Omarsiyo is a hacker. He defamed me 5 times for ksing him..plz defame him or report. thx all
i deleted my char name bcuz i dont want him to kno who did the ss and he will defame me again as well as the other ppl thats might be friends of him and defame me ..w/e

Impending Ambitions – I

Chapter 1.

I felt the vessel shake a little. I looked out the window, and I started in amazement. I saw old statues and clouds, and a gigantic building. If I read it correct, it said “Guild Hall”. I wonder what it’s for.

The ship landed, and I went to the others’ rooms. I met them, and we headed to the exit. I was excited to see what was in this town.

“ORBIS!” shouted Spade. He was the first to get out from the vessel. He was wearing a t-shirt, with a picture of an orange mushroom on it. He wore short pants, and he was wearing dark shades. He looked like he was going to the beach.

Patrick was wearing his normal overall, the Oriental Fury. It looked good on him, and he liked it well too, so he always wore it.

Susan was wearing a pink blouse and a long skirt, and she was putting on a straw hat. She dressed like it was summertime, but I guess she dressed the correct outfit; the sun blazed brightly at the town of Orbis.

I was wearing a cargo jacket, and ripped jeans. I also put on blue shades. I was wearing a transparent hat that showed my favorite hairstyle. I carried my bow on one hand, and a book on the other. The book is about the basics and advanced fighting techniques of Rangers. I always read that.

We left the station, and I went to ask for directions. Most of the citizens I saw were fairies; big ones, little ones, tall ones, short ones, you get the picture. It was a cheerful place; a lot of talking, but not very chaotic. I liked this place already.

I went into a potion store and asked the owner fairy where Spiruna is. She told me she wasn’t really sure with the exact location, but she told me to look in the Cloud Parks. I thanked her, and left the shop. I told everyone where to go, and we all headed towards the Cloud Parks.


After several minutes, we found an old house in the middle of the park.
“Do you think this is the place?” asked Susan.
“Probably,” I replied. I hoped, to be exact. I didn’t want to walk around more and lose my energy; we could get caught into a battle anytime, anywhere.
“Let’s go in,” Patrick suggested.
We all went in together. The room was dark, but there were flambeaux on the wall, which created very little light. I could hardly see who or what was inside this old structure. Suddenly, I heard a voice come from the other end of the room.
“Who are you all and why are you here? You are interrupting my meditation.”
The voice was aged and weary. I replied in a calm tone.
“We are four travelers from Victoria Island. A man named Kaen told us to come here, and receive training from one named Spiruna.”
“Kaen?” she said. “Him? You must be kidding. How do I know you’re not telling the truth?”
I hesitated. I looked back at my friends. No one had a proof, no ideas either. I finally started, irritated because of the waiting. “Listen. We traveled from Victoria Island to get lessons from you, and you still do not want us to be your students? Kaen told us to come, and I did come. I want to be stronger; stronger than King Ergoth, stronger than Kaen, strong enough to fulfill my dreams. Now, will you help us or not?”
Silence. The voice wasn’t heard, and I wasn’t speaking anymore. I waited for a reply. Finally, I heard the voice again.
“Very well, I believe you. No one has spoken like that to me for a long time.” The voice got nearer, and finally, the person was visible. She was an old lady, wearing a purple cloak, and her face covered by the hood.
“My name is Spiruna, and I will be your teacher. You will address me as “Master”, is that clear?”


“Alright, listen up; you four will be trained immediately. But before we start, I should give you a little biography about Almas. They have special abilities some can use, and some can not. It all varies with different Almas. You following?

“One type of ability Almas can do is to transform. They can change into an innocent citizen perhaps, your parents, your friends, anyone; even animals or monsters. They can also turn into anything; immovable objects et cetera. Be cautious about who or what you’re fighting; you never know if he or she is good or bad, real or Alma.

“Another type of ability is creating illusions. They can produce images of previous wars, past content events, your own fear, your loved ones, and more. They will try to approach you cautiously; they aren’t aggressive, but they are very careful and they calculate before they strike. It’s the “think before you act” junk they do to you, got it? You too, should think before you act. Try seeing if the illusion and background doesn’t fit, or it’s impossible. Also use common sense.

“You have to be careful with the tank Almas. They possess enormous physical strength. They can bend metal like a toothpick. Just stay far from them, and you’ll be alright.

“The Almas you need not caution is the weaklings. I made that name up. They are weak, pretty self-explanatory. They have absolutely no abilities at all, and they are classified as the weakest Almas.

“Like I said, some Almas have abilities, some do not. The ones I mentioned are the common ones, and there are a lot more abilities they can do. Hopefully, you won’t encounter them.”


“I will create four doors, each leading you to one of your training rooms. You will defeat the undead inside the door. Enough said.”
“Wow that was a long, but very good.” I looked back, and I saw Spade sleeping. “I wonder if he’ll be okay…”

I picked the door far to the left. From left to right, it was me, Patrick, Susan, and then Spade. As I opened the door, I heard Spiruna’s unpleasant laugh. I wonder if this training was going pay off, or even work…

Chapter 1! Sorry if it was a little boring. The next chapter will have some action, lol. How do you like my story so far? Is it good? Keep criticizing/correcting/posting opinions please!

I started leveling my Ranger again! Currently level 93 at 27%, I still aim for my level 100. Few breaks, but I could probably make it at the end of summer. I hope I can.

I don’t play much FlyFF anymore, but I’m looking forward to party training with James. He created this Billposter-to-be, and he’s really strong! He does more than 1000 damage to multiple enemies, and he can even buff! How cool is that?

I installed Trickster Online on Friday. I played the Beta version before; it was fun. I’m having some technical difficulties in the one I installed on Friday, though. Every time I go into a map, I disconnect. Does anyone know the cause of this? If so, please help me.

Well, that’s all for today folks. Happy blogging!

“It’s not bad to be good, and it’s not good to be bad.”

Bera’s dumbest Priest

If anyone remembers my previous blog about my experience as a 30 strength cleric(and if you don’t read it) well now I’m a 35 strength priest. I use a goblins cape and it adds 5 strength and yes I’m an idiot for choosing that. And once again my pictures aren’t edited and I’mnot a hacker. I started in October, 2005 and I’m not sure about the exact date. I’m pretty sure you guys have read hundreds of blogs about people’s third job advancement but I guess mines slightly different. Well now for the blogging portion.

I advanced to priesthood at Sunday April 29, 2007, Fighting Grendel was pretty easy but the questions were the hard part. I put my skill point into Shining Ray as most newly advanced priest do and KSed random by passers. There’s not much to say but priesthood isn’t that great sure you do get some new skills but you’ll get bored with it. I guess I’m going to fool around for the next month or so then I might train again.

For you extreme critics I’m not going to start over and I don’t feel like making a new character. For anyone else who has any comments on my Ability points my answer is “NO’ If anyone has any idea on how to get inspired again to train I’ll be happy to accept your comments.

Picture one is a old picture of my Stats.
Picture two is my advancement.
Picture three is me leveling to 70.
Picture four is me fighting Grendel.
Picture five is me using Shining ray with ray eyes(yes its a stupid pun).

~elmos got a gun~
Press the “I like it” button press it. Plox?

Maple Chef America

One day there was a cook. He was a good cook
He then started to play maplestory
He then got sucked into maplestory
He was now supacook12983
He cooked food for people.
Then one day, my grammer and plot line got better
As supacook12983 went to cook for people, he would cook, like cooks
He was a good cook
The Ended of the edumacashunal story

Rolling Go!

Man, it’s been a long time since I last made a blog. So much stuff has happened. I’ve got to try to remember it all.

First off, this.
Why that? Well, one, I’ve been watching the series, and it’s one of my new favorites (Hajime no Ippo). And secondly, I have had the urge lately to do a Dempsey Roll. Not on anyone specifically, just to do one.

But enough about that. I just had to get that out of my system. MMO time.

Well, first off, I’ve also been playing FFXI and Tales of Pirates. Not as much as MS though, but still worth mentioning. If you want to buddy me, it’s Zecarius on both games, Diabolos server for FFXI, and Penguin Island for Tales of Pirates.

And now, MS…

Well, first thing worth noting is that I reached lvl 44. Yeah, I’m still weak. But it’s a step towards third job (which makes me happy. Yeah for being happy!)

As usual, when quests appear, I go off and do them. So I did Icarus’ little quest with high hopes. Fortunately, the people in my guild are really nice and help me out. My reward? A #3. I almost cried. but now I use it a lot. Eh, I’ll live with it.

I’ve done some more GQ, even though I can’t really do anything. Mainly I go to hang out with my guildies and just chat. Or party with the people who aren’t in one, and give them haste, even if it’s level 10.

Ludi PQ is my main location, though it’s full of psychos and weirdos who hate me. On multiple times, I’ve joined a party and gone to their channel, only to be kicked out or have the party disbanded. There have been times where we’ve gotten in, and I’ve had bad parties. One instance, on stage 3, a lvl 36 sin in our party ran down to the bottom, opening all of the boxes as he went. I normally go down, so I went down and started fighting. Of course, I get mobbed, which was bad, and then the sin ditched me!!! We rushed, and he did the same thing again. It was a bad idea in the first place, since our party was 5 sins and a cleric, so no one could fight the mob.

Another time, our leader had to got afk for a couple of minutes to go pee during stage 8. So we were all calmly waiting… except for one guy who began to spaz out and shout at the leader to click. We repeatedly told him that the leader was afk, and to just wait. He then threatened to leave the party and shout track everywhere. We told him to cut it out and just hold on, but the guy left anyway. So we were kicked out. Good part of the story? Outside, I defamed the punk, and we quickly got another member and made it back in. We all had a good laugh.

Of course, with mishaps like that, it makes the good parties all the better. For instance, I logged on right as one of my friends was going to get off for a while. Since she was in ludi pq, and they were in, she told me to wait outside so she and I could change spots. They came out, invited me, and we got back in. The best part? The rest of the party were all girls. I got the nickname “Playa” for that pq. One of the girls also called me “Gaara”… apparently my hairstyle looks like his…

In my last blog, I talked about my two friends, Tony and Anna, leaving MS due to internet problems. Fortunately, they got it all fixed up, and are now back on in full swing. That makes me happy.

On the other hand, another one of my good friends, Anna (since there’s already Anna, most people call her Nana), was going to quit because a guy on MS said that he wished he never met her. We had a sad going away party where she gave stuff to people. I got 18 mil… which was kinda depressing, cause we didn’t want her to leave. But after a little party, she was gone. I used that money to get my first, and only at the moment, set of steelies to remember her by.

However, the siren call of Maple is too great. Nana came back, making a new character, a rogue. We met again, and I helped her train up until last night, when she became a bandit. Yeah for everyone leveling faster than me!!!

Pic 1: Getting ready to gpq
Pic 2: My friend Elissa decided to draw some MS characters, and she took on my request. I posed there for… an hour about. She hasn’t uploaded the pic yet, but I bet it looks great.
Pic 3: Nana becoming a bandit. Yeah for Nana!!!

EDIT: Elissa just scanned the pic up. It’s here. Isn’t she an amazing artist?

Read it not. Just saving this in case…

DONT read this -___- just saving it on this site in case of need for repost

grr taking up space so you cant see preewyewww

rgrrrr ok i can paste now ! ;p

About Raytheon

I got the name Raytheon from a military contracting company. Here is their discription:

Raytheon is a technology leader specializing in defense, homeland security, and other government markets throughout the world. Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; command, control, communications and intelligence systems, as well as a broad range of mission support services.

Guild Description

Raytheon is a guild with currently no one in it [ save me! ^.^ ] with a Dark Dragon head emblem and dark four-point backround [ This mean it looks sweet ] This guild will now accept all players [ Did I mention we’re on Broa? -__- ] levels 40 and up. Any class is acceptable.

Guild Activities

Wat aktivitiez? 0.o

Well I’m only on a few times a week, so don’t depend on GPQ (sry -__-) or anything like that, unless I have the time.
I WILL expect us to get together if we’re on every once and awhile because I like training together.

Member Contribution

Now that I’m broke from making the guild [well, not really, I can sell random stuff XD], Contributions of a few hunnerd k might be requested. If you don’t hand it over, you won’t be kicked out or anything, I’ll just be really salty. /;__;

Guild NO NO’s


Ok, well contact me. ;p

PM me in game or on Basil

– Rayneslayer

The Ninja destroys Scania.

The Ninja has taken things and kicked them up a notch.

That’s right.

Scania, meet the Ninja.


Meet your doom.

The Ninja cometh, and this time he cometh with not a level 32 Fire Poison Mage, nor a level 42 Page, but a LEVEL 85 DK.

Thanks to Aliyah for the mad DK empowerments; it’s a slightly apt manifestation of the Ninja in the wonderful world we know to be MS.

Life, The Universe and a Bag Of Chips

Life has been going semi-decently in the world of the Ninja. By semi-decently, the Ninja means horribly, like something akin to a train crashing into an orphanage. But the real world Ninja and the Ninja of MMOT are not to intersect.


The Wonders Of DKship

Being a DK is an enthralling experience. One gains the power to hit more than 10k in a single blow, and that is quite stunning. Like, it doesn’t actually stun the monsters, but… you get the point.


EternalAngel, The Wierdo People of MMOT And Perfection In Chibi Form

The Ninja joined Aliyah’s famous guild, EternalAngel. By famous, the Ninja means hellaciously wierd. Because it is. There are strange beings like Veggie, Mar the Katface, TheLastCor andso on.

And it’s wierd. Annikabelle alone fills up the BL Chat with more than enough spam to feed the Chinese Army.

But it’s all good. Especially because the angelic being known as Ladyfriend has joined Scania.

PH33R. Anyone messes with her, they shall be removed from the gene pool. Comically, her IGN is ALLhisfault.

Closing and Final Thoughts

Yes, this was a relatively short blog pretending to be a big fancy one like Aliyah’s.

You should read her blogs. The Ninja does.

You want to be like him, yes?

Anyways. The Ninja is ALLmyfault on Scania. Go add the Emo DK and complete your collection today!


[h]Futile War[/h]
Maplestory is being breached by hackers all over. The fact that we have guilds and the power to stand together and fight against the hackers, a never ending war that seems futile. Even with the power of GMs, we stand alone in this war against hackers.

MapleStory today, is not the MapleStory of the past. What once started small, is now the most common thing you’ll ever see in MapleStory. Hacking is like a virus, probably more than a virus. Always managing to grow onto other players, and forcing adaptations when the game data is changed, the hackers always adapt to return and continue their reign. Influencing players over a flood of reasons to cheat, offering opportunies so great that it becomes worth the sin.

[h]One Last Stand[/h]
The power of Guilds that consider themselves legit is the final brigade of players that fight against this infection. Everyday, I face people who claim to have clean backgrounds. Unfortunately, not too long after their acceptance, we find that their background has been infected, although they had changed and denied what they had done, it is inevitable that people will know.

MapleStory to me isn’t a game of its original story anymore, but more of a story of how we stand together and fight the wave of hackers that continue to overflow into our servers. Cheaters, scammers, and hackers, all tainted by the opportunity of riches and wealth, they sin against.

We fight everyday against the hackers that invade our maps and fight recklessly whilst we are to flee and hide from the potential ban for fighting the infected monsters. We can’t fight the hackers because we would get banned for fighting the data that’s been modified in an unfair advantage. In doing so, we cannot ruin the hacker’s whilst in risk of a ban. Hackers come and stay, while we run and hide.

We make the foolish of mistakes that get us taken out of the game. Many of my friends had been banned for cursing within the system. The people who still stand legit are being pushed to the ultimate limits of acceptance of this infection, this virus, the hackers. I cannot contemplate what I strive for within the game anymore, for my time in the game is trampled by the hackers.

[h]Teasing to Please[/h]
I play and play, and each passing day, the virus infects other players, creating spawns of hackers that invade and become more reckless and careless. What used to be a careful infection that would hide from the legits, now throw themselves into the faces of the untainted, teasing our minds with possessions and opportunities to cheat the game. Many of us are disgusted, while many become infected themselves.

Although I may not quit this fight, but I what I play now is to represent those who still can fight against this war of hackers. Although lightly infected on my character, I cleansed myself with the power of loss of experience when dying. Turning back what has been done, I still fight against what can illegally make me better. Better morally or better by data, I chose moral. I wish to inspire those infected to restart anew and cleanse themselves. Be the idol that fights against the futile war against hackers.

[h]Although I foresee the fall of MapleStory to hackers, but I will stay and fight to the end.[/h]
[h]I started my story to be a hero, and I will end my story being the hero.[/h]

Love or hate

The time as come to suffer, for there is love in the air, this will bring you joy, not a angel could have felt better, or the pain of a thousand swords, pearsing your heart, with the power of Gods’ hand. Love is meant for joy, and nothing more, but when used wrong you will not see what is coming, for what is coming is beyond any mind, beyond any dream, beyond what is possible. Love bring certain things, but not joy, also the following pain and hate, love brings with it. Pain and hate follows hand in hand together with love.

Love brings jealousy, jealousy brings anger, anger brings suffering, suffering brings chaos, chaos is the seed needed to feed a new generation of man. And as the years pass by, man will grow love and it will happen again, great nations will fall, life as people knew it will fall, love will have conquered again, for love has a side, no man will see before it is too late, man will fail again, and this springs a better generation, but it is not too late now? Too late to change what happened? Some might say yes, but some has the belief things were meant to change, a certain ‘One’, the One who was created to bring an end to love. The One will come when the time is right, but he has things to concern about, which could split any normal person apart. He has to choice weather or not who shall live and who shall die. Love has a power unknown to man, and when digging into it, will only bring you one step closer to insanity. There are many ways to heaven. Someone who was meant for you one day and ask you on question. Yes, love is meant for joy, and nothing more.

Aliyah’s Wedding Planner <33

Hii you lovelies ! Read on plawks! =]


Level 54
April 25, 2007

My 5x Cleric has gained yet another level

I, Aliyah Royal, who cannot stand training for more than 20-30 minutes, got 30% in one day. ZOMG.

How the heck?! >.O;;


Yep! These zombie-things are such EASY experience, it was unbelievable. I gained 30% in 45 minutes. I was shocked/surprised/amazed/bewildered. Of course I was training with Ahsan on his ‘sin [InSaNeHerMiT] that was two levels BELOW me and was hasted…but I was sharing the experience with him…andandand then he left and his friend Charles [AnatawaBaka] – level 78 Hermit— trained me so he was taking all the experience and I still managed 30%! XDD *_*

But unfortunately, I’ve failed to take a proper screenie for I was lagging and lagged like hell especially when I leveled up.

I heard the LEVEL UP sound when I was done lagging and had already gained 0.25% from Charles who was killing them still.

But yeah. Level 54 Cleric ♥♥♥

• Before
• After

Oh, and I’ve still been training on Zombies and I was on 80% when I last logged off so, level 55~HERE I COME! *punches the air* x)


Level 55
April 28, 2007

Niccolye didn’t help me at all here! No sirrey! I’ve done it all on my own! *beams with pride*. I was at Zombies again and it was such easy training! I was gaining a percent every 2-3 minutes and by an hour, I was already at 40%. XDD

But I decided to take a break because the training–*jumphealhealjumpheal*– was getting kind of overwhelming. The next day, I decided to go for it and level! My own training was taking awhile especially after Charles left and there wasn’t anyone to kill the bottom of Zombie map for to help the spawn on top. And then some annoying Ranger and Hermit came over and kay-essed me so bad.

Like seriously, what are they doing at Zombies anyway? >_

Anyway, I decided that it was going to be much faster training if I left my cleric “AFK” and trained it with my friend’s priest. =]

So I log onto Sholdy [level 101 Priest at the time~is now 102! CONGRATS OMER!], walked over to Zombies, partied missmimmsi [Me!], holy-symboled and MASSACRED THE ZOMBIES! Those kay-essing dorks didn’t stand a chance as I teleported unexpectedly by them and with one roaring shining-ray, eliminated the whole mob.

Hermit: cc plz!
Ranger: wanna party?
Sholdy [Aliyah]: NO WAY! XD

Yea, so I was feeling a bit glorious. It was awesome x) The crazy pair left and I had the whole map to myself andandand I was 89% and–

My parents came home so I had to go do my homework. Aww

The next day finally, I was determined to level I trained for about 2 minutes and then Omer [Sholdy] came over and decided to help me level up! I gained experience like I’ve never before. It was awesome X3

And then Andrewbutt [ThelastCor~level 99] decided that he wanted to see me level and I was 99.67% when he flash-jumped over. Together, we attacked—that’s a lie. They attacked everything because they were MUCH faster and stronger than I am and within seconds…


Pwnage. Pwnage! PWNAGE! XDD I also get to wear the pretty flowery earrings now that I’ve wanted to wear for a long time =] However, I think I’m going to wear the Holy Cross (+5) earrings that I got awhile back. XD

Oh yesh, and afterwards [the next day] I log on and find Waffle and Ninja online! YAY! I rush over to Orbis where we all meet and chit-chat away ourselves to Kerning City, Victoria Island. And then I had to go ‘AFK’ because I had to take a shower and soon everyone was gone but me. Oh wells, it’s worth racing to Orbis to Kerning City from Dead Mine, El Nath.

Screenies Lacking D:

I mentioned you like you wanted Ninja! Heh.


♥The Wedding Planner♥

Oh noes! Andrew made an observation the other day while we awaited Livi to retrieve the Crown piece for the GuildPQ and we both realized that we have an estimated 2.5 weeks until our crush ring wears off! D: But this time I think he wanted to get the Cloud Ring~`cause it’s unique and fluffy XD. But wow…three months with this amazing duckie went by so fast! And I enjoyed every moment of it =]

I’ve been maple-engaged for three months now as well [as you should all know from reading section 25 of my Epic Blog. Ahem.] and both `Drew and I think that we’ll be getting married sometime soon. =DD YAY! ^_^

Please pay attention to the following:

[h]If you are in any way the whole ‘maple-weddings-are-t3h-g4y’ type of person, you should just click the ‘Back’ button on your browser window [or hit backspace on your keyboard]! Now! >D Flaming will not be tolerated.[/h]

Moving on…

I realize I should have forummed this but then with all your other forums, this would have been pushed down further and further and once it’s off the page, it’s almost impossible to find again. And plus, it’ll serve as an easy reference for me.

Reference for what you ask?

For our wedding invitations of course! Yep, I’m inviting all of you that wants to attend, to come on over! XD

It’s in Scania, so obviously if you want to come and you don’t have a character, make one! The more people the merrier! ^_^

I don’t know exactly what time it’ll be at but most likely it’ll be on a weekend, I think…erm. I’ll ask. Hehe ^^;

Post your times and we’ll adjust

So, if you’re interested in coming, please tell me via MSN, comment or PM. I’ll keep this blog updated. And if you change your mind later, tell me! I’ll post up the date and time when we’re sure

People that are being Auto-invited are basically anyone active on EA of course and/including the following:

• Olevize ~ Livi
• Sholdy ~ Omer
• Insanedesi ~ Ahsan
• ShadowWaffle ~ Zee
• Annikabelle ~ Anni
• Fushicho ~ Fushi
• Telekillz ~ Wasabi
• Allmyfault ~ Ninja
• Allhisfault ~ Alley
• Witarded ~ Ryan
• 0Lastman0 ~ Markie
• SourBoba ~ Vanny
• OpuIence ~ Josh
• Kitxsin ~ Mar
• Lnuyasha1216 ~ Pat
• Kratos99 ~ Max
• ShakurMan ~ Max aka Fabian
• SparkiDit ~ Zack
• Yidra ~ Leen
• dr34vl ~ AJ
• Staralex1 ~ Lex
• EvoraeAltana ~ Blake
• xNaythan ~ Naythan
• AnatawaBaka ~ Charles
• NezumiKami ~ Vincent aka Nezzers
• MrLumpy ~ Vincent aka Lumpieh
• Daisuke360 ~ Justin
• DDRPro ~ Ryan
• IpHant0mI ~ Mark
• Gentlemanly ~ Tucker
• R4P1ST ~ Zac
• yooo ~ Cody
• Gammasite ~ Gamma aka Philipe
• Kurosak1 ~ Andy
• Cghealer ~ Aaron

Umm…that’s all I thought of from the top of my head, but basically my entire Buddylist will be invited. x) And and I want you guys to come as well

Oh oh, and DAVEY! [Darkwar4ever] I want you to come and video the wedding plawks Yes, I’m force hiring you XD


People from MMO Tales attendting/maybe so far:[/h]

• AznKnyte ~ benZON
• TheFiImer ~ Darkwar4ever
• B1ackCleric1 ~ need IGN
• HeyLitsCheezy ~ MasterCheeze
• Barbeeh ~ need IGN
• Ucrane2 ~ Dest1
• OneloneSin ~ bignweak ~ Matt
• Sunkai ~ Dreamer
• ScruffyJ ~ DrZ0idberg
• gujju ~ Gujjuu
• pirkid ~ need IGN
• Wolfguy184 ~ need IGN
• TehPotato ~ Jadecat