Deriving from Dancing Dragons!

Just assume from this point on everything is cappa-cappa-cappatalizzzzed!(No, that word is not cappuccino)
i have a dream,
my dream is someday i shall be accepted by society and not be viciously attacked at any period of the day by “brave” knights,
come on a dragon needs his beauty sleep!
also, my wish is to go to space but yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh. . . .(i can barely get a taxi, how am i supposed to get a rocket ship?) read more

KWSN’s General laws of Maple


-The lower someone’s secondary stat is, the more likely the person is to be an jerk.
-The lower the level that someone has a z-helm, the more likely they are going to be an jerk.
-Archers tend to be the best KS’ers except at FoG. Then they’re the worst (without rain mind you). Despite this fact, they don’t go KS people often.
-Sins hate archers, and archers hate sins.
-DK’s almost always need a priest.
-Thieves are ADHD poster childs (haste).
-The amount of hackers someone reports is a reflection on how much of a life they have or lack.
-NX wh0res, while annoying at times, do keep the game free for the rest of us.
-The bigger the ass a high level is, the more (s)he has been asked for money and other items.
-The report button does work, just not instant gratification.
-GMs do exist, you just don’t know they’re there.
-The higher the level of someone’s “main”, the more likely they’re lying about it.
-No one listens to smegas calling for defames or reports.
-People who makes lists like these are either bored or just lacking a life.
-All fame does is allow you to do a handful of quests and wear dark/black armor.
-Mass defame threats are one thing: petty.
-Killing monsters from summon bags at HHG/KPQ/LPQ will get you yelled at. read more

Noob, eh?

(might have somewhat explicit content, I just don’t know)
I seriously need someone to explain to me why noobs are so hated.

So I’m level 54, therefore I am so lame that I can’t defend my friends and my guild?
I gotta shut my mouth and let people harrass me and my friends because at level 54 I am less than a person.

If you read my wedding post there was a certain anal pore that relentlessly spammed me during my wedding and while I was trying to do that quest with all my wedding guests waiting on me. This person is KillShadow05. I’m gonna put his name right here since he doesn’t seem to have a problem with others knowing just how rude he can be.
During the wedding he spammed calling me a “wh0re” telling me to die because I swore at him for trying to make me lag out when I was already lagging badly (today we learned that his logic was: crappy computer=completely abstain from MMO games). read more

Pro/Cons part II: Warriors


So I finally got around to another pro/con, warriors, the opposite of archers. This will be short, since I don’t know much.

General pros:
Highest HP
Highest weapon attack
Highest weapon defense makes up for sucky avoid
First job mob skill

General Cons:
Equips and related scrolls tend to be expensive
Bottom basement accuracy and avoid
HP pots get expensive
Lowest MP
Slowest physical attacks
Easily KS’ed read more

I’m still here

I’m alive still, despite the length since the last blog.

At 1:12 AM, August 21st…

I ceased to be a hunter =D. I finally advanced. I looked at my previous quests to see how long ago I did the noob ones. June 2006. It’s been that long since I first started kwsnw.

Anyway, on to what happened. Two of my guildies had classes the next morning, but I was able to convince them to stay on since we had a whole fog map and I was near leveling. At 11:20, it happened. After a few congrats, it was a mad dash to Ellina to catch the ship (we just did too). Anyway, after scrolling down the tower and back up, it’s back to Henesys for part one. And I died T_T. Second time I beat her, but I had to use ice cream pops (yay for wasting money). Back to Nath, this time, I had to climb down. Anyway, unlike the fighting part, I breezed through the quiz part (one try =D). Shortly after strafing a few jetis, I logged out for the night… read more

Kerning PQ rant here.

I’m here to rant about the idiots of Kerning PQ. I seem to be a famous track in Scania now, I know a lot of people from the famous “KernCityPQ” guild, and I get in a lot. Whenever I get into a channel now people all go “ccplz D:<.” But Ignore them. Easy as fudge cookies.


Looking for PQ@@@@@@@@@ read more

What’s with the egg obsession?

The title will be explained later on. ;D

Also, no Emo-ness was involved in writing this. Emo’s still locked up in the emo-corner, so no worries. ;D

Yeah. To all you people who’s probably going: ‘WHO’S THIS PERSON OMGOMG DEFAME PLZOMGOMGLOL’, I’m Anni. I used to comment and blog more on MMOTales, but now.. -Goes emo- read more

I’m Gonna Do It, It’s Rantin’ Time!

As i sit here, i’m wondering.
What is the point of flaming?
(This blog, im gonna try to not dubble space, and see if my head duzzent ‘splode)
I am an avid youtube poster Heres My Vids, most are pretty good, some are terrble XD.
link But in all of my years, i have never seen so many people get so pissed off at things.
Whether its saying how bad it sucks, putting the creator down, or just being a complete jerk, i always see it. read more

i got married!!!

YAAAAAAY! I GOT MARRIED!!! To Jazmin (13lueMoon)!!! We’ve been talking about it for months, and I finally saved up the $29 we needed to get a MapleStory VIP Cathedral wedding!

We went to Amoria, and about 20 friends were waiting for us there. Then, we clicked the High Priest, and the wedding started!

Inside the Cathedral, we waited for everyone so come in, then started the wedding! High Priest John got one message out, and Jaz disconnected. read more

A nothing post o.0

ello ppl =]
hadnt been writing anything for a bit, was busy trying to find my way out of a maze inside my head…
in fact, im still lost lol..
nothing much happens anymore, not a lot of ppl talks in guild anymore(and thats a big blow to meh =/), stuff’s sorta blah…
and im going to grand canyon on friday o.0
lol just to let whoever reads these know, that i wont be back til sunday/monday =P
hopely this trip sorta clears up something, if theres anything to be cleaned up lol read more