Do I Really Love You? Pt2 (Book 2)

I stood there frozen with fear. But why was I so scared? Obviously Dan was playing a prank on me because I killed Darry ten years ago!

“Haha okay Dan you got me, but only for a second!” I said hoping that it was a joke
“Riku I am not joking! After Kyle was killed by someone…” he was cut off
“Jenny killed him.” I said with sadness
“Oh, well as I was saying! After he died, his gang members needed a new leader and Darry was the best they had. So they casted healing spells and incantations for months trying to bring him back alive. After he finally recovered, he started building his army and preparing to attack the towns of Orbis one by one!” read more

The forgotten Class part 6

Well this is the sixth one and I intend to write at least another 4 so heres the story
????:”Guess who…..?”
Me:”You know your really starting to make a knack outta this.”
Tifa:”We know it’s you Larence”
Anna just blinked in confusion.
Larence:”Well dear sister, you’ve grown in strength and mind.. but not so much.”
Me:”I’m not going to let people die because of your childish behavior, lets take this outside.”
Larence:”I don’t think so.”
Larence started to rush into the hall way.
Larence:”We’re taking this in here or im opening this black sack and the Jr.Barlog will kill even more people than we’ll kill inside. Agreed?”
Me:”Eugh, agreed”
Larence:”Good, let’s begin.”
I started to pput on my skills .
Me:” Die”
I rushed toward Larence and he jumped over my head and used the skill known as Shout.
The lion knocked me back but I kept going.
Me:”Dark sight!Haste”
I’ve often used this combination for self defence. I rushed towards him and as he turned around I “Assaulted”(Sorry bad pun) his arm. I hit it so hard with my Cursayer it was half fallen off. Calling Doctor Flarius to the amputation room. I rushed towards him as he got out the black sack and started to open it.
Me:”Oh no you don’t I said jumped from wall to wall, with deadly accuracy I stabbed the sack and the Jr.Barlag meteorited my chest.
I flew backwards with a hole in my arm. I quickly got up but then I fell down again. The meteorite leaves a nasty afterburn.
They both rushed towards me while Anna tryed to heal my wound but it was no use. I fainted.
————-1 Week after The ship————–
I woke to see that Tifa and Anna were sitting beside in the waiting room for the results from the doctor in the room.
(You probably noticed that it’s the same doctor the way hes acting.)
I felt an immense pain in my side arm and I tore the bandage off to see a hole in my arm, I quickly put the bandage back on.
Me:”I did my job.”
Tifa:”Sister come and look! Brother is okay!”
Tifa jumped on to me and I gave out a grunt.
Anna:”I was so worried!”
Anna also jumped on to me.(OW)I gave them a reassuring hug.
Me:”It’s alright, it’s just a hole in my arm…”
The doctor looked at me awkwardly and I gave him a glare.
Anna and Tifa in unison:”We thought we lost you!.. again!”
Me:”Nothing will kill me if it’s to protect my family. What happened to Larence?”
Tifa:”He died… I think.”
Me:”Let’s hope so”
I got up, but something concerned me.
Me:”Where are we?”
Me:”Then why is he here.”
I pointed at the doctor.
Anna:”He’s our portable doctor.”
Me:”Aren’t you a priestess? Why would we need a doctor?”
They both shrugged.
Me:”What ever, god im guessing I’ve been out for almost a week?”
They both nodded.
Me:”Okay then, let’s go and find that person.”
They nodded and we went off. I gave the doctor a noogie as we went.
They checked Ludibriums secluded places. Nothing. They headed towards the EOS tower.
—————-Meanwhile In the Omega Sector Hideout —————-
Terry:”(Insert word here).” He injected the medicine.
Terry had Geo-stigma, a desease where a bacteria get’s into your DNA. Your body overcompensates and the area of the infection turns black. In this case it was in Terry’s left arm. Terry got it while coming in contact with the Omega Clan.
Terry:”Kadaj you owe me big for this.”
Terry headed toward the omega sector. He took every out and put it into his pack. He got to the defence building and initiated the self destruct sequence. He jump off the bike with his doombringer and let the bike crash into the building. The building exploded like it got his my a Tomahawk missile.
Terry used his Ludibrium capsule and went to ludibrium.
The people are gonna meet each other for the first time. read more

Ratman here, I’m from the HammiSquad!

Hey. I’m Kenny, AKA Ratman :3. I’m in the Hammisquad. I’m friends with Hamuboshi. Got it? Good.

Anyways, I’m the special effects guy in our comic that we’re gonna be doing. Today, me and Hamuboshi are gonna go to Ludibrium. We both trained a bit and we’re ready. I’ve been playing Maplestory on and off since 2004. My first character was a mage, and thanks to Hamuboshi (he had played before, actually), I messed that character up pretty bad. I’ve had a lot of characters, but now my main one is TehKenny, on Broa. I started playing again seeing as how everyone else got back into it. I’m level 31, and at 30%. We’re looking to start a HammiSquad guild. Hamuboshi mentioned that in his blog, so if you have some money and can help us out, please donate to TehKenny or Hamuboshi. That’s about all I have for today, I just wanted an introduction. I’ll update at the end of the day. read more

MapleStory-Tellers Issue One o_0

So, I’m going to try to make a little cloumn thing about a certain topic in MapleStory. I’m going to need ideas for each cloumn things, and supply them if you want. This one is going to be about how some ‘friends’ are.


This story starts of with me , RoaringWinds, trying to look for a party for the Kerning PQ. After a few minutes of searching, I meet up with someone by the name of ChronoLegend. He starts a party, and, luckily, we made it in. We finished the PQ, and even got to rush. Since he was good at this, I decided to ask him to join my buddy list. He joined, and we finished the PQ. This time we didn’t rush, but we had to leave anyways. The next day, I see him on my buddy list, and ask him if he wants to go on a PQ. While we were waiting to get in, we were playing around, trying to look like each other. He saw I didn’t have exactly what he had, so he gave me a white bandana and work gloves. I thanked him, and then we made it in the PQ, again. read more

sucked into maplestory chapter 1

hello. since i hate my other sotries im gonna make a new one and if i quit it i wont make a new story >.>

it was a stormy day. the weather man said it wouldn’t rain. but what did he know? he makes too much bad predictions. he sighed and walked in his house. he had nothing to do. nothing was on TV. his little bro broke his play station. and he didn’t even know what happened to his Xbox. he went on his computer and surfed the web. but still, nothing to do. but, all of the sudden, his computer reseted. the TV. was still on. he didn’t lose power. then a beam came straight out of the computer. he started flying into the air. ohno, he thought, moms going to kill me! he then was sucked into his computer like a vacum cleaner. “what the..” he said. “DOWNLOADING COMPLETE” came a deep voice form no where. he looked around. gary, what have you done?” he thought to him self. he looked around, but he couldn’t see anything. it was pitch black. then there was a light. small, then big. it got bigger and bigger and bigger! then, the next thing he knew, he was falling from the sky. ” why does my life have too end here!” he yelled. once he fell on the ground, it didn’t hurt. he saw a number above his head. it said 10. it was blue. “hey you!” came a voice. he looked behind him and he saw a kid. he looked younger. and pixily. “yo, you look weird” said gary. “look whos talking” he said. he looked at himself. he looked simalir. “oh my gosh! what happened!” “did you get sucked into your computer?” the kid said. “uhh yes…” he said back. ” this is weird. everyone i ask keeps saying this. whos doing this??” he yelled. read more

Second Attack(Part4)

Plz read the first few stories, it is suggested.

LMB died because he forgot to watch out of lava spilling out, it dripped on him, and then another drip, until a continuous flow, he was too tired to care and died in peace…and he didn’t have the life to see the hidden figure.
The hidden shadow was holding a Fairfrozen…He was about the size of Tiger a height of Tiger…and oh what a surprize. It is Tiger! But there was something different…VERY different about it… read more

Tales of a Lost Phoneme (12)

Episode 12 Clouds in the Sky

Down in the deep abyss inside the Ant Tunnel, Kunai, Ryuu, Arai, and Ivy slow down as their footsteps begin to echo in the emptiness of the dungeon. Spouts of steam occasionally shoot up from the ground below them, and Stirges hover around their heads, flying by loudly overhead.

Arai plops down on a rock with a loud, tired sigh. He places rests his head on his arms, staring up at the ceiling and watching the Stirges flutter by. “Well, looks like we’ll be sleeping on hard rocks instead of soft, comfy beds tonight.” read more

I Didn’t Want To Hurt You (Part 1 of 2)

It had been raining for more than a week, so much rain it made everyday seemed so restless and gloomy. She called and said she was coming up. It was the third time she came up to see me that week. I carried her excuse of why she came all the way here and went to meet her at the nearby station in Ellinia. She was standing there alone, carrying her blue umbrella. Her friend had dropped her off. It was raining and she was shivering. She looked weak and fragile in the harsh rain, wearing not enough to keep her warm. read more

Power train tip

For those who power train this might be handy.
How do you walk a map when you powertrain?
Simple in a circle

PIC 1: you see this is phantoom chronos map the map for Esther hunting (never found one yet ) Wel the red line is how you walk its a bit bumpy but i think you catch my drift. Walking is circles is handy its like fishing if you fish to long on 1 spot fish will move to other spots so youl have to balance it read more