even more piled on, making the situation seem uncertain…

About 20 minutes later, we had calmly walked out of there with the experimental frogs, a piece of Gold in hand and a Kismet, which I found out was an archer robe. He then went off to sell the robe, saying that I could keep the piece of Gold. With that done, I found a place to rest up and closed my eyes for sleep.

My Maple Day

Well today I levelled to Lvl 46! It’s one step closer to wear my Greek Clothes aka Calaf, I was training at Jr Pepes ,and surprisingly NOT pq-ing , I never thought I could sit still and train all through ONE WHOLE LEVEL , but i did! SO MUAHAHA. Anyways my friend came to see the very moment of me leveling and smiling like a freak , hehe. After i lvled we went up the Orbis Tower and to Ludi!

We TRIED to pq and it didn’t work, well we ended up dressing up like Captain Underpants BUT girly style lol, and then we went to the Chronos, they die funny kinda like WOWOWOWOA , I think i’ll go back to Jr Pepes they give good exp for a fire wizard , but i kept dying before , i always die. I wanna get to 50 fast , wanna go explore! Well my friend has given me 2weeks to catch up to her ( Shes lvl 48) I think i will make it, though school is starting for me, school takes up too much maple time, yet people say vice versa!

Also in, the mysterious Z its a bit late but, my friends don’t know neither do I, hopefully its not zakum, not like ic an go and KILL BURN POKE or even make it to where it is.

Wishlist for now: NXCASH -_- like seriously i need a Shoppeh Thingy , some clothes will be nice or a pet =]

Anyways Tata
Sincerely, Twundiez