Lets go to Showa town shall we?

Okay so I was bored and I went on Broa to say hi. 2 of my friends came up to me and we were just having a fun time laughing at stupid random things. Anyways I’m looking through my inventory and stumble upon some return thingys to Showa town so I gave one to one of my friends and told her to go to zipangu, so the 3 of us went over and then I told her to double click it and she did. WEEEEE I laughed so hard, along with my other friend. When she returned I told her the story about it. And so then I started telling my friends to come and I tricked a few of them. Along with a couple strangers [noobs] Aha. So we had a great laugh at that. read more

Ms christmas(snowman)

wow that was like the best time
umm well hi im new to here
well in ms there was event about the not meating snow n me n sum friends finshed it here sum pic
if u use any skill on the snowman it will not work n dont ever take the magic mitten off if u do u die
n all u can do is 10 damge to him
well i was there n at frist the snowman was around the size of me then we killed him n boom he becomes bigger then we killed him n BOOM A SUPER ANGRY FROSTY CAME OUT IT STARTED TO KILL EVER1 OMG I HAV POT SO I WONT DIE LOOK AT MY PIC TO SEE HIS FULL SIZE =D read more

Happy New Year

First, to make this Maple related;

I havn’t been on Maple on a few days, I feel so unfulfilled

Been playing Digital Devil Saga 2 mostly. Spoilers to follow, don’t read if you don’t want to.

what @ SERPH DYING AND ROLAND DESERTING YOU, I like, downloaded 300k worth of Mantra’s for them. A–hats. :k

So yeah, happy hogmany (what they call new year in Scotland) to all of you, and to those hardcore grinding at a time like this, I bless ye. You now have 1+ “OMG LOL THEY SO SAD” status cause I’ve pointed you out to the world. So yeah, to all those to have a view, let us raise our glasses at the bells, E-Unification ftw! read more

Tales of a Lost World 101

Happy New Year to everyone. Farewell to the old year and hope you all have a great 2008.

Episode 101 No One Can Die

‘Darkness…why is it so dark? I want to save my sister. No, I want to see my sister. No. She is gone. I have to beat this Fatalist. But…why is it growing so dark, and so cold? I can almost feel her presence…’

As Shuriken plummets towards the ground, his cold, blank eyes do not register the ground approaching him. Instead, he falls flat on his face, falling into the spider’s nest of oblivion. read more

happy new year!

Another Happy New Year Blog.


Well. I’ve been playing alot of Perfect World.
And guess what?

I had to make this account, and another, and call this place, and verify this, and blah blah BLAH.
But it was worth it.

I bought 100 Cubi-Gold (30 Dollars) >.>

Well. Here’s what I bought. read more

Decisions Made, Level 80, & a Complaint

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been on in a while. As I predicted, holidays did get busy. Unfortunately, that wiill not make my blogging life here any easier even now that they’re over. After a long and strenuous Senior year in college, which ened with a few bad grades(-_-), I’m now on the path of finding a full-time job. That means I’ll be stuck at home for a while, long or short. In any case, my net life will be direly limited while I’m at home searching, so my recent onslaught of writing that came before the holidays will be tapered by a drought. Billions of apologies to you all who enjoy my writing, and know that once I get a solid net source up and running, I’ll be back on my feet like I was before. read more

Wazza :P


Wazza MMO-ERS? I’m Raza, a very very old MMO-ER or whatever it is and ugh I’m back. If I’m back it means I quit so yeah Anyways, hopefully I’ll be active again and write blogs that some of you will read (crosses fingers) and yeah, just have fun and share my days I guess Anyways, I’m a 13 year old fun loving typa kid! I’m okay at grammar and um like Drama, acting and making people laugh. Even though it doesn’t matter, I told you since I think my “readers” (once again crosses fingers) should know who I am! read more

A typical day in Maple

Well, you may as well say that this is your typical day in Maplestory if you get harrassed everyday by idoits that cannot admit that they are wrong. To start this off, I was training tonight at MDT’s and after a few minutes, a DK and a priest came into the map and started killing the MDT’s.
I asked them nicely to change channels: “Would you please change channels” and I get a reply: “Me map and cc plz”.
I tried to explain to them that me and my priest were already in the map and of course, I get the same reply. read more

Objection! [/dumb]



I’ve been on a serious grinding roll since this morning. I swear, my ass was glued onto the computer all day long, because of the following. One, my Winter Break is drawing to a near end, and I have to make most of it on MapleStory as possible. Two, I really really want to make it to 2nd job advancement on my new rogue.

Yeah, so I’ve been KPQing for a lot. Not to brag, but I’m pretty good at being a leader. I’ve managed to get my party in 7 times straight until my brain asploded. I even leveled thrice today, from 24, to 27, with 72%. read more

A result

Got into a good PQ party today. Got into 2 PQs before I had to leave for lunch. Also got a 10% scroll for overall for dex and Lightning Earrings out of them both. Neither of them are for sale before anyone asks. A good result on top of the level up I got from the last one.

I’m now level 29 and I’m going to hunt Cloud Foxes for Hanako’s second Foxtail quest and in the hopes of getting an Eagle Crow (one can hope huh?). I got what I wanted from the KPQ so I’m going to let that slide a little and do some questing until level 30. I’m going to be a Xbowman in case anyone’s interested and I don’t plan on doing an FA based build. First point will be going into IA (Iron Arrow) just for the mobbing and then I’m probably pumping Mastery until I stop seeing “1”s. read more