Where have all the [Nice People] gone?

Does anyone else here notice the horrible reputation that gamers get? I mean, it’s a given that on every game there’s a complete jackass out there that decides to do things to ruin the gaming experience for others.

It’s almost expected of gamers (especially younger ones) to throw around swear words (especially derogatory terms for homosexuals and black people-not “African American” since it’s just as racist to assume their heritage is Africa) and think nothing of it. How often do you get on a game to have a twelve year old call you a “f-g” and a noob just because they know you can’t do anything about it? How many times a day do these kids say the word “f-g” just because they get away with it? read more

WoW’ing, you’re doing it wrong.

So. Let’s start this therapy session with some soothing music, shall we?

I guess I should begin where we left off.
FFXI never really picked back up for Mike and I. He got medically discharged three weeks after basic training began, because he had preexisting conditions and was going to get stress fractures in his hips and knees if he continued. That was a huge bummer. read more

Still Alive (in MMOT)


Yes I’ll admit it. MapleStory as a whole is pretty much gone. MMOTMS has been swept up by many other things (sorry Darkie). I’ve been wasting 3 years of meh life playing this game, and boy was it fun. However, it was only fun because of my friends to talk to.

MSN pretty much stabbed it 5 times, gave a Roundhouse kick (lulz Chuck Norris good times…), and FALCOOOON PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWNCH’d it. MSN totaled it as a whole, pretty much. Training? PSSSSH. I’m too lazy for that stuff. I’ve been playing MS for 2 years and never really found training fun, thus earning me the level of 62. How nice. >_> read more

Strafing Newts – A Parody

Yes. A MapleStory-related parody of Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love. The idea spontaneously popped into my head while listening to the radio

Written by your favorite awesomeness potato-gem RussetAure, and dedicated to my friend Kevvl14 who got from level 81 to 100 by standing on the 2nd platform at Newties and holding down his Strafe key for hours, and who’ll probably never see this but whatever. Lyric sites get some credit too since I don’t like the song enough to listen to it all day to know all the original words by heart. read more

Im Back Jack!!!!

So, after a several month, unannounced break from maple, I have returned . I’m more into maple then I was, dunno if thats good or bad haha. But anyways, i’m back (as if you didn’t catch it the first time….) So, this must be the shortest blog ever written…..But, ill be back with a better one, I swear.

I’m a man.

It’s true. I dyed my skin a turquoise color. That’s is in a dragon raja. I got it dyed for a low price. It was only 14k. It was the real deal. You can die you’re skin any color you can imagine! Even magenta.

The last time I made a blog about Dragon Raja was this…

Well, now I’m making this. I made a new character. I made a Priest/Archer. I picked the class of a priest so I could heal, but the weapons aren’t locked by class, so you can use whatever. No one was dumb enough to notice until I pointed it out. Well, instead of being a sucky level 21 priest that hits stuff with a staff, I am a non-sucky priest that hits stuff with a bow. read more

Random fight in the Cavalry world

Started out as random ramblings to help get rid of my writer’s block, but became a proper fight scene. Thought I would post the half an hour of effort.

(Do not notice the screwed rifle stock)


Gunshots filled the air. Bullets whizzed past blurred bodies, shattering windows, putting holes into the newly painted buildings in Original. read more

Shadows in the Dark Ch-03

Shadows in the Dark

Chapter-03: Compromised

Date: April 15, 2046
Time: 00:00:00
Location: Kerning City


“Sh**! What the f*** was that!” his piercing voice resounded in the black limousine as it sped through the midnight streets of Kerning City. The video feed from the headquarters had just fizzled out right after a burst of flame licked ravenously at the camera. “Sh** sh** sh**!” read more

The Random Blog With No Title

Well, I’m on vacation. I’m going to get you to guess where.

I really hope my sunflower lives to see the day I come back home. D:

Anyway, I’ve been thinking.

why games from north america n0t working here?

WolfTeam INTERNATIONAL, Combat Arms, etc.

Everything’s so boring, even the box (TV).

I’ve been forced to play a few boring games and watch videos on youtube that I’ve watched a thousand times. read more

Maplestory-story 2

Once again im totaly BORED so i decided to write the part 2 to my story Please note that im only a pri4 girl so pls
dont scold me if i have spelling mistakes .(if you didnt read the first one,dont bother reading this)

Diana spun around.A woman dressed in red robes was standing before me.”Who are you?”Diana asked curiously.
“Me?my name is Mai”said the woman.She added”and congrats on killing that snail!ive never seen a finer first attempt in a long time!”she said.Diana asked” Have you been followi-“However,the woman interupted”How about you meet me here same day same time?I can train you….”She added thoughtfully.”i dont know….”replied Diana.However,the woman
said “Great!meet you next week!” read more