Year-End Ninjapalooza! No soup for you!

Hello one and all!

The Ninja welcomes you to the year of 2007. Which, already, forecasts many a good assassination, dismemberment, decapi- anyways.

The point of this blog is to make you, the reader, think as you read the Ninja’s biting wit.

So, let’s overview a good bit of the year!

Obvious Year Overview

January through May – Aboslutely nothing. The Ninja watched a clock for 5 months. Mental training.

June – The Ninja starts MS. Makes first million in about three weeks.

July – August – The Ninja reaches level 32 and stays this way for three months.

September – The Ninja joins MMOT. The masses go wild. The Ninja falls in love with the wonderful Alley. Millions of grief-stricken women kill themselves upon finding the Ninja is taken. Thankfully, Ezyan resisted the temptation, as did Aliyah.

October – Dull. The Ninja threw an egg at a cat Halloween night, but not much more. Waffle quits. The Ninja acquires his frozen Tuna. Waffle returns. Not so dull, after all.

November – The famed Ninja-Ezyan-Aliyah War. The Ninja wins and the two girls are left alone and heartbroken. Powertrains a weekend, and gets to 35 (from 32.) 14 hours of nonstop training! Whee!

December – This month. Not over yet! No analysis for you!

The Ninja’s Quotes Of The Year

To Ezyan, during aforementioned war:

“What doctored proof?

Have you any undoctored proof of the Ninja’s nonexistant doctored proof?”


“The Ninja keeps broad horizions just in case he may have to kill someone with an incongrous object like knitting needles.”

“Oh, ha. The Ninja nearly flipped out and killed everyone, because his toaster was unplugged.”

“The Ninja uses third person because of a traumatic, first person experience involving a Game Boy cartridge, and a spoon.”

“The Ninja will do his very best to not assassinate you. Pinkie promise.”

And the Ninja’s personal favourite:

“The Ninja has had it with these m%$#@%$@#%%ing snakes on the m%#$@%$#@Q%$#ing plane!”

Questionnaire Time!

What have you thought of the Ninja? Opinions welcome. Critics assassinated.


The year’s been a good one. Here’s to a good 2007 and whatnot.

Keep your wits sharp and your blades sharper!
~The Ninja

{P.S. The Ninja is only friendly because he’s been told to by Alley! Or was he?! Conspiracies!}

Words of a Hacker-CH 3-

Before I begin I have some comments I would like to make.
1st of all this chapter was suppose to be submitted Thursday but I went to a friend’s house and stayed there til yesterday.
2nd Happy New Year’s EvexD
Anyway hope you enjoy.


“Crap!” I yelled. I tumbled down the hill side. I splashed into the river at the bottom.

“That’s right Hacker die!” a Warrior yelled. A mob of people was standing on the side of the river attacking me.

“Some one help me!” I pleaded. Waves kept splashing over me. I gulped down some water by mistake and felt a sharp pain in my lungs. I flailed around trying to reach the shore but the current kept pushing me under.

A Fire Arrow from one the people in the mob hit the water in front of me. A giant wave washed over me dragging me under water. My vision started to blur. I couldn’t die yet. I had to save Ly. The stupid crowd still has him! I struggled to swim to the surface but my body wouldn’t move. My airless lungs forced me to open my mouth and more water came into my body.

Suddenly I saw a body swim towards me. I saw it was a girl. She swam up beside me and grabbed me by my arm. She suddenly floated to the surface pulling me along with her. As we broke the surface of the water I quickly gulped in air as we rose higher and higher into the air. She’s a Hacker like me.

“There another Hacker! Kill her, too!” roared someone from the mob.

“Ly!” I shouted. Ly was trapped inside a steel cage. He had been caught by the mob. I struck out my left hand.

I used vac. The cage slowly rose into the air towards us. The Hacker girl seemed astonished for a second but then started to fly us away. I held Ly suspended in cage the whole time.

We soon came to a stop in a little house far from town.

“Thanks.” I said to the girl after breaking the lock on Ly’s cage with a Holy Arrow.

“No problem. Seemed like you needed some help.” She said throwing me a towel. She threw some wood into the fire place and sat by it. I went to join her.

“Who’s this little guy?” Ly asked. He was holding a little baby. He seemed barely old enough to walk.

“That’s my little brother Josh. I’m Jane.” Jane said.

“I’m Michael and that’s Ly.” I saw that the fire was starting to burn out. I reached out to grab a log. I felt another hand rest on mine. I turned to find it was Jane’s. I froze. I kept my hand there as if for an eternity and so did she.

“Please there are children here!” Ly joked covering Josh’s eyes. I felt my face grow hot. I immediately retracted my hand. I saw that Jane was blushing, too.

“Ok I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone while I take little Josh here outside for some air. Come on Josh let’s go.” Ly said crouching down and letting Josh grab his finger. They slowly walked out of the house.

“Ummm……Sorry about that.” I apologized.

“It’s ok.” She assured me. We started to go on to talk about pasts. I told her my life story and she told me hers. Apparently her parents were killed exactly like how mines did. She also had the power of “fly”. It was her Hacker power and let her fly through the air like a hummingbird. I felt as if I could trust her. I felt warm inside just talking or looking at her. I felt….as if I loved her. I quickly banished the thought from my mind. I had just met the girl, how could I love her already?

It started to get cold in the house. I could see Jane starting to get drowsy. I felt myself slowly falling asleep, too. The next I knew Jane was leaning against me. I was unsure of what to do. I slowly put my arms around her. We just sat like that for what seemed like hours.

Jane slowly turned and looked at me. I felt my heart race as she slowly came loser to me. As our lips touched I felt something I had never felt before. Was this love?

“Michael!” Ly’ voice broke the silence of the house. We quickly parted. I felt my face grow hot once more.

“What is it Ly?” I asked quickly getting up. Josh was asleep in his arms. He gave Josh to Jane and turned back to me.

“Them!” he shouted pointing outside. A giant crowd was running towards the house. They had torches and weapons.

“How did they find us?” I asked. I quickly ran outside. I used Holy Arrow and aimed at the closest person.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“You Hackers need to go!” someone shouted, They started to attack us. I quickly started to vac all their attacks away while Ly went up close and attacked them.

“Jane run!” I shouted.

“What about you?” she asked.

“We’ll catch up later!” I shouted back. I saw Jane fly away with Josh. I watched until they were gone and turned back to the battle. There’s too many of them!

“Ly! Use it!!” I shouted.

“Ok.” He said. He stood in front of me and held out both hands. I could feel the silver locket around my neck start to drain my power. Ly roared as his claws started to glow red. A red aura surrounded them and solidified making his claws bigger.

He let out one final roar and went berserk. He started to slash the air crazily. Waves of red energy lashed out and started to slice up the mob. They kept coming and coming.

After a few minutes everyone was dead.

*End Flashback*

I slowly opened my eyes. I had waited at Jane’s house for a few weeks but she never returned. This was the first time I had seen her in a year and she was my enemy. Why Jane? Why?

I quickly got up. I had been sleeping in the spare room of Lily’s house. Lily had to go for some GM stuff. I had been living here for a week now.

I cautiously looked out the window. I had just heard a knock. I saw a boy about mine and Lily’s age standing outside of the door. He didn’t looked like a GM but what did I know? GMs were disguised all over the place.

“Lily! Are you home?” his voice rung through the house. “Come on. I brought the money for the Ban.” Lily had told me she had sold Ban around the GM community. I guessed he was a GM. Ban hadn’t lived up to its status as a Hacker-killer. It only took away Hacker’s powers for good. I was lucky it was only Lily’s blood that had spilled on me. Her blood only temporarily took away Hacker powers.

“Lily come on open up!” the GM kept shouting as he banged on the door. Persistent.

No! I saw Ly all they way down the road walking towards the house. He had went out for some shopping. This was bad. If the GM saw Ly come into the house he’d get suspicious and find me.

I had to think of something quick. I looked across the street. A tall, apple tree stood in a garden.

“That just might work.” I whispered. I quietly opened the window. I stretched out my hand and used vac. The tree quickly fell over. The GM ran to the tree.

I quickly stuck my head out the window and signaled Ly to come quick. Ly saw and dashed toward the house. He jumped up to the window and climbed inside. I hurriedly tried to close the shutters. As the shutters started to close it stopped. A Tobi was lodged in between the wood.

“I saw you. Who are you?” the GM asked from below. He pulled out a GM badge like the one Lily had. “Come out or I’ll call other GMs.”

“Ly, use the back door and go find Lily. She said she’d be in the Free Market sorting out some kind of scamming that had been done.” I said.

I opened the shutters and jumped outside.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Why are you in Lily’s house?” he asked pulling out another Tobi.

“I’m her friend. Got a problem with that?” I asked using Holy Arrow. I aimed at his face.

“Hacker I know you knocked down that tree.” He said.

“Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t.”

“Well we’ll find out!” he shouted throwing his Tobi at me. I easily dodged it and fired my Holy Arrow.

He pulled out another Tobi and used Avenger. He placed the giant star in front of him as a sort of a shield. The Holy Arrow bounced off his star.

He threw the star at me. I Teleported to the side. I fell to the ground. Tobis were cut into my arms and legs. How is he this fast?

I slowly tried to get up but couldn’t.

“I won’t kill you Hacker. I’ll just use this.” He pulled out a needle with a blue liquid inside. “This Ban will stop you.” He said. He threw the needle at me like a star.

I struggled to move but my body wouldn’t listen. The needle hit metal and fell to the ground. It cracked and the Ban drizzled out.

“Thanks Lily.” I whispered before I fell unconscious.

When I came to I found myself in Lily’s house.

“Michael are you ok?” Lily asked rushing to my side. The GM from before was sitting next to the fireplace. His eyes gazing at me. Ly was sleeping in his little bed.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I reassured her. I started to use Heal on my wounds. I stared at my hands. Today I got lucky. During my battle with Lily I got lucky. And the trick I used in the battle with Luke won’t work again. I’m weak.

As night pushed the sun away the house was still except for Lily and the other Gm, who I found was Aaron, talking downstairs. I stared into the night sky. I needed to get stronger. But since I traded in my 3rd job powers I would need to start over with a different job. But which? I carefully thought about each job and their power.

Sean what would you do in my shoes…? Wait! Sean! I could become a Bandit like Sean. I quickly thought over it. In the end I made up my mind. I would become a Bandit.

I slowly got out of bed and went to Ly. I gently shook him awake.

“Ly. I’m going to be gone for a few weeks. You stay here and look over Lily.” I commanded.

“I can’t let you be by yourself.” Ly protested.

“I’ll be fine. Tell Lily I’ll see her in a few weeks.” I said as I grabbed my bag and opened the window.

“Why don’t you tell her yourself?” Ly asked.

“Just do it.” I said as I climbed out the window. I jumped to the ground and ran off to the Taxi Stop. I called for a Taxi and asked to be taken to Kerning. He didn’t notice my scar and just started to drive.

I stared out the window. The stars glittered in the sky. I’ll see you guys soon.

Hope this chapter lived up to you guys’ standards of my previous chapters.

~The Cleric, The Bandsin, The Warrior and……..The Noob?!?!~

EDIT: Thanks to aznricefan for pointing out my mistake.
EDIT: Thanks to xXyZaThEx for pointing out another mistake.

Merry-No…wait..HAPPY NEW YEAR

Well, fellow MMOTer’s, it’s time to ring in a new year.
What wars shall we face this year? 😀

Well, anyway, happy new year, guys! Can’t believe how fast 2006 has flown by and-
Oh look, some couple making out on TV
Anyways, this is also a New Maple Year!
So I think I’ll go down to Bera and wish everyone a happy new year.


The Maple Millitia

If you have noticed on basil market, There has been a Maple militia. I will post the list of members because the thread will be deleted anytime soon.
We have won the battle but the war continues.
He did not surrender but he told me he is making another militia that will benefit both of us.

*NOTICE*-We are at War with the Elves and Santa. PM me to be informed. Join in and tell me your rank.
*NOTICE* We will be killing elf dolls for now until we can launch a surprise attack on Santa
*NOTICE*Quickly Recruit for we attack at dawn! *Passes out candy cane swords*
*NOTICE*McDonalds is on our side.
good work everyone.
midgets have been cleared out. Santa has gone to hell and we now have the north pole.
*NOTICE*The maple Militia has been upgraded to 2 stars! Once we reach 5 stars we will fight the Anti-Militia
*NOTICE*Our next mission: We will conquer Mars and use it as a base while we nuke Saturn and bring back Pluto.
*NOTICE* If you are “lead” anything you get infinite ammo in the war.
If you are “Imaginary” anything you can recruit allies.
*NOTICE* GunsGoxBangx has discovered shrapnel explosion killing 2k dolls at once
*NOTICE* New allies: Barney, The teletubbies, and Tickle-Me Elmo
*NOTICE* Chrisfdot is teaching us jeet kune and feeding us pho with legendary bamboo shoots. We will not lose!
*NOTICE* We have conquered the moon!
*NOTICE*Empress Imogene has given orders to begin constructed the moon lab.
The Maple Militia Now Owns Willy Wonka’s Chololate Factory! BWAHAHAHA!

Join the maple milita today!
here u will learn how 2 fight aginst hackers n meanies
here u will learn the art of the ninjas! =O
Oh and there will be free pookies n milk every Monday!

Dental Plan and Ninja insurance is included!
[NEW] Ciropratic insurance and vacations!

Oh and dont forget tell me who u assassinated
so i can put it on da list =D
Yes there is Casual Fridays
And Assassinating Sundays

Join the Maple Militia today!


Members so far

fairyfloss *pyro assassin*
squidyy *its squidyy!*
smurfy *Guitar demi-god/Nuke expert*
CrazedHen *Chicken specialist*
ilikecereal * Vice Cap’in of the Militia*
lilbabyviet *MyzAssasinPandah* <———lilbabyviet >.>
FREEZEPOP *cookie Assassin*
MapleEurope * European ninja XD*
sokitsu *shogun assassin =O*
French *bear mace ninja*
shakraka *gives him his dental plan*
x„©l *snaily assassin*
cool51 *tells cool51 it is fun*
ThatWasEasy *Savage within =O*
Tylernol *tinkles on hackers*
liisaax3 *muffin slayer*
AznAks *protaganist assassin* + *Lead sniper*
DoomedIdiot *death note ninja*
OwnageMage * cookie ninja*
DeviiFire666 *The Black Wind*
steelyjamm3r *orange ninja lol*
omeron *hat eating ninja*
MagicalSheep *pwnage sheep thingy*
mapleowns *shinobi*
Cleany * Teh Dukie Bomber!*
Ness13 *inventor of the Pookie a cookie n pie fused together!*
xXdrakonerXx *Smexy ninja*
WHOTHEM4N *cop killa*
VirgilDiablo *Underground ninja*
Monicca *Teh duckie assassin*
Krisp *the bunny claw*
b0bthedude *bobo*
DarkLuky *pookie dude*
BookMark *teddy bear ninja*
Clueless14 *furry ninja*
fluffy’ *Super Stealth chicken ninja*
bobtheone *poops on ppl eew*
CandyPro *Hand-To-Hand leader*
Moverik *cookie pwner*
KazePickle *pickle shinobi*
watsman10 *Grim Reaper assassin*
ORZ *teh nurse o.O*
AnbuNaruto*Strategic expert*
ShadowKnife*Mafia leader*
HolyFangs*Devils apprentice*
Juneight*Chief Nurse*
Shaoken*Espionage master*
Rollion*Poo stick commander*
OwnageMage*pookie supplier*
GunsGoxBangx *lead ninja*
BlackHumour*cookie eater*
Frankin *imaginary leader*
SparkSoccer *Commander of chibisp (see below)*
NinjaJin0*1337 n1nj4*
Sashimi *Fish*
NeoSparda *Head of Bedassery department*
Spikeball64 *Zakum mobber*
Chajack *Black dragon sniper*
Lon3ly *The Page*
EternalD3eath *Mobbing sin*
NightGirl *Explosive Expert*
KingDT *Drug supplier for Maple Militia*
Eggy-Egg thrower
*NOTICE*Check for your name because this hasnft been updated.

ASsassination List:

xphill killed hacking snails =O
alexconde ran over a GM
TwilightWolf killed cute widdle teddie bears
Icydragon175 murdered rachael’s emo side
lilbabyviet assassinated a hacker YAY!
chrisfdot stabbed tiger in da head with a spoon!
incedio456 killed a hacker with a snail shell XD
incedio456 killed peiwen with a tube
liisaax3 slayed muffins
AznAks assassinates stuff o.O
pvtsicktard sniped a chimaria hybried O.o
xBenga turned a hacker into a burger and ate him =O
XxNiteRavexX hugged hi mommy! GASP!
PhantomStarz assassinated Ronald N@zi McDonald
candiie1 disected live stuffed animals
omeron killed willy wonka yay!
Wenloc fried bush’s brain by askin him wuts 3+3!
ilbabyviet got osama in teh glory spot and spit in his face xD
Maple Militia has defeated Santa and his army of evil midgets.

Our bases:
North Pole
Fairy Land

Our Allies:
Bill Gates
The mafia.
Michael Jackson
The U.s millitary
The Hulk
The cookie monster.
Easter bunny.

Banned from the Militia:
Chrisfdot for betrayal

Maple Monster Interviews IRON HOG

[h]Credit goes to iceage2 for inspiration[/h]

Ganz : Space…The final frontie- Whoops, wrong show. Welcome to the Maplestory Monsterinterviews Morporation!

Crowd : What’s a Morporation?

Ganz : Just a word I invented to make this a M.M.M. instead of M.M.C.!

Crowd : Ooooo!

Ganz : Today we- er, I will be interviewing…

*dramatic music*

Ganz : An…

*more dramatic music*

Ganz : IRON HOG!!!

Crowd : Ooooo!

Ganz : Say, where is Mr. Iron Hog?

IronHog : Boo!

Ganz : EEK! *heartattack*

IronHog : Sorry!

[h]Eighteen minutes later, Ganz returns from the nearest town.[/h]

Ganz : So Mr. Iron Hog…What do you do for a living?

IronHog : Monsters don’t need to work, silly.

Ganz : Why?

IronHog : When we are created, we are created with a large amount of free mesos.

Ganz : You call 100 large?

IronHog : Yeah, so?

Ganz : I kinda have 1,666,666.

IronHog : OHMIGAWD!!! YOU SAID THE NUMBER…TWICE!!! Now you must die!

[h]An epic battle ensues where Ganz attempts to slap Iron Hog but hurts himself on the metal armor. It ends in a stalemate due to Ganz’s Magic Guard and potions.[/h]

IronHog : We really need better armor…Brb, I’m going to petition Nexon for spiked platemail.

Ganz : Nooo! Wait!! I still have another question!

IronHog : Wut, nub?

Ganz : Why don’t you just take your metal hooves and forge them into spikes?

IronHog : …We don’t have fingers. Or hammers.

Ganz : Don’t you drop Knuckle Maces? Can’t you use those knuckles to hold a mace to use the mace as a hammer?

IronHog : Okay…Now you’re going to get it…Oh BOYS~

Ganz : What’s that rumbling in the distance? Iron Boars?! OMG! HACKERS!! YOU AREN’T RELEASED IN GLOBAL YET! ARRGH!!!

[h]The remainder of this interview has been blocked because the author was too lazy to think of the rest, and instead came up with the excuse that the end contains too much graphic violence and gore to be posted on this website.[/h]

Brought to you by ChaosXLegion of Bera

The Night of Romance!

A Sort-of-Summary in Screenies!
^After several failed attempts to upload on MMOTales, I was forced to use ImageShack. >.>

[h]So it was decided, that Laura and Don were getting married.. today. O_O[/h]

LYKZOMGwhat. Iwannagoandseeinvitemeplox!!

After imploding with childish glee for some time, Windia announced that the Wedding was about to begin. The Cathedral was bigger the last time I saw it, and.. zomg. Laura looked so cute! Zomg, Don too! Everyone was jumping around, saying stuff like Early Kisses and people getting Dced.

The Wedding began, and ended just as fast with a kiss from Groom to Bride. It was so beautiful!

The Picture area wasnt chaotic as usual, as people stopped blocking the couple after a few moments. Or, at least, I think they did. O.o

The Monster area was chaotic, though. It took a long time for people to get in, as everyone was either Ksing, or couldnt even kill the cakes. I got into the Teddy room, got my Onyx Box, and waited for Laura to arrive for Don(whom was already there).

Oh, the ring! It was Moonstone, but since the Rings were glitchy, it came out as a Star. O.o Still, it was pretty cute.

Everyone then left the area. I got to the Onyx Box Npc second, and recieved a Triangular Sushi!! YAY!! After a moment of basking in its glory, the Wedded couple appeared, with a horde of people congratulating them. =]


And now for something completely different.

The Artist’s Drawing Board!

Hey guys, I’m offering to you a FREE, Yes FREEE Drawing of your Character!!! ^_^

Here are some pictures, well.. I was doing some tests and fooling around for a bit on my BLANK PIECE OF PAP0RzZ!. Hmm…. I just wanted to make some history in 2006 Before 2007! So.. Enjoy my Nu00bish Sketches~
(I’m more of a comic kind of drawing person. Not very great at realism. I can definetly take time if you wanted me to..)

Post, Your Picture. and your IGN if you want me to draw for you!! ^_^


2006 12/31/06

11:00pm EST Time.


Upgrading and Stuff

Lately, I haven’t been doing much on flyff o:<

I finally got off my lazy bum and upgraded my CW set however to +10.
I now have everything +10 that I wanted 8D

Flury Set +10
Rori Stick +3 +10 Wind
Guardian Stick + 3 +10 Water
Cw Set +10

I’ve also recently upgraded my noob accounts clothes and weapons (Leaf Set +8 and a Wooden Sword +9 Wind for laughs), as well as my backup knuckle and main knuckle, both of which are Guardian Knuckles. Historic Knuckle is too slow for me :]

As usual, since I’m typing here, I’m being a lazy bum on Flyff and don’t feel like doing much. :]
With the new update coming, everyone (myself included) is having a grand time trying to level skills! Amazing!

Also, two guildies recently hooked up, and in the span of WAY less than 1 month decided to get married ingame. The wedding is today.

For those of you that are new to flyff, I’ve taken some pictures of my stuff in their bare naked glory. That is, without any of my cash shop clothes on.

I have taken pictures of:
Flury Set + Wind Stick
Flury Set + Water Stick
CW Set (this picture also contains a CW Knuckle, and an Ancient shield. CW knuckle btw, is pointless, and I personally only equip when I want to look cool and blue/green o: )

You can see what a +10 glow looks like, as well as what Wind+10 and Water+10 look like.
I’ve also taken pictures the effects of each item/set (as well as the effects of upgrading).

The pictures:

Happy New Year, MMO!

Guess what time it is?

12:00 AM Greenwich Meridian Time, January 1, 2007. It’s official. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S DAY, EVERYONE! (If you have to know, I don’t live in GMT. It’s just… global, kinda. I would’ve posted this when it reached midnight on the International Date Line, but that’s 4 AM for me. And I’m not a sleepless freak >_>)

Well anyway, I’ve written a short little poem for you all ^^


The road’s been turbulent and rough
We’ve come a long way
Through everything, we acted tough
But it’s over now, I say.

We’ve reached the journey’s end, it’s time
To rest, relax, and play,
Leave our troubles behind us, for
Now it’s a new day.