Weddings, birthdays and anniversaries!

Yes, all. It has passed. What has passed, you may all ask. (Heh, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it xD)

My wedding!

This was seriously. . .one screwed up wedding. @_@ To start the day off, the Ninja contacted me over msn to confirm that the wedding was tomorrow.

Wait, what, tomorrow?! Was my initial thought. So I hurriedly typed back to him:

Ezyan: …today. >>
Ninja: !
Ninja: IT is?!
Ezyan: …yes?
Ezyan: Today’s Wednesday!
Ninja: . . .wait
Ninja: you’re in tomorrow
Ninja: I forgot

So that explained that. Note to self: don’t put actual days up. It just confuzzles people. Realising this might affect others that live in America or thereabout, I quickly searched the rest of my MSN list for people attending the wedding. Munky and Alley. Thank the gods I did too, because they had the same idea as the Ninja.

Then I got told by one of the brides (HISUTERIKKU) that she couldn’t make it because her parents had sprung a last minute day excursion on her last night. And she couldn’t make it back before late at night.


Whoop dee freaking doo! But what happens to the famed threesome?! That was my main concern (yeah, I’m so shallow xD). Instantly, my fingers pressed the Alt Tab combo and I went back to the conversation with the Ninja.

Ezyan: O M F G
Ezyan: O M F G
Ezyan: One of the

Yes, in those exact letters, because I have message history. xD As you can see, I was. . .a little incoherent. xD I spammed this message to Alley and Munky too. Eventually after I’d cooled down a bit, I decided that the wedding should go ahead because it was too bothersome to try and contact everybody to tell them the wedding was off. And because the next time we’d all be free would be in about 3 months, if we were lucky. So I logged on Maple, and reminded everybody that the wedding was today, not tomorrow. No major dramas there, so I was relieved. Until BopBob came along and told me that my OTHER bride was going to be late, because she had a family lunch!

. . .*sigh*

Someone up there hated me. BopBob also informed me that Staverius (the other bride) told me to postpone the wedding an hour later, at 3. So. . .I did. Unfortunately, by doing that, a lot of people like Ganzicus and Munky had to attend the beginning of the wedding and leave very, very quickly.

Just before three, Alley and I met up in Orbis, where we proceeded to head towards the Guild Headquarters, the rendezvous place. I had appointed Alley as the bridesmaid a couple of days before the wedding, and I gave her the Flamboyant Petals to practice chucking them on the stairs. At three, Alley and I sat outside the building and waited for the other guests to arrive. First to come was Ganzicus, and while he jumped around spastically (xD) Duzzt arrived, lagging a bit through the teleport. Next was my other friend, hiomghi. I introduced her to the others already there, and quickly rushed out the teleport as Maple flashed a message to me.

“Staverius has logged in”


Ezyan: Stav, where are you?!
Stav: i’m in el nath.

. . .EL NATH, YOU SAY?! Mentally I kicked myself. Of course she’d be in El Nath. We’d left her there the other day. Nothing was going right!

“HISUTERIKKU has logged in”

On second thoughts, maybe somebody up there was starting to like me. I practically broke my keyboard, typing in buddy chat to BopBob.

Ezyan: Alan, was that you?! [BopBob = Alan. He also has access to HISUTERIKKU’s account, and was telling me earlier on that he could log in and make her stand there, just to symbolise her being there in body, even if not in mind]
BopBob: Nope. . .

I shouted frantically for somebody, anybody who had Orbis Tower scrolls. Thanks Ganz, you are my lifesaver. <3 Ganz asked me how many I needed, then dropped them for me without incurring any charges. THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 I will pay you back, ya hear?! I abandoned the party gathering outside Guild Headquarters, and rushed down to Orbis Tower. Along the way I met Aliyah, and directed her to Duzzt to guide to Guild Headquarters. It’s times like these when I really wish I was a magician and had teleport.

So I got into Orbis Tower, and used a scroll to get down. Just near the exit of El Nath, I found Rik, Stav and Bop rushing towards the teleport. Whew. At least I didn’t have to run around the place like a mad chook trying to find them.

. . . Shut up.

I used the rest of the scrolls Ganz gave me (luckily Bop had some too), and we all scrolled to the top of Orbis Tower and ran to Guild Headquarters. Halfway along the way, Rikku disappeared.

*slaps hand to face and slumps in seat*

Okay, fine, we’d just have to go with the one bride we had left. The three of us FINALLY reached Guild Headquarters, with an impatient crowd waiting for us. YES. At last! Unfortunately Ganz had logged off while I was rescuing the others. =[ Everybody went into the wedding place, and the ceremony FINALLY STARTED! HUZZAH!


First Alley came in, throwing petals for all she was worth, and Stav followed behind her. The Ninja was our stand-in priest, because the APPOINTED PRIEST *coughDEZIWILLGETYOUBACKFORSTANDINGMEUPcough* didn’t show up.

(See these in order, plocks =])










After this there was the long awaited AFTER PARTY! YAY! The Ninja was most generous and bought a whole bunch of food, including unagi, watermelon, pure water (I think that’s what it was. . .>>;;) and pizza. link ._. It’s so sad that Maple doesn’t offer coke. Then we all feasted ourselves on the stuff, and the Ninja stole Duzzt’s skull earrings. Cue, pandemonium! Duzzt jumped around the place, screaming for the Ninja to return his earrings and everybody else was giggling their heads off. At least, I assume that’s what they were doing because that’s what I was doing!


The Ninja traded me and told me to pretend I’d taken them, and I agreed. So it was hilarious when I ‘owned up’ to taking the earrings. Duzzt then proceeded to thwack me with his pitchfork like thingo, demanding his earrings back. Then on the other side of the map, the Ninja dropped his earrings.

And promptly picked them back again when Duzzt was nearly there. xD

Eventually Duzzt got them back xD (Poor guy, being teased so much). Then Aliyah organised us for a group photo!



Then BopBob announced he had SUMMONING BAGS! >=O We tried to summon them in the makeshift cathedral, but to no avail. So we had to go outside, where Bop summoned giant robots. @_@ No idea what they’re called. xD I was whacking and whacking, getting more MISSes than hits, and eventually Duzzt offered to weaken them. And proceeded to kill them all. xD


After that, we just hung around the place playing stacks on. xD link Then Aliyah did a whatchamacallit! Those messages that appear in the middle of the screen! Thanks Aliyah! You rock! link Subsequently, the Ninja revealed to all that were present that today was Alley’s birthday, as well as their four month anniversary! How sweet!


link Congratz, guys! =D


Then the Ninja decided to have some fun and jump off a ledge. xD He was writing his farewell speech, when somebody decided to push him. xD


May you rest in pieces, my good friend. xD

Oh, and I’d like to formally thank all those who attended the wedding!

Guests: Ganz (you were there for the beginning part, so I’m counting you xD), Duzzt, Aliyah, hiomghi, BopBob
Bridesmaid: Alley
Best Man: Munky (Even though you weren’t very best man-y xD)
Priest/Singer (Warbler): The Ninja

Oh, and another screenie I found hilarious. xD link

Oops, almost forgot. WEDDING PRESENTS! Thank you DUZZT and GANZICUS for the weird candy thingos, and THE NINJA for the golden snowboard! >=O It’s so pretty. <3 THANKS GUYS! =D

Thus concludes my day. xD Hope you guys had days as great as this one! xD

Edit: Dez has given a valid reason as to why she couldn’t come. She’s hereby forgiven. xD

go go meso rangers

Alot of things happened since my last blog. I made a new character and she is going to be a bandit one day. Hopefully I will not get lazy cause if I do then well, she will never see savage blow in action. She is level 22 now and I am slowly pqing her to level 30. I’ve tried being leader for my first few pqs(level 21 since no one wants someone weak) and managed to get in quite a few times with some rushes. After that, I didn’t really want to be leader anymore and started hunting for parties.

This slowed down the leveling process alot cause no one wants a level 22 bandit-to-be since we are still “weak”. Most of the parties I got into missed…alot. And they were also abit on the “noobish” side. They kept on saying out when the track was still in bonus and such things like that.

I also met Aaron when I was level 20. Here is our group picture that me, Annikabelle, and cghealer did together.


When I’m not on Maple Story, I search youtube for something funny to watch. These videos made me ROFL. I was literally on the floor laughing and for the ones I when I wasn’t on the floor, I fell out of my chair laughing. Alot of the videos are Warren’s videos so I’ll only post one of his.


]Meso Rangers.[url]


] Err. Funny [url]

Bill Gates Arrested?!?

Bill Gates wasn’t arrested. 😡
But come on, who doesn’t like flashy titles?
<3333 flashy titles.

This blog is a “THANK YOU!” to all of those MMO’ers who offered their support when I had a breakdown on Monday. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. I honestly thought I was losing something SUPRER important to me.

As it turns out, Pat wasn’t mad at me. Also, he’s back with Bombsquad. :] WEWT~! So now I’m all happy.

Then I made a collage. With my suckish collage skills.


The image is like… HUGE.
So it may take a while to load.
A long while. :/

Most of them are just random screenshots of me and Pat hanging out. 90% of them are were candid. x3

Maple related~
He hunted it himself.

I told him not to give it to me. But then he dropped it anyways, and refused to pick it back up.
So I had to go run and jack it before some n00b snatched it away forever.
And it’s above average!
Pretty cool.

Yeah, that’s about it.
Sorry it’s so short…?

Bai <333

P.S.: I likes rock. *hint, hint* *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*

Finals Gosh Darnit



Sorry. Now lets begin this blog again, more properly. =]

*Throws magic forgetting powder in your face* >=]


Hello there. Welcome to another Sashi blog, where there is nothing typed above this, because this is obviously the first line.

Reason why I couldnt write
5.Lazy XD

Yeah, thats pretty much it. . .


But after finals, im going snowboarding with my school!! =D WHEEEEEEE =D

Sorry, Im sneaking right now D= Supposed to study for English and Science.

Bye fuh now!


[FANFIC] Tree of Eternity Chapter 3

Chapter 3
18 Years Later

Maldran settled back into his comfortable chair, reading a tome entitled “Famous Dead Maplers.” It chronicled the events starting from the War of Monsters and ending at nowhere. It was a heavily enchanted book, enough that it would continue to write itself until the war ended. As he got up to rekindle the fire on the hearth, something rustled in the hallway.

Being far from an inexperienced warrior*, he silently slid his twin Dragon Tails from their respective sheaths, dropped to a crouch, ran to the doorway and hid himself. Then he waited.


4 Hours Later

Where is whatever’s there?! It’s been FOUR FREAKING HOURS!

Then suddenly, a black blur dashed into the room, swinging its No-Dachi wildly- and magnificently, Maldran had to add, but it seemed to notice it was attempting to eviscerate air, and froze.

The figure seemed to be wearing armor of a dull black metal, and its head was covered by a skull-shaped white mask. The sword it carried bore a strange symbol; an eight-pointed star.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my house?!” Maldran shouted as he charged, stabbing like a lunatic in hopes that this stranger would be distracted enough for him to kill it.

“My name is Oromis, and that is all you need to know,” hissed the stranger, which easily parried all the stabs with lightning speed. Oromis launched a counterattack, a brutal but dazzling display of swordsmanship which mocked Maldran’s own skill stole his morale. As it raised its sword for a devastating diagonal slash, Maldran feebly brought up his daggers to parry.

The daggers shattered.

But as Oromis lined up his blade for another devastating slash, a mace of some sort poked out from its chest. Oromis then uttered a screech so horrifying, it caused Maldran to scream with terror and several nearby objects to shatter. Oromis then went limp, and vanished.

“…H-how did you s-stab it with a m-MACE?! And w-who ARE you?” Maldran stuttered incredulously.

“My name is Cloud…I have a sword…Oh whoops, wrong world. Greetings, I am a representative of Wizet™, otherwise known as a GM or ‘God.’ Maldran, we know that Victoria Island has been plagued by monsters but we have been completely incapable of assisting in any way… Until now.” the GM said. “Because of the laws created by Nexon™, a greater pantheon of GMs, we of the Wizet™ pantheon are unable to directly interfere with ANYTHING related to Maplers. I am speaking to you now because Wizet™ has grown in strength, enough to resist, maybe even overthrow Nexon™.”

“But there is one thing that is beyond us. The Shadow Weaver has grown powerful during these four ages. Now he is beyond even us to defeat. However…the Keeper’s prophecy proclaims that four Maplers will be born, with the power to defeat the Shadow Weaver…”

“We believe one of those Maplers is you. I must take my leave now, as there are more pressing matters to attend to. I will contact you again soon.”

Maldran stood there, mouth open, attempting to process the information. He was then enlightened on the meaning of the GM’s words, and also on the fact that there was a yellow puddle at his feet.

He could vaguely hear someone saying “Wetting yourself at 33? Tsk tsk.”

Comments/flames pl0x!

Emblems, stalking, and snowboards. :D

It all started yesterday, when I was browsing the mmotales blogs. I came upon this one about snowboards that I vaguely remember what about, but I commented, and I noticed that this guy, Rokui was offering a free blood snowboard on Broa. I didn’t think people even played on my server, let alone was offering free stuff on it. So, not really expecting too much, I messaged him all beggar like.

I got his message, and he told me to find him in game one day, and he’d hook me up. 😀 What a good guy.

So that leads to last night, where I was debating with my guild what to make the emblem once we get enough funds. Yeah, it’s sad because I’m level 33, and 38 in the guild (two char), and everyone else is ahead of me, yet I’m the leader. XD Anyways, we’re called Omniference, which is a made up word defined by me as: The state of always being everywhere randomly different. (Omni – everywhere, -ference – different). It doesn’t have to make sense. So we don’t have a lot of members or anything, but the regulars who play are kinda close. We have a guild movie in production that I’ll probably post here. 😀

But that leads to this morning during my gap between classes at college. I sign online, and I attempt to stalk down Rokui, to naturally try and mooch, while not being a moocher. I find him, but he’s busy. That’s cool though.


So he says to meet in the fm, which makes sense, because I was talking to him when he was at Gatekeeper. >.> Now, don’t I feel rude? Obviously. He says he doesn’t mind though, and I don’t think he did, because he said he’d give me one, and naturally in this position, there’s really not too much else I can do. He had to switch over to his mule to get it, which had an awesome name, but he forgot to get it out of the bank. Can’t complain, remember, he doesn’t have to do this.


Ah, yes, the trade. It’s finally happening, I’m about too mooch something great from someone I don’t know, but feels nice enough to give it to me anyways. 😀 He tosses some other stuff in too, and just about the funniest amount of mesos possible. XD


He gives me random other stuff too… most of which I don’t know about. Except the match cards. 😀


The trade doesn’t work because I don’t have enough inventory, so when I drop stuff, a hacker auto-loots it away. >.<


We re-trade, and he gives me the stuffs again. All I can really say is thanks, but he doesn’t mind.


I give him the only thing I can, and he’s on his way. 😀


So… why did I make such a big deal about all this? Well, like I said before, my guild needs a symbol. Well, we don’t need one, but we’d like one. And my plan was to try and get a Maple Snowboard somehow, and use the one he gave me towards it… you know, since I’m still madd weak, and the highest in my guild is 48 I think. >.< I really don’t know now, because the way it’s lookin’… I still need a Dark, Gold and Silver. I don’t even know what drops the Dark, but I’m pretty sure I can’t hit it yet.

Now, I’ve tried asking my guildmates for some help on this one, but I’m very reluctant when it comes to this kind of thing. Some people said they’d help a little bit, but like I said, I don’t really expect much. I just planned on being poor literally forever to try and get everything done.

And just for the record, our guild has some spots open… so if you’d like to join us, don’t hesitate to ask. (Broa). 😀

Again, riding on my last blog… the kindness of some people will always be amazing to me. Kind people are a few, and dying breed. While I try and be one, I urge all readers to be nice to their fellow Mapler if they aren’t already. Please, thank you, and buttsecks. Well, not the last one. XD

Edit 1: Found a gold snowboard!
Edit 2: Front page, ftw!

real life maplestory

today my friend told me that if maple was real it will be great… (i think so)
i mean i guess it would be a little boring
it will be like this:
monday: go train
tuesday: go train
wednesday: go train
i mean every thing will be the same.
and if you ask me what job i would be,
i would be a fire mage, that or a ninja like naruto
ka buno shino jutsu! RASENGAN, summoning tecnique, and the sexy technique
or rock lee
open 7 gates
primary lotus!
or maybe Sasuke horse! sheep! tiger!
dragon fire!!!1
maybe huuga
well i hope this is mmo related enough MIP…..

Cloud Strife

The MUST of leveling

I dun care who flames me or not, whether my acc get earsed or not, or I get negitive comments or not .

Signs of maple gamers who like leveling and always do anything to level:

The first few questions they will ask a mapler:
1. What is your main’s level?
2. How much money you have?
3. What kind of godly itmems you have?
4. How ‘pro’ you are?
5. How strong your attack is?

The signs of them:
1. Want to level up to wadeva level by today.
2. Play maple to train not to meet up with friends and so on.
3. Seriously, I duno what id the point of this blog, I don’t see why you should like it too.

Maple related: I’ve played maple for one year,five months, highest level, 27. Highest amount of money gotten: 400k.

I can Fly!

Glorious times.

I keep tapping the F2 key while my neighbor kills the Plants of Doom. The little blue bar under my now-useless FP bar, (which is neon green for some reason), continues to rise.

*Heal, Patience, Mental something*
*Heal, Patience, Mental Strain/Thought/something* Someone tell me the name, I don’t pay attention very well.

Finally, after hours of grueling work and sweat and tears and experience death boxes, the heavenly blue light encircles me, the number beside my name changes to 20.
I scare my mom by shouting out in joy. <.<

I can fly!
Then my neighbour tells me I have to do a quest to fly.


So I chat with the Station girl, she tells me to go to Saintwood. Wha?
She gives me a Blinkwing (They look like frozen butterflies), a curved head of a MAGIC BROOM, and says bye.
The red circles surround me and I end up in this strange Christian town called Saintwood.

There is a ramp up ahead. My friend tells me the next station girl/person/thing-of-my-imagination is up there.
More sweat, tears, and work. Luckily there were no monsters of I would have . . .

Anyways, I talk to the next person. She looks exactly like the first girl. (Dam clones.)
More killing, talking, she gives me a stick.

I later learn that the stick is the body of my non-existent broom and I will have to sit on it soon. -.-

Back and forwards I go, the Blinkwings mocking me as I use them. Finally, the old magic person gives me a duster, which is supposedly the head of my broom. (Dam stereotypes.)

I put the 3 together, and a magic broom appears in my inventory wondow. I put it on F5 and try it.

*crashes into airship*

Turn around, God damit!

*crashes into floating sign*


Anyways, I’m happy that I can finally catch up to my level 22 friend, and that the powers of Gravity no longer effects me. Now all I need is Resurrection, a pointed hat and a lightning-shaped scar and I’m set.



P.S Oh yea, I reliased that I could buy a surfboard. It flies too. >.>
P.S.S Surfing in the air!

MS Sea

Well i just recently started MS Sea

ANd since this is my first time blogging i won’t say much

My character in SEA is DrakeOWar
Buddy me!!! please >.>

OR you can just leave ur IGN

Excuse my bad grammer.

Im new here