Omarsiyo is a hacker. He defamed me 5 times for ksing him..plz defame him or report. thx all
i deleted my char name bcuz i dont want him to kno who did the ss and he will defame me again as well as the other ppl thats might be friends of him and defame me ..w/e

Impending Ambitions – I


I felt the vessel shake a little. I looked out the window, and I started in amazement. I saw old statues and clouds, and a gigantic building. If I read it correct, it said “Guild Hall”. I wonder what it’s for.

The ship landed, and I went to the others’ rooms. I met them, and we headed to the exit. I was excited to see what was in this town. read more

Bera’s dumbest Priest

If anyone remembers my previous blog about my experience as a 30 strength cleric(and if you don’t read it) well now I’m a 35 strength priest. I use a goblins cape and it adds 5 strength and yes I’m an idiot for choosing that. And once again my pictures aren’t edited and I’mnot a hacker. I started in October, 2005 and I’m not sure about the exact date. I’m pretty sure you guys have read hundreds of blogs about people’s third job advancement but I guess mines slightly different. Well now for the blogging portion. read more

Maple Chef America

One day there was a cook. He was a good cook
He then started to play maplestory
He then got sucked into maplestory
He was now supacook12983
He cooked food for people.
Then one day, my grammer and plot line got better
As supacook12983 went to cook for people, he would cook, like cooks
He was a good cook
The Ended of the edumacashunal story

Rolling Go!

Man, it’s been a long time since I last made a blog. So much stuff has happened. I’ve got to try to remember it all.

First off, this.
Why that? Well, one, I’ve been watching the series, and it’s one of my new favorites (Hajime no Ippo). And secondly, I have had the urge lately to do a Dempsey Roll. Not on anyone specifically, just to do one. read more

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rgrrrr ok i can paste now ! ;p

About Raytheon

I got the name Raytheon from a military contracting company. Here is their discription:

Raytheon is a technology leader specializing in defense, homeland security, and other government markets throughout the world. Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; command, control, communications and intelligence systems, as well as a broad range of mission support services. read more

The Ninja destroys Scania.

The Ninja has taken things and kicked them up a notch.

That’s right.

Scania, meet the Ninja.


Meet your doom.

The Ninja cometh, and this time he cometh with not a level 32 Fire Poison Mage, nor a level 42 Page, but a LEVEL 85 DK.

Thanks to Aliyah for the mad DK empowerments; it’s a slightly apt manifestation of the Ninja in the wonderful world we know to be MS. read more


[h]Futile War[/h]
Maplestory is being breached by hackers all over. The fact that we have guilds and the power to stand together and fight against the hackers, a never ending war that seems futile. Even with the power of GMs, we stand alone in this war against hackers.

MapleStory today, is not the MapleStory of the past. What once started small, is now the most common thing you’ll ever see in MapleStory. Hacking is like a virus, probably more than a virus. Always managing to grow onto other players, and forcing adaptations when the game data is changed, the hackers always adapt to return and continue their reign. Influencing players over a flood of reasons to cheat, offering opportunies so great that it becomes worth the sin. read more

Love or hate

The time as come to suffer, for there is love in the air, this will bring you joy, not a angel could have felt better, or the pain of a thousand swords, pearsing your heart, with the power of Gods’ hand. Love is meant for joy, and nothing more, but when used wrong you will not see what is coming, for what is coming is beyond any mind, beyond any dream, beyond what is possible. Love bring certain things, but not joy, also the following pain and hate, love brings with it. Pain and hate follows hand in hand together with love. read more

Aliyah’s Wedding Planner <33

Hii you lovelies ! Read on plawks! =]


Level 54
April 25, 2007

My 5x Cleric has gained yet another level

I, Aliyah Royal, who cannot stand training for more than 20-30 minutes, got 30% in one day. ZOMG.

How the heck?! >.O;;


Yep! These zombie-things are such EASY experience, it was unbelievable. I gained 30% in 45 minutes. I was shocked/surprised/amazed/bewildered. Of course I was training with Ahsan on his ‘sin [InSaNeHerMiT] that was two levels BELOW me and was hasted…but I was sharing the experience with him…andandand then he left and his friend Charles [AnatawaBaka] – level 78 Hermit— trained me so he was taking all the experience and I still managed 30%! XDD *_*

But unfortunately, I’ve failed to take a proper screenie for I was lagging and lagged like hell especially when I leveled up. read more