Where have all the [Nice People] gone?

Does anyone else here notice the horrible reputation that gamers get? I mean, it’s a given that on every game there’s a complete jackass out there that decides to do things to ruin the gaming experience for others.

It’s almost expected of gamers (especially younger ones) to throw around swear words (especially derogatory terms for homosexuals and black people-not “African American” since it’s just as racist to assume their heritage is Africa) and think nothing of it. How often do you get on a game to have a twelve year old call you a “f-g” and a noob just because they know you can’t do anything about it? How many times a day do these kids say the word “f-g” just because they get away with it?

Case in point: I was doing an instance (think of it as a PQ) on WoW at Scarlet Monastery. I really hate doing things like group activities (never PQ’d on Maple) in games because I hate the idea of messing up and pissing everyone off. You can imagine how I resisted doing this but my friend got them to add me to group and we got summoned. For the most part, I was told I was doing OK, basically throwing DOTs and sending in my minion.
Out of no where this dude/chick (couldn’t tell) says, “Damn skank put some clothes on” and points to my character.

Granted, I was wearing the Mageweave outfit that looks like this: link

They then did the laugh emote at me. I complained to my friend then apparently the tank ran in and aggro’d everything so I quit party and so did my friend. The rude person then spat at me and someone else told us to grow up. I’m not sure if it’s some how illogical, but I’d assume that someone who insults someone else FOR NO REASON is the one that is being immature. I’m not sure how this behavior isn’t unacceptable… What makes it ok to go up to a perfect stranger that happens to be helping you with an instance that they don’t even need to don and insult them? At level 39, I really wasn’t getting much out of that instance. I’d have been happy enough sitting in the Crossroads riding around on my blue fluffy bird thing (I got a Warlock mount but the birds just look awesome).

The day before this, I declined a duel with sitting around doing nothing in the Barrens and the guy calls me a “bitch” and a… vulgar word for female genitalia (I really don’t want to swear and this blog should explain it). He was picking a fight with me simply because I refuse to duel (I suck hard at PVPing).

And how many times have you seen on TV and movies a foul mouthed child on XBox live? It’s expected of gamers to throw around words and act like mouth-breathers. These days gamers are seen as either: pretention “geeks”, stupid children or rude college “frat boy” types. And it doesn’t matter if it’s “just a game”. It’s common sense and common curtesy that if you interact with humans you act like one and not a low-life piece of crap that thinks they can get away with anything because the other person isn’t close enough to slap them across the face.

If you have the opportunity, take the high road and at the risk of looking pretention, correct someone for their mindless use of vulgarities. I’d rather look like a cantankerous old lady than allow people like that run gaming and it’s reputation into the ground.

More screenies from WoW:
This amused me to no end and I still don’t know why:
Pulling a Lady Godiva wih Kavalina:
This looks like a really bad accident with a gnome and a mailbox:

Now that Wowcrap has consumed my soul, I’m a little worried about what the hell I’m going to do while I’m in Beijing (Olympics, yay!). I know there’s WoW China, but I can’t read Chinese, it’s pay by hour, etc. I’ve been worrying about MMOs and being in Asia for a while now. It’s my biggest worry to get stuck with my workaholic pops and nothing to do but read webcomics and drink milk tea and watch bootleg DVDs. I’m excited for the trip nonetheless!


WoW’ing, you’re doing it wrong.

So. Let’s start this therapy session with some soothing music, shall we?

I guess I should begin where we left off.
FFXI never really picked back up for Mike and I. He got medically discharged three weeks after basic training began, because he had preexisting conditions and was going to get stress fractures in his hips and knees if he continued. That was a huge bummer.

He got home, all sad-faced, and we were going to start back on FFXI, but with only one XBOX 360, it kind’ve just.. never really happened. Days passed and we just didn’t buy another 360, because of our money situation, Mike out daily looking for a new job, and the fact that we didn’t really use it except to watch DVDs at dinnertime.
So, sadly, I went and canceled our FFXI accounts. No point to spending $20 a month for nothing.

But, us, being the absolute gamer geeks we are, needed to find another game to whet our appetities. (Isn’t that a weird word? Whet.. but it’s really spelled that way. I’m serious!) And what other option than the good old fashioned, most popular MMO in the United States, World of Warcraft?

(I had played a trial of this game before, but me being me, before I met Mike, I had never paid for an MMO in my life.)

Mike had played this game a few weeks prior, and I gotta admit, I was hesitant at first. What a rip off, seriously! I had never encountered an MMO that had a monthly charge AND required you to purchase the game (at $40 no less!). It was absolutely ridiculous, and I was admantly flabbergasted. But after a bit of nudging and pleading, I gave in to his charm; I was going out to buy the game.

I had already installed this game previously, so all I really needed to do was patch, install the expansion and register everything. Mike and his best friend Joe had already made taurens, Mike being a druid and Joe being a hunter, so I went with a tauren warrior. And, just to make it a true sausage fest, made my character a male as well; begrudgingly with the most mind-numbingly girly name ever: Mipu.

So, I began my first steps into the world, my youthful, although very masculine bright eyes stared at the odd campsite in bewilderment. A large brute of a tauren stode up to me, holding out his hoof in politeness. “How do you do,” his voice boomed, “I am Chief Cracklepop.” He sure was cute! I giggled and blushed, mumbling in the cutest, flirtiest voice possible. “I’m Mipu~ Nice to meeet yooou~” There was an awkward silence, and then it dawned on me.
The God of WoW had screwed up. I was a dude: dingleberries and all.
I had the same stature he did, I was heavy set and my hooves were much bigger than a dainty females’.
“NOOOOO!” I screamed, or rather moo’d, falling to my knees. “WHY, GOD WHY?!”
It was at this point that Chief Cracklepop had quickly moved on, assuming I was crazy and needed to be put in the crazy-home.

Okay. I lied. That’s not really what happened. So, why did I pick to be a male, if it wasn’t an accident by the good old man upstairs himself? Two reasons:
A.) Male taurens look cooler. Females are kind’ve ugly and don’t have nearly as many options for looks.
B.) WoW has a semi-retarded population. If you’re a female character, regardless of your own personal gender, people will hit on you; transcending the boundaries of gay and straight.

On another subject, as I’ve progressed, I’ve noticed that there are very, very, very few level 70 warriors. Everyone is a druid, or a mage, or a warlock. Why is that? Are warriors that useless? Mike told me that it’s because we’re tankers, and a party only needs one, so WoW doesn’t need that many. It kind’ve disappointed me, because I usually always ALWAYS pick the worst classes in the game, no matter what. (STR bandit, anyone?)

Ah! Well, I hate to cut this short, but it’s 7 o’clock and I need to go and take care of some animals. I’m house-sitting for my parents for the next few days, so hopefully you’ll see me around a little bit more!

Take care, everyone!

(P.S Maybe I’ll write a short story about that. The girly tauren in the male’s body, purely satire of course. ^_~)

Still Alive (in MMOT)

I quitz MapleStory FOR TEH GOODZ

Yes I’ll admit it. MapleStory as a whole is pretty much gone. MMOTMS has been swept up by many other things (sorry Darkie). I’ve been wasting 3 years of meh life playing this game, and boy was it fun. However, it was only fun because of my friends to talk to.

MSN pretty much stabbed it 5 times, gave a Roundhouse kick (lulz Chuck Norris good times…), and FALCOOOON PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWNCH’d it. MSN totaled it as a whole, pretty much. Training? PSSSSH. I’m too lazy for that stuff. I’ve been playing MS for 2 years and never really found training fun, thus earning me the level of 62. How nice. >_>

Now I’m like, MMOTales obsessed again lulz. MMOTMs allowed me to get to know about all you people! =D I know like, most of ya. o.o

As with MMOTMs, the RP lead me off somewhere away from MMOTMS. I’m still waiting for the RP, but I think it just went KABOOM with that spammer. Oh well. . . T_T

lolwut Combat Arms?

As many of you people know, I am the worst player everrrrrr. And proud. I still find this game rather fun, even though I die OVER EIGHT HUNDRED times!

This is a must-play. Play it noaaaaw!

Happy Birthday to yo- er Me! =D

That’s right. My birthday in one day. Yay!

Next blog will be my Birthday blog and will talk about the times I’ve been in here. (And trust me, I’ve been here for a decent time).

The real question is. . . How have I been lately?

I’ll be honest on this one. Got into some arguments in a friend on MapleStory, so I just like, left. We’re friends now though, but I’m still leaving MapleStory. I’m only going back for the guild (which is in a Guild Alliance. That equals more work. @_@).

As you know, I’m playing Combat Arms. I kill mainly on mines and s***ing (oh wait wut?!). XP Mines ftw!

I’ve been playing Smash for a while now. Best. Game. Eber. If there’s any MMOTaler out there who plays Smash, please tell me. XD I wanna challenge ya to a Brawl!

I’ve been active on MMOTales lately, and talking with everyone is awesome. O: This is such a big community for a website that has been spammed, flamed, and left in the shadow by Mr.Basil/Captain (I know he checks us today, so no offense to Mr. Basil).

I’d like to thank you all for making the best community. =D Including the person that’s watching this. Yeah you. >O

So how’s everyone else doing? Fine? Good? Sexy? Please tell me.

So anywho, I gotta save the best for my next blog. See ya! -Pain


Strafing Newts – A Parody

Yes. A MapleStory-related parody of Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love. The idea spontaneously popped into my head while listening to the radio

Written by your favorite awesomeness potato-gem RussetAure, and dedicated to my friend Kevvl14 who got from level 81 to 100 by standing on the 2nd platform at Newties and holding down his Strafe key for hours, and who’ll probably never see this but whatever. Lyric sites get some credit too since I don’t like the song enough to listen to it all day to know all the original words by heart.

Strafing Newts

Closed off from Kents
I didn’t need the potion drain
One or two mil was enough
And it was all in vain
Time starts to pass
Before you know it you’re frozen (at level 80)

But something happened
For my very first time at Newts
My experience bar fills up fast
I found something new
And everyone’s saying ‘GTHO my map’
Thinking I’m going crazy

But I don’t care what they say
It’s the best EXP
They try to KS me away
But I was first so CC
My finger’s dead from the key
That I keep on holding
They released Leafre and I

Keep strafing
Keep, keep strafing Newts
I keep strafing
I keep, keep strafing Newts
Keep strafing
Keep, keep strafing Newties
They released Leafre

Trying hard not to hear
But they spam so loud
Their piercing @s fill my screen
Trying to get me out
Yet I know that the goal
Is to keep me from training

But nothing’s greater
Than the rush of levels from that place
And in this world of slow grinding
I train with haste
Yet everyone around me
Thinks that I’m going crazy, maybe, maybe

But I don’t care what they say
It’s the best EXP
They try to KS me away
But I was first so CC
My finger’s dead from the key
That I keep on holding
They released Leafre and I

Keep strafing

And it’s good training for me
Oh they find it hard to believe
I’ll be level 120
For everyone to see

I don’t care what they say
It’s the best EXP
They try to KS me away
But I was first so CC
My finger’s dead from the key
That I keep on holding
They released Leafre and I

Keep strafing
Keep, keep strafing Newts
I keep strafing
I keep, keep strafing Newts
Keep strafing
Keep, keep strafing Newties
They released Leafre and I

Keep strafing
Keep, keep strafing Newts
I keep strafing
I keep, keep strafing Newts
Keep strafing
Keep, keep strafing Newties
They released Leafre and I
Keep strafing
Keep, keep strafing Newts.

Im Back Jack!!!!

So, after a several month, unannounced break from maple, I have returned . I’m more into maple then I was, dunno if thats good or bad haha. But anyways, i’m back (as if you didn’t catch it the first time….) So, this must be the shortest blog ever written…..But, ill be back with a better one, I swear.

I’m a man.

It’s true. I dyed my skin a turquoise color. That’s is in a dragon raja. I got it dyed for a low price. It was only 14k. It was the real deal. You can die you’re skin any color you can imagine! Even magenta.

The last time I made a blog about Dragon Raja was this…

Well, now I’m making this. I made a new character. I made a Priest/Archer. I picked the class of a priest so I could heal, but the weapons aren’t locked by class, so you can use whatever. No one was dumb enough to notice until I pointed it out. Well, instead of being a sucky level 21 priest that hits stuff with a staff, I am a non-sucky priest that hits stuff with a bow.

Well, lets get to when I dyed my skin. Who knew you could dye your skin back in the anchient times, aye? Can you even dye your skin today? Well, not turquoise at least. I just talked to some chick in a purple robe and she dyed my skin for me. I don’t want to know how she did it, but she did and that’s all I care about…what am I saying…

I wonder if she……….*giggles*……..ya know………took off all my clothes and had to use her hands to paint my whole body inch by inch.


Here is a picture of me before I got my skin dyed.

On my other priest you will see that it is blue. That was a while ago when the charged me

70 flippin’ k for it!!!!!111one11

But, now they only charge 10k for it .

I’m happy

It’s almost time for the most epic ending you will ever see.


The End.

Random fight in the Cavalry world

Started out as random ramblings to help get rid of my writer’s block, but became a proper fight scene. Thought I would post the half an hour of effort.

(Do not notice the screwed rifle stock)


Gunshots filled the air. Bullets whizzed past blurred bodies, shattering windows, putting holes into the newly painted buildings in Original.

And that paint was put on a few hours ago. Poor bastards, watching their hard work destroyed by these fighters with teary eyes.

There were four figures in the battlefield. Two of whom were from the Axiom clan, the other two from the Fable clan.

Their weapons flickered; the weapons were shuttled to and fro rapidly from their holder, into the air, back to the holder, back into the air. Clacking sounds echoed across the tall walls of the surrounding apartments. And in the middle of the city, a clock tower was a minute to ringing its bell.

Rae darted behind a car, rummaging in her pocket for another magazine, and slamming it into one of her handguns before the empty one even hit the ground. At the “bosh” of a rocket firing at the car, Rae lunged away behind a nearby apartment, just as the car exploded– spinning dramatically in the air, doors and hood flying through a window with a grand crashing sound, thousands of shards of glass flying to accent the effect.

Someone proceeded to scream.

A hand on her shoulder, and she spun around, coming face to face with Vicelin- her face fierce, and a hand pressed over a slash wound across a forearm.

‘Barely got away,’ she whispered in urgent tones. ‘Got meds?’

Rae shook her head, watching as her blood flowed down to the pavement below-

Then, a shot from behind. Reflexes taking over, they dashed away, and the pellets from a shotgun penetrated the wall which had been behind them a few moments ago. Vicelin groaned, letting go of her bleeding forearm and ignoring the pain as she jumped at the next building, slashing her way across the walls and disappearing from Rae’s sight after flying across the air to another building.

Rae launched herself at the wall behind her, climbing higher and higher; jumping away from the wall to a higher altitude, then pushing herself back into the wall by dashing backwards in mid air while swinging her sword – or wall cancelling. She could see the man with the launcher now; he dove into the area, spotting her almost immediately. Another “bosh”. She dashed away just as the wall exploded into ash and debri–

And then, unexpectedly, the man shot at her with his shotgun–

She barely saw the pellets before she dashed backwards, away from her original path, and avoided the shot, sustaining only a graze.

Rae gritted her teeth. This Fable clansman is pretty good… Damn…

Landing softly on the ground, she whipped out her pistols, tumbling sideways while spamming shots at him. His sword whipped back and forth, and she heard her bullets rattle uselessly to the ground. Her sword suddenly out and her handguns back in their holsters, Rae leapt at the wall and ran across it into a corner as the ground she ha been on moments before exploded, and a window behind her shattered. Within the house, more screaming.

Her sword clacked back into its sheath. Rae unholstered her handguns and pulled the slides of both to check her ammo, making a mental note to reload after three more shots from her left handgun. And then, from far away, Vicelin’s voice—


She whirled around, saw a golden flash, and then, something struck her in the left collarbone. She spun half a round from the impact, then stumbled back against the wall, gasping, a spot of dark red growing on her green shirt.

Sh*t, I got hit…

‘Darn, darn darn…’ She snarled, waiting for the pain to subside, a palm clenched over the wound.

Just then, a “bosh” sound—

Rae cursed, running desperately, suddenly uncoordinated, away from the wall. The girl from Fable clan abandoned all caution and dashed towards her, sword out of its sheath, a manic look in her eyes. She reached the wall where Rae had been—

The man screamed a warning—-

And the ground beneath the girl exploded, tiles flying everywhere. She screamed as she was thrown away from the explosion, slamming against the tiles ten feet away, blood spreading beneath her head where it hit. Rae looked at her twitching body for a moment, wide-eyed. She then turned to look at the man, his face twisted by revulsion and hatred.

‘GODDAMMIT!!!!’ He yelled, dropping the rocket launcher when he realized that he had to reload, charging at her, sword raised.

Gritting her teeth against the pain, Rae started shooting madly at him, but he deflected all shots. She unsheathed her own sword—

A sudden bang, and his back exploded in blood, his face freezing in an expression of horror and surprise. A final, hideous cry escaped his lips as he wobbled forwards, looking at the ground. He fell a few steps later, spasming wildly, limbs thrashing against the ground… And then, sudden relaxation. His eyes stared accusingly at Rae.

Behind him, Vicelin landed noislessly, replacing her shotgun into its holder at her hip, her gaze fierce, but triumphant. Rae tore her gaze away from the one of the dead man, knocking her own head with the base of her palm.

“I hate you” as his dying thoughts. Fu ( k that guy, damn.

‘Now, you owe me one,’ Vicelin grunted, pointing at her with a pistol gesture.

‘Go to hell, you -insert bad word here-,’ Rae replied, rubbing her temples.

‘Thank you for the vote of confidence.’

‘Got a dagger?’ Rae asked, looking down at her bullet wound– which did not hurt very much anymore.

Vicelin threw Rae a small silver dagger, and she caught it, its blade smacking softly against her leather glove. She proceeded to dig the bullet out of its wound, sticking the dagger savagely into the hole, pushing its handle until the small bullet emerged, covered in blood. She flicked it onto the ground, then tossed the dagger back at Vicelin, who caught it and shoved it back into her pocket.

‘ ‘Tis been a great day,’ she mumbled, vaulting onto her Mule, pulling Rae up with her, who did not reply. Its engine gunned into life, and it sped down the road towards the city’s entrance, a trail of smoke in its wake.

In the distance, the clock tower rang, and behind it, the sky became a misty orange.

EDITED: bad words

Shadows in the Dark Ch-03

Shadows in the Dark

Chapter-03: Compromised

Date: April 15, 2046
Time: 00:00:00
Location: Kerning City


“Sh**! What the f*** was that!” his piercing voice resounded in the black limousine as it sped through the midnight streets of Kerning City. The video feed from the headquarters had just fizzled out right after a burst of flame licked ravenously at the camera. “Sh** sh** sh**!”

Renault’s mind sped out of control as he typed away at the keyboard again, trying desperately to find Mariah’s Porsche. The computer processor whirred indignantly as Renault forced it to work beyond its capability.

“David!” Renault called into the front for the driver, “David take us back to Lith NOW. Something’s happened!” Without a reply, David jerked the wheel to the left, bringing the limo careening around in a one-hundred eighty degree spin. With a slam of the gas pedal, they soared off back down the night towards headquarters.

Finally, the screen cleared up, showing a live feed from the dashboard camera on Mariah’s black Porsche. Everything looked fine, but they weren’t driving. A bad sign. Renault furled his eyebrows in frustration and clicked the GPS.

A picture of the globe materialized on the flat panel display. A small green box widened on the city of Lith Harbor and zoomed in multiple times until Renault could see the car. The sleek, smart design seemed so out of place in the ghettos. It was parked beside a run down building that looked as if it would crumble to the slightest touch. Renault sighed to himself and hoped Mariah was ok. He could not bare the thought of losing her.

As the limo screamed closer and closer to the port city, Renault minimized the GPS and typed in a telephone number. The voice microphone beeped a few times as it acquired a signal, then the display flickered on, revealing a shaven man’s face. His dark eyes stared groggily into the camera. “What?”

“Kevin, Frog, Something’s happened.” Renault spewed out in a flurry.

“Gotta be more specific here, Renault,” Kevin rolled his eyes in exasperation.

“HQ is down,” Renault replied. Kevin’s eyes contracted in horror and Renault continued, “You have to get over to Mariah, make sure she’s safe!”

The expression of shock suddenly morphed into a wry smile, “Oh so that’s what this is about.” He scoffed.

“What the hell do you mean?” Renault spat.

“Never mind. Ok just let me finish up here and I’ll hit the road,” Kevin replied quickly. He reached up to turn the camera off.

“What? What are you doing?” Renault asked, his voice urgent.

“You mean, who?” Kevin snickered and turned the camera a bit to the left, revealing a familiar lump underneath his bed sheets. Renault switched the heat seeking camera on and realized it was a woman lying on her back, waiting for Kevin to return.

“You pervert,” Renault rolled his eyes, “Get your ass out there at once!”

“Haha, okay!” Kevin laughed heartily and switched the camera off, returning Renault’s gaze onto Mariah’s car. As they sped into the Lith Harbor city limits, Renault switched on the nightly news. The screen whitened to a newsroom background with a pretty lady sitting at the desk.

“This is Aliyah Royale reporting for Channel 24 news. We have a breaking story involving a tremendous fire in Lith Harbor. We go to our field reporter who’s already on the site with this story.”

The camera full screened onto a man’s face. He held a microphone and was covering one ear to block out the roaring fire behind him, “This is Dest Won reporting in. As you can see, we have a raging inferno behind me. Causes of the fire have not yet been confirmed, but rumors have been spread that a bomb of some sort had been detonated. Arsonists cannot investigate until the fire is put out, but we will have the latest information as soon as they know.” Renault switched the news off and stared out into the black expanse, his mind uncertain of things to come.

Date: April 15, 2046
Time: 00:05:16
Location: Lith Harbor


He stalked into the night, pulling his pitch black parka up to block the wind lashing against his neck. A car whizzed by, the headlights refracting off of his dark sunglasses for a fraction of a second before disappearing into the darkness. Kevin walked down the street, the wind ruffling his black hair wildly.

The heads up display in the inside of his sunglasses told him that Mariah’s car was only a block away. Kevin smiled, “Too easy…”

Turning the corner, his black eyes darted straight to the charcoal black Porsche reflecting the moonlight’s beams. Striding quickly up to the vehicle, he snatched off his sunglasses and looked into the tinted windows. No sign of a struggle at least…

Kevin tucked the sunglasses into his jacket pocket and headed up the rising into the dilapidated old building. He pushed the door open and buried his mouth into his forearm, coughing violently. The dust was suffocating.

Putting two fingers up to his ears, he whispered into the communicator, “Mariah, this is Frog, over. Where are you?” A quiet static reverberated against his eardrum.

Kevin dug a tiny flashlight out of his pocket and switched it on. Immediately, a group of moths fluttered away from the sudden beam, raining a shower of dust upon Kevin’s hair. Turning the beam onto the old grand stairwell, Kevin sauntered up the rickety steps. The wood groaned in agony underneath his feet.

“Mariah…” he whispered quietly in a sing-song voice, “Mariah, where are you?” Kevin whipped around a corner, “Hiding are we?” He stalked forwards, careful not to make any sounds. “I love playing hide and seek…” He opened a door, revealing an empty bedroom, “Especially when you’re the prize…”

Suddenly, something snapped behind him. In a blink of an eye, Kevin whipped out his Desert Phoenix and pivoted on the spot, only to find another Desert Phoenix pointed directly at his temple.

“Well, looks like I win,” Mariah breathed coldly as she lowered her weapon.

“Not really,” a smile played about Kevin’s lips, “I found you.”

Mariah scoffed and turned around, walking back down the hallway towards the grand stairwell. Kevin followed her as she turned into a room. Suddenly, a man cried out. Kevin raised his weapon again, only to find Mariah next to him again, pointing the pistol away. “He’s fine.”

Kevin looked into the darkest corner of the room and realized a man was standing there, his hands raised up in surrender. Slowly, he walked out into the moonlight that shined through the broken windows.

“Who’s he?” Kevin asked suspiciously, his weapon still tense in his hand.

“Matt, The man I was sent to kill,” Mariah replied calmly, releasing Kevin’s hand.

“Can you please stop saying that?” Matt complained, scratching his head. Mariah replied by jerking him towards her, leading him out of the room.

“Where are we going?” Matt asked as he stumbled after her.

“What’s the news?” Mariah snapped at Kevin as they sped down the corridor.

“No response from HQ, the news is at the site, Renault’s coming back and calling all the field agents. The works,” Kevin added with a grin.

As they turned the corner, Mariah suddenly stopped. She turned her head and looked suspiciously at Kevin. Then, she leaned closer and seemed to rest her cheek against his. “Is that perfume?”

Kevin chuckled, “You wanna add some of yours to my collection?”

Mariah rolled her eyes and continued pulling the speechless Matt down the passage. Kevin could hear a quiet, “F*** you, Frog.” He snickered to himself and followed silently.

All of a sudden, the window at the end of the hallway shattered into a million pieces as someone rolled into the building. The entire structure seemed to shake, threatening to implode within itself. The figure jumped up and straightened itself up.

“WHAT THE F…” Matt screamed but was cut off.

“Sh** Dee! Way to make an entrance,” Mariah snapped irritably.

“Heh, Renault called, he said you needed help,” Dee giggled. Her dark chocolate colored skin contrasted radiantly with the moonlight behind her. “I thought to myself, Mariah? Need help? This must be serious!” She giggled again as Kevin rolled his eyes.

“Ooh, who’s this stud?” Dee asked, strolling casually up to Matt, pushing herself uncomfortably close.

“Matt, the man I was supposed to kill,” Mariah repeated for the second time of the night. Matt didn’t bother to respond as he was still hyperventilating.

“Things change?” Dee asked on a whim.

“Things change.”

Kevin’s heart skipped a beat as his body turned to ice at the voice that replied. Everything seemed to freeze at that second, time slamming to a halt. He just stood there, motionless, eyes dilated in horror as he stared out into the moonlight.

“Four assassins… All together… This was easier than I thought.”

Kevin slowly turned around and he took a step backwards in shock. Right before his eyes, was a man dressed in a black suit. His face was hidden in the shadows, but a row of pearly white teeth glistened menacingly in the moon’s rays.

“Who are you?” Mariah whispered, her voice quiet but sound.

“I am,” the man paused for a moment for dramatic effect, then continued, “Your death…”

In a flash, the hallway suddenly filled up with a cloud of black smoke. Kevin heard Mariah whip around and was sure she and Matt had disappeared. There was a feral roar and a gleeful laugh, and Dee was gone. Kevin sprinted for the window, through the dense smoke, and threw himself out onto the roof of the adjoining building. He quickly slid down the fire escape ladder and sprinted out into the street.

“RENAULT! RENAULT WE HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED! I REPEAT, WE HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED!” Kevin shouted into the communicator as he screamed down the darkened road. Renault’s voice on the other side was broken and hushed. The signal was weakening. Kevin cursed to himself and darted into another alleyway, completely immersing himself in blackness. He covered his sweaty face with his hands and sighed. They were scattered now, like feathers in the wind, except the wind was a hurricane.

The Random Blog With No Title

Well, I’m on vacation. I’m going to get you to guess where.

I really hope my sunflower lives to see the day I come back home. D:

Anyway, I’ve been thinking.

why games from north america n0t working here?

WolfTeam INTERNATIONAL, Combat Arms, etc.

Everything’s so boring, even the box (TV).

I’ve been forced to play a few boring games and watch videos on youtube that I’ve watched a thousand times.

It’s still funny, though. lulz.

I’m going to talk about SD Gundam Capsule Fighters. It’s about these super deformed gundams fighting to the death in a game with lasers.

I’ve only played about 30 minutes since this computer doesn’t work well with the game. I’ll send you some screenshots of the game later. By later, I mean like two weeks from now!

In SDGCF I’ve been dying a lot since there’s no mouse space to move around freely. I keep on bumping into the giant monitor, get stuck and get killed by people shootin’ wit laz0rz. They hurt.


Tired and stuff, imma go sleeeeeep now. D:

EDIT : I want a pet meerkat D:

Maplestory-story 2

Once again im totaly BORED so i decided to write the part 2 to my story Please note that im only a pri4 girl so pls
dont scold me if i have spelling mistakes .(if you didnt read the first one,dont bother reading this)

Diana spun around.A woman dressed in red robes was standing before me.”Who are you?”Diana asked curiously.
“Me?my name is Mai”said the woman.She added”and congrats on killing that snail!ive never seen a finer first attempt in a long time!”she said.Diana asked” Have you been followi-“However,the woman interupted”How about you meet me here same day same time?I can train you….”She added thoughtfully.”i dont know….”replied Diana.However,the woman
said “Great!meet you next week!”

~* * *~

For the next few days,Diana thought about the training that Mai had promised her and fretted.She-