Boomers got BOMBED!

First of all, boomers are those walking bombs in NLC. They are the greatest exp for all ages (or in this case, levels). I mean, I’m level 115 and I still get a decent .01 out of every few seconds! How you ask? (or not)

But first, I’m looking for a
Myst Mage

Myst mages have the best training place of all: the boomers. All ya got to do is infect all of the things and they start multiplying exponentially. read more

Rei’s nightmare

Randomness that will make sense later on.

I was on an old fashioned motorcycle, an american harley, probably, and it was in the dead of night. Even with my headlight, it was still hard to see. Then, hazily, buildings began to appear. I realized as I got closer, that it was a school, and I was riding through the playground. I slowed down to a cruising speed, and stared through the windows of the old school as I passed by. The inside of the school was dark, pitch black. read more

Uprising Death- Chapter 12

Chapter 12- The Empty Tunnel

Near Dead Mines
Time- Unknown
July 1st, 2102

The snow slowly turned black as Issac and Lenne got closer to the Dead Mines. When reaching the Dead Mines they saw someone standing on a tree stump.
“So you have made it here,” he said.
“Dark Draconis,” Issac said, “What are you doing here?” He opened his eyes and looked at Issac.
“I feel my revenge has been laid inside here,” Dark replied. “Currently, Alexei is still resting.”
“Alexei’s here?” Issac asked. Dark nodded.
“He’s been damaged in the fight with Micheal,” Dark told him.
“Is Maldran here too?” Lenne asked.
“Im afraid he disappeared with Micheal during the battle,” Dark answered. read more

Lost in the Shadows – Ch5

Chapter 5: Past Shadows

Date: November 24, 3004
Time: 07:00
Location: Orbis- The Zerra Mansion

My eye lids fluttered open, revealing my emerald eyes. I looked up at the ceiling from my comfy golden bed and smile to myself. If only every morning was like this. The sun was shining a little below the horizon through the window by my side, spreading its glorious, newly red rays across my bedspread and onto my body. I felt its warmth as I put my feet on the cold wooden ground of my spacious bedroom. Where are those slippers? read more

The Smart-Arse Nuub Scene 14!

Yo, I got the goods, boss.

You: Show ’em.

*Opens box* Look at it, boss.

You: Holy crap. I bet this thing would cost a fortune if we sold it.

You betcha, and all we have to do is show the people of the world how great this is.

You: Yeh, and we sure gonna make millions!

*Takes out item* Damn, this is so shiny. . .

You: *Breaks out of character* Could it be. . .Smart-Arse Nuub 14?!?!?! read more

‘You Got Stalk’d!’

‘You Got stalk’d!’ The short sentence I woke up to this morning.
Well, not really woke up to but… ya know

It was a pretty decent day. I found out I was PQing with my Ex on his brother’s female account… very odd, but fun x] Because he’s really cool, and we’re like best friends now…
About an hour after that PQ with him. Let’s call ‘him’ Ban, well, I ran into someone. They sat down right in front of me in a green chair.
I just ignored him. Until… he chatted me.
I was about to get angry and say, ‘WHAT?!’ Because tracking when someone is in crack is hard to do when someone chats you. -.-
As soon as he hit enter, I knew EXACTLY who it was. It could be no other then my new stalker.
Is all he said. But I could tell, it was him. The stalked had become the stalker.
I was about to reply when he wrote some jibberish that was something like this:
‘Azh’ Something with ‘Az’ int he beginning, and a random letter at the end. I knew what it said, Azn.
Azn…? wth? You might say.
One of the best stalkers on MMO, AzNxKnife. read more

My day of hunting

Yeap, I went on maplestory for one reason.

To hunt the Elusive Blue Giant Mushmom, who isnt that elusive since he spawned every 30 minutes.

It was new for me. Since I dont play maplestory that much I didnt know there were cloned monsters. I heard it off some random people chatting about how many blue mm they killed. I was intrigued. I asked them nicely to where I might find these Elusive but not really elusive cloned mushmoms. They said at the Cemetary of ghosts in Zingapu. And so was it, my journy to kill blue mm was on! read more

Nexon needs to stop

The following is a “letter” introduced by Muzikal. This was shown in Basil Market where few were able to comprehend the vocabulary used in this letter, let alone the main idea of it. Since most MMOT users are better with literature, I decided to post this here and see what you can make out of this.

For the original thread, click here.

Nexon needs to stop read more

Clone Boss Spawn

Yes this is a guide to find ALL ( or at least most) of the clone bosses located everywhere. I have not used any other guide or anything else, this is just a reference ( with a short blog at the end) based on my own experiences.

King Slime is found at Perion Dungeon Entrance ( Not the first one, the last map before going into the dungeon)
Alisher is found somewhere in Sky Terrace ( In ludibrium for those who don’t know)
Jr. Balrog Is found at Ant Tunnel IV ( 4)
Papa Pixie is found in the map with Spiruana’s house read more