Year-End Ninjapalooza! No soup for you!

Hello one and all!

The Ninja welcomes you to the year of 2007. Which, already, forecasts many a good assassination, dismemberment, decapi- anyways.

The point of this blog is to make you, the reader, think as you read the Ninja’s biting wit.

So, let’s overview a good bit of the year!

Obvious Year Overview

January through May – Aboslutely nothing. The Ninja watched a clock for 5 months. Mental training. read more

Words of a Hacker-CH 3-

Before I begin I have some comments I would like to make.
1st of all this chapter was suppose to be submitted Thursday but I went to a friend’s house and stayed there til yesterday.
2nd Happy New Year’s EvexD
Anyway hope you enjoy.


“Crap!” I yelled. I tumbled down the hill side. I splashed into the river at the bottom. read more

Merry-No…wait..HAPPY NEW YEAR

Well, fellow MMOTer’s, it’s time to ring in a new year.
What wars shall we face this year? 😀

Well, anyway, happy new year, guys! Can’t believe how fast 2006 has flown by and-
Oh look, some couple making out on TV
Anyways, this is also a New Maple Year!
So I think I’ll go down to Bera and wish everyone a happy new year. read more

The Maple Millitia

If you have noticed on basil market, There has been a Maple militia. I will post the list of members because the thread will be deleted anytime soon.
We have won the battle but the war continues.
He did not surrender but he told me he is making another militia that will benefit both of us. read more

Maple Monster Interviews IRON HOG

[h]Credit goes to iceage2 for inspiration[/h]

Ganz : Space…The final frontie- Whoops, wrong show. Welcome to the Maplestory Monsterinterviews Morporation!

Crowd : What’s a Morporation?

Ganz : Just a word I invented to make this a M.M.M. instead of M.M.C.!

Crowd : Ooooo!

Ganz : Today we- er, I will be interviewing…

*dramatic music*

Ganz : An…

*more dramatic music* read more

The Night of Romance!

A Sort-of-Summary in Screenies!
^After several failed attempts to upload on MMOTales, I was forced to use ImageShack. >.>

[h]So it was decided, that Laura and Don were getting married.. today. O_O[/h]

LYKZOMGwhat. Iwannagoandseeinvitemeplox!!

After imploding with childish glee for some time, Windia announced that the Wedding was about to begin. The Cathedral was bigger the last time I saw it, and.. zomg. Laura looked so cute! Zomg, Don too! Everyone was jumping around, saying stuff like Early Kisses and people getting Dced. read more

The Artist’s Drawing Board!

Hey guys, I’m offering to you a FREE, Yes FREEE Drawing of your Character!!! ^_^

Here are some pictures, well.. I was doing some tests and fooling around for a bit on my BLANK PIECE OF PAP0RzZ!. Hmm…. I just wanted to make some history in 2006 Before 2007! So.. Enjoy my Nu00bish Sketches~
(I’m more of a comic kind of drawing person. Not very great at realism. I can definetly take time if you wanted me to..) read more

Upgrading and Stuff

Lately, I haven’t been doing much on flyff o:<

I finally got off my lazy bum and upgraded my CW set however to +10.
I now have everything +10 that I wanted 8D

Flury Set +10
Rori Stick +3 +10 Wind
Guardian Stick + 3 +10 Water
Cw Set +10

I’ve also recently upgraded my noob accounts clothes and weapons (Leaf Set +8 and a Wooden Sword +9 Wind for laughs), as well as my backup knuckle and main knuckle, both of which are Guardian Knuckles. Historic Knuckle is too slow for me :] read more

Happy New Year, MMO!

Guess what time it is?

12:00 AM Greenwich Meridian Time, January 1, 2007. It’s official. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S DAY, EVERYONE! (If you have to know, I don’t live in GMT. It’s just… global, kinda. I would’ve posted this when it reached midnight on the International Date Line, but that’s 4 AM for me. And I’m not a sleepless freak >_>) read more