Five, seven, five.

If you don’t know what a haiku is, click.

So I realized I haven’t written a poem in flippin’ forever, and poems are what I used to do at this site, so I thought for a few days what to write about.
Nothing came.
Then I came up with the idea of writing a haiku for each skill. Well not quite each skill, but several skills anyway.
These are in no particular order. read more

This site still exists? Mannnnnn

Wow. I
didn’t think this place would still be functioning.
But w/e.
So anyhow….I see that more than half the blogs on here are MapleStory…..
But it’s a good thing I share your obsession =]
So I have a level 43 sin on Bello. Which is the best server on Global, and if you don’t think so….rawr. Haha.

Failing merchants, error = common sense

Well so far for my into, anyhow. This will serve for the sake of an attempt to make people laugh, or think, or click the back button on their browser. Topic will mainly be my oh-so-awesome in-game experiences. If you’d like to hear some irl stories, go to someone’s myspace, ’cause I ain’t putting them on teh interwebz.

Anyhow, as for today’s topic; read more

Mashed-up story

I’ve decided to make a story with a mix of gunbound and maplestory.

It may not be so good but i just thought of it.


There are many more MMO-references so be on the look out.

I walk down henesys sitting on my proud aduka.

Its a normal day and i feel like drinking some pepsi.

So i go to the local store which is situated in the hunting grounds. A dangerous place. read more


So while scrolling my maple shield today I learned never to trust 70% scrolls. Broke my 7 luck shield.
Ah well theres a life lesson for me. Don’t scroll unless you can afford the loss. I still have plenty of pot money and im at the lvl where bandits make lots of money(6x). So its all good I suppose. Anyway, my next blog will probley be when I make cb ^_^ go me. read more

World of Madness

In a declining world, todays youth have let us down the most. Honestly, when I was a kid, my mother worked a lot, so my Grandmother looked after me, and obviously, being a woman of an older generation she valued manners, and she pounded those manners into my brain. Now I do hate to sound old. It’s not like people ask for manners just to be annoying, or just to get on your nerves. When people are nice and well mannered to each other things are solved easily. KS wars for example. Now, being a Crusader, I am slow, and an easy target, it happens all the time. A sin comes into my channel. I will say “Could you please change channels? =]” They will either say okay, or you get the occasional “No.” In which case, I will get on MY hermit and get them out of my channel. It may sound mean to ambush them with her, but these people can KS, and they do KS, all the time. If they’re more weary about who they KS, and think, “Oh crap, I better not KS that warrior, he may also have a 10x hermit he could KS me with”, then I could be saving a lot of warriors a lot of hardship. I am honestly quite sick of hearing about 6x/7x warriors training at places like Voodoos and being KSed by 7x/8x hermits. It’s just not FAIR. If you’re going to KS someone, at least KS someone who actually has a chance in hell against you. read more

Reviews for Unforgiven


Follow this link to the two absolutely greatest reviews on any stories I have ever written in my life. Note that that opinion isn’t meant to beat down any reviews I’ve gotten on this site.

Approximately nine months or so, as I was thinking of story ideas, this tale seemed to come to life in my head for some reason. I have no idea how it did, I just knew that it was there, and it didn’t fit with the fanfiction I do on this site. So, I poured my mind, and my heart in many ways, into this piece. This work came from many ideas swimming through my head. Predominantly, it was meant to simply be a tale of the qualities of love, trust, and teamwork being put to the ultimate test against those of hatred, betrayal, and selfishness. As I looked back on that story, I suddenly realized that it seemed to say so much more. It seemed to tell me that, though it obviously can’t happen in the game(the player-killing thing, thank goodness), many things similar to it can. Many people can find themselves with a heavy burden, usually mental thrown on them as they progress through this game. I should know; I’ve been through a bunch of them. Even though MS is just a game, it’s a game played by real people everywhere, and lots of crap can ensue when people with negative qualities(no names being thrown out btw) make efforts to grief others for some reason. Heck, it happens in any mmorpg. Certain hordelings(again, no names) tearing apart quest-related and shop-providing npcs in an alliance town is something I remember very well. read more

Empty of the Sky

When you start playing a game like Maple, you just want the experience of the game. Being a general gamer, when I first saw maple I thought the concept was an awesome idea. I’d always stayed away from MMOs, mainly because most of the GOOD ones aren’t free. And I’m sorry but, screw paying for a game I’m not even sure if I’ll like. For the most part, I’ll stick to my normal games consoles. Maple is and always will be, the only MMO I will ever play. read more

Two Kinds of Reflection.

This is a rather late entry, since I meant to put this up earlier as the first part is about last week’s event and such. The second part is about something that touches more on the emotional side of us all, if you’re a decent human being, that is. If you don’t care to read the second part, just stop reading after the pseudo tag. In the future, entries will be less frequent like now because I’m on break for college (a ridiculously long break), so I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling and such. read more

How to avoid getting banned.


Im bob.

Uh. I have to say this at the start of every “How to avoid” blogs because this is a strict warning not to say that.


Ive made another list of easy ways of not getting banned.

• Dont use foul language that can offend anyone. [Ah,who am i kidding?]

• Never disturb an “alleged” gm. You rather spam him and call him noob. read more