Deriving from Dancing Dragons!

Just assume from this point on everything is cappa-cappa-cappatalizzzzed!(No, that word is not cappuccino)
i have a dream,
my dream is someday i shall be accepted by society and not be viciously attacked at any period of the day by “brave” knights,
come on a dragon needs his beauty sleep!
also, my wish is to go to space but yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh. . . .(i can barely get a taxi, how am i supposed to get a rocket ship?)

wow, i really love this uncapatalizing thing! C, OMG, THESE WORDS ARE CAPITALIZED! The automatic capitalizer has finally met its doom. . .Mutters: Just 5 frikken seconds after I bought it! Grrr!

Well, well, well, well, well, well, look a well!
I’m up to some stuff and you’ll just have to wait and see what it is!

Warning: This will probably be long, even though I will really try hard to keep it short. Please be sure to wear safety goggles. (Chemistry FTW!) Oh yeah, my scroll lock button doesn’t work! We used to be like the best of friends and now. . . . I. . . just . . . .I can’t do this *breaks out into a crying fit* *eats a walrus* *feels better*

Work your magic, Getting-to-the-Point-Machine-that-I-bought-at-crappy-electronic-store!
Bears! (what? Why must all that I buy self destruct itself?!)
But what do you know!

[h]Guild Gummies![/h]
Well, I’ve sort of been on the lookout to find a good guild again! Been hopping around like a bunny thats hopped up on Trix Yogurt. I just wanna find a guild that’s good for me and I really like everything about it.
Basically I expect these list of demands to be met when looking for a guild:
-active and actually seem like they are alive not just taking up a spot in the guild
-good name (no fruity bunny symbol for the emblem!)
-GPQ’s from time to time
-the guildmaster goes on and one that actually likes me
-EVERYONE MUST BE EATING HEALTHY! (Umm, I just don’t want anyone to die, because then that equals one less guild member)

[h]Thief Kameyayayayayaya[/h]
Lol, I don’t remember any of this but apparently I leveled my thief to 30 and then 31 and kicked some noob ass?
I began using attack pots so that is awesom-o!

I used my thief as a sacrifice to make my last comic! 0.00% is the only percent for me!
I apparently also did a jump quest, I don’t know how, FLY HAX? MAGIC CARPET? FLYING DOG?

Then I continued to fight those foxies in Mushy Shrine, and I did that quest and now your bored and I’m getting sleepy!

Balrog, it went pop when me fightee la evil ojos y AYYY CURAMBA!?!?: coM% e$*a y tu (%*($% NUUUUUUUU!
Do you understand? Taking on a balrog, I would say it’s sort of like a puzzle, one must familiaralize himself with the pieces before one may pwn it! Err. . .something to that accord!

It was a clone, and within seconds of going ‘POP!’ I went ‘TIMBER’!
Then it gave me cakes and I was happy! Then I killed some evil eyes and from then on it just gets all blurry!

[h]Drakee, Drakeee![/h]
Wow, I’m making some good time in this blog! But I am getting tired, who knew running a mile and typing on a laptop could be such an intense workout!

‘French Fries please’ Oh no! Look away! I beg of you!

That quote from Falaffel Mcgew! actually takes me to another point! I kill drakes!

Drakes: Simply marvelous creatures with a defense mechanism of spikes on their back. They like to roam in big groups and basically look like dinosaurs! (Copyright Animalplanet?! Who cares!)

Okay, so I’m in the dungeon, right after my friend has given me a set of those white half-moon earrings, and theres like zombie mushes everywhere! I’m in a party with my next door neighbor and a noob I decided to train (be careful how this word is used because it could also mean HUGE ROLLING DEATH MACHINE!) So basically we just chat it up and then later other people join the partay and we have like the ultimate team of superheroes!

After that, is when I get to the Drakes and start killing them for Dragonskins for this one quest! Pretty decent percent and not bad food, DRAKE MEAT FTW! YEA!

[h] An Important Point[/h]
Whatever happened to saying hello to every random person you see? It’s a question I’ve been wondering for about 24 days, and 67 hours!
From now on this right here is the only math I know:
MS=magic sandwiches! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

[h]Nependeaths, Dark Nependeaths, and all types of other Deaths![/h]
To orbis I went and in orbis I conquered! (Wow, pay attention to all these famous quotes cause they’re really educational)

From the heading you should have been able to figure out I killed lots of things with the word death in them! Alright!
That lasted about two hours and it was the bestest I ever did![/sarcasm]

Since we’re on the topic of Orbis, let’s stay on it! Um, I went to fishy land and I killed fish. You could say it was pretty fishy! Hahahahahahahahahahaha, get it? No you don’t!
I did all those DNA quests for that fishy zoo person!
And the fishy fish were really acting fishy. Well, after I fishily killed the fishy things I had to kill I got a fish spear!
I mean seriously, that’s an award? What kind of crap is that! Look I work for Nexon, Look I’m creative, Look I made a spear with a fish on it!
I find myself wondering why they didn’t stick walruses, sea horses, dolphins and any other sea animal you can think of on to a spear! Was their intelligence not large enough?
I mean, am I supposed to eat this spear, what am I supposed to do with it?

Wanna guess where I went from Orbis? I went to Korean Town!
I took a ride on the elevator into Ludi, it was a beautiful day in Ludi, as it always is every day of the year and every minute of it!

[h]I guess I’m putting another title here because I got bored?[/h]
Retz! I slew a whole bunch of them and end of story!

This blog is over now! Go! Go in peace and bring me back some lemonade, a bag of chips, um other food, no fish please, sorry but I don’t eat spears!, and some coco cola (Lol, I just recently saw a billboard that made me laugh, it was for Coca Cola Zero and it went like this, “Tastes so much like regular coke, we should sue ourselves!” I think that if they are anything like Nexon they would, but that’s just my opinion, not yours so alalalalalalalalala! Poof Magic Transition!

Lol, you actually thought this blog was over? YOU actually thought this blog was over!? If you did, you should totally work for NEXON! Alright!

[h]The Awesomely Extroardinary Week![/h]
Sunday: I SOLO TWO ALISHAR! TWO ALISHAAAAAAR! Seriously, you can’t miss a big whale who likes to hang upside down like a bat and has a halo on it’s feet! 0.O
Instead of ‘Holy Cow!’ the ‘people’ should change that phrase to ‘Holy Whale!’

Monday: I joined some guild! At first I liked it a whole bunch but the master was not really meant to be a master! He’s lucky I didn’t have a ketchup bottle cause I woulda pwned that sucka so badly! ! ! So that was me leaving guild #1337!

“I’m all outta guild
so lost without you
I waited for so long”
-lazy can sing!?!:{}&* productions!

Tuesday: This is where the week sort of went from Spam-tacular to Noobdepressing (well, that, that right there? That was an ugly combo of words! I should be ashamed but I’m not! )
But after I made a trade I had 6 MIL! so lazydame=billionaire=no more being out of milk=billionaire, err wait, dammit I’m poor again!
(See, this is why math is a big no-no!)

Wednesday:I guess from the beginning of the week to the end you can sort of picture it like Dominoes (not the pizza, but at least you’re thinking outside the box, but pizza is IN the box so you fail!)
Now I say that meaning two different points,
1. I’m just a crazy, drunk noob
2. I played less and less every day
3. The week sort of went downhill in just interesting
4. I’m a drunk noob so that’s why there is a four, woot good thing there’s no ‘Don’t Drink and Write Law’ (cough*if there was all my blogs would have been terminated *cough*)

(((((Cough cough*)))).)&gt&gt&gt&gt&gt&gt> TYLENOL DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE! YOU STUPID IDIOTS KEEP SPREADING THE COUGH TO ME!!!!((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))Frosty the ugly demented snowman who lived in a toaster))))((((That is just another fine example of the classical melodies of lazydame))))))))(((((tune in next time, where there won’t be a next time)))()()()()()()()()((((((BUY MY CD! IT SONY SOFTWARE! ! !)))))

A RABBIT: Are the parenthesis like not cool? Do people even like my crazy and random supply of parenthi?

Thursday:Nothing happened today, I was non-existent (I really wish I could use that excuse to put in my phone message, I’M NOT ALIVE PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE THAT’LL I’LL NEVER CHECK AND MAKE SURE THAT WHEN YOUR LEAVING LIKE A PHONE NUMBER TO MURMUR OR SPEAK QUIETLY WHEN SAYING IT! THANK YOU!)
(If I had control of the phone system. . .wow, I would pwn it!)

Friday: Hey! Don’t blame me for long blogs, blame the number of days in a week!
I can’t really remember anything from this day, I just recall having no school

Saturday: I killed 10 rombots in an hour!

[h]To the new land! PANDALAND![/h]
I guess there’s no more questioning where exactly Lunarpanda comes from!(Hi Lunarpanda! Chances are you probably won’t read this!)

Wow, wow, wow, so I get a million stupid pictures of this place but when it comes to snapping a pic of something interesting! NOTHING!
Well, pandaland, once you get over your fear of pandas, is such a bad place!
It’s pretty. . . . . . . . .*looks into supersize dictionary*. . . McDonalds!? No!. . . .aha! boring, or supersize? I don’t know!
I’m usually one that likes patches and stuff so if I say it’s boring you butter take my word for it!

Here’s the almost endlest list of pictures!:
Panda mushy mushy?
His name reveals too much!
Yeah, I’m on top of the food chain!
Mission Impossible: Steal cow.
That’s what I call nice word play!
A great honor to be this lazy!
Um, why didn’t they put hats like those on every monster in the game?
Veggies on Drugs?
The game would be much better with these!
Save me?

That’s it for panda pics!

[h]BAN MANIA![/h]
Where else than BASILMARKET! ! !
What I got banned for: Called Mr.(Mrs.) Basil a mom, said furry rabbits! XD XD XD, made a forum in which the topic was too see how long it would take to delete it
What I didn’t get banned for: saying ‘noob amusement park’, saying ‘dolphins that ride people’, made a thread asking how to get exp in MS, and another one asking how to kill monsters.

[h]I can’t believe I forgot the Night of Two Weddings! ! ![/h]
Ok, let’s keep this short and simple, and since my pics didn’t work for this either I have no pics!
Why must the god of pictures woe me so?

1st Wedding: My friend’s wedding in scania, he’s a fellow warrior and he’s one of my pro friends, and I basically have pro friends cause they level fast, I level slow.
So, he had to skip off to do the mom and dad quest
Most of his guild was there, which was a pretty nice guild!
I gave him like 30 elixirs and 5 power pots(the purple ones?)
and basically then I left for the next wedding

2nd: Applebomb, how dare you not tell me about you second wedding!
Her first wedding was a failure but I liked it!
Lots of MMOTalers and when I first got there I was like uhhhh. . .but then someone from MMOTales said my name!
So, anyway she lagged greatly, I’m sure you all know the story and lots of people hung out by the cathedral
Lol, I went in one jumpy place and was jumping there for about 10 minutes non stop!
We went in, various phrases of spam were shouted for the rest of the wedding and badda bup! It was over!
Yeah, Mastercheezy basically has the whole replay of it in detail!

Woot, good thing I remembered to at least add that in there! XD

[h]‘SO NO!’ party!that’s actually what the party is called![/h]
My partay! The main feature, hopefully if I don’t just suddenly fall asleep and hit my head on the keyboard throwing the whole universe into wack and opening a portal to lalaland!, of this blog and the last blue highlightededededededed thing!

Pictures: I’m starting with the few pics I have managed to recover! Thanks everyone who supplied me these!
1.Mega-Smega Power
2.Poke a ghost a day, stay healthy forever?Eh Ionno?!
3.That right there is the meaning of R.I.P.
5.Uhhhhhhhhh, bigger and flashier bubbles?

The party took place on August 27th at sometime o’clock
there was also a bank robbery at sometime o’clock but that has no connection at all!

the story of how I had a party with only 6 people! Totally true. Rated L for lazy!(AznRiceFan,benZON, theReplaced, AzNxKnife, Ganzicus, and joe the pirate?)

So it started as all else started, in channel 15 and fm 15, now I’m gonna recall all of this from memory so don’t kill me with orange juice!

People showed up and we just started hanging out, waiting for any individuals to see if they would show.

Here are just some bullet points of what happened in fm!
-We mated a waffle and cheezecake together
-dropped a lot of stuff, like eggs, AznRiceFan’s brain, some money, google the search engine!
-we played an AFK game? I just thought we were on a coffeebreak or something so I stood there staring at my screen.
-lol, my favorite part in the fm, everyone one was spamming ‘@@@@@@@@’ over and over again.
I came in and I’m like what. . .and then I joined in. . .what=wacky turtle fun!

Then we all split up and met again in mushy shrine!
I bombarded them with aliens! But nobody died! T.T
So we, all progressed on, unknown to us that we shall all perish soon in a very cowardly battle!

On the way:
-We saw ninja turtles!
-some retarded gas masks got in our way
-I ate a raisin

and then we got to GRIMES, or as I like to call them GRIMNO’s(hi grimno)
yay I survived the longest, I just kept speedwalking away from them
but then I lagged and the rest is history!
lol, we stood there dead for a hell of a long time! People just kept staring at us!
I suggested the reason we died was because benZON didn’t have a hat on! ! !

I didn’t think it was dull, it probably couldn’t be considered a party but I haven’t been to any in MS so I’m not so sure
It was fun gathering people from MMOTales and just doing stupid stuff! Next year I’ll have it way more organized and we’ll all be in the same place and then we could go terrorize cows! I expect more people next year!

Lol, Eden and Mastercheeze showed up way too late!
It was nice meeting you in game though Eden!

Here are some random pictures!
The Ultimate Name. . .of a person who lives with 15 cats and dogs
Do you remember about remembering about remember?
Look, it’s happy hippy turtle!

Oh and this show that someone advertised in their blog I started watching and found it to be awesome,
at first you might think it is boring but later the episodes get hilarious, oh and you sort of gotta watch them in order because they have a story
So, I’ll put it here: see right there>>>>> link
Lol, it’s probably the reason I used a vast amount of the word ‘pwn’ in this blog!

Aww, all my NX is gone!
Lol, I’m sleepy!
/endo blogo!

Dammit, that didn’t work! Stupid Harry Potter books, all the time I’ve spent reading them have taught me nothing! Nothing!

How shall I end this, meh, I really don’t know how to end this, I’m like stuck! For once in my life I have no genious way of saying goodbye.
Yea, that works
Toodles, turtles tobagganing on tight rope, toodles!
Ooh look noodles!

~LaZzz. . .(ahh my tongue! Dragon Breath! Buuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrpp! Highly flammable gas and potato chips DO NOT mix!)

KWSN’s General laws of Maple


-The lower someone’s secondary stat is, the more likely the person is to be an jerk.
-The lower the level that someone has a z-helm, the more likely they are going to be an jerk.
-Archers tend to be the best KS’ers except at FoG. Then they’re the worst (without rain mind you). Despite this fact, they don’t go KS people often.
-Sins hate archers, and archers hate sins.
-DK’s almost always need a priest.
-Thieves are ADHD poster childs (haste).
-The amount of hackers someone reports is a reflection on how much of a life they have or lack.
-NX wh0res, while annoying at times, do keep the game free for the rest of us.
-The bigger the ass a high level is, the more (s)he has been asked for money and other items.
-The report button does work, just not instant gratification.
-GMs do exist, you just don’t know they’re there.
-The higher the level of someone’s “main”, the more likely they’re lying about it.
-No one listens to smegas calling for defames or reports.
-People who makes lists like these are either bored or just lacking a life.
-All fame does is allow you to do a handful of quests and wear dark/black armor.
-Mass defame threats are one thing: petty.
-Killing monsters from summon bags at HHG/KPQ/LPQ will get you yelled at.

Anyone got any more to add? XD

Noob, eh?

(might have somewhat explicit content, I just don’t know)
I seriously need someone to explain to me why noobs are so hated.

So I’m level 54, therefore I am so lame that I can’t defend my friends and my guild?
I gotta shut my mouth and let people harrass me and my friends because at level 54 I am less than a person.

If you read my wedding post there was a certain anal pore that relentlessly spammed me during my wedding and while I was trying to do that quest with all my wedding guests waiting on me. This person is KillShadow05. I’m gonna put his name right here since he doesn’t seem to have a problem with others knowing just how rude he can be.
During the wedding he spammed calling me a “wh0re” telling me to die because I swore at him for trying to make me lag out when I was already lagging badly (today we learned that his logic was: crappy computer=completely abstain from MMO games).

Today I was in the FreeMarket meeting a friend who wanted me to go see his new Pick Pocket Pilfer or whatever it’s called and I saw that guy run past. Of course, he didn’t know Lovitt was me so I did that thing again that I did last time I had a bit of a battle with someone on Lovitt, I pretended that Djien was the guild leader and a completely different person from Lovitt (Yes, I r schitzo). My friend ran ahead of me and told people to defame him and called him a “f@g” (though I asked him to stop and not swear, I told everyone to watch their mouths). The guy called us noobs like it made a difference. Every other word was “noob”. I told him to chill out and that we just wanted an apology. He called me a “slut” and told me to “stfu”.

I tried to reason with him but he just called me a noob and the aforementioned obscenities. He made it clear that he couldn’t speak without being profane and rude. I tried to think up some high levelled buddies who might help me reason with him or at least intimidate him into listening but one ignored me, one wasn’t higher than him and the only one who listened: Sweet Christi, a.k.a. Smidiot. I’d like to think he was intimidated what with her standing there with that sexy Kage.

Well he went and got the person in charge of his guild and my friends (though I love them to death and really appreciate them), those two silly boys, were still swearing at him so it didn’t help matters. At first the leader girl was kinda annoyed at us and defensive but I was still being reasonable (which that jerk was putting me down for asking me whether I was too young to hear profanity and telling me to just stfu). I chatted her and explained the situation-that her guild member was a jerk and almost, well, did, ruin my wedding. She admitted that she would have been annoyed and swore, too (and I swore at that guy baaad, I mean ever hear of “bridezilla”?) and said she would make him apologize if I made my friends apologize as well.

And I did. Sin didn’t want to but he did it for me. The guy just said “w/e”. Then later the girl whispered me and said that she couldn’t get him to apologize because Lovitt cursed at him. I said a total of 3 bad words to him and a total of 10 words total to him ever on Lovitt. He called me a “slut”, “wh0r3” and “noob” every other sentence and he talked a lot.
The girl apologized sincerely for him which I appreciate and admire. Her name was “Aelana” and I’m gonna remember to fame her.

To be honest, I’m more confused than pissed off now. I don’t know why being a “noob” is such a big insult. I don’t know what your level has anything to do with the way you treat people. I’m sure you’ve all heard this a billion times but I really don’t get why being level 54 makes him think I’m so low that I’m not capable of sticking up for myself or my friends. “Stop trying to act big?”
I didn’t swear at him once the whole time. I just told him to chill and listen to reason. His response was that I wasn’t in the position to reason with him. This person makes me sick. Not because he’s rude and profane. Because his logic is so based around ranking that it’s a pity that someone like that has a place in Maple.
I know I say sometimes that high levels can be mean but the ones I have met, the two in my guild (Cheezeh and Mark) and the other two that I have met from MMOT (Christi, Grimno, someone else I can’t remember dude I’m sorry) and my old guild masters (ok so only Indervir) and several other people that I have met in the 7-8 months that I played maple make me know otherwise. Even though I have a bit of ego myself, I know that I’m not the only person who wouldn’t put rank ahead of the fact that people are human beings.

Also, Cheeze caught the boquet. You know what that means. He’s the next blushing bride. I poke fun at him because he’s one of my favorite people now. Yes, you are. =D *coughheadmittedthathelovesacertainpriestfromthissiteaswellaswindiacough*

Oh, as for the re-wedding, it went without some key people (Ganzicus, again) but we got it over with. Thanks to people who gave me gifts!! I didn’t ask but whoever gave me the LeFay Jester: you freaking rock. I don’t remember all my gifts but I honestly loved every single one, including that axe, the 17 attack garnier, the 69 mesos and water that Cheeze gave me after hitting on my friends, all of it.

The most interesting thing in the wedding was how Cheezeh, Mark (warr1oran1me), and I were the only ones to get onyx boxes/not die/not get confused and do nothing. I got some kinda dew from my box and not the mountain kind.

I’m worn out. I’m gonna make a post with all the screenies if anyone wanted to see in maybe a few days. I hope everyone has a good weekend and a good back to school if that started recently!

Good Night!

(oooh! and a moment to brag, if you will: guess who’s getting rid of the lag-o-matic crap piece she uses now for an alienware, that’s right, hell yesssssssss ;D)

Pro/Cons part II: Warriors


So I finally got around to another pro/con, warriors, the opposite of archers. This will be short, since I don’t know much.

General pros:
Highest HP
Highest weapon attack
Highest weapon defense makes up for sucky avoid
First job mob skill

General Cons:
Equips and related scrolls tend to be expensive
Bottom basement accuracy and avoid
HP pots get expensive
Lowest MP
Slowest physical attacks
Easily KS’ed

Warriors are the “tanks” of Maple Story. They dish out a lot of damage and can take a lot of it too. The warrior class is divided into three subclasses, Fighter, Spear(wo)man, and Page.


Fighter pros:
Power Guard
Panic is the strongest one hit attack in the game (a whopping +570%)
Combo boosts attack in addition to rage
Axes tend to run cheap

Fighter cons:
Combo and related skills don’t come till 3rd job
Rage lowers w. def (not so much a problem for the fighter, but for the rest of the party)
Swords are expensive.

Fighters traditionally are the sword users of the game, though a fair amount of Pages and WK’s use them. In terms of the other subclasses, fighters are the second most common, and for the most part, more quiet than Spears.


Spear pros:
Highest physical attack in the game
Hyper body
Crusher does 510% to three enemies
One of the best mobbers in the game
Iron will helps out the party
Dragon blood boosts attack

Spear cons:
Damage is insanely wild, even with mastery
One of expensive classes at higher levels
Stereotypical dependency on priests
Damage depends on animation (spears do more stabbing, pole arms swinging)
Some 3rd job skills drain HP

Spears are more well known than fighters and pages, and by far more popular. Spears are used more than the other subclasses at bosses because of the damage they can put out without having to charge a combo. Perhaps the reason for the large amount of spears is cause of Tiger, but that’s just speculation.


Page pros:
Maces are cheap
Basically a warrior mage hybrid
Power guard
Cheapest of the three

Page cons:
Weakest of the three (no damage+ buffs till third)
Sword Pages cost a lot
elemental attacks don’t come till 3rd job

Pages are the rarest class in the game (not counting perma-noobs). However, they’re the only class able to use maces, and usually do so. Essentially, in 3rd job pages get elemental based attacks, making them adaptable. Come 4th job, apparently they get the power boost they deserve.

That’s all I got, anyone want me to add something, drop me a PM.

I’m still here

I’m alive still, despite the length since the last blog.

At 1:12 AM, August 21st…

I ceased to be a hunter =D. I finally advanced. I looked at my previous quests to see how long ago I did the noob ones. June 2006. It’s been that long since I first started kwsnw.

Anyway, on to what happened. Two of my guildies had classes the next morning, but I was able to convince them to stay on since we had a whole fog map and I was near leveling. At 11:20, it happened. After a few congrats, it was a mad dash to Ellina to catch the ship (we just did too). Anyway, after scrolling down the tower and back up, it’s back to Henesys for part one. And I died T_T. Second time I beat her, but I had to use ice cream pops (yay for wasting money). Back to Nath, this time, I had to climb down. Anyway, unlike the fighting part, I breezed through the quiz part (one try =D). Shortly after strafing a few jetis, I logged out for the night…

Then came suicide time.

First up: Hectors
Next: Fmx2
Finally: Vikings

Regarding Mu Lung: Look at the guild notice.

And finally: Pure ownage

#1 Lvl 70
#2 Oops…
#3 it’s official
#4 first strafe
#5 I killed a viking! (well, I killed three, but only got a screen of one dying)

Kerning PQ rant here.

I’m here to rant about the idiots of Kerning PQ. I seem to be a famous track in Scania now, I know a lot of people from the famous “KernCityPQ” guild, and I get in a lot. Whenever I get into a channel now people all go “ccplz D:<.” But Ignore them. Easy as fudge cookies.


Looking for PQ@@@@@@@@@

I invite them and they as for track. No track? Guess what, your on your own.
When I DO GET A TRACK AND A PARTY, someone always fu**s up and goes to the pot shop. I miss on an empty channel, I get called a noob, “what leader u suckz lolol”, “I’m better then you noob.” and all that crap. Also in Kerning City PQ, what’s this about “Auto clickers?” Auto clicker= Third party program=Can result in a ban (KerningXPqer my friend Jake was banned for using an auto clicker). I tell them track, next thing they ask, “GOTZ AC LOLZ?” I say no. Guess what, “so and so left party.” I see them in channel 1, “Looking for PQ I gotz trackz!! LOLOL I stole it” (stole it part wasn’t in there.) That gets me more pissed off. While your clicking on bonus there like seriously spammy. BONUS BONUS CLICK BONUS CLICK LEADEAR CLICK x 100000. Seriously, they lag me and we miss. I tell them to shut up, BAM all of them leave party. MY FREAKING GOSH.

The only aweosme time I have good Kerning PQ’s is with my perma PQ friends. We own, we do PQ’s in 4 minutes average, most of us are level 30, we never whine or complain.

Inside the PQ.

I swear, I usually invite level 27+ so they can fight for themselves. Guess what? “LEADER HLP PLZ.” So I go in and waste my pots and fight for them while there lazy asses are down there. One time I got 82 coupons just for my party ==. They were all level 25+ also. I know in my recent blog “What the page?” You saw my 1.2k damage. I can RARELY 1 hit those ligators in the swamp for Kerning City PQ. I just like to brag :].

Second stage

First part is A OK…. Then comes “What happens after the first wrong?” A guy jumps up, the guy on top goes to that same rope, other guy goes back down, the guy goes back to the other top rope. Repeat for 5 minutes. I tell that guy stay on top. CLEAR!

3rd stage.

123 simple enough? 124 Good. 125 !
523… what? Then the guy stays on 5, goes on 4, and not his freaking number. He refuses to get off. 12 minutes in the PQ average just to get to stage 4. Stage 4 same thing as stage 3 expct it tales a little longer. I usually tell the guy who screws up to get off and I go on myself. Last stage, my party members all hog for nekis and don’t bother to touch king slime or the evil eyes. Guess who mops up that mess? that’s right ME, THE FREAKING LEADER. Augh End rant.

What’s with the egg obsession?

The title will be explained later on. ;D

Also, no Emo-ness was involved in writing this. Emo’s still locked up in the emo-corner, so no worries. ;D

Yeah. To all you people who’s probably going: ‘WHO’S THIS PERSON OMGOMG DEFAME PLZOMGOMGLOL’, I’m Anni. I used to comment and blog more on MMOTales, but now.. -Goes emo-

I don’t have anything to say anymore.

Nothing pops into my mind while I’m posting, blogging, or chatting to my friends. The insane ideas don’t scream out at me, and I’ve seem to well. Age. I used to be more random, energetic and quirky. But something’s gone wrong. And I don’t know what.

MapleStory has dulled my mind.

I know. In Global Maple Story, I was perfectly all right. But I left. I left behind my Buddy List who kept my mind active, who entertained me, who helped me. I ditched them all for MapleSEA.


What’s the problem with MapleSEA?

Well. My buddy list and I cannot communicate. I don’t understand their slang, and they don’t understand mine. Besides, they’ve all grown into such high-leveled people. High-leveled people who hardly talk at all. Traders, levelling freaks, FM-haunters. They discuss prices, items, and gossip about people. They’ve turned into strangers.

My old guild, NiCo.

I used to regard it as the best guild I’d ever been in.

Oh. . .

It was my first time at the dark squid maps. I had rarely ventured out of the cold valley of El Nath. Potions were delivered to me through my friends. I had become famous for it. That priest that always trained at zombies. Always. That was what they called me. And I made no action to change it. I’d never admit it, but I was afraid.

Afraid of what lay outside the maps. Afraid of people. Afraid of. . . everything. I had been deceived by an acquaintence. He had told me to go to the squid maps. I. . I had been terrified. Leave the zombie maps? Leave safety? I had politely declined, yet he persisted, like a dog that wouldn’t let go of a bone.

Come to the squid maps, he had said. The experience there is much better, and you don’t have to use so many potions. My resolve began to waver. The zombies had provided me with great experience, from the second I had set foot in the snow-covered lands. But now, when I was level 92. . . I had to admit that the experience was not as great as it was, ten levels ago, but the mesos was all right. I told that to my friend, and when he replied, he shook his head in frustration.

I could understand his frustration. He was offering me so much, yet I refused to take it, preferring to take the lesser pile. Declining the gold and taking the copper. So he struck a deal with me. If I went, and still thought the zombie maps were incomparable, he would pay me five-hundred thousand mesos, and train with me for the rest of the morning.

The deal was irresistable.

I had mesos. I was high-leveled. I could easily kill the zombies in one hit. Yet it was lonely, training solo. I desired company. That was my one weak spot. And he knew it.

So I went. I left the zombies with a lingering unease. What if something goes wrong? How much oxygen does my oxygen tank contain? Will it be enough? Will I die? What if. . I had reached the small cave in which I could enter the squid maps. I glanced at it uncertainly. What if. . ‘ANNI. JUST GET IN HERE.’

A face ducked out of the cave, and I dropped my Emergency Tube in shock. ‘What the hell?’ The owner of the voice swore, and climbed out of the cave. It was my friend. He knew me well enough to know I was afraid. But he didn’t know me too well. He didn’t know I refused to be seen as weak. He took my hand, and I grimaced, but let him lead me into the squid maps.

The first person I saw was a hermit with a green pilfer. ‘Yo’ he muttered to me, sending me a buddy request. I accepted. And that probably changed everything.

The next time I saw the hermit was at El Nath. At that time, I was popular at the Zombie Maps. Very popular. I had plenty of guild requests, from already great guilds, to yet-to-be-great guilds. I declined all of them. Strange as it seemed, I preferred to be alone, when it came to guilds. I had made many friends, like the dragon knight that was accompanying me to a Yeti and Pepe party. ‘Hey Anni.’

I turned to see who had called my name. It was the hermit that I mentioned, clothed in green, wearing a helmet that clamped around his head.

‘Congratulations on the Zakum Helmet.’ At that time, I didn’t even know his name. ‘Thanks.’ He grinned at me, and noticed the dragon knight behind me. ‘Ah. I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.’ My face. He stared at me, alarmed.

‘I’m married.’ The dragon knight’s voice shook with barely concealed laughter. ‘Whoops~ Sorry ’bout that.So. . I’ll be seeing you later, Anni and the dragon knight friend. Zakum servives.’ There was absolutely no awkward silences involved; this was another thing I loved about him. He smiled at me, and flashed jumped off. As he went, I heard him mumur.

‘Train hard, Anni.’

He was the person in my Buddy List I had least contact with. We barely spoke, and when we did, it was about unimportant matters. That was until he created the guild.


He would be helping me to level, trying to help me acquire my Zakum Helm, organising parties in guild, and settling all the usual guild arguements. I loved training with him, and declined training with my other friends. Unknowingly, I became his ‘personal priest’. He became my best friend, and my teacher.

Now, the guild is like a demolished building. Grandness gone, and looking as if it had just survived a nuclear bomb. People don’t talk much. Only when he’s online. And then it progressed to be just a name and a picture underneath our in-game-names. He was depressed, and had left MapleStory for another game, Defence Of The Ancients, commonly known as Dota.

That all happened when I was having fun in GMS with my friends. And it was that guilt that made me leave them, leave them for the abandoned wreck of a guild, and a torn up buddylist. But I don’t regret the choice. He began playing Dota less and less.

Then this happened. I became fed-up. Nexon wanted me in EMS so much? Well, fine. Fine! I joined EMS.

To hell with Nexon. They want to box us up? Well. I didn’t really care that much anymore. I was blind in anger, grief, and annoyance. I had just managed to piece the guild back up again, and that had to happen. So I joined, and made an assasin. I wanted to be as powerful as my best friend.

I called her Past.

I started out with Subis, and struggled. I longed for Gachapon, or anything that might gain me any mesos. Nothing happened, and I continued whacking snails, lounging on my rest chair and sighning. I got a 2x Experience coupon as a desperate hope for me to level up. And it went quite well.

I bought a kitty, and named it Tense. You know. Past Tense. ;D And I quote: ‘Indeed pathetic.’

Then I randomly chatted to a Level 53 bandit. There had to be someone friendly in EMS. Seriously. He introduced himself as Shaun, and gave me kumbis. <3 Iwuvyoushaun. ;D


Auto emotes suck. Link problem ;D

Time to lighten up~

And the muffin army decided against sending the Parakeet Platoon to infect the minds of MMOTalers, as having humans parroting every word you said wasn’t althogether that pleasant, and coffee sweets were pwn’d by passing cheese pies that flew to purple sheeps that cut themselves. The guild of Pie then decided to discuss the activities of Jean-Luc Picard at a stretch where bubblegum was used as postcards.


Well, today I went into MapleSEA again. Y’know. Desperate measures. Dan was slipping into Dota again. AND. . OHMIGAWDIGOTINOMGOMGOMG <3 *HYPED* WHEEEEEEEEE <333

And went to the new map, Leafre. Screenies are.. Next time. I had a feud with my Scroll Lock button. You wouldn’t understand. ;D

On teh flying penguin tooh LEAFRE!

I love the bird. It has cute little penguin eggs on it’s head, and most importantly:



I met a fellow guild member. ;D But he was a friend on the guild member’s account. O: Still. . He was liekawesome ;D

I WUV J00, SY. <3

Look at the pretty flower. LOOK AT EEET.

And that concludes it.

Here’s a screenie of a freaking huge tomato, at Perion. I’d just leveled to 11, and I was taking the customary tour of. . . OMGOMG VICTORIAOMG~ ;D And at Perion. . .



I can click in, but I can’t tolerate the ‘last minute keaving’.

One person left ’cause I refused to give him a NX puppy.


On the other hand, I met a literate person ;D ‘Starbright’.

In leafre, I saw some egg-hugging arses.

According to the guy with the long hair, they guarded dragon eggs, and in return, the dragons protected them. Egg-worshippers. -Shakes head- I’ve seen worse.

All’s balanced. The good, the bad, and the plain idiotic.

I’m Gonna Do It, It’s Rantin’ Time!

As i sit here, i’m wondering.
What is the point of flaming?
(This blog, im gonna try to not dubble space, and see if my head duzzent ‘splode)
I am an avid youtube poster Heres My Vids, most are pretty good, some are terrble XD.
link But in all of my years, i have never seen so many people get so pissed off at things.
Whether its saying how bad it sucks, putting the creator down, or just being a complete jerk, i always see it.

This ties in to maplestory.
There are people who don’t play as much as others, for they have better things to do.
Take me for instance.
My highest level is 35, and hes a SIN.
right there there were 2 thing people could have gone off about.
Im a low level, and an assassin.
So if you think that you are better than me, or anyone else for that matter, becouse some game tells you
“You pwnzorz,” you’re dead wrong.

I play in my spare time.
I play, when i’m not studying so i can have good grades to get into college, or riding my bike, or exercising.
I play, when it’s dark out, and it’s too late to play tennis, or baseball. or foot ball.
And yes, i know i have been saying that i’m gonna play Halo3 nonstop, that’s bull.
I can’t sit on front of a screen for much more that 2 hours.

And back to movies.
I know there are alot of people out there who direct, and don’t enjoy being told off by a 7 year old.
It takes guts to do what we do.
Do you know how hard it is, to get 6 or 7 18 year olds, to settle down ,and prepare for making a movie?
Thats what i had to do when i made Halo 2 Machinima a few months ago.
It’s really hard.
So unless you can truly, honestly say, you have tried to pull off something as big as making a movie more that 30 seconds long, SHUT UP.
And yes, i know that my movies aren’t all that great, becouse it’s awfully hard to make them.


The End

i got married!!!

YAAAAAAY! I GOT MARRIED!!! To Jazmin (13lueMoon)!!! We’ve been talking about it for months, and I finally saved up the $29 we needed to get a MapleStory VIP Cathedral wedding!

We went to Amoria, and about 20 friends were waiting for us there. Then, we clicked the High Priest, and the wedding started!

Inside the Cathedral, we waited for everyone so come in, then started the wedding! High Priest John got one message out, and Jaz disconnected.

We all got sent into the Exit Map, and I was so worried we wouldn’t be able to continue the wedding! I was walking around in circles worrying, then I found out I still had the Coupon. Then Jaz came back on, and everyone was jumping up and down Then, we finally REALLY started the wedding.

After waiting for another 5 minutes or so for everyone to come in, we started the wedding, again. This time, High Priest John said his lines, and this big sparkly-heart thing showed up around us That went on for a few minutes, then High Priest John continued Then he told us to kiss (I’m assuming, because, admittedly, I lagged and missed his last message D And we did! Then we waited a few minutes, and clicked the lady to go to the Photo Map.

We were all sent to a map where we were all standing on a giant cake! We walked around talking for a few minutes, then Nexon “took a picture” (Which I never got to see, go figure) and we were sent to the Party Map, where everyone ran around getting keys, to go inside a giant toy box

I thought the keys were just for 13lue and me, but I got the 5 and went in, and Jaz was nowhere to be found Oh, well. There wasn’t anything in there anyway Then we got teleported out, and Jaz and I both got a message saying “You are now married!” And we got our rings! Since I got her a Star Rock engagement ring, we got the Star Rock wedding rings, so now we have a giant happy star between us wherever we go

(P.S. I would attach a picture if I had one, but we got married on my other computer, so that’s where all the screenies are)

A nothing post o.0

ello ppl =]
hadnt been writing anything for a bit, was busy trying to find my way out of a maze inside my head…
in fact, im still lost lol..
nothing much happens anymore, not a lot of ppl talks in guild anymore(and thats a big blow to meh =/), stuff’s sorta blah…
and im going to grand canyon on friday o.0
lol just to let whoever reads these know, that i wont be back til sunday/monday =P
hopely this trip sorta clears up something, if theres anything to be cleaned up lol