The Viper Strikes Next: Chapter 10

-=Unseen Darkness=-

A good seven minutes passed since the trio of Shadow Viper, Emma, and Genya defeated the butcher’s dozen. After the fight was over, each of the three took time to thank each other for their efforts in a victorious battle. Of course, their minds never left the encounter entirely, as they felt more monsters could be after them. Thus, the trio quickly set to climbing the floating landmasses as they headed towards the northeastern end of the tri-pronged junction. After much climbing, they reached their destination, which was adorned with a steel porticullis in the middle of the green path. A sign that read “to Kerning City” crowned the top of the arch. It was just in front of this landmark that the sisters knew they had to go separate ways. read more

A ROndom day

I don’t have much to say- the screen shots says all.

Picture one

Ragnarok’s version of resident evil

Picture two

After a time of feeding my pet, I finally made it to attack!
Kung fu pow-chicken!

Picture three

In Morroc, I started playing some tunes. Fews bards came in and joined and we formed a kind of band

Picture four

Few days ago, while the mid rate server was being fixed, everyone crowd into the low rate server o.O
Egg shell newbies~ read more

TO THE END, Ride the happy starship~

I bet you’re wondering, as I so often do, ‘Where the heck did Mip disappear to?’ Well, today, I have your answer. As I so often do.

Dear friends, these past few months, have been quite.. cruel. My mother has been acting, quite badly, I must say. After months of avoidance and constantly being out of the house, I decided it was time to go. So, I did what any 19-year old would do. Took up my best friend’s offer of moving out, and got an apartment. (By the way, I have NO clue where I came up with the title. Sounds like pretty cool ‘engrish’ lyrics, no?) read more

Experience equals intransigent.

intransigent (adjective) – characterized by refusal to compromise or to abandon an extreme position or attitude : uncompromising.

Dear Readers,

This author suggest not getting yourself involve with intransigent people. While doing Domain of Anguish, Nightfall Elite Area, I came upon such person.

If any of you have tried doing any one of the four areas there, you will come to realize that teamwork is needed, and you have to have the right skill bar in order to complete one entire. read more

Burst: Chapter 8

Slowly, the sun peeped its head over the bottom of the window of the R1 Dormitory. Ty swatted away a ray of light to no avail and grimaced as he began to awaken. Upon rising from his bed and sitting upright, he found a few near him beginning to greet the new day as well. Almost eager to see what lay in store for him, he headed to his closet and pulled out a uniform. As he dressed, he was surprised by how soft the cloth felt. His former garments should have long ago thrown away and any new piece of clothing he received was already well worn. His attire was dominated by the characteristic pure white that the bowman had worn with silver trim throughout. He found himself looking completely different than how he imagined himself. Of course, he’d only been able to look at himself in deep puddles after a large storm. Taking one last look at himself, he grabbed his daggers and headed out the door. read more


well i lost my pin and now im w8 for nexon to giv me another or reset it, but ive had so many email accounts i cant remember what i signed up with, so they wont do a thing!!! im kinda pissed at them, but i made another acc and now i got a lv 33 cleric, so if i dont get eragon and brazil back i think things will be ok

Eternal- Chapter 8-1

“You idiot!,” a shadowy figure yelled, banging on the desk in front of him. “Zakum, you absolute moron! Do you ever think that during your career of getting killed for a living, you could, I don’t know, learn how to fight back?!”
“Silence, Irving.” A tall man stepped into the room, completely cloaked in an unassuming brown robe. His eyes radiated control– his face shined with every feature unique to a born leader.
The room was also unassuming. Three walls were large and featureless, with only one large wall containing images of Zakum’s defeat, and those of Rodin’s party. Five desks sat in the middle of the room, but only two people were there.
“My lord… I apologize,” the shadowed figure said, standing to his feet and subsequently kneeling.
“I know. You tried to help by controlling him, and you did manage to take out the one Priest,” the cloaked figure said. His mind was obviously on something else as he was talking.
Clenching his fists, Irving spoke. “They’ll bring her back, though, sir. The other Priest has Dispel enough for that,” he said, visibly regretting this oversight.
The cloaked figure looked up, staring into Irving’s eyes. “Were you not watching close enough? Is the rate of darkness you have in this room OBSCURING your vision?”
Irving hung his head, muttering. “But… it’s hard to see with the lights on…”
“Yes, I realize this. Darkness mage, and all that. Maybe your eyes would become accustomed to the light if you trained them.” The cloaked figure clapped once, illuminating the room.
The shadowy figure’s aforementioned shadows were eliminated, revealing a man wearing extremely an gaudy Golden Requiem. “And for Bob’s sake, do you have to dress like that?”
Irving had heard this before. “No, sir.”
The cloaked figure sighed, tossing his gaze at the live image of Rodin over his protege’s shoulder. “It is not important. You missed the fact that the curse was amplified by Zakum’s existing magic power. She’ll be like that for awhile.”
“Oh. So… I did good?,” Irving asked, smiling.
“Not yet. You still must take out the others.”
Irving frowned. “I… was not looking forward to that fact.”
“Yes, but Zakum is… or was, your responsibility.”
“When you kill them, the energy that was re-bound to the balance will liberate itself. It’s absolutely imperative that you kill ALL of them that were present.”
“And if they revive?,” he asked with a fearful tone.
“They will not. But, you have a job to do. I would send one of the others with you, had they not gone to exterminate the last of the old Order.”
“Yeah. I know Brunel would be helpful in taking care of the warrior.”
“…Possibly. Do not fail us, Irving.”
“As long as I draw breath, my loyalty is to the new Order, my lord,” Irving said, saluting and then vanishing into a shadow he’d created under him.
“I know.” The cloaked figure walked over to an empty desk and sat down, sighing. “I’d… always imagined world conquest would be easier than this. Trying to rule a load of murder-centric buffoons while ridding the planet of those that came before us. Heh… Wizet group. Pitiful bunch. So easy to kill. No honor at all.” He leaned back in the chair, contemplating his next move.
“I wonder what the national march of our world order will be.” read more

What Should I Do?

This is kit/Dark. I know I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been busy with school and all. Recently, Maple has become relatively boring for me. My friends who used to hang out with me all the time outleveled me and only train nowadays, and they never hang out anymore. My other friends are never active. I’ve begun to take a liking to basketball more now, but I never know what to do nowadays after it gets dark. read more

Mortis Gratia: Lavender, Chapter 1

Arc 1: Lavender
The Entrance

We remember.

The memories. Each person has a different set, shaped by perception and emotion and belief and reason. Each person bears their own opinions of the good and the bad. Each person holds different pieces of a huge, shifting mirage of a story; a story that is never right and never wrong.

There was no denying that their story had been shaped. Guided, almost. With a pull of a cord, everything had unravelled and clashed and changed them. There was no way back for any of them. None would forget. read more


That’s right yo! I play Mabinogi.

What is it? An MMORPG, no friggin’ duh

Good thing about this game is that it’s original. One of the bad thing is you can have -99.9 EXP. (Yes, you have to countless times to get there)

Anyway, today I went to Dungeon PQ… (It’s like MapleStory PQ, you can go in whenever you want according to what type of item you contribute to get in. Can be a Solo Dungeon PQ) …with my friend and we OWNAGED-ED all those annoying ass Rat Man. They always wait until you change your attack into something else and then attack you. Damn you Rat People! read more