finally 50

after 3 weeks of vacation, wasting my time on a banditsin and my cleric i finally trained my spearman like crazy ^_

yes, indeed it is erver check =p

got nothing to do xcept wait for school
I trained like crazy on wraiths =o
sadly alot of ch. were hacked so alot had few respawn or even no respawn at all!

training at gollem now ^_^

i luf my new 9D _o_
i uploaded 2 pics, before and after =p read more

Congrats Amy!

(Ah, server check. I had a feeling one was happening soon. Though I dunno why they waited until ten minutes before it started to announce it. Mreh. My poor fizard is at 94.87%.)

Today one of my guildies got to lvl 30, and now she’s a cleric! Congrats Amyyx!

Something to Share.

So…HI GUYS! I haven’t posted anything for so long XD
I’ve decided to tell you how i’m doing although some of them are really old….but eh~

1. I was going to Orbis yesterday and I thought i would take some screenshots…and i died Personally, I like this pic because it’s nicely taken

2. This is awhile ago…went to coolies in the morning and we mobbed it XD WAR OF THE WORLDS read more

My Maple Love Story, Part 7

(Jason’s Point of View)

Jason entered the main doors of the hotel and headed towards the lobby. He let out a sigh. Being in a hotel brought back to him a lot of memories. He remembered how he would take Jenny to the hotels to trash it or slide down the long stairway banisters. But those carefree days are over. His only love had died and he no longer has the heart to love anyone else. read more

Thamboaw: Forever Together (1)

Tumbowa was the name of an ancient demon. He was feared world wide, even by the four great leaders, Dances with Balrog, Grendel the really old, Athena Pierce and Dark lord. They had locked the Him up, but before that, He had transferred his soul in a human body, with hope of ruling the world again. A group of black magic dabblers had decided that it was going to be time for him to rule again, so using their highest skill; they created a group of people that could be a warrior, bowman, thief and magician. read more

The FlyFF Community…

Dear Diary…

Ok, FlyFF has been sitting on my desktop for a few months, and I only managed to start playing it about 3 days ago. I must say, I really AM surprised. Cool graphics + gameplay, it’s quite fun too! (well, at least for a newbie like me). Most of all, I havent encountered KS-ers like they have in some other MMORPGS and the people are so generally friendly. In those 3 days I’ve played (including today), I’ve had people coming up to me on their own and healing me, upping my HP and etc for free. I’m simply awed! read more

Random Thoughts

Most student’s life. Haha, I go to private school, theres like no time to play anymore -.-

If you can’t see it, click here link

Click the I like button, because my drawings are funny! I’ll draw more.

Part 2 coming… After I finish my homework -.-

Part 2 delay 12:56:40 AM
It’s 1 am in Taiwan right now, I got school, Im gonna draw the Part 2 at school then scan it. read more

The Day the Clock went ding-dong

Jo stared at the clock… “ding dong” rung through the air. It was noon and Jo was all like: “yayz the clock chimed”

and i was like: o.O NO EFFIN’ WAY!!! AWESOME!!

The End

i really need to stop this

something tells me its getting on someones nerves

and they’re probably thinking: Now waffle is pokin fun at mip?… read more

am i funded or un funded?

i hav bout 600k – 700k, a korean fan, 2 WG [non-scrolled] (nothing good, i kno, u can make em for 1k and a few leathers in kerning) a few lvl 30-35 or so, warrior stuff i found, and a lot of ores (that I’ll probly keep) and I’m a lvl 32 I/L Mage.

Am I funded or unfuned?

P.S. — I hav lvl 30 shoes but i didn’t wonna get another pic for 1 item >_> read more

<('.'<)server check! (>‘.’)

rawr i hate server checks. i didnt even get to spend the last few minutes left training cuz i had to help someone with something and my garage door thingy got stuck. -_-

oh well. so.. er.. just wanted to say that i guess .^_^
i was kinda pissed today. my friend said i had a small private while i was flirting with some girls around my lvl.
now, dont flame me cuz, i was just doing it to pass the time. we were on the ship to orbis.
but. im a little happy now seeing as i remember that when low lvls annoyingly ask me for haste (see pics #1 and #2)
i can say no, and when they are persistent and wont go away, i can give them sucky lvl 5 haste xD
its just something to look forward too.=) read more