Boomers got BOMBED!

First of all, boomers are those walking bombs in NLC. They are the greatest exp for all ages (or in this case, levels). I mean, I’m level 115 and I still get a decent .01 out of every few seconds! How you ask? (or not)

But first, I’m looking for a
Myst Mage

Myst mages have the best training place of all: the boomers. All ya got to do is infect all of the things and they start multiplying exponentially.

For those of you who don’t know what exponentially means (I’m pretty sure all of you know)(I hope), it means 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, and so on in a couple of seconds.

Party with a priest and a couple of efficient mobbers (i.e. i/l mages, slash blast warriors, explosion bandits, unfortunately NOT range-by-a-distance players such as x-/bow users and sins, even if they have area attacks). Have the boomers multiply until you start to lag with Poison Myst, which should be the time where there are at least a couple hundred boomers. Then, with Holy Symbol, have your party MOB! MOB like the wind (or faster). Anyone with a fast area attack will gain exp like no tomorrow, but alone, they will not be able to decimate the entire group of multiplying boomers.

A warning however: DO NOT, under any circumstances, let them multiply out of control, otherwise the map will just become a disconnection spot. A very rare case in which even I have never seen, but hey, better to be safe.

Onward to the clone bosses, now.

Clone bosses that I know of are:
HHG1- King Slime
That second-to-last map to El Nath Dungeon- Crimson Balrog
One of the Coolies map- Crimson Balrog

I’ve already got a decent amount of cakes (about 75+ overall) (NOT each of them).

Also, I’m in Broa, for you Myst mages.

For those Myst mages not in Broa, follow my advice. It’ll be fun.

Another warning: Do not attempt with a slower computer, or disconnection will be swift.

For those not-so-eager f/p wizards: this is something to look foward to.

Give me a pencil and I’ll make a dart. Give me a kitchen- well, that was a mistake.

Rei’s nightmare

Randomness that will make sense later on.

I was on an old fashioned motorcycle, an american harley, probably, and it was in the dead of night. Even with my headlight, it was still hard to see. Then, hazily, buildings began to appear. I realized as I got closer, that it was a school, and I was riding through the playground. I slowed down to a cruising speed, and stared through the windows of the old school as I passed by. The inside of the school was dark, pitch black.

Something white flashed.

I looked closer, but it must have been just the light on the glass. Strangely, the electric lights outside were lit by blue flames.

The white flashed again, deep in a classroom.
Something was in there, and I knew it.

Then the white came again, only this time it came. Parts of it was obscured from time to time, but it followed me, gliding through the classroom walls.

My right hand came down and rested on the hilt of a gun, lying in a cradle on the side of the bike.

I pulled it out, and released the safety.

Taking a closer look at the gun, I saw that it was pure black. the barrel was long and rectangular, but there was a seven shot cylinder above the hilt, and a catch that could release pistol cartridges.

I looked around for my bow, but it was nowhere to be seen.

As I resumed looking forward, I saw a golden glint not too far away.
That’s when a pale, transparent white tentacle burst out of the ground and stabbed the bike. I had just jumped off in time, and the bike was flung up in the air, and exploded.

“What the he-” I cried, flipping out a semi-automatic pistol from under my jacket. I began running, as hard as I could, scared out of my mind. I looked to my right, at the school, and saw a pale white.. FACE, gliding along with me. It emerged from the walls of the school, and I saw a girl, about 11 years old, her skin a deathly white pallor, black hair billowing out around her head. She wore.. Something like a tablecloth, which spun around her body, showing only her head.
But those eyes.. They were pure black, and not just the pupils. Not a speck of white was to be seen. Whatever the h*** this thing was, it sure wasn’t human or any variation of human.

I screamed, not a high pitched girl shriek, or a cry of pain, but a deep, guttural, primal scream that only emerges from deep in our minds, saved for when we encounter something that we won’t get out alive of.

The scream echoed around the hollow black area, as the girl gave me a malicious smile, black eyes glinting, and opened her mouth, and a low, deep, roar emanated from her unnaturally red mouth.

It was the roar of millions of souls, straight from the depths of purgatory.

I raised my guns, and began firing.

The explosive .55 fraggers from the Auto-Rev and the freezing .40 semi-auto bullets hit with deadly accuracy.

Her head was blown apart, frozen, and blown apart yet again. Blood and brains and chunks of ice flew around me, as I emptied cartridges, slammed new ones inside, and shot yet again

I stopped, when all that was left was a hunk of dead meat and gore, floating in air.
But I couldn’t really call it DEAD meat, since whatever the h*** it was, I was sure it couldn’t die.

The roar came again, as the girl’s figure shimmered, grew hazy, then re-emerged, good as new.

Once again, the caveman scream belted out of my lips, as I raised my guns.

The girl opened her mouth. It grew in size, and lunged forward with unnatural speed. It clamped over my face, and I could see, hear, or breathe no more. I felt my soul slipping out past my lips, which were turning blue. My body convulsed one last time, and lay still, forevermore.

I saw my own body, falling down, down, down into a dark abyss.

My cold black eyes showed no emotion, and a malicious grin spread across my pale, white skin.

I woke up, gasping, drenched in sweat.

My eyes were wide with fright, staring at the ceiling.

I could have sworn, I saw something pale, and whisps of wispy black hair retreat into a corner

Uprising Death- Chapter 12

Chapter 12- The Empty Tunnel

Near Dead Mines
Time- Unknown
July 1st, 2102

The snow slowly turned black as Issac and Lenne got closer to the Dead Mines. When reaching the Dead Mines they saw someone standing on a tree stump.
“So you have made it here,” he said.
“Dark Draconis,” Issac said, “What are you doing here?” He opened his eyes and looked at Issac.
“I feel my revenge has been laid inside here,” Dark replied. “Currently, Alexei is still resting.”
“Alexei’s here?” Issac asked. Dark nodded.
“He’s been damaged in the fight with Micheal,” Dark told him.
“Is Maldran here too?” Lenne asked.
“Im afraid he disappeared with Micheal during the battle,” Dark answered.

“Lenne, can you take care of Alexei?” Issac asked.
“Sure,” Lenne replied. “A few minutes of healing and he’d be good as new.” Lenne found Alexei behind a tree and started using Heal on his wounds. Issac walked toward the crack opening. Dark accompanied him. As they climbed down the crack opening it became darker but when they got closer to the bottom it got brighter. When they got down, there was blood everywhere.
“Seems like a battle happened here recently,” Dark said aloud. Issac nodded and saw some more crystals in the tunnel walls. Issac reached out and pulled one of the crystals out. It had the color green and felt a coll wind blowing in it. Issac inserted the crystal into his Beheader and felt it grow with power. Just in case, Issac got more crystals. Walking deeper into the tunnel nothing came at them. No Uprising Deaths were in here. When they reached a giant room, they saw nothing. No monsters or creatures. Just a giant empty room.

Then they noticed a portal.
“What do you think is in there?” Dark asked.
“I dont knowm” Issac replied. “But we wont known until we find out.” Issac walked toward the portal but felt a shock going near it. Issac jumped back.
“I think theres a protective barrier around it,” Dark said taking a bit of powder from his pack and tossed it at the portal. A barrier soon showed.
“I’ll smack it down using my Doombringer and Beheader!” Issac shouted swinging both of his swords at the barrier. But nothing happened. Issac sheathed his Beheader and charged his Doombringer.
“A Demonic Crystal can break this barrier down! I know it can!” Issac swung his Doombringer onto the barrier- and his Doombringer’s blade broke off. Issac had his mouth opened and stared at his broken Doombringer.

“Maybe we should come back later,” Dark suggested.

Lenne waited for Issac and Dark to get out of the crack. Lenne saw Issac and Dark climb out.
“So what did you guys find?” Lenne asked them.
“A portal and a broken Doombringer,” Issac replied. Issac showed Lenne his Doombringer.
“Wow,” Lenne said. “How are you going to fix it?”
“Well I could always go to the Village of Black Smiths hidden somwhere on the Black Mountain,” Issac replied. “Im going there and it might take a while for the Doombringer to get repaired. Hows Alexei doing?”
“He’s fine,” Lenne answered. “He just needs some rest and he can get back into battle in no time at all.” Issac stared at Alexei’s Hellslayer. He felt a Demonic Crystal in it. It must be a Dark crystal because he felt a Dark Presence haunting the pole arm.

Issac reached into his pack and tossed Lenne a red crystal. He also tossed a yellow and blue crystal at Dark.
“Insert those crystals into your weapons for power,” Issac told them. They did so and felt power surging in them. Now I have to get on the next train to Ludibrium and head to Korean Folk Town. Use this time to train and get prepared.”
“Alright Issac,” Lenne replied. Alexei groaned a little and Lenne used Heal on him again. Alexei opened his eyes slowly.
“Where am I?” Alexei asked. After Issac explained everything to Alexei he got up to his feet. “Alright lets head back.”
“I got a VIP Teleportation Rock with me,” Dark told them. And using it, he teleported them all to Orbis.

Issac bought a ticket to Ludibrium and said his good byes to them. After all, the Village of Black Smiths is a dangerous trip and he might not make it back.

At Kerning City Devon sat on his bed of a small apartment and he looked outside his window. I am a WhiteKnight, but why am I so, so this? he thought to himself. Have I walked the wrong path? Have I helped the wrong side? He looked at a photo of him and his friends. The photo next to the other one showed him and a girl. I did all this because of anger, he thought to himself. Anger of losing her. And in fear. In fear of losing another one I love. Devon packed a few things into a pack and left the apartment. I must find the flower and place it at her grave stone. Maybe she would forgive me.

To be continued.

~Burning Soul

Lost in the Shadows – Ch5

Chapter 5: Past Shadows

Date: November 24, 3004
Time: 07:00
Location: Orbis- The Zerra Mansion

My eye lids fluttered open, revealing my emerald eyes. I looked up at the ceiling from my comfy golden bed and smile to myself. If only every morning was like this. The sun was shining a little below the horizon through the window by my side, spreading its glorious, newly red rays across my bedspread and onto my body. I felt its warmth as I put my feet on the cold wooden ground of my spacious bedroom. Where are those slippers?

Walking around the room, I suddenly remembered what day it was. It was November 24th, 3004. My fifteenth birthday. And that always meant an extravagant “surprise” party for me in the evenings where I would be in the company of the richest and most famous people in all of Orbis. I sighed and rolled my eyes, figuring out my father’s plan for the umpteenth time.

I stretched with a yawn and shuffled sleepily to the bathroom and locked the door with a click. Turning on the shower, I threw my clothes off into the clothes bin and let my blonde hair down to my shoulder blades. The first step into the stream of steaming hot water was so enlightening as the water pelt my skin and slide down my body. I smiled to myself. This day could not get any better.

I wiped the steam off of the glass mirror of the bathroom and looked at myself. I looked like a princess from one of those fairy tales my mother had always told me about. Through the mirror, I saw the pampered little girl who never missed a thing in her life. Everything was perfect in my life, and I was happy for it. But there was this one part of me that wanted the adventure and excitement that other kids my age were experiencing. That part wanted to burst out of the safety of my confined parents, but was suppressed deep in my brain by the many years of politeness and respect.

Opening the great sliding door of my closet to reveal the rows and rows of designer clothes hanging on the rack, I sighed and just gaped at the selection. It was every girl’s dream, and though I never got tired of seeing the endless rows of fine cloth, I felt as if something was missing. I grabbed a red dress with spaghetti straps which crossed my back and slid into it. The cherry silk fit the curvature of my developing body perfectly.

The steam had almost cleared entirely as I stepped back into my bedroom. The sun was fully above the horizon now, its rays now a golden yellow as they found their way into my room. I sat down on my bed and tilted my blonde hair to one side. Grabbing a brush, I ran the pricks through my wet hair, straightening them in an instant.

Suddenly, my head jerked around at a sudden knock. Before the door even opened, I somehow already knew who it was. My father strode in with a warm smile. “November Alice Zerra!” I winced at the sound of my full first name as he sauntered to the head of my bed. He knew I hated that first name, but he kept on pushing. “You have a visitor!” He walked out with a big smirk on his face. What on earth?

Then I knew. I was so foolish for not knowing from right then, but somehow, my mind turned on its autopilot and I saw into his mind. Amidst the jumble of business jargon and endless thoughts of my father’s family, two words stuck out before me. Damien Ganz. From then on, I knew my day was going to get a whole lot worse.

There he was, dressed in a no-so-intimidating brown suit and squeaky clean black dress shoes. I suppressed the desire to burst out laughing as he smoothed back his gelled black hair which was slicked backwards. He walked forwards and took my hands. Being the mannered young fifteen year old girl I was, I took let him take it, stifling all temptation to slap him across the face.

“Miss Zerra,” He said with a wide grin across his face. He leant over and kissed my hand, “It’s a pleasure to meet you again.” I saw right through his emotional mask, straight into his brain. What a wonderful body you have. Keeping my secret telepathy hidden, I smiled sweetly and returned the compliment. I felt as if I was going to throw up as he took my arm and escorted me towards the party.

The clanking of a silver fork on a crystal wine glass clattered through the air. I looked up from my table, away from Damien’s black eyes as they tried continuously to catch mine.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen,” my father roared over the crowd in the common room of the mansion, “As you all well know, today is the birthday of my special jewel, November Alice, Zerra.” There was an upsurge of thunderous applause as hundreds of pairs of hands clapped for me. I stood up and curtsied, blushing furiously as I smiled at my father’s friends. My friends were there too, but my father saw my own birthday as an opportunity to get his business colleagues drunk and make easy deals. The thought disgusted me, but I never brought it up.

“I would ask you to join me in singing happy birthday to my lovely daughter!” As my father finished, a chorus of high and low voices shook the room as they burst gaily into a birthday song.

“Happy birthday.”
Then, there it was.
“To you.”
Something flashed before my mind.
“Happy birthday.”
What was that?
“To you.”
I blinked a few times, trying to clear my mind.
“Happy birthday.”
Then I felt a small jolt of pain run through my head. A migraine?
“To Miss Zerra.”
My eyes widened as another pang seared through my nerves. This time, I felt it.
“Happy birthday.”
The next time was excruciating, bringing tears to my eyes. I bit my lips, praying not to cry out.
“To you!”

The thunderous claps reverberated around the room. I shook my head as tears ran down my cheeks. The pain had gone suddenly. What was it? I looked up in tears at the room who had mistaken my pain for joy.

“Thank you all,” my father continued and took a look at me. I knew it was coming, “Would you look at that? My daughter has been moved so much she is actually in tears. Happy birthday Nova!” The rest, was history.

“Nova?” an unconcerned voice asked uncertainly, “Nova are you alright?” Feeling his eyes stare down at me, I looked up at Damien and noticed I had collapsed my head on the table, shaking in tears. At that moment, I hated Damien more than anything else. His eyes were not staring at my eyes at all, but were fixed instead upon my cleavage as my chest lay across the table.

Quickly sitting back in my chair, I put my hand to my chest, “I’m, sorry Damien,” I said as insincerely as I could, “I just need some fresh air.” Taking that as an invitation, I soon found myself being escorted to the balcony overlooking the acres of backyard. Why can’t this guy just leave me alone?

The stars shone brightly as I sniffled a little while looking up at them. They were so close, yet so far. I felt as if I could touch them, but knew the nearest star was four and a half light years away. Feeling the wind run through my blonde ponytail and two bangs up front, I wiped my tears away with the back of my hands. I closed my eyes, imagining myself to be alone on a small hill in the dark night lit up only by the moon and the stars. I could almost feel the cool breeze engulf me, cradling me gently in its arms. But I knew such a thing was not meant to last as his voice penetrated my thoughts. Again.

“Your hair looks so nice tonight,” I heard Damien say. I looked up at his dark eyes. They were straying towards my chest. Noticing this, I instantly whipped around, muttering a quick thank you out of pure habit. If not for my years of manner training, I would probably have chucked him off of the balcony.

I felt his heat as he stepped closer towards me. I could see in his minds he wanted no more than to take me right then and there. I was not going to let that happen, not in a million years. He took another step. His breath tingled the skin on my neck as he breathed down on me.

“Nova have you ever considered a boyfriend?” Yes, but not with you.
I turned around and smiled sweetly, “I have considered it, but I have not found the one who has made my heart flutter yet.” I could tell he was urging for it.
“Nova,” he whispered. I could feel his heat as he put his arms around my waist. But right then and there, I knew I could not prevent it. No matter how strong my internal will was, my physical strength was no match for his muscular build. The harder I struggled to break free, the firmer he held me. I felt his hands slide up my legs.

I would have puked right there, but his mouth was instantly pressed against mine. I felt his tongue lash out into mine as he kissed me firmly on the lips. Eyes wide in disgust, I wanted to scream, but couldn’t. He seemed to be sucking the very life out of me. I put my hands on his chest, trying to push him away.

Suddenly, I felt a tremendous surge of energy and in an instant, his hands released their clench from my body. He flew back a good ten feet and landed beside the wall, knocked out cold. I gasped and put my hands to my mouth in shock. What just happened? I looked at my hands in shock, but they were perfectly normal. Then, my head split open and I knew I was dead. I felt myself fall to the floor of the balcony, hitting my head on the concrete floor. A surge of warm blood spilled out of my cracked skull as I lay there on the floor. My eyes closed shut, the sparkle gone from my emerald eyes. Falling, falling into the shadows.

Date: November 24, 3007
Time: 23:00
Location: Navasota Island

Three years later, on that very night, on a desolate island in the middle of the ocean, Nova clutched her head in pain, stifling a scream by biting lip. Something tore through her skull like a white hot knife through butter. The screams in her head were unbearable. Nova fell to the floor, tears forming in her eyes in agony. No amount of training had prepared her for this. It was as if she had slammed her head into a slab of thick concrete. What was happening?

The Smart-Arse Nuub Scene 14!

Yo, I got the goods, boss.

You: Show ’em.

*Opens box* Look at it, boss.

You: Holy crap. I bet this thing would cost a fortune if we sold it.

You betcha, and all we have to do is show the people of the world how great this is.

You: Yeh, and we sure gonna make millions!

*Takes out item* Damn, this is so shiny. . .

You: *Breaks out of character* Could it be. . .Smart-Arse Nuub 14?!?!?!

Smart-Arse Nuub 14. Who would have known it would have come right now, randomly from out of nowhere. I know you lot was dying for one of these cancer sticks, right?


So here it is, Smart-Arse Nuub Scene 14. So spectacular, it is. So shiny and bright, it is. So addictive and so hard to read, it just is. So once again, here it is, Smart-Arse Nuub Scene 14!

In a world where literacy rules the earth, grammar nazis are right around the corner drugstore, and coffee is always a must, there awakens a new person. Stronger, better, stealthier, and as horrible at typing than ever, his name is nArUto0546, the Smart-Arse Nuub!

[Notice from Music Editor]: We have currently ran out of CD disks to use to play with our CD player. But someone did lend us a song to play. They are holding us at gunpoint. . .and we must play it. *gulp* So. . .h-h-here it goes.

I love you
You love me
Lets get together and hug Barney
With a great big clutch and very little hands
Won’t you join in with me, friends?

Note to all of those people already signed up for guest spots on my blog: I had lost the list of people I had to go onto the show, so if you wanna be included, please email my MMOTales account and say you wanna be in it. Thank you everyone.

The contents inside of this blog is only for parodying and satirical purposes only. Do not take any of this story seriously. If you flame, you have been warned.

Scene 14-MMOTales.


nArUto0546: woiwow ths webste su bleu nda stuffd11!11 i wnna sing upu1
(a couple minutes later)
nArUto0546: *Reads the introduction blog* whu iz ta capatin//???
(spends a couple more minutes writing a blog)
nArUto0546: uk nwo let s3e whio gunta awnsre meh lozl
Dest1: Hey, I know you! You’re one of the characters from one of my story blog things!
nArUto0546: wooowww i ish famuz11111!!1“~~
Dest1: Wait wait, you shouldn’t be stealing my material!
nArUto0546: wut/? u nut makng art o.oo
Dest1: I meant my blog material, see I have a character named nArUto0546, just like you. And you stole my stuff!
nArUto0546: whu isz naurto045632323/?
Dest1: He’s you!
nArUto0546: yey i famuzzz1111
RandomMMOTaler: Eh, ignore Dest1. He’s always getting on people’s high horses on “stealing his ‘copyrighted’ material.”
nArUto0546: lo yehaz edst1 u r wrunggggg!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!
Dest1: I hate you all.
nArUto0546: haet iz suh a hrsh wurdd u suld ues doisluike
RandomMMOTaler: Yes, dislike.
Dest1: You shouldn’t be even getting on my case anyway, you always flame little newbies on how good they should type!
RandomMMOTaler: Yeah right.
Dest1: Oh how I dislike you. *heads off towards forum*
nArUto0546: wuw u shuwed hem1 bt nu 1 asnwer mah qestiun yet
RandomMMOTaler: . Anyway, Captain was the creator of this site. He owns alot of other sites, too. One for example is It has been highly successful over the past couple of years.
nArUto0546: yeyeyeye thnksz uuu111
RandomMMOTaler: You’re welcome. But I’ll inform you on how to not get flamed too badly on this site.
nArUto0546: kk i listenz
RandomMMOTaler: You should improve your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Write longer blogs and keep questions inside the forums. Follow these three basic rules and you’ll be home free. The rest of the rules are on the link at the top of the page called ‘Help’.
nArUto0546: yeyeye thanzk uuuu!!!`1
RandomMMOTaler: You’re very welcome. Now, I’m off to the forums! WHOOSH! UP UP AND AWAY!
nArUto0546: he suer nicee yeye i hup i geta bteza atteh bulg mkng. . b
(a couple excruciatingly spam-filled weeks later)
RandomMMOTalersWithFlameSwords: Get outta this website!! *Starts stabbing sword at nArUto0546*
nArUto0546: owwwie tht huts11
RandomMMOTalersWithFlameSwords: We will stop burning you if you leave!
nArUto0546: butbutubt i luke iot hre11 ppl accpt meh 4er whu i iz11!1!1!!
RandomMMOTalersWithFlameSwords: Okay then men and women. . .THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAA!!!
nArUto0546: omgf i lurv tht mmovei
RandomMMOTalersWithFlameSwords: *Charges and dangerously bruises nArUto0546 to death*
nArUto0546: wqaaaaaaa mmommy
TheModThatOwns: You people have hurt an innocent person! BANNANATION set in T-minus 20 seconds.
RandomMMOTalersWithFlameSwords: Nuuu! *Bannedationed*
nArUto0546: yeyeye thanskz11
TheModThatOwns: Thank you.
nArUto0546: *Makes more blogs* YEYEYEYEYEY
Dest1: *Comes out of the forums* Woah, what I miss?

After about a couple more weeks later, Dest1 now has a nuub clone army that has taken over MMOTales by storm. It all started when Dest1 brainwashed nArUto0546 into being Dest1’s servant. Dest1 then found out new cloning technology, and cloned nArUto0546 a billion times. The MMOTales front page and forums are now forever filled with spam and total nuubanation.

The Mod that banned all of the original MMOTalers tried to ban all the clones, but there were too many. The nuubs pushed her out of the website. She then tried to barge back in by using a machete and cutting through the billions of nuubs guarding the website. She was successful, till a coyote ate her.

The banned MMOTalers went back to non-stop Mapling, FlyFFing, ROing, Runescaping, and other online games. Then after a long while, they decided to meet up again with each other and plan an attack on Dest1’s nuub army. They were unsuccessful, having killed off by Dest1’s cannons (which nuubs were used as cannons).

(A year later)

Dest1: WAHAHA! I am in total control! MWAHAHAHA!
Dest1: *In a whiney tone* Moooooommmmmm, ina minuuttteeee!~

And there you have it, Scene 14!

I hope you lot enjoyed it, or you will face the wrath of my nuub army! MWAHAH-

Dest1’sMother: GET OFF THE @#$%&!% COMPUTER!!!

EDIT: Thank you all for the 3,000 MMOID reads!

‘You Got Stalk’d!’

‘You Got stalk’d!’ The short sentence I woke up to this morning.
Well, not really woke up to but… ya know

It was a pretty decent day. I found out I was PQing with my Ex on his brother’s female account… very odd, but fun x] Because he’s really cool, and we’re like best friends now…
About an hour after that PQ with him. Let’s call ‘him’ Ban, well, I ran into someone. They sat down right in front of me in a green chair.
I just ignored him. Until… he chatted me.
I was about to get angry and say, ‘WHAT?!’ Because tracking when someone is in crack is hard to do when someone chats you. -.-
As soon as he hit enter, I knew EXACTLY who it was. It could be no other then my new stalker.
Is all he said. But I could tell, it was him. The stalked had become the stalker.
I was about to reply when he wrote some jibberish that was something like this:
‘Azh’ Something with ‘Az’ int he beginning, and a random letter at the end. I knew what it said, Azn.
Azn…? wth? You might say.
One of the best stalkers on MMO, AzNxKnife.

This was about 2 weeks after I stalked him on SwordAdvance. When I stalked him, he had been afk -.- Ah well.

But, I was sitting there, and BAM! I disappeared. He knew exactly where I was. I did too. PQ.
I’m guessing he would’ve smiled right then and there, because he had track. My track.
Oh gawd.
I soon got a whisper.
‘I spammed your track.’
Ugh… could it get worse?
My friend talked to me in buddy chat. He PQs a lot, too.
‘Someone spammed you’re track. You are getting tracked a lot.
Me: ‘Thanks Kaw. >>’
I kept PQing, after telling my party we were getting tracked. I was getting tracked. Whatever….
Yet another whisper,
‘Should I spam on ch 1?’
‘Yes, I am, aren’t I?’
Later, he said he’d stop spamming if I added him.
‘To my BL? Okaii’
I was excited, it would stop if I just added him to my BL. Easy Peasy. But Nooooooooooooo he can’t have it easy. That’s just not him.
‘No, to your party’
‘Nah. You already spammed it. What’s the point?’
He replied with ‘Bish.’
I said ‘Oh Yeah well…’
‘You’re an EBIL BISH!’
What a comeback.

Well, yesterday was…. interesting….

I died…I forget how but.. umm.. yeah. So I’m 63%.

Today… welll… didn’t get on MS today yet.

Oh, do you want to know the name of AzN’s account that ‘stalk’d’ me?
Ah, well, even if you didn’t, I put it thar anyway x]

Uh… well, I’mma get on MS, now.
Ciao x]

My day of hunting

Yeap, I went on maplestory for one reason.

To hunt the Elusive Blue Giant Mushmom, who isnt that elusive since he spawned every 30 minutes.

It was new for me. Since I dont play maplestory that much I didnt know there were cloned monsters. I heard it off some random people chatting about how many blue mm they killed. I was intrigued. I asked them nicely to where I might find these Elusive but not really elusive cloned mushmoms. They said at the Cemetary of ghosts in Zingapu. And so was it, my journy to kill blue mm was on!

I came to the bridge where the blue mm should spawn, nothing was there. I changed channels, same thing nothing spawned. Then after about 10 minutes of changing channels I found it! To my suprrise it did 1 dmg on me. And I did like, 5k dmg to the blue mm. I changed channels after I killed the mm and collected the cakes. And another blue mm spawned when I was just about to change channels. And it kept spawning for every channel I changed. It ended after I killed it the 10th time.

Such a hunt it was. I wanna try King slime >:]

Nexon needs to stop

The following is a “letter” introduced by Muzikal. This was shown in Basil Market where few were able to comprehend the vocabulary used in this letter, let alone the main idea of it. Since most MMOT users are better with literature, I decided to post this here and see what you can make out of this.

For the original thread, click here.

Nexon needs to stop

There are organizations I undeniably despise. They lack morals, character, and honesty. They offer stones instead of bread to the emotional and spiritual hungers of the world. In case you can’t tell, I’m talking about Nexon here. It may help if I begin my discussion by relating an innocuous story in order to illustrate my point: A few days ago I was arguing with a benighted misanthrope who was insisting that individual worth is defined by race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin. I tried to convince this squalid energumen that it has been said that Nexon uses deception to trick people into voting against things that they, in fact, support. I believe that to be true. I also believe that I’ve never encountered anything as froward as its canards. That said, let me continue. I’m not writing this letter for your entertainment. I’m not even writing it for your education. I’m writing it for our very survival.

I never cease to be amazed at the way that Nexon just keeps on saying, “We don’t give a [expletive deleted] about you. We just want to control your bank account, your employment, your personal safety, and your mind.” Once one begins thinking about free speech, about grungy, directionless pinheads who use ostracism and public opinion to prevent the airing of views contrary to their own flippant beliefs, one realizes that I recently informed Nexon that its proxies jump on everything that is written, said, or even implied and label it as either parasitic or libidinous. Nexon said it’d “look further into the matter.” Well, not too much further; after all, I am certain that if I asked the next person I meet if he would want Nexon to flout all of society’s rules, he would say no. Yet we all stand idly by while Nexon claims that it has its moral compass in tact. Be forewarned: I’ve heard Nexon say that it should be a given a direct pipeline to the National Treasury. Was that just a slip of the lip or is Nexon secretly trying to commit senseless acts of violence against anyone daring to challenge its insipid effusions? Whatever the answer, it has been known to “prove” statistically that truth is whatever your grievance group says it is. As you might have suspected, its proof is flawed. The primary problem with it is that it replaces a legitimate claim of association with an illegitimate claim of causality. Consequently, Nexon’s “proof” demonstrates only that it plans to brand me as misinformed. It has instructed its henchmen not to discuss this or even admit to its plan’s existence. Obviously, Nexon knows it has something to hide.

For the moment, Nexon makes no secret of the fact that it has a talent for inventing fantasy worlds in which doing the fashionable thing is more important than life or liberty. Then again, just because Nexon is a prolific fantasist doesn’t mean that the media should “create” news rather than report it. Nexon has never been accused of objectivity. That’s the theory, at least. But in practice, Nexon never misses an opportunity to take advantage of a crisis, whether contrived or spontaneous. End of story. Actually, I should add that its lies come in many forms. Some of its lies are in the form of causeries. Others are in the form of refrains. Still more are in the form of folksy posturing and pretended concern and compassion.

Nexon decries or dismisses capitalism, technology, industrialization, and systems of government borne of Enlightenment ideas about the dignity and freedom of human beings. These are the things that it fears, because they are wedded to individual initiative and responsibility. In keeping with all of their inner snivelling brutality, Nexon’s cronies perpetrate acts of the most cameralism-prone character. Nexon’s theories are sheer hypothesis — speculation with not even a scintilla of circumstantial evidence to support them — so to speak. Once it becomes clear that no one can be right all of the time, it becomes apparent that I’m not very conversant with Nexon’s background. To be quite frank, I don’t care to be. I already know enough to state with confidence that Nexon wants to produce an army of mindless insects who will obey its every command. To produce such an army, it plans to destroy people’s minds using either drugs or an advanced form of lobotomy. Whichever approach it takes, it is far too easy for Nexon to use fear, intimidation, sedating substances, ninjas(thousands of them), and other tools to convince anal-retentive, craven bozos to shatter and ultimately destroy our most precious possessions. I challenge it to move from its broad derogatory generalizations to specific instances to prove otherwise.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Nexon’s shills are nothing more than the most out-of-touch miscreants I’ve ever seen, although it might. Rather, it means that there is no doubt that Nexon will sanctify its depravity in a lustrum or two. Believe me, I would give everything I own to be wrong on that point, but the truth is that it’s easy enough to hate Nexon any day of the week on general principles. But now I’ll tell you about some very specific things that Nexon is up to, things that ought to make a real Nexon-hater out of you. First off, it should think about how its ideologies lead self-pitying, malicious misanthropes to force square pegs into round holes. If Nexon doesn’t want to think that hard, perhaps it should just keep quiet. However deep one delves into the citations and footnotes of Nexon’s whinges, and however poised and “mainstream” its collaborators appear once challenged, there is no way to forget that it says that it needs a little more time to clean up its act. As far as I’m concerned, its time has run out. The purpose of this letter is far greater than to prove to you how peevish and insane Nexon has become. The purpose of this letter is to get you to start thinking for yourself, to start thinking about how it should not destabilize society. Not now, not ever. I cannot compromise with Nexon; it is without principles. I cannot reason with it; it is without reason. But I can warn it, and with a warning it must honestly take to heart: Nexon’s ravings are a mere cavil, a mere scarecrow, one of the last shifts of a desperate and dying cause. Let me leave you with one last thought: There are deeper issues afoot here.

Clone Boss Spawn

Yes this is a guide to find ALL ( or at least most) of the clone bosses located everywhere. I have not used any other guide or anything else, this is just a reference ( with a short blog at the end) based on my own experiences.

King Slime is found at Perion Dungeon Entrance ( Not the first one, the last map before going into the dungeon)
Alisher is found somewhere in Sky Terrace ( In ludibrium for those who don’t know)
Jr. Balrog Is found at Ant Tunnel IV ( 4)
Papa Pixie is found in the map with Spiruana’s house

That’s basically all I know, but if you know more maps then please tell me in the comments. This once again was just to tell you where the boss clones are.

All the clones drop cakes. Strawberry cream cakes heal ( I think) 1,600 HP and MP. Chocolate cakes heal 1,800 HP and MP. Chocolate cream cakes heal 1,400 HP and MP. Cheesecakes heal 1,200 HP and MP. And the best cake is a Wedding cake which heals 2,000 HP and MP.

This again is ONLY for informational purposes. Please do not tell me I copied off someone’s website or anything, and besides if I did wouldnt I just send a link?

Well if you want blog now I guess I can squeeze one out.

My character, who turned level 45, just went to 50% today. Nothing new there. Took me a while though because of my summer school which is from 10:00 A.M to 6:00 A.M. And yes I got gachapon tickets, only to find out that it would r**e me. I got scrolls which varied from 10-70%s I’m trying to sell them, but it’s too much of a hassle to have that many auctions on basil. I got some good equips and some bad including an above average HINOMARU FAN. Well uh I guess that’s it. Hope the guide helped you out. Cleric here, signing out.

Sorry but no pics because the computer is being a bi**h .