Dealing With Noobs That Loot

My NX Look: link
Currently lvl 43, 50% around

Well i was training at Sakura Cellions for some cash and try to lvl.(Lvl 42 going for 43)
So i was partying with this i/l mage like lvl 40 i guess?
so Anyways, there comes this lvl 7 begginer, and so she comes up and runs to the mesos
and waits constantly clicking her pick up button so that she can loot.
my party member and i tell her to kindly stop, but she starts to flame us in Spanish
then we flamed at her telling her to **** OFF.
Then she dies and she SPAWNS on the same map!
over and over she comes. read more

Boyfriend pwns Gaming

I would just like to say to anyone who happens to encounter me on any game I happen to play. That I will always put my boyfriend over these games. I am not going to lose the perfect relationship because you or some other player wanted me to go GPQ or whatever. Jonathan is number 1 in my life. Yes, I realize. I haven’t hopped onto Maple for more than 10 min in a couple of weeks. That is because I have been busy playing a much -better- MMO called Lunia. Or I’m doing something else on my computer. Or I’m talking to Jonathan on the phone.
I apologize for Jonathan being an emotional wreck these days. But now I kind of see why. The fact that his friends can’t accept that he is in a happy relationship with someone they don’t like. (Damn those certain Windian freaks and the phag that doesn’t play MMOs). I relate to his pain now that my friends can’t accept the fact I’m going to stop hardcore playing Maple to spend some time with my boyfriend and help him with his problems.
What hurts the most is that the one day I have time to do whatever because Jonathan is not home, you people don’t want to do anything fun in-game. read more

A New Begining..BrandonJing

I have played MapleStory a Year…I’ve became level 70, 80 ,90, and 100 but not on my own..My friends have helped and now its a new begining. I am going to do it on my own.. It’s going ot be harder because im only on weekends and not that long.. This came to mind with PirateJings inspration. I Too Dream to be the hero and im going to persue that. I want to make new friends and become what PirateJing has become..A hero.. Im in Bera and im sorry i couldnt write a longer blog..Im a level 12 str bandit and im proud ^^ ive sold all of what i havent become and im back.. Ive only made it ot 47 on my assassin alone anyway See you guys on MMO ^^ read more

MapleSAP News

MapleSAP News [Oct 29- Nov 4]
Haloween Special

MapleSAP wishes all its readers a happy and safe Haloween!

|Kerning City|
This year’s Pumpkin Palooza festival, which goes from Haloween until Thanksgiving, will begin on a rather somber note this year. The Pumpkin Co. which runs the festival announced on Monday that the first day will be to remember the many people; most of them Permanoob civillians, who fell victim to attacks committed by supporters of the Justice Arrow organization. Every year, the Pumpkin Palooza is plagued by incidents of violence against the many harmless hackers, youth, and children; many of whom are from Kerning’s Azn districts.
At the 2005 Pumpkin Palooza festival, groups of heavilly armed J.A. members and supporters charged into the festival grounds and opened fire; killing up to 23 people, and injuring many more before the PumpkinSquad guild responded.
Five of the attackers were caught and arrested by police.
Among the victims were famous Permanoob celebrities Osuwarii, KawaiiBerry, and MadButter’s sidekick Devieu.
The GM ordered the festival to be ended on Haloween night following the violence. read more

Halloween…and the GMs.

Well, first I’d like to welcome you to my new blog. I’ll be telling the story of my currnetly level 58 Hunter in Scania. Anywho, yeah, I got off work early today, which was nice, so I logged on Maple. First thing I see is blue text a the bottom of my screen: [Notice]: MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! So I wait a bit and go to Kerning. As soon as I got there BOOM. Lagged out. Instantly. So Ilogged back in, and there’s a GM bouncing around summoning the aliens from Omega Sector. My frame rate was horrendous. And so the GM continued to bounce from town to town sommoning stuff, posting silly notices in blue text. Then I had to go hand candy to the kids so I couldn’t play. Bummer. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. read more

Halloween GM Event!


Well as you all know GM’s held some events today, and my friend notified me, and I went in with him! It was cool, my first GM event in all the 2 years I’ve been playing MS, and we were just chilling waiting for him, I got my new White Tiger to level 4 I think, but w/e, back to the event, well we waited for the GM to show up, and we chatted with him for a while! But the funny thing is that he asked us to be quiet, and I was still chatting to my friend so the GM comes up to me and pokes me and stuff and hes like “Hi!” and im like “Hai thar dood!” and so he takes off his pumpkin mask and WALA! HES BROWN SKINNED JUST LIKE ME! Lol and I was the only Brown person in there, so I scream “BROWN POWA!!!!!!!” and he whispers me and he’s like “Let’s Dance!” so we start jumping around and he comes to my corner and suddenly THE WHOLE CHANNEL FOLLOWS US AROUND IT WAS SO HILARIOUS EVERY1 WAS LIKE LOOKING AT ME AND HIM IT WAS AWESOME! But then I said he could go ahead and start the event, so he started it and then we did the event which was jump quest.. I didn’t win but it was a fun experience! I knew the guy that won 1st and he goet 20,000 Maple Points! read more

I have so much to talk about…

Its october 31st, and here I am, during the patch, writing a blog

I just came back from a long break from MMO-Tales. I kinda got discouraged after getting a short (Very short, thank you mmotales personguygirlwhateveryouare) ban from posting on MMOTales. Its been 14 levels since my last blog, a very long time. In other words, that means I’m level 104. How attractive. read more

Waffle: Level 40 and girly waffles

I was seriously dissapointed with the quality of my last blog

I felt that way as i wrote it, which is the reason i made a reference to how horrible my blogs are

So now i’m going to fit a bit more detail in it

MysticWaffle is level 39, and i’ve noticed something

Something I always knew was true, but i forgot about it

37, is the level where things become gradually more difficult read more

Misconception or mere impudence?

`kay, so when I bring my laptop to class, and out of complete boredom, I like to read forum posts on Basil. So the other day I came across someone’s uneducated petty argument against “maple love/relationship”. The posts consist of how pathetic/ridiculous it is to have a bf/gf on Maple and how love on a game is unheard of or absurd.

Let’s get something straight, there’s a damn difference between pretending to find love or to be in love vs. actually being in love. Though the two are entirely different, people often have the misconception that they are the same.
I can agree with most that fake Maple love is pretty pathetic and/or ridiculous, etc. Whatever else you can pull out of you ass. All smegas regarding, “L> for hot gf/bf with NX!” are preposterous. No one can possibly determine whether a person is “teh smexyness” based off in game pixels. Clearly they are gold diggers or interested in the benefits of APQ. Then you have the other “couples” who spout about how much they “luff” each other. read more