Lets go to Showa town shall we?

Okay so I was bored and I went on Broa to say hi. 2 of my friends came up to me and we were just having a fun time laughing at stupid random things. Anyways I’m looking through my inventory and stumble upon some return thingys to Showa town so I gave one to one of my friends and told her to go to zipangu, so the 3 of us went over and then I told her to double click it and she did. WEEEEE I laughed so hard, along with my other friend. When she returned I told her the story about it. And so then I started telling my friends to come and I tricked a few of them. Along with a couple strangers [noobs] Aha. So we had a great laugh at that.

Windia update, I’m lvl 41 with 80% and around 7M, I want to make a guild but I know I’m going to need atleast 11M to make it good. [If you are in Windia and want to help me out, send a friend request to CuppieCakex3 and we’ll discuss further on how you want to help me out, wether it’s a tip at how to make money or that you’d like to help make it and stay in it, I really don’t care any help is great help to me.] I have some scrolls I’m trying to sell and hopefully I can earn atleast another 2M off of them. My sister joined Windia when she started to play again [yay for her she got to lvl 30 the other day ^_^ shes an ice lightning mage] My sister has too much nx T_T. I changed my hair the other day, 2 trys at ludi exp and I got red rose, the one I wanted, however still working towards that ludi exp hairstyle!

Altogether this winter vacation on ms has been a real change from the school hw/school work that I’m used to and I DON’T look forward to going back. I miss some of my friends that went away but I could use another 2 weeks. That being said I think we all could use another 2 weeks.

I think that I’m a commonly used track now becuase I’ve pq’ed so much in the past couple days. My friend told me someone spammed my track, thats what always happens, I’ll pq alot ppl will use my track alot, then I die down unwillingly wanting to try to lvl.

Ms christmas(snowman)

wow that was like the best time
umm well hi im new to here
well in ms there was event about the not meating snow n me n sum friends finshed it here sum pic
if u use any skill on the snowman it will not work n dont ever take the magic mitten off if u do u die
n all u can do is 10 damge to him
well i was there n at frist the snowman was around the size of me then we killed him n boom he becomes bigger then we killed him n BOOM A SUPER ANGRY FROSTY CAME OUT IT STARTED TO KILL EVER1 OMG I HAV POT SO I WONT DIE LOOK AT MY PIC TO SEE HIS FULL SIZE =D

Happy New Year

First, to make this Maple related;

I havn’t been on Maple on a few days, I feel so unfulfilled

Been playing Digital Devil Saga 2 mostly. Spoilers to follow, don’t read if you don’t want to.

what @ SERPH DYING AND ROLAND DESERTING YOU, I like, downloaded 300k worth of Mantra’s for them. A–hats. :k

So yeah, happy hogmany (what they call new year in Scotland) to all of you, and to those hardcore grinding at a time like this, I bless ye. You now have 1+ “OMG LOL THEY SO SAD” status cause I’ve pointed you out to the world. So yeah, to all those to have a view, let us raise our glasses at the bells, E-Unification ftw!

So yeah, O FFS “And all the Jazz” just started playing on the TV; bad memories due to the first show I done with my cousin as the director; “Sleeping Beauty”; I was “Wee Eck” (Haha yeah it had some twists; I was “Wullie Prince”‘s accomplice.) I got abseloutely smashed at the party, crashed out in the bed and kept waking up to everyone jumping about singing to “And all that Jazz”, driving me crazy.

Alright I’m totally out before I get B& for explicit text – oh my.

Uh, time to make it more maple related; HAPPY MAPLING LOLOLOLOLOLOLDSFARGEG. :l

Tales of a Lost World 101

Happy New Year to everyone. Farewell to the old year and hope you all have a great 2008.

Episode 101 No One Can Die

‘Darkness…why is it so dark? I want to save my sister. No, I want to see my sister. No. She is gone. I have to beat this Fatalist. But…why is it growing so dark, and so cold? I can almost feel her presence…’

As Shuriken plummets towards the ground, his cold, blank eyes do not register the ground approaching him. Instead, he falls flat on his face, falling into the spider’s nest of oblivion.

‘There is no more hope…’

Zack starts as Shuriken hits the ground without any sign of resistance. “Sh-Shuriken!” he cries, showing signs of panic for the first time. He steps forward to run to Shuriken’s side, but stops as Ryuu holds out an arm.

“Don’t,” he mutters under his breath, “there’s…nothing you can do.” Zack meets Ryuu’s eye resignedly and notices that Ryuu’s arm is shaking. “Unfortunately, I didn’t get here in time.”

“I hope ya got a battle strategy t’get us outta this one,” Zack murmurs in reply.

“No,” Ryuu retorts, “unless you count beating this guy to a pulp. Back me up, Zack!”

“Gotcha!” Zack whistles, raising his Kage despite obvious signs of apprehensiveness.

“Oh?” Fain snorts, calmly taking in Ryuu’s flaming sword. “Another one shows up. You’re one of those humans who was with these two traitors in Kerning City. How interesting.”

“I knew I had a bad feeling when I first laid eyes on you,” Ryuu growls angrily, “but I’m here to set things straight now! You’re gonna pay for killing Shuriken!”

“So says the man who intrudes upon a private battle,” Fain shoots back skillfully. “What are you, a caveman? You have the sophistication of one to barge in with that fiery toy of yours.”

“Shut the hell up,” Ryuu snarls, “I’m gonna wipe that smirk off your damn face.”

In a reckless motion, Ryuu cuts the air with his sword, sending a blast of raging hot fire straight at Fain. The latter dodges with ease, and steps into the space just behind Ryuu.

“Behind ya, Ryuu!” Zack shouts, teleporting to cover Ryuu’s back and taking four arrows to the side in the process. Ryuu turns as a mass of green light consumes Zack. “Careful,” Zack warns, “his arrows’ll kill ya in one hit.”

“Thanks for the heads up,” Ryuu mutters back hurriedly, as Fain quickly recovers and fires another round of Strafes at Ryuu.

Ryuu blocks the arrows with his sword, though the impact from the arrows forces him back several paces. “Strong!” Ryuu comments, using all his strength to push back the arrows.

Just as Ryuu successfully wards off the first round of shots, Fain appears to his side and fires another Strafe directed at him. Zack appears out of nowhere, blocking the attack for Ryuu again. “Don’t let your guard down,” Zack replies breathlessly, “guy’s quick and dangerous. I’ll block for ya, but his speed’s been increasin’ a lot the last couple minutes.”

“Right,” Ryuu answers gruffly, glancing at Zack. “Slow down a bit. I’ve got a plan.”

Fain watches as Zack leans over while Ryuu whispers something into his ear. Calmly and casually loading a pair of arrows into his bow, he raises it and points it straight at Ryuu.

All of a sudden, Ryuu turns and charges at Fain directly. He exclaims a loud cry of triumph as he approaches Fain, recklessly waving his sword.

“Fool!” Fain says out loud, letting his arrows fly loose.

At the last second, Zack appears as a blur of blue, knocking Ryuu out of harm’s way and through a Mystic Door cast on the spot. The arrows pierce Zack’s raised arms, and the Priest’s wounds quickly diminish as his unceasing Heal shield protects him.

Meanwhile, Ryuu exits the door and appears right next to Fain, sword poised to strike. His steel sword collides the shaft of Fain’s bow, in an eruption of brute force and fiery smoke.

“Why are you after Zack and Shuriken?!” Ryuu howls in Fain’s ear. “Is it because you don’t want them leaking your secrets to us?!”

A smirk merely crosses Fain’s face in response. “Fool. You do not have to needlessly die here protecting these two. One is already dead. The other shall die before the night is over. I have no grudge against you, but neither do I have any qualms against killing you should you continue to stand in my way.”

“Bastard!” Ryuu screams in rage, drilling his sword past Fain’s bow and through his stomach with one violent push. Blood splashes out, but Fain shows no sign of fear or pain, not even a hint of discomfort. In fact, his face remains completely stoic.

“You shall die here,” Fain whispers softly in reply. He strings an arrow in his bow, and holds its tip up to Ryuu’s exposed neck. The arrow quivers in its place for a moment, seemingly brimming with an icy, yet electrifying current of energy.

Ryuu’s eyes widen as he feels the pressure of the arrow. “That…feeling! Why does it feel so familiar?! Just who the hell are you anyway?!”

Fain merely smiles grimly. “Did you know, friend, that appearances mean everything? One can be in complete disarray within, but outwardly, if they show no ounce of it, they give up no advantage to another. If you cannot instill fear into one whom you seek to defeat, then you cannot defeat that person.

“Appearances can be misleading. One who shows no emotion can never be taken advantage of. Nor will you ever realize their true intents. However, the same also applies for one who always shows the same emotion. Sound familiar, eh, my angry friend?”

Ryuu stares deeply into Fain’s dark eyes for a long while, glaring angrily at him. “I’ll ask you again…just who the hell are you…?”

“A Fatalist,” Fain answers plainly, “and, as I’ve already informed your ally here, the power of my arrows derives its strength from the last person I killed.”

“And that would be?” Ryuu mutters softly.

“Currently, the last person I killed was a deceased spirit named Arai Mage,” Fain whispers back.

“Is that so?” Ryuu says, in a voice so low that it is barely audible over the dulled hum of the midnight traffic in the distant boulevards of the city.

In the next second, Fain’s legs buckle from under him, and he is thrown far into the air as Ryuu lands a slash extending all the way across from his right hip to his left shoulder. Blood pours out again and sails through the air, splattering all across the dark ground.

“ROT IN HELL, YOU BASTARD!” Ryuu’s voice rises highest above the entire commotion. A few crows nesting on telephone lines nearby leap into the air cawing madly.

Even as Fain stumbles back into a standing position, Ryuu relentlessly chases after him, landing slash after slash upon Fain’s motionless body. Before Fain even hits the ground, Ryuu lands six separate slashes with his sword all across him.

Fain falls onto the ground, motionless and not breathing. Ryuu steps up to Fain’s bloody body and watches him with disgust for just a moment. “Bastard!” he shouts, kicking Fain in the ribs.

He raises his sword, and prepares to finalize the kill by slashing open the Fatalist’s throat. However, at the last moment, an arrow flies through the air, and pierces Ryuu squarely in the stomach.

Ryuu drops to his knees in shock, as his sword falls to the ground with a clatter. He glances down with widened eyes and sees blood spewing out of his wound, while he notices Fain’s bow, still raised in the air.

“A shot so fast, I could’ve sworn it was automatic…” Ryuu whispers hoarsely. His eyes continue to grow wider and wider, as he feels the wound in his stomach grow bloodier.

“Crap!” Zack howls wildly, rushing to Ryuu’s side. Immediately, he bathes Ryuu in a shower of green light, but then Zack soon collapses as well, as fresh wounds open up from under him. His blood flies into the air, mingling with that of Ryuu and Fain’s.

However, Zack’s wounds come not from Fain’s bow, but from himself. Scratches and cuts adorn his entire body, as he continues to force his bath of green light upon himself and Ryuu.

“The…hell’s wrong…with you?” Ryuu gasps, glancing over at Zack.

“Constantly usin’ Heal this much ain’t exactly good for me,” Zack says regretfully, “the constant closing of wounds only causes them to get worse in the long run. Healin’ll stop ‘em from being fatal, at least immediately, but usin’ it too much will take its toll too.”

“Then stop using Heal,” Ryuu splutters, “you’re obviously running out of mana. Lose any more and you’ll probably die from mana deprivation. Mages need a lot of mana to survive.”

Zack coughs out a laugh. “Sorry t’disappoint, Ryuu, but I guess you’re right.”

‘He used up the last of his mana to heal me,’ Ryuu ponders wonderingly, glancing down at Zack’s tired body. The mage is lying at Ryuu’s feet, eyes closed, whether dead or asleep, it is unknown.

Ryuu rises slowly, and grabs the shaft of the arrow in his stomach, wrenching it out. He casts the broken arrow down on the ground, trampling over it on his way back to Fain’s body.

In the meantime, Fain rises as well, without a hint of pain or hesitance. He stares coldly at Ryuu for a minute. “How did you survive my arrow?”

Ryuu rips open the shirt under his jacket, and reveals his chiseled stomach, which is closely embraced by a rock cold sheet of ice. “I secretly protected my vital organs before this battle by shielding them with a film of ice. Learned this little trick from another Fatalist, maybe ya know him.”

“Impressive,” Fain answers with a genuinely amazed voice. “I must admit, even I took for granted your skill. It is remarkable. However, by no means does this dispute my superior strength.”

“Fair enough,” Ryuu says with a twisted smile, “you can judge my strength when you’re dead!”

Ryuu pounces on Fain, and unleashes a wave of flames that crashes down upon the Fatalist. Suddenly, his coarse voice sounds from the other side of the wall of fire. “Thunder spear!” A blazing current of electricity crawls through the flaming barrier with frightening speed and overwhelms Fain’s body.

However, as the shocker commences, Fain releases a snarling hiss. “Tell me, why are you so intent on defeating me?”

“To prove that the Fatalists can be defeated,” Ryuu growls back, meeting Fain directly in the eye.

“In that case…” Fain whispers through the inferno, “I’m afraid you must perish as well!”

Ryuu’s eyes widen, but he has no time react as an arrow flies through the air. He catches it with his stomach, and drops to his knees, as a storm of ice flies straight at him. “What the hell?!” he cries.

The two attacks from Fain and Ryuu collide with a fantastic explosion of colors, illuminating the entire city with its heavenly light for just a second. In the next second, the two entities retract as they negate each other, and the two respective attackers are blown off their feet and away.

Out of the mass of retreating light, a figure steps to his feet, his shadow thrown far and long across the ground due to the light. However, it is neither Ryuu nor Fain. The mage raises his Kage, and cocks it, aiming a Holy Arrow straight at Fain.

happy new year!

Another Happy New Year Blog.


Well. I’ve been playing alot of Perfect World.
And guess what?

I had to make this account, and another, and call this place, and verify this, and blah blah BLAH.
But it was worth it.

I bought 100 Cubi-Gold (30 Dollars) >.>

Well. Here’s what I bought.

1- Meteor
Meteor is a lvl 30 Required Flying Device. The fastest one at that.
You can get a different version which is just as fast, but it’s lvl 50 required.
But DANG. I’m zooming with it.

2- Cougar.
I bought myself a Cougar Riding Pet.
~See Picture 1~

It’s lvl 7 now.

I also bought some stones to extend my inverntory and storage area so I can now carry more stuff.
I also bought an HP Heiro (silver version). So now I’m prepared for combat!
(Vital Heiros (HP) will automatically fully heal you after your HP has dropped below 50%)
(MP Heiros work the same, but will restore if your MP drops below 75%)

I bought some Materials to make stuff… some fireworks. And bought more Heiros and sold em.
Now I got 1.5 mil.
Money problems over for a while…

Now I got 1 Cubi-Gold Left… >.>
Oh wells.

How Happy?

This Happy.


Yeah. I’m happy. lawl.

Moving on.
Today during my travels to the southern area of the game’s world, I noticed this.
~see picture 2~
In the sky..

Only thought.
“That can’t be good. . .”

Well. Whatever it is, I learned I have no reason to care about it.
Probably until my late lvl 80’s. . .
Moving On.


During the game, when I hit lvl 46, I got a quest from the SunTown Village Elder.
Ehehehe. . .

It was called “Death Note”.
~see picture 3~

Hmm. Where have I seen this before?

Yeah, I know. DeathNote and Shinigamis are part of Asian Mythology and stuff.
So Its not surprising. . .

Ok. Anyways.
Moving on again.


Ok. Enough wasting time blogging.

Speaking of PW.
Where’d Iepiat and Mip go?

~Grimno ( )

Decisions Made, Level 80, & a Complaint

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been on in a while. As I predicted, holidays did get busy. Unfortunately, that wiill not make my blogging life here any easier even now that they’re over. After a long and strenuous Senior year in college, which ened with a few bad grades(-_-), I’m now on the path of finding a full-time job. That means I’ll be stuck at home for a while, long or short. In any case, my net life will be direly limited while I’m at home searching, so my recent onslaught of writing that came before the holidays will be tapered by a drought. Billions of apologies to you all who enjoy my writing, and know that once I get a solid net source up and running, I’ll be back on my feet like I was before.

In the meantime, I do have some blog time before I take off for work, and I’ll have some more time tonight and possibly some of tomorrow before things get tough again. So, let’s see how well I do with this one.

Alright, first on the char subs, I want to say thanks again to the overwhelming response I got from people. It was really hard to decide who would get some spots, which is good, of course. Counting from a grand total of seven, I got some very interesting characters to read about, so good job to all of you. However, as I’ve thought about the future of this story, I realize that my original idea of six winners would be a bit too much to think about, so I’m cutting the winners’ circle down to four. To make up for this, I’ve decided that even those who don’t get a winning spot will get a compensation spot or two in the story. In short, everyone wins, just some more than others.

And without further ado, here are the winners:

4th place goes to: ShiningWings, for his submission of Takira. *gives you a donut*
3rd place goes to: TheReplaced, for his submission of Avarius.*gives you a can of mountain dew*
2nd place goes to: Fenrir, for his submission of Lemmington. *gives you a twelve-pack of the dew*
And the 1st prize winner is…….AzNxKnife, for his submission of Imaskari!!! *24-pack of dew and a plate of donuts*

Everyone else’ll get a cameo or few here and there. Congrats to all of you and thanks for your help.

What else….ah, yes, I finally LEVELED! BOOYAH! Oh, it felt sooooo good to do that after having to wait for the fricking college to let out before I could. Overall it was grinding, though I did a couple quests in Zipang. One thing I will say about grinding is that trashing all those water goblins for hours upon hours made me question my decision to max assaulter BEFORE BoT. However, I still leveled anyway, and I still usually get around 5% an hour, so it’s okay. Plus, I can finally wear those pirate clothes I’ve been saving. Heh, I’m a pirate. ARRRR!^^

Alongside that, though, I have a rant. Yea, I know. “Tninja has a RANT?! Wow, that’s new!” Well, it is new, as I haven’t ranted in a while, but I just have to spill this outta me after what happened last night/this morning during my training. I was whacking goblins when I get a whisper from my guild leader Ngoc, only her char isn’t Ngoc. My amazement at this was quelled by the fact that her original account was under suspension ’till the 22nd. “Uh-oh, I asked, what happened?” The charge is thus:

She got kicked for ksing a hacker.

I repear: SHE got KICKED for KSing a HACKER. Note the last word, HACKER, specifically a vac hacker.

*sigh* Wow, thanks, GMs! Thanks for that! -_-

I mean, come ON! Yes, ksing is a bad thing, but against a vaccer? If I were there, I’d’ve been her cheerleader!

My point: yes, ksing is a bad thing, especially excessive, and no, kicking a player for it isn’t too harsh. However, I draw the line when it comes to stealing from players who twist the game to their will by making the monsters come to THEM. Ksing is griefing, but vaccing is miles beyond that; it’s lazy, inconsiderate, and an inconcieveable act of arrogance, as though you were shouting to the game itself that you’re too good to walk.

Now let me tell you something. Anyone who’s against my opinion can argue about it all they want(though I don’t tolerate flamers), but I honestly don’t see what the problem with ksing vaccers is. I mean, let’s look at it this way. Vaccers rely on their trickery, their “magic,” and their manipulation of the game system to make hunting easy for them, and sometimes harder for others. They’re putting themselves at an unfair advantage by pulling whatever monsterrs they want into one spot, getting easy training out of it and getting all the loot to themselves. So I personally find nothing wrong with someone who is willing to WALK and PORT around to earn their monsters go over and cut a hole in the vaccers training, to show them just how unfair their ways are.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now, better go to work. Might have a new blog up tonight, we’ll see. Until then, happy mapling!

Wazza :P


Wazza MMO-ERS? I’m Raza, a very very old MMO-ER or whatever it is and ugh I’m back. If I’m back it means I quit so yeah Anyways, hopefully I’ll be active again and write blogs that some of you will read (crosses fingers) and yeah, just have fun and share my days I guess Anyways, I’m a 13 year old fun loving typa kid! I’m okay at grammar and um like Drama, acting and making people laugh. Even though it doesn’t matter, I told you since I think my “readers” (once again crosses fingers) should know who I am!

Where have I been?

Hmm.. If you check my Mmoid, you could see the last blog I had was somewhere between 2000 and 2007 (I’m too lazy too check) and it was well a blog. I know all of you love me and adore me but when I suddenly quit, where did I go? What did I do? Well, I lived life I guess. I quit Maple SEA since my cousin got me hacked because long story short: He had spy ware, I went on his CPU, got hacked. Not just me, but me, my brother, my cousin, and his two sisters!!!! Woah eh? Anyways, after being hacked, I guess I got saddened 😮 and I’m just like whatever, Maple’s the past! Since I quit Maple, I kinda quit this too So ughh like I said, I’ve been living life! I just chilled with friends after begging my mom nonstop to let me go out once a week, writing raps, and just Basiling. After checking out my old blogs, I just had to make one for old times sake

What am I up to in Maple since this is a MAPLE/ Game website… DUH -.-“

Well what I have been doing is…. Take a guess MAPLING! Lol, I don’t know how it started but I Maple. I have a level 47 Dexless UNFUNDED Sin who is representing my old hacked 57 from SEA. I play in Broa and I love it I guess It’s easy training and easy money. Most people are nice too I also have more money than EVAR!!!!! Besides, thats my next thing to tell ya

Oh I gots myself some pocket money How did I get it? Hax00rsZ?

Nah, no hacking. NEVAR! It’s really a long story but it’s good I guess. I remember it just like it was the day before yesterday.. Oh wait, it was It went a little something like this.

I’m Mapling and then suddenly my cousin calls (he has a habit of doing that NONSTOP :o) and tells me how he suddenly got some items from his brother in like a iTCG package or something like that and ‘m amazed So as soon as I hear what he says I tell him to use it and he uses it He gets 3 items that both of us thought were crap and we’re just like “whateva.” So later that evening I seen someone buying something like Subhani Ankh for 3m and “I’m like WOAH SO MUCH MONEY” so I trade request that person. I’m like, “3m? So much money. Howcome?” And that person didn’t say anything but asked for the item. Not trusting someone named xxm3rchanTiSt3alAllurMoneyDenBecOmeRichAndScamPoorDefencelEssNoobsxxsd I quickly checked Basil and saw it was for a whopping 35m. I quickly went on my cousin’s account and sold it I told him and he promised me 10m! YAY! The next day he calls and he’s like “I can’t give it cause I’m too excited and I wanna keep it” and I”m like “dubble you tee eff?” So I sulk and am okay until he’s like, “I’ll give it to you” and even though I wanted it, I didn’t except it until he threatened to give it to some random noob which I DIDN’T AGREE WITH because why give it to a random noob while you could give it to your noob cousin? Lol. Anyways after that I sold him some cheap Tobis and cheap W.g. and we split ways. I bought some stuff and now have 1 Steely, 6 Tobis and a Snowball I also have a 34 Atk Kandayo and 8 Atk W.g. with 2m left over. I’m going to buy my other 3 cousins gifts since they’re poor even though I try to help them out but still, family is family I’m happy and yeah I bought my brother a gift first so don’t worry

Awesome! So what now>

Now I go bug my brother about Maple and try to help him get to level 30 so I can help him out level my poor cousin who’s level 37 WHO I FUNDED and yeah. I hope you guys / girls liked it and could bear it. I would post pictures but can’t since it’s my cousin’s laptop who won’t let me download Maple on it Thanks for reading and hi to everyone…

Yurrr boi…


A typical day in Maple

Well, you may as well say that this is your typical day in Maplestory if you get harrassed everyday by idoits that cannot admit that they are wrong. To start this off, I was training tonight at MDT’s and after a few minutes, a DK and a priest came into the map and started killing the MDT’s.
I asked them nicely to change channels: “Would you please change channels” and I get a reply: “Me map and cc plz”.
I tried to explain to them that me and my priest were already in the map and of course, I get the same reply.

Something like this always flips my shyt and I do anything I can to defeat them mentally. So, when I got a reply saying: “You want a ks war? I’ll bring everyone in my BL and guild”, I said: “I see, so you admit defeat and thus you must rely on the help of others to lead you to victory”.

Of course: I get replys like “STFU noob. Mi map so gtfo”.
Thus, since I know I was correct about everything I had said to him so far: “So you cannot say anything more and thus you just rely on insults”.
This caused them to leave and me and my priest were training peacefully for around… 20minutes.
The pair of them came back and since my priest had to go, I just defamed them, logged off, and am now writing this blog.
Share your experience like this.

Objection! [/dumb]



I’ve been on a serious grinding roll since this morning. I swear, my ass was glued onto the computer all day long, because of the following. One, my Winter Break is drawing to a near end, and I have to make most of it on MapleStory as possible. Two, I really really want to make it to 2nd job advancement on my new rogue.

Yeah, so I’ve been KPQing for a lot. Not to brag, but I’m pretty good at being a leader. I’ve managed to get my party in 7 times straight until my brain asploded. I even leveled thrice today, from 24, to 27, with 72%.

My buddylist is full. :c AND there is no way I’m paying 200,000 mesos for a cheapass to upgrade my buddylist. It’s kinda dumb how MapleStory has a limit of how many friends you can have. *goes on and rants nonstop*

I guess this HAS to do something about MapleStory, because I was playing it, when my Uncle came to give me my iTouch he purchased for me. I was on a joy streak I threw my mouse at his bollz. I was relieved he wasn’t that hurt, but even more relieved to find out my iTouch hadn’t been damaged.

My friend told me one plus one equaled two while we were PQing the other day, and I spammed “OBJECTION!” until he came over my house and threw his Computer at me.

Luljk aboutthecomputerpart.

If it weren’t for KPQ, I’d probably still be at level 21. EFFORT



Yeah, so I’ve been really getting annoyed because I’ve been getting really, really, really crappy rewards at the end of Kerning PQs. Is it because of the left-over Slimes I annihilate after we kill King Slime? So, yeah, I’ve been forced to empty my pocket money to purchase scrolls left and right.

I’m slowly clawing my way up to level 35 so I can LPQ. I haven’t done LPQ in ages, and if I don’t accomplish one Ludi Party Quest within a week I’lldestroythecitizensofMMOandactivateanuclearwaysoonlyroacheswillsurvive.

Hu Hu Hu, Spadey needs a level 25 Thief Glove or he’ll implode, hu hu.



A result

Got into a good PQ party today. Got into 2 PQs before I had to leave for lunch. Also got a 10% scroll for overall for dex and Lightning Earrings out of them both. Neither of them are for sale before anyone asks. A good result on top of the level up I got from the last one.

I’m now level 29 and I’m going to hunt Cloud Foxes for Hanako’s second Foxtail quest and in the hopes of getting an Eagle Crow (one can hope huh?). I got what I wanted from the KPQ so I’m going to let that slide a little and do some questing until level 30. I’m going to be a Xbowman in case anyone’s interested and I don’t plan on doing an FA based build. First point will be going into IA (Iron Arrow) just for the mobbing and then I’m probably pumping Mastery until I stop seeing “1”s.

The unstable damage is what sucks for Archers so I plan to rectify that one ASAP.

Happy hunting,