Dealing With Noobs That Loot

My NX Look: link
Currently lvl 43, 50% around

Well i was training at Sakura Cellions for some cash and try to lvl.(Lvl 42 going for 43)
So i was partying with this i/l mage like lvl 40 i guess?
so Anyways, there comes this lvl 7 begginer, and so she comes up and runs to the mesos
and waits constantly clicking her pick up button so that she can loot.
my party member and i tell her to kindly stop, but she starts to flame us in Spanish
then we flamed at her telling her to **** OFF.
Then she dies and she SPAWNS on the same map!
over and over she comes.

After half an hour, i had leveled, then together we got friends to defame. I left after.

Boyfriend pwns Gaming

I would just like to say to anyone who happens to encounter me on any game I happen to play. That I will always put my boyfriend over these games. I am not going to lose the perfect relationship because you or some other player wanted me to go GPQ or whatever. Jonathan is number 1 in my life. Yes, I realize. I haven’t hopped onto Maple for more than 10 min in a couple of weeks. That is because I have been busy playing a much -better- MMO called Lunia. Or I’m doing something else on my computer. Or I’m talking to Jonathan on the phone.
I apologize for Jonathan being an emotional wreck these days. But now I kind of see why. The fact that his friends can’t accept that he is in a happy relationship with someone they don’t like. (Damn those certain Windian freaks and the phag that doesn’t play MMOs). I relate to his pain now that my friends can’t accept the fact I’m going to stop hardcore playing Maple to spend some time with my boyfriend and help him with his problems.
What hurts the most is that the one day I have time to do whatever because Jonathan is not home, you people don’t want to do anything fun in-game.

Sorry for beginning to separate the Maple World from the real world.

A New Begining..BrandonJing

I have played MapleStory a Year…I’ve became level 70, 80 ,90, and 100 but not on my own..My friends have helped and now its a new begining. I am going to do it on my own.. It’s going ot be harder because im only on weekends and not that long.. This came to mind with PirateJings inspration. I Too Dream to be the hero and im going to persue that. I want to make new friends and become what PirateJing has become..A hero.. Im in Bera and im sorry i couldnt write a longer blog..Im a level 12 str bandit and im proud ^^ ive sold all of what i havent become and im back.. Ive only made it ot 47 on my assassin alone anyway See you guys on MMO ^^


MapleSAP News

MapleSAP News [Oct 29- Nov 4]
Haloween Special

MapleSAP wishes all its readers a happy and safe Haloween!

|Kerning City|
This year’s Pumpkin Palooza festival, which goes from Haloween until Thanksgiving, will begin on a rather somber note this year. The Pumpkin Co. which runs the festival announced on Monday that the first day will be to remember the many people; most of them Permanoob civillians, who fell victim to attacks committed by supporters of the Justice Arrow organization. Every year, the Pumpkin Palooza is plagued by incidents of violence against the many harmless hackers, youth, and children; many of whom are from Kerning’s Azn districts.
At the 2005 Pumpkin Palooza festival, groups of heavilly armed J.A. members and supporters charged into the festival grounds and opened fire; killing up to 23 people, and injuring many more before the PumpkinSquad guild responded.
Five of the attackers were caught and arrested by police.
Among the victims were famous Permanoob celebrities Osuwarii, KawaiiBerry, and MadButter’s sidekick Devieu.
The GM ordered the festival to be ended on Haloween night following the violence.

This year, the Palooza will go on as scheduled, but security will be tight, and people entering will be searched to make sure no weapons are being carried in.
For more info, call the Pumpkin Palooza hotline at 318-26643 or /PPF2007

After a month of almost no business, Peach Blossom Island’s wedding services collapsed under the weight of their own operating costs and were forced to close. On Monday, PBI chief Sam Yoong filed for bankrupcy in Singapura, and submitted his business license as ordered. Nearly all of the wedding resort’s 600 employees were laid off this week and returned to the SEA Lands after they were denied permits to apply for employment in Ammoria; where demand for new employees is high.
PBI’s cash flow dried up after the MNHR allowed couples in the SEA Lands to marry at Ammoria instead, and the economic forecaster and financial advisors warned that they would all be over their heads in debt by the end of the year and fail to pay the taxes.
The fate of the island’s resorts will lie in the hands of the SEA Lands government.

The Zahks River that runs from the glaciers of Kankoku Mountain to the swamps was tested last week, and contains over 15 times the safe limit of alcohol and magickium particles, the primary ingredients of mana fuel. The river is a popular swimming and fishing area in the summer and a great ice skating spot in the winter. The Kerning City Dept. of Envornment declared the river off limits and yellow tape was raised to mark off the area. “We are not joking here, fines will be 10 million, no less even for setting one toe past the yellow line! A glacier up there cracked, openeing up deposits of frozen alcohol and magicium, and the levels are far beyond the safe limits,”
An expedition team is to be dispatched in a few days.

Tired of paying 80K for a one way ticket between Ellinia and Orbis? Well the price is to change soon.
Maple Transit announced that on January 2, the fare will rise to 90K for one way. A book of 10 tickets will only cost 850K.

|Singapura| Kerning|
Media giant KLON’s massive 2.2 billion meso lawsuit against STAMP, a small time youth operated newspaper,
is a threat to the freedom of speech everyone has under federal Maple law. If KLON wins, STAMP will be crushed to crap and we will unwillingly take this as a wrongful lesson to keep quiet. KLON is suing STAMP because these kids exposed KLON’s lies about the Justice Arrow in their recent documentaries on Henesys.

KLON portrays the J.A. as an organiziation of exclusively righteous bowmen who wage a holy religious crusade against the rest of us (mainly people from the SEA Lands, hackers, permanoobs, magicians, and children) because we don’t all uphold their twisted conservative moral values. In their videos, KLON failed to mention anything of the Justice Arrow’s crimes; from their barbaric wars against Victoria’s Sharenian tribes and fairies in the past to their attacks and kidnappings of people and kids in Kerning, Ellinia and Lith Harbor. Instead, they portrayed the J.A. as the angelic saviors sent by the Universal Migrator. The documentary ‘Wrongly Accused’ broadcasts the message that the J.A. were framed and accused by their haters (victims), while the attacks were carried out by idiot posers looking to stir up trouble and save their own asses by saying ‘the Justice Arrow did it.”
Not one negative comment or acknowlegement of public oppostion to the J.A. was mentioned in the videos that are constantly being broadcast on radio and TV accross the southern territories. It is definately a tactic to gain the J.A. some public favor and to keep the government away.

Last week, J&M Ham Associates filed the suit in Orbis Supreme Court, and the first hearing was held.
The poor guys at STAMP had to use up their own savings accounts to get to Orbis and pay some of the court fees, and to pay to validate some of their evidence, some of which KLON’s lawyers negated, calling the articles a violation of copyright. The judge allowed this cheapshot to pass, and the date for the main hearing, will be anything but a walk in the park.

It only gets worse: J&M Ham Associates’ attorneys travelled to Singapura and consulted with legal firms representing the medicine companies who tried to kill STAMP in court over the ‘Mozzie Cases.’
The suit was re-filed with at least five Singapura clients, one being Peach Blossom Island Resorts.
This week, the orginial 2.2 billion meso suit was re-filed and now sits at a cash magnitude of 500 billion mesos!
These legal attacks are the losers’ response for the effects caused by STAMP’s harmless work in informing the people.
This year STAMP submitted a 300 page report to the MNHR about people’s concerns for PBI’s outrageous expenses. Under law, STAMP did nothing; no crime was committed. It was the MNHR’s actions that caused Peach Blossom Island Resorts to die out from lack of busniss.

The Mozzie Cases were medical companies’ repeated failures to book STAMP for spewing out crucial information to the public on how to prevent mozzie mosquitoes. Without mozzies, people don’t get bitten, dont get sick, and dont need expensive medicines to flush out the diseases the insects carry. Corrupt corporates fell prey to STAMP’s investigations, many cash embezzlers landed in jail.
STAMP’s expose of crappy hospital conditions pushed the Singapura territorial government to pass strict health standards at all medical facilities.
In all, the newspaper’s work resulted in several things: The mozzies died out this year, people seeking affordable marriage got what they wanted, stolen money was returned and the economy recovered, and under new health regulations, the mortality rate at hospitals decreased 10-fold, and recovery times cut down for patients.
In the spring of this year, STAMP’s president Yaman Kow recieved the SilverStar award for his efforts.

But now the tables turned and bad guys want some revenge. The new lawsuit could no-doubt vaporize everyone who worked for STAMP and it’s parent companies Singa Times and The Kerning Sun newspapers.
On top of that, J&M Ham is also scheming to target the defense attorney Ram Hoikensan on charges of dangerous driving and manslaughter (In June, Hoikensan was going over the speedlimit when some other guy rammed him into oncoming traffic. Hoikensan struck another car instantly killing the 2 occupants on impact)
Here is the ugly of the ugly: If J& M Ham’s lawyers manage to get Hoikensan convicted and jailed, there will be nothing to protect STAMP from impending doom. Here is the nasty of the nasty: J&M Ham is looking to add the Justice Arrow to the case in hopes of booking STAMP on mass defamation charges.
Singapura’s government won’t send a lawyer or even raise a finger to aid STAMP’s defense, because everyone thinks only the Kerning branch, who they claim no responsibility for, is being targeted. In Kerning, The Sun newspaper is doing all it can to detatch from STAMP before they get flame broiled in court.
The ‘Save the Stamp’ mobilization was already crushed by the police and GMs who raided their offices and arrested
the major activists.

To simplify everything: KLON and its allies are going to crush a free press company for spreading information and raising awareness. The suit is designed to scare the crap out of all of us and discourage further ‘press of dissent.’
The bad guys do this because they want to carry on their tyranny and abuse and to sit on top without anyone pushing them off, and they will do whatever it takes.

Under Maple law, if a lawsuit is filed, and the prosecutor wins, the loser must pay the money. Nobody alone will ever be able to pay up 500 billion mesos and the bill might fall on Kerning City council. Kerning’s budget will be sapped dry and they will become economically paralyzed. As they try to recover, taxes and prices will skyrocket, services will be slashed, everything in town just might stop working and grind to a halt.

Not only are the people of STAMP under attack, but Kerning City is also under the gun as well.
This advice is for the one perpose: to advise the public.

A message from the staff of MapleSAP Magazine

Halloween…and the GMs.

Well, first I’d like to welcome you to my new blog. I’ll be telling the story of my currnetly level 58 Hunter in Scania. Anywho, yeah, I got off work early today, which was nice, so I logged on Maple. First thing I see is blue text a the bottom of my screen: [Notice]: MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! So I wait a bit and go to Kerning. As soon as I got there BOOM. Lagged out. Instantly. So Ilogged back in, and there’s a GM bouncing around summoning the aliens from Omega Sector. My frame rate was horrendous. And so the GM continued to bounce from town to town sommoning stuff, posting silly notices in blue text. Then I had to go hand candy to the kids so I couldn’t play. Bummer. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Halloween GM Event!


Well as you all know GM’s held some events today, and my friend notified me, and I went in with him! It was cool, my first GM event in all the 2 years I’ve been playing MS, and we were just chilling waiting for him, I got my new White Tiger to level 4 I think, but w/e, back to the event, well we waited for the GM to show up, and we chatted with him for a while! But the funny thing is that he asked us to be quiet, and I was still chatting to my friend so the GM comes up to me and pokes me and stuff and hes like “Hi!” and im like “Hai thar dood!” and so he takes off his pumpkin mask and WALA! HES BROWN SKINNED JUST LIKE ME! Lol and I was the only Brown person in there, so I scream “BROWN POWA!!!!!!!” and he whispers me and he’s like “Let’s Dance!” so we start jumping around and he comes to my corner and suddenly THE WHOLE CHANNEL FOLLOWS US AROUND IT WAS SO HILARIOUS EVERY1 WAS LIKE LOOKING AT ME AND HIM IT WAS AWESOME! But then I said he could go ahead and start the event, so he started it and then we did the event which was jump quest.. I didn’t win but it was a fun experience! I knew the guy that won 1st and he goet 20,000 Maple Points!

Well thats it, it was actually really fun!

Attached are some pics of it, the pics didn’t come out that well, but you can get a quick glimpse of the GM!


I have so much to talk about…

Its october 31st, and here I am, during the patch, writing a blog

I just came back from a long break from MMO-Tales. I kinda got discouraged after getting a short (Very short, thank you mmotales personguygirlwhateveryouare) ban from posting on MMOTales. Its been 14 levels since my last blog, a very long time. In other words, that means I’m level 104. How attractive.

The Leveling

I’ve been leveling quite a bit since my last MMOtales, in May. Wow, its been a long time.

Anyway, I did it. I leveled to 100, And boy did it feel good. I was so estatic. Zakum runs, Triple Digits, everything came in one big rush to me…It was nice. ‘Course some idiots started messing with me around that time, you know, just idiots from certain groups, iDunno, they’re mean to me for no reason. But well, lately, they’ve stopped messing with me. It’s been quite peaceful on MS Lately, I like it. Anyway, this is off-topic.

I made level 100, and I was very very very happy. It was REALLY nice. Took me about a month to level to 101 though. LOL. Then I leveled to 104 with speed, No idea how, but I did. Course, I died alot, </3 Pumpkin vault, So when I was 90% after a SP (lvl 103) I bought a few charms and went to sharks. Of course, when I have a backup plan, I dont die. Whatever.

So now I’m 104.

Average maple life, and the gaining of Magic in mass amounts.

So I capped my luck at 103. So what? 5 magic a level, thats what. Since 100, I’ve been gaining at least 5 magic a level. Yay! My strength has went up quite a bit. I can hit 7.1k on Phantom Watches, and 7k on Grim Phantom Watches. Yes, with Fire Arrow. My comp is only level 12 and It can hit up to 5.8k on weaker monsters. Yay comp!

Then the miracle happened. At 102, I finally did it. I went on an average zakum run with Them, you know, the regulars were there, not exactly an Extravagance run (They’re really good), but a run that succeeds 90% of the time. So we beat the arms quickly, and I kept going strong, attacking the first body, then it started to happen. A few people died, and thats usual, so whatever. By 80% of the third body, only 2 CBs, 2 DKs, and 3 priests were left. I was left to fend for myself, no priest, no DK. I knew I was going to die. It was a really bad run. I used about 1000 gingerales, they were 3.8k by then, and my god, it was so hard to survive. My family was yelling at me to get off, the run lasted till nearly 11:30 PM EST, It was really bad…I was like “OH COME ON”. I really was a wimp, I’m admitting it to you all, I hugged the wall from there-on out. After they beat it, I had to do it. I took a helmet, I was first to loot anyway, the buyer had died. So I took one. Turns out my stats RULED. 15 STR, 15 DEX, 15 INT, 16 LUK, 149 WDEF, 146 MDEF, 20 ACC, 20 AVOID. What stats, best of the run. What luck I had that day, and then I went to bed, It was way past the time I had to be off anyway. I was really lucky…

Then recently I wanted to scroll my overall. Going all the way to 100 without a slightly scrolled overall is quite sad. So I started. A couple friends bought me 2 70%s, and I took them graciously. Both worked. 10 INT overall. Then I went shopping and found a 70% for 2mil. yey! It worked! 12 INT, 7 slots! Then, 2 nights ago (October 29th, 2007) My guildmate gached 52 tickets. (What the hell?) He got an overall int 30%, which I wanted, so I was like “OGM GIMME”. He gave it to me for 200k (LMAO.) So I used it. What luck! 11 int 9 slot black OF. Go figure its almost already guaranteed better than my other. How lovely. So Yesterday (Oct 30th 2007) I found a 60% for 6mil (-___- Way too expensive). I used it in Zipangu, where I used the 30%, and WHAM. It worked. 13 int 8 slot. 1 int more, 1 slot more. How much could I ask for? (Mesos plz D: ) He also gave me a shield HP 30%, I used it, it worked. Go figure, 30 HP shield. Then yesterday, I find a Shield HP 70% for 400k, use it, it fails, and breaks my shield. what? I had 1337 HP. T___T. Also, on another scrolling note, I got a helm hp 10% in an apq, used it on my bone helm, and it worked. Go figure.

Lately I’ve been having a good time on MS. The only thing that ticks me off is the curse filter, and the fact that they’re completely ruining our MS with the new increase of damage and range of some monsters. Its unfair. Leave maple the way it is and add, dont change it nexon! Or you could treat GMS like Maple SEA and give us everything they have. That’d be SO lovely. <3

Every sunday, me and a couple F/Ps get together for a Papulatus run. I’m the weakest lacking comp and amp, but I still go, I mean, I am F/P. So then the sunday before last (Oct 21st, 2007) I went on a pap run. I survive! We get a codar, and supposedly they’re gonna sell it for 50mil, I dont know, as long as I get my piece of the pie. 5 F/Ps survived, how lovely. I got my ludi cape in haste, even with it being ugly, I was so happy.

I wonder if I’m forgetting anything…If I am, I’ll just blog about it again some other time.

Happy Halloween, with much love,
~Oathmaker, 10x F/P, Broa. <3

Waffle: Level 40 and girly waffles

I was seriously dissapointed with the quality of my last blog

I felt that way as i wrote it, which is the reason i made a reference to how horrible my blogs are

So now i’m going to fit a bit more detail in it

MysticWaffle is level 39, and i’ve noticed something

Something I always knew was true, but i forgot about it

37, is the level where things become gradually more difficult

Not much, I could still do 2 levels a day and such if i felt it

But it’s the turning point

I don’t remember the exp and i don’t really care to look it up, right now

But it the level where you feel like you’re actually. . .grinding

at least, for me it is

Still, though i plan to level to 40 this weekend

I’m training at retz right now

I love these things

The map is so small and he spawn is awesome

and since i mostly 2 hit and occasionally 3 hit them s’all good

My favorite thing about it is since the connection in my room is wireless

it’s not so fast >.>

However, i can do this Shinobi-esque thing

not a naruto reference (>.&gt, but the game for ps2

You see, in the game, Shinobi can chop up all these enemies with his sword

and they just stand there

this is because after you kill all of the enemies surrounding you shinobi puts his sword back in it’s sheath. . .

and all the monsters fall apart

search it on youtube, it’s awesome

but anyway, when i lag sometimes, the game still runs and the animation still goes

so i walk around the map hitting all of the enemies so when i stop lagging. . .

they all die at the same time

all the monsters on the screen

it’s extremely cool

and i’m set for 40

got my pickpocket and dark pilfer (both for awesome deals)

My pickpocket pilfer is +2 luk 29 def and only cost me 75k (Yeah bish)

my dark pilfer is +3 luk and 27 def (Hell yeah, no more bamboo hat)

i plan to finish scrolling my snowshoes for +10 speed but if not i’m almost guaranteed +8’s

so it’s all good

And i have a few more levels till i get to use SB

what a letdown >.>


Then i don’t even get to max SB or booster, because i have to add 6 booster

and then continue SB -_-

and then friggin haste -_- and then booster

it’s like i only get a sample of all these awesome moves -_-

and it makes me sad

ShadowWaffle is alright

he’s not dying of neglect

i still abuse him >=)

And so does aliyah

swooning over perma-beginners with me and MPQing with ShadowWaffle

i cringe when i think of ShadowWaffle, the epitome of awesomeness



saying: “Drop the passes, SILLYBUTT <333!”


s’all good though

I’m Waffle

i can roll like that

I gots more to say but i’ll save that for another blog

these are skimpy as it is


Edit: The dark pilfer was only 200k and that’s easily 700k-1mil based on the prices i saw)

Misconception or mere impudence?

`kay, so when I bring my laptop to class, and out of complete boredom, I like to read forum posts on Basil. So the other day I came across someone’s uneducated petty argument against “maple love/relationship”. The posts consist of how pathetic/ridiculous it is to have a bf/gf on Maple and how love on a game is unheard of or absurd.

Let’s get something straight, there’s a damn difference between pretending to find love or to be in love vs. actually being in love. Though the two are entirely different, people often have the misconception that they are the same.
I can agree with most that fake Maple love is pretty pathetic and/or ridiculous, etc. Whatever else you can pull out of you ass. All smegas regarding, “L> for hot gf/bf with NX!” are preposterous. No one can possibly determine whether a person is “teh smexyness” based off in game pixels. Clearly they are gold diggers or interested in the benefits of APQ. Then you have the other “couples” who spout about how much they “luff” each other.

Let me explain my personal experience.

When I created my guild, it started slowly so my boyfriend helped out by inviting a friend of his, Candy*. He knew her for awhile and they were pretty good friends. Well Candy asked if we could invite her friend Rob*. Shortly after Rob was invited into the guild, he used a smega to “proclaim” his love for her. Saying something along the lines of, “I love you, Cindy…” *coughs* Hold up, I thought her name was Candy. A couple days later, I went to find out what her name actually was, telling her Rob confused me by calling her Cindy and asking whether he knew her real name was Candy. He thought that Cindy was her real name… In the process of clearing matters up, she leaves the guild due to dispute concerning my boyfriend and me accusing her “boyfriend”, Rob of being stupid.

*blinks* So… how can you even remotely believe that is a relationship if you don’t know your significant other’s real name…? If this isn’t the most ridiculous “maple relationship” I don’t want to know what is…

[Yes, this did happen and neither my boyfriend or me called her “boyfriend” stupid, she assumed that because we were questioning her about why he didn’t know her real name. -.-]

On the other hand, there have been people who have had love find them. Someone from Basil forum saying something about being a place to find love over the internet. Maple isn’t any different aside from the fact that it is a game. Let me explain before anyone says, “Yea, but you meet the people for eHarmony.” Uhh… who’s to say that two Maplers can’t meet in real life? Love is intangible. It’s an emotion. So pointing out that people can’t be in love with someone because their relationship doesn’t consist of physical or visual contact is contradicting love all together. Sexual desires isn’t love, it’s lust. A common remark made – “Well you can’t be a normal couple if you don’t touch.” When you are in love, you don’t give a damn about being a normal couple, all you care about is being with your significant other to love you back.

Calling someone your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t mean that you’re dating him/her. It means that while you’re with that person, you wouldn’t want to be with or see anyone else.

The people who have actual MapleStory bf/gf [not real life] make the people who have fallen in love on Maple look bad. My boyfriend and I met on Maple, I’ve been with him for eight months and I love him. People ridicule us because they believe we’re Maple lovers. Supposedly love can’t be found on a game, despite the fact that love can exist anywhere because love is intangible.

To those Basil posts that argue/complain about Maple relationships and to those who are still bothered by the entire love/relationship idea, why do you really even care about what others are doing with their love lives? Enough to address it in forum posts? Does it really affect you as a person that much? It wasn’t that big of a deal until the crush rings came out on Maple. Nexon/Wizet initiated the epiphany of the Maple gf/bfs. Take it up with Nexon if you seriously think so strongly against it.

It’s like when the weddings first came out, the wedding announcements were constant/annoying and you’d ask yourself, “Why do I care?!”. The same applies to Maple relationships. You’re annoyed at first, but eventually you’ll learn to ignore it.

*Names have been changed to ensure my maple protection/safety.