WoW’ing, you’re doing it wrong.

So. Let’s start this therapy session with some soothing music, shall we?

I guess I should begin where we left off.
FFXI never really picked back up for Mike and I. He got medically discharged three weeks after basic training began, because he had preexisting conditions and was going to get stress fractures in his hips and knees if he continued. That was a huge bummer.

He got home, all sad-faced, and we were going to start back on FFXI, but with only one XBOX 360, it kind’ve just.. never really happened. Days passed and we just didn’t buy another 360, because of our money situation, Mike out daily looking for a new job, and the fact that we didn’t really use it except to watch DVDs at dinnertime.
So, sadly, I went and canceled our FFXI accounts. No point to spending $20 a month for nothing.

But, us, being the absolute gamer geeks we are, needed to find another game to whet our appetities. (Isn’t that a weird word? Whet.. but it’s really spelled that way. I’m serious!) And what other option than the good old fashioned, most popular MMO in the United States, World of Warcraft?

(I had played a trial of this game before, but me being me, before I met Mike, I had never paid for an MMO in my life.)

Mike had played this game a few weeks prior, and I gotta admit, I was hesitant at first. What a rip off, seriously! I had never encountered an MMO that had a monthly charge AND required you to purchase the game (at $40 no less!). It was absolutely ridiculous, and I was admantly flabbergasted. But after a bit of nudging and pleading, I gave in to his charm; I was going out to buy the game.

I had already installed this game previously, so all I really needed to do was patch, install the expansion and register everything. Mike and his best friend Joe had already made taurens, Mike being a druid and Joe being a hunter, so I went with a tauren warrior. And, just to make it a true sausage fest, made my character a male as well; begrudgingly with the most mind-numbingly girly name ever: Mipu.

So, I began my first steps into the world, my youthful, although very masculine bright eyes stared at the odd campsite in bewilderment. A large brute of a tauren stode up to me, holding out his hoof in politeness. “How do you do,” his voice boomed, “I am Chief Cracklepop.” He sure was cute! I giggled and blushed, mumbling in the cutest, flirtiest voice possible. “I’m Mipu~ Nice to meeet yooou~” There was an awkward silence, and then it dawned on me.
The God of WoW had screwed up. I was a dude: dingleberries and all.
I had the same stature he did, I was heavy set and my hooves were much bigger than a dainty females’.
“NOOOOO!” I screamed, or rather moo’d, falling to my knees. “WHY, GOD WHY?!”
It was at this point that Chief Cracklepop had quickly moved on, assuming I was crazy and needed to be put in the crazy-home.

Okay. I lied. That’s not really what happened. So, why did I pick to be a male, if it wasn’t an accident by the good old man upstairs himself? Two reasons:
A.) Male taurens look cooler. Females are kind’ve ugly and don’t have nearly as many options for looks.
B.) WoW has a semi-retarded population. If you’re a female character, regardless of your own personal gender, people will hit on you; transcending the boundaries of gay and straight.

On another subject, as I’ve progressed, I’ve noticed that there are very, very, very few level 70 warriors. Everyone is a druid, or a mage, or a warlock. Why is that? Are warriors that useless? Mike told me that it’s because we’re tankers, and a party only needs one, so WoW doesn’t need that many. It kind’ve disappointed me, because I usually always ALWAYS pick the worst classes in the game, no matter what. (STR bandit, anyone?)

Ah! Well, I hate to cut this short, but it’s 7 o’clock and I need to go and take care of some animals. I’m house-sitting for my parents for the next few days, so hopefully you’ll see me around a little bit more!

Take care, everyone!

(P.S Maybe I’ll write a short story about that. The girly tauren in the male’s body, purely satire of course. ^_~)

15 thoughts on “WoW’ing, you’re doing it wrong.”

  1. I did.

    But that game involves thought.

    And I don’t have time to play a game that requires thinking.

    I usually only have an hour to play a day, and if that hour is spent planning out what to do, instead of just doing it, my playing time will be boring and short. ;_;


  2. This is a reasonably accurate breakdown between classes and races and whatnot. I don’t know what realm you play on, but you can go play around with the graph and see for yourself.

    If you’d like to experiment with arenas and pvp, see here and here… as you can see, warriors are very well represented in ‘2v2’ arena, with the warrior/druid setup. Besides, if you place your talents wrong, you can always reset your talent points for minimal in-game gold. Don’t worry about messing up! ^_^

  3. What realm do you play on?

    I made a bunch of tauren males, I’ve just not had a chance to play them. I like them a lot, they’re so big and fluffy and cute! I named him Heffer, he’s a hunter and I’m hoping to get him a turtle to name “Filburt”. Not sure if anyone will get the Rocko’s Modern Life reference. . .

  4. I play on Burning Blade, as do most of the people from my university.

    And I get it!


  5. I refuse to play WoW, because the chances of getting addicted are extrremely high ._.

    LOL Mipu. It’s not mind-numbing, it’s adorable!

  6. Uhh, you can’t really download a WoW account.

    At least, not if you want to play on the official servers.

  7. Yeah. You have a special code linked to your account, and to this day, there is no keygen for the game.

    It’s just one of those things you gotta buy legit.


  8. ShiningWings said: “Eum, nevermind ^^;;”

    Eum? You stole that piece of stupidity from Darkwar D:


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