The Viper Strikes Next: Chapter 10

-=Unseen Darkness=-

A good seven minutes passed since the trio of Shadow Viper, Emma, and Genya defeated the butcher’s dozen. After the fight was over, each of the three took time to thank each other for their efforts in a victorious battle. Of course, their minds never left the encounter entirely, as they felt more monsters could be after them. Thus, the trio quickly set to climbing the floating landmasses as they headed towards the northeastern end of the tri-pronged junction. After much climbing, they reached their destination, which was adorned with a steel porticullis in the middle of the green path. A sign that read “to Kerning City” crowned the top of the arch. It was just in front of this landmark that the sisters knew they had to go separate ways.

“This is where our time with you ends, for now,” Emma explained. “We’re sorry we can’t continue with you, but we must return to our home of Ellinia and get Genya a new wand.” The older girl motioned to her sibling, who held the three pieces of her staff, along with a sad look on her face. “Still, don’t worry,” Emma continued. “It”s a straight shot to the city from here. Just continue through the forests beyond the arch, and you’ll get there in no time. Just watch out for the blue mushrooms on the way. Oh, and once more, thank you for your help. I’m very grateful for how you helped my sister.”

Shadow nodded, taking all of the info to heart. “There is no need to thank me,” he replied. “I was merely repaying you for your help at Lith Harbor. I hope we see each other again soon.”

Genya’s ears perked up at his words. She watched as Shadow was about to leave for a moment before a compulsion of sincere thankfulness drove her towards the bandit. She wrapped her arms around him in a hug. “Good….good luck…” she whispered into his ear. Shadow simply nodded, returning the hug. Then Genya returned to Emma, and the two groups went on their respective ways.

However, none of the three had noticed, at any time during the entire pig battle, that they had secretly been watched. Silently hidden in the foilage of the earthen platform on which the fight took place, a youmg man arose, clad in a black and green ninja suit. The bodies of the feral pigs had long since disappeared, along with the prizes they had dropped, including mesos and random items.

The ninja stepped out from the bushes, looking in the direction Shadow Viper had gone. His mind replayed a few of the moments of the battle he’d been able to see without being detected. Those moments saw Shadow cutting down the ravaging swine with ease. The hurricane kick that sent one off the floating grass patch itself was the most amazing moment by far. After the images finished replaying, the spy quickly became certain of who he was. Taking a moment to see if anyone was watching, the ninja snapped one of his hands toward the ground, and instantly became invisible. Out of sight and out of mind, he quickly dashed off, headed for the town of Henesys.

Time passed. It wasn’t long before the black and green ninja made it to a cave entrance past Henesys. The cave entrance itself wasn’t too far from town, just on an off-route that led away from the village. The path to the cave was short, but somewhat treacherous, a path that only fairly strong adventurers took. A fair amount of monsters patrolled the area, some of them extremely powerful. Traps also littered the area, including a pit of spikes and thorny bushes.

The interior of the cave was a dark, haunting place. No matter how nature formed the rocky tunnels, it was easy to see that intimidation was heavily considered. The caverns held endless rockiness through the twisting tunnels, which stretched downward towards the center of the world itself. Mobs of very strong monsters, all of them physically fear-inducing, clustered throughout the earthen halls, always looking to make the adventurers’ spelunking journeys rockier than the cave itself did. The green and black ninja, of course, was unhindered by the wild beasts, allowing him to sneak by unnoticed while groups of adventurers did the work.

The spy unceasingly continued through the perilous tunnels at an unmatched speed, running towards his destination. He smiled to himself as undead mushrooms and stirge bats alike passed by his unseen form as if no one were there. Loose, burning geysers littered the floor as he delved deeper, but he zipped by untouched, with the help of effortless leaping and flipping.

As the ninja continued, the caves turned from brown to blue, and some of the rockiness seemed somewhat shinier. The monsters were bigger and fiercer here, and the geysers blew more forcefully, sending out larger and deadlier pillars of smoke. Unfazed by this, the spy passed by all of them, unobserved and unhindered. Right now, all that mattered to him was that he was close to his destination.

Eventually, the green and black figure finally made it to the deepest section of the rocky dungeon. These parts held monolithic ruins scattered about in pieces, all of them giving minor clues to the possibility that people once settled here. In this section, monsters were undeniably imposing, both in size and in ferocity. The largest creatures walked on two legs and had horns for heads. Some wielded spears, and others wielded crescent-shaped staves.

In the midst of the monsters, the ninja revealed himself. The monsters caught sight of him, but paid little heed as they allowed him to pass. He walked calmly, watching as the monsters kept watch for any adventurers who dared to enter the monolithic chamber. The monsters who noticed him reacted somewhat; the tall, horned creatures nodded in his presence, those in his way immediately clearing it for him, and small, two-legged cycloptic monsters skittered away in fright.

Eventually, the ninja made it to the far end of the ruined tunnel just in time to watch a spectacle: the large man known as Olaf was being physically punished by two ninja. One in black and yellow and his eyes held no pupils. The other was in black and blue, and his eyes were a strong cyan color. A third ninja, dressed in black and red, along with green glowing eyes, looked on from higher ground.

“AGH! Please! Stop this, I said I was sorAAGH!” Olaf’s cries for mercy went unheard as the pair of ninja silently tortured the large man with brutal chops and kicks. Despite Olaf’s superior size, the ninja clearly had power well beyond his to be able to inflict such damage.

The ninja in red continued to watch over the fight until his eyes caught sight of the green ninja entering. Immediately, he called out to the other two. “Enough.” The others quickly ended the assault, leaving Olaf to quiver on the ground in fright.

After seeing this, the green ninja rolled his reptilian-looking eyes in annoyance. “Sssssweet merciful crap, what did the buffoon do now?!” he yelled out in anger.

The ninja in red leapt down to his green companion. “Two things,” he explained. “First, he failed to catch and hold back one of the four chosen, who arrived today. He was taken down in combat.”

Olaf sat up, shouting in protest. “I told you already, he had assista-“

His words were silenced when he was forced up into the air. A green aura surrounded him as he floated in the air. He looked down in fright to see the red-clad ninja holding his hand out in his direction. The hand also glowed green, as did the eyes, which narrowed at the giant person.

“AAAAA! Okay, I’ll be quiet!” Olaf cried out. His oppressor seemed to understand as he dropped his hand. Olaf fell back to the ground on his rear, landing with a meaty thud.

“Ah, ssssso that’sssss how he made it that far,” the green ninja hissed in speculation. “I had to admit, he handled himself very well against the pigsssss I had disssspatched. I wassssn’t sssssure if he wassss up to the challenge, but he matched your dessssscription when I firssssst ssssssaw him leaving town. What wasssss the sssssecond thing?”

“Much worse,” the red ninja said. “The idiot claimed he was using a tactic of ‘fear instilment’ when he said the empress didn’t allow those with his deformity.”

The ninja immediately glared at Olaf in fury. “WHAT?!” he yelled out. “You FOOL! How DARE you give away sssssuch a dire sssssecret like that! Not to mention the tactic wasssss uselessss, ssssince you already used it TWICE BEFORE!” At that moment, a hole in his mask opened, and a long, rough-looking tongue shot itself out and wrapped itself around the large man’s neck. Olaf began choking, quickly being deprived of air.

The red ninja intervened, squeezing the green one’s tongue. “Enough,” he said calmly. “While we admire your enthusiasm, we’ve already given him more than he deserved. Besides, you aren’t to worry, the target doesn’t know of how the empress is involved. One of our spies quickly sent word to those who heard about the attack as simply Olaf being in a drunken rage. They don’t even suspect how the townsfolk agreed with him at the time.” He motioned to a ring that the viking wore on his right hand.

The green ninja stared at the jewelry with fascination. “Ah, the sssssswayer’s garnet,” he said, hissing in awe. “It isssss able to compel any number of people to asssssisssst you whenever activated. I persssssonally wish someone more capable could wear it.” He shot another look at Olaf.

“It is necessary that he wear it in order to mask our presence,” the red ninja clarified. “Speaking of which, Olaf, your time is done here. Go back to Lith Harbor. The fourth target could come at any time, and you must be ready. DON’T fail us again.”

The muscular man nodded nervously as he took out a scroll to Lith Harbor and read the incantation on it. Upon finishing, Olaf disappeared in a quick blink of light.

Once they were alone, the red ninja jumped back up to his original place. “All right, our brothers,” he began to the other three. “So far, three of the four targets are on the surface above, improving their abilities in order to combat the evils that reside here. They have each proved amazingly strong so far, though they are nonetheless nowhere near able to challenge our power. So far, two of them have met temporarily, though neither of them, nor the third, is aware of our presence. Overall, we have the advantage, and our leader is pleased with us. For now, we shall continue to wait and watch, using whatever situation we can to our advantage.”

Upon finishing his briefing, the red ninja focused on the green. “Excellent work in gauging the bandit’s strength,” he commended. “Hopefully that will make him overcautious as to how the wildlife acts. For now, go back to Lith Harbor. Keep yourself invisible, and let us know when the fourth one arrives. Finally, as always, do not assist that windbag in anyway.”

“It will all be done without a problem,” the green ninja promised. He then rendered himself invisible and headed back out of the cave.

The red ninja sat himself down, looking at the other two as he contemplated the situation. “The prophecy is coming to fruition,” he said with concern. “The first steps are being taken against us. Still, take heart, our brothers, for we have more than enough power to alter the fate of this world towards our favor.”


Chapter 10 is finally up! Sorry it took so long, I was kinda getting myself back in the college mood after spring break(which was awesome, by the way). More key villains are finally introduced. Also, to those who may notice, the four ninjas are inspired from one of my favorite video games. I bet you can’t guess what it is! Even if you can or can’t, free Mountain Dews!

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A ROndom day

I don’t have much to say- the screen shots says all.

Picture one

Ragnarok’s version of resident evil

Picture two

After a time of feeding my pet, I finally made it to attack!
Kung fu pow-chicken!

Picture three

In Morroc, I started playing some tunes. Fews bards came in and joined and we formed a kind of band

Picture four

Few days ago, while the mid rate server was being fixed, everyone crowd into the low rate server o.O
Egg shell newbies~

Picture five

Some fun in PvP. I started saying: “I. . Will. . Kill. . You. .” to a lower level monk.
The monk thought I meant it, so he started running away and attacking me o.O

So, yeeaahh. . . Another day of ROing.


TO THE END, Ride the happy starship~

I bet you’re wondering, as I so often do, ‘Where the heck did Mip disappear to?’ Well, today, I have your answer. As I so often do.

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Maybe I’ll post another chapter of my story before I go on hiatus again. You never know. Anywho, that’s the update of my life. And, to add a little MMO-ness into there, just so I don’t break my own rules (even though I haven’t really played recently), I tried getting into Silkroad, and.. it was rather depressing. I just wasn’t feeling it. The fact that you have to click things multiple times to attack, and just the general gist of it wasn’t doing it for me. Graphics were about average, attacks were a little better than average, sound a little below. (Gotta admit though, that auto-potions function is pretty darn neat.)

I also tried getting back into training again on MS, but that was an absolute bust. I mean, hackers, EVERYWHERE. I just. Can’t. Handle. It. When the hackers are gone (or at least contained), call me. I’ll come back to MS. Till then, I’ll stay with my Audition SEA.

So, you there, I ask you a simple question. What do you look for in a MMO? What makes it all worth it to you? Tell me, your ideas, your stories, your experiences; I’m listening. <3

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Experience equals intransigent.

intransigent (adjective) – characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an extreme position or attitude : uncompromising.

Dear Readers,

This author suggest not getting yourself involve with intransigent people. While doing Domain of Anguish, Nightfall Elite Area, I came upon such person.

If any of you have tried doing any one of the four areas there, you will come to realize that teamwork is needed, and you have to have the right skill bar in order to complete one entire.

I happen to join a Ravenheart Gloom group, because my significant other wishes to possess the Green Shield (Aegis of Terror) that drops only from the boss of that area.

When it was almost time to embark on our mission, we were all ask to “ping” our skill bars to make sure that we have all the skills that we will need to complete the mission. Our “tank”, the warrior, happen to be missing a couple of skills. We all tried to warn him, and he said he had all the skills that he needed, so we headed out.

While we were inside the “cave” (the second part of Gloom) I noticed that the “Tank” kept getting his “OF” interrupted. As the “SB” monk, he blamed me for the death of the group because he died and a giant mob wiped out the entire group.

When we got back to the outpost, I explained to him that I, alone, cannot keep up SB on him at all time, as it is impossible. But he insisted that I was indeed the cause of the deaths.

Again, I tried to explain that I am suppose to chain my SB with his OF, so that it will prevent him from getting Hex. He argued that he kept getting interrupted because I didn’t have SB up. “That is why you carry Glyph Of Concentration”.

The rest of the party, who was online on Vent, agreed with me.

Him: “I’m experience at this, I’ve done this plenty of times, don’t tell me what to carry, and what to bring, you stupid noob”.

Me: “I beg your pardon, but I myself, have done this many times without dying. You will have more experience if you actually take the time to learn from your party members, and not rely on your own brain, because eight brains is better than yours alone.”

Not long after that, did everyone raged quited on him.

Lesson of the day, do not be afraid to learn with people who would gladly learn from you.

AnmesicCat. Guild Wars Times, March 31, 2007.

Burst: Chapter 8

Slowly, the sun peeped its head over the bottom of the window of the R1 Dormitory. Ty swatted away a ray of light to no avail and grimaced as he began to awaken. Upon rising from his bed and sitting upright, he found a few near him beginning to greet the new day as well. Almost eager to see what lay in store for him, he headed to his closet and pulled out a uniform. As he dressed, he was surprised by how soft the cloth felt. His former garments should have long ago thrown away and any new piece of clothing he received was already well worn. His attire was dominated by the characteristic pure white that the bowman had worn with silver trim throughout. He found himself looking completely different than how he imagined himself. Of course, he’d only been able to look at himself in deep puddles after a large storm. Taking one last look at himself, he grabbed his daggers and headed out the door.

Immediately after leaving the dormitory, a boy so small Ty could look down on him greeted him. “Hello, erm, Ty!” the little boy shouted out in a high voice. Ty grimaced at hearing such a loud and obnoxious sound so early in the morning and simply nodded. “I am Alex! I’ll be your guide for today! Though I may not look like it, I’m a fourteen year old skilled enough to be in R4.” Ty almost laughed. He was only of average height for his age and yet this boy was older and easily smaller. He was beginning to see why this boy had been chosen for the job.

The boy led him to the mess hall where he showed him how to get food. While they ate, the boy explained the basics of the academy. “There are ten divisions within each class’s regiment,” he mentioned at one point. “The skill of each division’s members relates indirectly with the division’s number. That means that one is the best and ten is the worst. Each division has ten to twenty people and has a unique system of hierarchy. Division and your rank within that division are very important to graduating from the academy and being permitted into the Order of Tutela.”

“But enough of that, about what you’ll be doing. Your schedule,” he said as he pulled out a slip of paper, “consists of intellectual classes as well as training classes. Despite your rumored natural talent, you are still a novice in battle and are uneducated as well. You’re lucky you’re so young seeing as how it would otherwise be very embarrassing for someone in a first division to be in an introductory reading and writing class.” The boy continued on and on, continuing after they left the mess hall and not shutting up until they reached Ty’s first class: basic mathematics and physics.

In this manner, the morning progressed. Ty attended his tiresome but necessary educational classes while Alex sat in on it with him, answering any questions he had. Finally, lunch came. Still, none of his fellow students besides his guide had even acknowledged him. After lunch came the one thing Ty was confident about, combat practice. This class lasted three to four hours depending upon the day of the week and took up all of the afternoon instruction. As Ty walked onto the practice field, finally, his peers took note of him. While in the morning they had looked right through him, he now found almost everyone’s attention focused on him. The incident the previous morning had spread throughout the academy and everyone was curious as to the abilities of the first student to ever be assigned to R1 as a rookie.

“Welcome students,” said a voice from behind the crowd of pupils. The crowd parted, and Alex hastily pulled Ty aside. A man equipped with an impossibly large sword walked down the middle of what was now a parted sea of children and young adults. “Today you’ll be doing a few drills and then go’t eh sparring. I will interrupt y’all when I thinks you should be. Now go! Five laps ‘round that there edge of the field.”

With the instructor’s command, the students dashed off. What followed was an hour of rigorous drills. Ty excelled in anything involving speed but was at a great disadvantage with anything involving strength. His stamina, while not incredible, was on par with most children his age. The hour stretched on and on in Ty’s mind and it seemed like a day had passed before it ended. By the end, Ty was breathing hard and had his hands on his knees. However, before he even had time to catch his breath they were paired off for sparring. He found himself facing a boy who appeared to be fourteen of fifteen and who held a plain sword in one hand and a wooden shield in the other. Ty unsheathed his daggers and dashed forward as the warrior dug in his heels and braced for the oncoming attack. Ty slashed furiously at the boy with no success: every attack was repelled. The boy then took his turn to attack. He lunged forward off his right foot and swung down heavily. Ty strafed to the left and attempted to counter. The boy smiled and, before Ty’s dagger came anywhere near him, rammed him with his shield. Ty stumbled backwards and fell roughly onto the ground. As the boy swung down forcefully, Ty scrambled to his feet and retreated backwards.

“Hold!” thundered the instructor. He approached Ty and looked him squarely in the eye, “Boy, you have any idear how’t defend yourself?” Ty looked at the ground and shook his head. A sigh came from the instructor, “’Ttack me.” Ty looked up, confused. “Do’t.” Obeying, Ty charged forward a swung with his right hand. The instructor, having already drawn his sword, repelled the attack and sent Ty flying. “Put together them reflexes and anticipation an’ use your weapon’a repel duh ‘ttack. Try to angle your weapon in such a manner that it covers the largest possible area in reference to your opponents attack,” the instructor explained as Ty got to his feet yet again. “Now, use that knowledge and figure it out for yourself in your match.” Suddenly, the instructor noticed that the great majority of pairs had stopped and were simply looking on in the humor of those who think they are right. “Back to sparring, lazy gud-fer-nutins!”

After deciphering the multitude of dialects compressed into one, Ty attempted to apply the instruction. The warrior boy readied as Ty approached him again. “Let’s go,” Ty said evenly. The boy charged and swung with all his force. Ty extended his right arm to attempt to defend, but managed only to deflect most of the attack before retreating back. The boy, however, did not let up. He charged towards Ty yet again and swung again, this time horizontal. Ty attempted to defend, yet failed to stop the attack for a second time. Time after time the cycle was repeated: the boy of attacking, Ty attempting to block and failing. Each time however, Ty improved bit by bit. Finally, fifteen minutes later, the defense held. Completely blocked, the sword clashed violently against Ty’s crossed daggers. He’d finally realized that his defense would be much more solid if he’d use both arms. The idea, while simple, had taken some time for Ty to understand. With a smile Ty spoke, “Now it’s my turn, I guess.”

Jumping back, he readied to attack. With a his usual tensing, he shot forward and swung horizontally with his right hand. The boy blocked with his shield and countered with a stab of his sword. Ty deflected this stab to the right, finding it much easier to block than a hack. The boy attempted to shove Ty off balance once again with his shield and rammed it forward. Ty ducked nimbly under the attack and rolled quickly around to the boy’s back. The boy gasped in horror and surprise and made a useless attempt to spin around and attack. Upon turning around, the boy found a dagger waiting at his neck. It was over. Really, it had been over ever since Ty had stopped the boy’s attack.

I made this one a bit longer just for y’all. Hope you enjoyed the read. The RP blog should be out within the next day (if the Ninja or Aliyah would post *cough*). Anyways, since some people have complained, I’m restoring the next part to its former glory. Please comment and, only if you enjoyed reading, click the button. *cough*LunarPanda*cough* Yeah, you know why I’m singling you out.


well i lost my pin and now im w8 for nexon to giv me another or reset it, but ive had so many email accounts i cant remember what i signed up with, so they wont do a thing!!! im kinda pissed at them, but i made another acc and now i got a lv 33 cleric, so if i dont get eragon and brazil back i think things will be ok

Eternal- Chapter 8-1

“You idiot!,” a shadowy figure yelled, banging on the desk in front of him. “Zakum, you absolute moron! Do you ever think that during your career of getting killed for a living, you could, I don’t know, learn how to fight back?!”
“Silence, Irving.” A tall man stepped into the room, completely cloaked in an unassuming brown robe. His eyes radiated control– his face shined with every feature unique to a born leader.
The room was also unassuming. Three walls were large and featureless, with only one large wall containing images of Zakum’s defeat, and those of Rodin’s party. Five desks sat in the middle of the room, but only two people were there.
“My lord… I apologize,” the shadowed figure said, standing to his feet and subsequently kneeling.
“I know. You tried to help by controlling him, and you did manage to take out the one Priest,” the cloaked figure said. His mind was obviously on something else as he was talking.
Clenching his fists, Irving spoke. “They’ll bring her back, though, sir. The other Priest has Dispel enough for that,” he said, visibly regretting this oversight.
The cloaked figure looked up, staring into Irving’s eyes. “Were you not watching close enough? Is the rate of darkness you have in this room OBSCURING your vision?”
Irving hung his head, muttering. “But… it’s hard to see with the lights on…”
“Yes, I realize this. Darkness mage, and all that. Maybe your eyes would become accustomed to the light if you trained them.” The cloaked figure clapped once, illuminating the room.
The shadowy figure’s aforementioned shadows were eliminated, revealing a man wearing extremely an gaudy Golden Requiem. “And for Bob’s sake, do you have to dress like that?”
Irving had heard this before. “No, sir.”
The cloaked figure sighed, tossing his gaze at the live image of Rodin over his protege’s shoulder. “It is not important. You missed the fact that the curse was amplified by Zakum’s existing magic power. She’ll be like that for awhile.”
“Oh. So… I did good?,” Irving asked, smiling.
“Not yet. You still must take out the others.”
Irving frowned. “I… was not looking forward to that fact.”
“Yes, but Zakum is… or was, your responsibility.”
“When you kill them, the energy that was re-bound to the balance will liberate itself. It’s absolutely imperative that you kill ALL of them that were present.”
“And if they revive?,” he asked with a fearful tone.
“They will not. But, you have a job to do. I would send one of the others with you, had they not gone to exterminate the last of the old Order.”
“Yeah. I know Brunel would be helpful in taking care of the warrior.”
“…Possibly. Do not fail us, Irving.”
“As long as I draw breath, my loyalty is to the new Order, my lord,” Irving said, saluting and then vanishing into a shadow he’d created under him.
“I know.” The cloaked figure walked over to an empty desk and sat down, sighing. “I’d… always imagined world conquest would be easier than this. Trying to rule a load of murder-centric buffoons while ridding the planet of those that came before us. Heh… Wizet group. Pitiful bunch. So easy to kill. No honor at all.” He leaned back in the chair, contemplating his next move.
“I wonder what the national march of our world order will be.”

Elsewhere, an archer fired a powerful shot through the heart of the last previous ruler of the world. “Oh, yeah! I rule! I’m SOOOO cool!,” he shouted as the broken woman lay dying. He stood over her, his overgrown blonde hair obscuring her vision. “It’s a shame you had to die. You have a beautiful face.” He nocked a final arrow on his bow, and shot it directly between her eyes.
“Yeah, that didn’t really take much, did it, Wilder? Well, I guess we’re the rulers now.”
Wilder had an extremely feminine face, and was apparently very good with a bow. Though he wouldn’t show it most of the time, he was also an extremely talented magician.

He’d make a good warrior if he’d only get a new personality, the girl next to him thought.
Barely looking over the age of twelve, she was a shape-shifting magician, able to transform into any creature she’d ever encountered. She had a tendency to overlook important details, but otherwise she had an extremely cunning tactical mind.

They were the team sent to destroy the last of Wizet Group, the remainer of the previous masters of the world. This was only phase one in their total domination- phase two had already started. They were products of the rip between the worlds.
They had come forth with a mission, and the determination they had was fierce. Now that they’d established their control, they needed it to stay that way.
And that involved the death of those trying to fix the worlds.

A proclamation rang out over the land, in a voice sharper than a Super Megaphone.
“Wizet Group is dead. We are the new leaders of your world.
Any who oppose the iron rule of your new overlords will be destroyed instanteously!
Know the names of those who own you now, and do not dare to defy them.
Kelsar, Irving, Brunel, Wilder, and Youso.
The mission given to all Maplers by the new world order is this!
Annihilate Rodin, Aurida, Random, and Grabbersit!
Anyone found co-operating with any of them shall recieve instant death!”

Kelsar, the cloaked figure, had a great tactical mind, but obviously no mind for public speaking.
The whole of the Maple world paid almost no attention until the plans came to fruition.
Rodin heard this proclamation through the walls of the cave, and that was when he realized…
He’d gotten into a LOT more trouble than he’d bargained for.

What Should I Do?

This is kit/Dark. I know I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been busy with school and all. Recently, Maple has become relatively boring for me. My friends who used to hang out with me all the time outleveled me and only train nowadays, and they never hang out anymore. My other friends are never active. I’ve begun to take a liking to basketball more now, but I never know what to do nowadays after it gets dark.

This is usually what I do all day:
Wake up(7:15)
Go to school(8:00)
Finish school(2:55)
Have a snack(3:10)
Go outside and play basketball(3:50)
Go back inside, nighttime(6:50)
Eat dinner(7:00)
Do homework(7:30)

Yup, that’s basically all of my weekdays. However, I’m so bored on weekends. I mostly go outside, but when I get tired, what should I do then? Sometimes I hang out with friends, but then what if they aren’t around?

I need help on what to do.

If you want, you can list advice on having fun in Maple.

P.S. I usually don’t train, I usually have fun and hang out. That’s what kept me going the last 1 1/2 years. Now, however, it’s getting boring.


Mortis Gratia: Lavender, Chapter 1

Arc 1: Lavender
The Entrance

We remember.

The memories. Each person has a different set, shaped by perception and emotion and belief and reason. Each person bears their own opinions of the good and the bad. Each person holds different pieces of a huge, shifting mirage of a story; a story that is never right and never wrong.

There was no denying that their story had been shaped. Guided, almost. With a pull of a cord, everything had unravelled and clashed and changed them. There was no way back for any of them. None would forget.

Many considered it a sort of urban myth. Any comment about ‘that thing in the Mushroom Garden’ was now greeted with some nervous laughter and waved hands.
“Children love telling stories,” they would say. The witnesses are no longer children. They know what happened, who was responsible, how many suffered. What they don’t know is why he did it. They say he was always the odd one, most liable to break. They say many things about him. One thing is certain: the memory of his deed will never fade.

The memory of what led to it, however, hovers out of reach for many of them. Most of them do not remember. They forget their own folly in the face of another’s. For a few, the day is seared into their minds. For one in particular, that entire week has become the stuff of his nightmares.


“Have fun, brother!” He thrashed, he struggled and kicked, but the hands holding him down were firm. His lips firmly clamped together, he managed to free one foot and flailed desperately. He felt his freed leg collide with something hard and winced at the sound of glass bottles shattering around them.
“Father will kill us,” one voice whispered frantically, and this renewed his resolve. He reached up, sunk his nails into one of his captors’ wrists. This resulted in nothing but laughter. He had cut his nails in preparation for the bowman testing.
“Just hold his nose or something,” another voice snapped. “It works in books.”
“He’ll bite me,” protested the first voice. A growl cut across their protests as he wriggled and nearly succeeded in freeing one wrist.
“Would you prefer a little pain, or the rest of the group disowning us? We need to silence him. Fast. Father will thank us for this.”

Fury bubbled to his tongue, but he kept his mouth shut. The purple bottle gleamed ominously in Marden’s hand, and his eyes edged away from it.
“Some time today, Mar,” snarled that third voice, and he glanced across at its owner venomously. The only response was a silent look. He knew that resentful glare; the kind of look that said, Why do you always have to ruin my plans? Why do you always have to get in the way?
This time he knew he stood no chance whatsoever at justice. Not that he stood a chance normally, but the playing field was as fair as it got. This time, he was outmatched and doomed, unless he found a way to escape this within the next few seconds.

His attention was captured briefly by Marden uncorking the bottle. A wisp of grey smoke crept out, hanging low in the air, and he swallowed. He didn’t want that – any of that – near him, let alone down his throat. Grinning uneasily, his younger brother passed it over to Deios. Someone stood up. He tensed.

Suddenly, sharp pain lanced up from his groin, and he howled. It was enough time for Deios to lean over and tip its steaming contents into his throat.

They let go of him then. Maybe. He wasn’t sure. He definitely recalled throwing up, over and over again until he was retching blood, and their panicked yelling and how they had tried to get him to sit up, to stop throwing up but he hadn’t stopped, he had kept on throwing up and throwing up despite the raging, roaring pain in his throat…he remembered the pain.

Far away, in the main street of Kerning City, someone stiffened as though he was hearing the little scenario playing out in a potion shed. For his inattention, he was whacked solidly across the jaw and sent smashing into a dumpster. With a shake of his head, he climbed back to his feet. One hand slotted black throwing stars into a claw. With his other, he steadied himself against the dumpster behind him.
“The tide’s changed, Solaris! In my favour!” yelled his opponent triumphantly, advancing. The thief dove to the side, narrowly avoiding three parallel flashes of blue light that shredded the dumpster. As he rolled, his eyes alighted on a narrow cord.

One arm flailed out; the other, the claw arm, sent a star hurtling towards its target. His opponent cackled, dodging out of the way as the awning cord was snapped and its load thudded to the ground with a sound of breaking wood.
“You missed!” shrieked the mage. “My turn!” A series of crackling energy bolts chased the thief as he ran. Once, he came close to falling into the party quest area sewers, saved only by a good sense of balance and an ungentle poke from Lakelis.

As he stopped to reload his claw, something hard slammed into the back of his skull, and he slumped forward with a moan of, “Fairen…”


They were not forced together. They were not, under any circumstances, under duress to continue on. But they did.

Those who survived got together and picked up the pieces. There was one player in this game who was not involved in the incident from which it started. But he was the turning point of the entire tale; the point around which it all revolved. Not by choice, for he was surely not the type to have chosen this fate; but he shouldered it nonetheless, despite whatever misgivings he may have had, and for that he must be commended.


He ran.

Blood trickled down his face and the grass lashed at his legs. He ran. At one stage, he turned to take a look at the distance he had covered between himself and what he was running from, but he only tripped and fell. He couldn’t afford to fall again.

He ran.

Desperation drove him, along with fear and hatred and an almost irrational desire to just run. The Authority had forbidden running as of late. Apparently, it showed a lack of discipline and patience. To Zakum with patience. To Zakum with that Leatty-munched, Bubbling-smeared, dead concept of discipline. Discipline was not what was practiced at the Institute. Discipline was a harsh telling-off or a slap on the hand with a ruler, not a beating that would leave scars the length of his arm.

He stopped for a minute to lean against a tree, panting. Sweat stained his clothes, mixing with the scabbed wounds on his stomach and back. Damn the old Authority for dying, damn the new Authority for living. It had started with a few glances and smiles, but now…

Something shrieked not too far off, a gurgling sound mingled with the cry of a dying monster. The Institute creatures were coming.

He ran.

Just as he had reached the outskirts of the rainforest, he was about to make for the safety of Ellinian lands when something slammed into his legs and sent him sprawling. Automatically, he fumbled for his knife. It wasn’t there. Panicked, he rolled over to meet the crazed eyes of a Ribbon Pig with blood dripping from its flank. He definitely couldn’t take the thing with his bare hands, and he didn’t want to risk…

The sound of bushes being trod roughly underfoot reached his ears, along with that familiar mocking shriek. Still eyeing the pig, he backed away slightly, shuffling on backside and hands and feet, trying to remember how it had happened the last time.
“Protect. Change. Distract. Remove. Escape.” Nothing. He bit his lip, trying to remember the right word. He needed a distraction, something that would go for the pig or at least divert its attentions from him, and leave him alone.

The Ribbon Pig charged. He cried out as it slammed into him, kicking him, trampling him. It stomped on his hand as he tried to shield himself, and he heard the bones of his fingers crack.
“Ahriman!” he swore, gasping with pain. Insane with its own injury, the monster was on the verge of kicking his face in when the moon’s light abruptly faded.
Too abruptly. A sudden, sick feeling rising in his stomach, the boy looked up just in time for the pig to hit a glancing blow just above his right eye with a hoof. He cried out again. The Institute creatures yowled again, too close for his liking, only to be silenced when a harsh, guttural growl shook rainforest.

The pig suddenly seemed to heed it, and it turned away and ran for the trees. Seconds later, he heard the sound of crashing trees and a squealing pig.
No. No. Time, Death, Life, Fire, save me. Shakily, he climbed to his feet and looked for the Hill. The sound now was a definite heavy stomping. A predator’s stomping with the strange swaying gait. There was also the swish of wings; trees being uprooted; and overlaying it all a strange, musky smell like rotting meat, accompanied by a horrible snickering grunting.

A face from a child’s horror story became evident from between the trees. His eyes flicked from it to the Hill; should he run? What was the point? He would be killed more quickly if he went into the open…

An Institute creature abruptly launched itself at the nightmare, snapping jaws and striking claws. He could make out three- no, four of the things, dogging and hounding the demon. Distracting it from him, just as it was distracting them. He didn’t stop to think about it any further; he ran for the Hill, for Ellinia, for wherever he could get to.

He ran.

He ran and ran until he was nearly dead of exhaustion; he ran until the rainforest seemed out of sight along with the thing he had somehow…brought; he ran until he found the small house, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, innocuously perched near a low thicket of trees on the Hill. At this point, he was past caring about who might live there, or if they had any relationship to the Institute. He just collapsed against the door, hammered on it a few times, and slumped onto the doorstep in a dead faint.


“Need light.” There was the sound of a match being struck, and the area around was flooded with the warm yellow light of the torch. Two people were standing at the entrance to the dark wood, one of them – garbed similarly to the other, but in red instead of his partner’s blue – holding up a torch.
“Hate Sleepywood,” said the one who had spoken, taking the torch. “Gloomy, damp and rotting. Can smell the dead.” There was a flash of a grin from the other, and his hands moved quickly, slipping over one another in seemingly meaningless movements. The torch-bearer snorted. “Took one just then, thank you. Spent more time in hot baths than you.” The hand movements again. This drew a stare from the torch-bearer, who shrugged eventually and continued walking.

Leaping across to a hovering platform in midair, he continued, “Dominica might not be there. Break down the door if she hasn’t left key.” No comment from his partner. The speaker seemed used to this, for, as he made his way over to another series of platforms, he added, “Could pick the lock.” He turned to face his companion, and was greeted by a flurry of hand motions. As the motions continued, the torch-bearer’s expression seemed to grow even stonier. By the time they were finished, his face could have been mistaken for the Wisdom Stone in mourning.

The expression suddenly cracked, changing to a hesitant smile. His partner smiled back and extended one hand for the torch. There was a moment of confusion where neither of them was holding the torch and it nearly suffered the unfortunate fate of being extinguished.

The remainder of the journey out of the Dungeon was uneventful, apart from a few stops to shoot overly aggressive Stumps with flaming arrows. One slime was nearly boiled alive from inside out when one of the flaming arrows just missed it and went out on the soggy turf. As they both emerged into the fresh air, the one in blue yawned and took a breath, looking around.
“Luke vanished as usual,” he said, stretching. He stopped mid-stretch to stare into the distance; so did his partner. Abruptly, the current carrier of the torch shoved it into a torch-holder around the entrance to the dungeon, and both of them set off at a run westwards.

Against a horizon which the sun was creeping up, Henesys was in flames.


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That’s right yo! I play Mabinogi.

What is it? An MMORPG, no friggin’ duh

Good thing about this game is that it’s original. One of the bad thing is you can have -99.9 EXP. (Yes, you have to countless times to get there)

Anyway, today I went to Dungeon PQ… (It’s like MapleStory PQ, you can go in whenever you want according to what type of item you contribute to get in. Can be a Solo Dungeon PQ) …with my friend and we OWNAGED-ED all those annoying ass Rat Man. They always wait until you change your attack into something else and then attack you. Damn you Rat People!


Once we got to the Boss, it was the (I don’t know English name) Levitating-boulders-that-forms-into-a-human-like-body-for-not-god-damn-reason-and-roars-like-an-elephant-when-you-hit-it Boss. 巨魔像 for short
ollololo if u jst reed dat den u gt a c00kie ollolololo

After we annikabelled it.. No wait, annihilated the skeleton minions, my partner told me that the Levitating-boulders-that-forms-into-a-human-like-body-for-not-god-damn-reason-and-roars-like-an-elephant-when-you-hit-it Boss’s weakness was fire and immune to ice and thunder (lightning).


Him: =口=”

Sitting on the floor whimpering like your mom (just kidding) sucking my thumbs like your mom (kidding again) thinking how the hell do I kill that mutha f.. like your mom (self explanatory). Thus I picked up my daggers and charged up lightning skill and fired.

1, the red number damage above it’s massive body.


-pow- ~167

I died.

After I opened my Help-Me-Revive-pliz feather sign. The boss starts to scream like an elephant. I WSA LIEK WTF?!

And then yeah, I went to buy fire skill book after collecting the prize reward money and items.