Five, seven, five.

If you don’t know what a haiku is, click.

So I realized I haven’t written a poem in flippin’ forever, and poems are what I used to do at this site, so I thought for a few days what to write about.
Nothing came.
Then I came up with the idea of writing a haiku for each skill. Well not quite each skill, but several skills anyway.
These are in no particular order.

Arrow Bomb
This arrow explodes
on contact, quite damaging–
and very stunning.

Power Guard
When I click this buff,
you hit me, I hit you too.
Beware deflection.

Savage Blow
This skill hurts very:
one, two, three, four, five, six hits
cause much pain indeed.

I am standing here
one split second later, and
suddenly I’m gone.

One shot, and you freeze
for three long painful seconds
while I strafe at you.

Charge full speed forward
pushing helpless monsters back
in a nice pile.

Shadow Partner
Do you see double?
Oh, but you’ll hurt double too
when I’m through with you.

Holy Symbol
A blessing and a curse;
sure to attract ‘HS plzzzz’
but it’s nice EXP.

Don’t hurt me! Look there
see that man of straw and twine?
Go for it instead.

Slash Blast
Mobbing is so fun.
Killing six slimes at a time:

Lucky Seven
With low str and dex
must be hard to throw two stars.
You feeling lucky?

That’s all for now.

This site still exists? Mannnnnn

Wow. I
didn’t think this place would still be functioning.
But w/e.
So anyhow….I see that more than half the blogs on here are MapleStory…..
But it’s a good thing I share your obsession =]
So I have a level 43 sin on Bello. Which is the best server on Global, and if you don’t think so….rawr. Haha.

Yeah…I’m really proud of my char. He’s perfect in stats and I just recently got him steelies, a 8 att wg, and I scrolled my Icarus(3) [Bleh] to +9 LUK!
Yeah. He pretty much pwns your face.

Well. Not my friend Dan’s face.(Lvl 78 Priest) Or most of your faces for that matter. But I like to sound cool so whatever.
I’ve been playing for about a year, but the reason I’m still in the 40s is cause I took like a 6 month break over the summer….I was pretty frustrated between lvl 33-37 cause of my grinding phobia and my former newbiness at getting into a good Ludi pq.

So anyways….any Bello players that want to buddy me, have at =]]

Failing merchants, error = common sense

Well so far for my into, anyhow. This will serve for the sake of an attempt to make people laugh, or think, or click the back button on their browser. Topic will mainly be my oh-so-awesome in-game experiences. If you’d like to hear some irl stories, go to someone’s myspace, ’cause I ain’t putting them on teh interwebz.

Anyhow, as for today’s topic;

Failing merchants

Well, so I got myself a pretty 11 dex 9 slot ades. Guess what we do with 11 dex 9 slot ades’? We scroll them. So off on my search for 60% overall dex scrolls. For the people from GMS/Sea/w/e, who totally won’t understand a few things, I’ll clear some stuff up; The higher leveled community in EMS is really, really small. Not to mention that 3rd job isn’t released, nor aqua dungeon. So a dex ades is rare, I’d use a str, but due the lack of zakum helmets, I raised my str to 75. Anyhow, since the chance to find another ades, and to make a 10/30% work on it is rather small, I’m not even gonna try breaking it. Well, lovin’ the market as it is since a few months, especially the past one, there are many wanna-be merchanders. With especially the last month, I also mean the most beautiful market-corrupting feature people could think of, pigmy, aka gapachon.

Now, I know that I need my money more than others do, but I can simply not understand why people waste a flippin’ 100 euros per month on NX. Well, I’ve been whining enough about this already, so I’ll not bore people who eventually know me and read this, but summarised; NX spam gets pretty close to meso buying and hacking IMO.

Anyhow, since there are these many new scrolls, and kages even, more people have started using permits. Now besides seeing half the free market covered in Elves (which just screams [my daddy is richer than urs lolo!l), many have started selling for the most idiotic prices. And guess what, thanks to the same pigmy, people have that money. They have no clue on how markets work, inflation, deflation, you name it. Thus they are totally ruining it for the people that don’t spam pigmy or hack or buy mesos. What do many of these also do?

Yes, start merchanding. I am one of them myself, always been. I mean, unfunded crossbow, not a ice mage/cleric thanks. Well I’ve done that for a while, and though I did start to see more and more people that just completely screw up the market in their merchanding attempts, now with pigmy, IT WORKS! No they don’t quit, or learn decent prices anymore, nooo, someone must buy it because pigmy is out. So the mesos are getting worth less and less and less. Every scroll is overpriced, every throwing star also on a sidenote, excellent merchanding item.

Well, I’m getting the last scroll soon, so hopin’ it’ll work (B> enough luck for 29 dex ades kbaithx), for prices varied from 2m-2.3m, still overpriced if you ask me anyway. Should earn it back easily if it turns out better than my pris though. But it’s tiring to see what shape the market is in. Ah well, guess I’ll go and live with the changes and just be a meaner merchant.

EDIT; 23 dex ades, well, better than my pris. Pics below.

Mashed-up story

I’ve decided to make a story with a mix of gunbound and maplestory.

It may not be so good but i just thought of it.


There are many more MMO-references so be on the look out.

I walk down henesys sitting on my proud aduka.

Its a normal day and i feel like drinking some pepsi.

So i go to the local store which is situated in the hunting grounds. A dangerous place.

So i enter the grounds and i remove two of my gunz and started blasting those stupid mushrooms away.

I climb to the highest haystack and blast my aduka children to finish off the place.

Then i move on the next area where the shop is located.

I go inside the shop and ask for some pepsi.

The shopkeeper takes out a samurai sword and says,” Pepsi is banned,hacker. You’re going down!”

He uses his martial arts skills and tries to cut me down.

So i remove my double-pistols and dive to the right while trying to shoot him.

He looks like he knows kung-fu and he dodges it.

My aduka tries to help me by throwing her children at the shopkeeper but he keeps dodging them.

Just then, A lvl 10. noob enters the room and says, ” Mesos plox!”

The shopkeeper dives at him and cuts his head off.


I use the distraction and cast a dispell spell at him.

He falls back and hits the wall.

While he is unconscious, I check the shop for any sign of pepsi.

No pepsi.

I retract my aduka.

I get angry and get on my surfboard.

I give a little tap and flee to the sky, flying for fun.

I know that was odd, but what the hey.

It was on the spot writing.

Hope you enjoyed it. Leave some feedback!



So while scrolling my maple shield today I learned never to trust 70% scrolls. Broke my 7 luck shield.
Ah well theres a life lesson for me. Don’t scroll unless you can afford the loss. I still have plenty of pot money and im at the lvl where bandits make lots of money(6x). So its all good I suppose. Anyway, my next blog will probley be when I make cb ^_^ go me.

World of Madness

In a declining world, todays youth have let us down the most. Honestly, when I was a kid, my mother worked a lot, so my Grandmother looked after me, and obviously, being a woman of an older generation she valued manners, and she pounded those manners into my brain. Now I do hate to sound old. It’s not like people ask for manners just to be annoying, or just to get on your nerves. When people are nice and well mannered to each other things are solved easily. KS wars for example. Now, being a Crusader, I am slow, and an easy target, it happens all the time. A sin comes into my channel. I will say “Could you please change channels? =]” They will either say okay, or you get the occasional “No.” In which case, I will get on MY hermit and get them out of my channel. It may sound mean to ambush them with her, but these people can KS, and they do KS, all the time. If they’re more weary about who they KS, and think, “Oh crap, I better not KS that warrior, he may also have a 10x hermit he could KS me with”, then I could be saving a lot of warriors a lot of hardship. I am honestly quite sick of hearing about 6x/7x warriors training at places like Voodoos and being KSed by 7x/8x hermits. It’s just not FAIR. If you’re going to KS someone, at least KS someone who actually has a chance in hell against you.

Now, I’m not saying it’s just hermits. I happen to be friends with a few FABULOUS hermits who would never randomly KS anyone. Hell, just the other day, my 66 Page friend was KSed by a bloody 7x Ranger.

Point being, in MOST cases, most KS wars can be solved with simple talking politely. It’s the cases of “I’m on 2x and I can’t get a ch.” or “All the chs are taken.” or even “I’m too lazy to find a ch, so I’m taking yours.” That’s just pathetic. Simply pathetic. And if people are going to do that to others, I’m going to use my hermit to protect those people. I just don’t believe in KSing warriors. I never have. Mind you, I can put up quite a fight on my sader. I was KSed by hermits, CBs, higher saders, DKs. Most of them, if they didn’t leave after being asked politely, I would just continue to train. And they get annoyed with me ruining their exp, so they leave. Warriors, be strong and don’t give up! In any KS war you are unfortunate enough to get in, just be stubborn. If you are right, and you were training in the ch first, you should simply not leave. Don’t let ill mannered cretins win.

</rant> =]

(Not that I’m permitting KS wars. They should only ever be done in extreme situations. If you’ve asked this person POLITELY and they have not left, for example.)

Also, they need to put a “What I’m listening to” feature on this, hur hur. -LJ veteron-

No more maple pics to share yet, but I’m working on one for two friends, I’ll post it as soon as it’s done =]

Reviews for Unforgiven


Follow this link to the two absolutely greatest reviews on any stories I have ever written in my life. Note that that opinion isn’t meant to beat down any reviews I’ve gotten on this site.

Approximately nine months or so, as I was thinking of story ideas, this tale seemed to come to life in my head for some reason. I have no idea how it did, I just knew that it was there, and it didn’t fit with the fanfiction I do on this site. So, I poured my mind, and my heart in many ways, into this piece. This work came from many ideas swimming through my head. Predominantly, it was meant to simply be a tale of the qualities of love, trust, and teamwork being put to the ultimate test against those of hatred, betrayal, and selfishness. As I looked back on that story, I suddenly realized that it seemed to say so much more. It seemed to tell me that, though it obviously can’t happen in the game(the player-killing thing, thank goodness), many things similar to it can. Many people can find themselves with a heavy burden, usually mental thrown on them as they progress through this game. I should know; I’ve been through a bunch of them. Even though MS is just a game, it’s a game played by real people everywhere, and lots of crap can ensue when people with negative qualities(no names being thrown out btw) make efforts to grief others for some reason. Heck, it happens in any mmorpg. Certain hordelings(again, no names) tearing apart quest-related and shop-providing npcs in an alliance town is something I remember very well.

However, that’s not the real message I want to send with this story. What I want people to know is that for all the jerks, griefers, hackers, and other wierdos we may run into, there is just as many, if not (hopefully) more, nice people, those willing to help out no matter what. I’ve met tons of these people as well. Usually I meet them in guilds, though I make plenty of other friends as well. It’s this reason primarily, among others, that I continue to play and enjoy mmorpgs the way I do. It’s basically like being a part of a circle of good friends. Heck, even just having one friend makes the game infinitely more enjoyable than none. It’s like the two lovers from the story; you always have someone to count on, through thick and thin.

Anyway, as far as the reviews go, these two reviews are more than detailed and well-written; they’re inspirational and filled with the support any writer can always use, no matter what the reason for writing. Even one review like this would have made my day. It even makes me wonder why I didn’t throw this story over there a long time ago. Maybe I never thought it would garner such attention. However, more and more story ideas are seeping into my head nowadays, so I figured I’d send it over there and see what I could get. What I got was something that no single dollar bill could ever give: what I got was heartfelt words from two readers I never met, cheering me on for writing I never thought could get that far.

So it is today that I give my thanks to all who read my stories and give me reviews, praising or critical as they are. Thank you all, readers, likers, and commenters all. It is because of you that I’m still on this site today.

Please let me know if the link doesn’t work, by the way.

Link to Unforgiven:

Almost forgot, game related stuff- this weekend, I’m preparing for my first WoW dungeon, either at the stockades, or Gnomeregan.

Empty of the Sky

When you start playing a game like Maple, you just want the experience of the game. Being a general gamer, when I first saw maple I thought the concept was an awesome idea. I’d always stayed away from MMOs, mainly because most of the GOOD ones aren’t free. And I’m sorry but, screw paying for a game I’m not even sure if I’ll like. For the most part, I’ll stick to my normal games consoles. Maple is and always will be, the only MMO I will ever play.

I first started playing at MapleSEA, (mainly because someone I knew I didn’t like played on Global), but I eventually got bored of no one I knew being there, so I gave up and went to Global on request of my good friend, Shi. I owe everything to her.

I’ve always believed that, no matter where someone lives in the world, their friendship means just as much as someone who lives just down the road from you. And nothing will change that belief. But romantic relationships are a different thing entirely. The never-ending debate as to whether or not it’s stupid to fall in love with someone online rages on violently in Maple. Some people think it’s stupid to fall for someone you’ve never met, they say they’d never be that silly, but I think it’s silly to rule it out. When you fall for someone, a part of you has fallen for their personality, WHO they are, not WHAT they are, or what they look like. Now it’s obvious where I’m heading, so I’m going to go into a story. Not because I want to be emo, and brag about my angst, not because I want to teach you a lesson. Simply because when I write things down, in a blog/diary etc, and look back over them, the problems seem so much smaller, or clearer than they were before.

Last year on New Years, I met a boy. I was still pretty new to Maple. He had red Catalyst hair, and the snowboard overalls. I wasn’t quite sure whether he was male or female! But later that night we got to talking and suddenly I asked him, “Have you ever wondered if you mean as much to your internet friends, as they mean to you?” He told me he had. And we got to talking on a more deep level than before. From that night on, we were always together. Always. Now, I’m quite a stubborn, angry, harsh, difficult, high maintanence person. But none of that mattered to him. Unlike any other gentleman I’ve ever had the pleasure to be with. He accepted me exactly the way I was. He’d take all my anger, without retaliating. He’d always be kind and understanding, and with all my issues, he never cared. It was great. Most boys just give up. I don’t blame them to be honest, I don’t really think it’s worth the trouble to be so ambitious. But he really cared about me, I think. I fell in love with him on New Years. Eleven months later, and I don’t feel any different.

Now, I’ve met internet friends before, it’s no real issue. I’ve even met an internet boyfriend before, and I can tell you, people ARE different when you meet them in person. Even when you’ve seen pics of them. Even when you’ve spoken to them on mic/on the phone. It’s different. But I’d still do it.

Unfortunately, real life has gotten the better of him, and he broke up with me. I know why he did it, he doesn’t want me waiting around for him when he barely has time to come onto Maple anymore, but I’d wait forever, I really don’t mind. Don’t you hate that “you deserve better than me” speech?

Either way, it’s been me and him together forever since last year. And now that he’s gone Maple just doesn’t feel the same.

I blame myself, I made a Crusader, and he’s a boy char, but I’m a chixor in real life. He says he doesn’t mind my sader, but I know it’s probably not the same as when I used to play my hermit. Ahh well. Saders>hermits any day (that’s just my personal opinion).

Now here comes a rant. Why are saders better than hermits? Why did I make a sader when I already had a 10x hermit? Because. To me, hermits are boring, they’re too weak, I’m 109 and I can still be killed in like two to three hits at squids, where I train. My hermit has about 2k HP, my sader is only 86 and already has 5k HP. I can train him and watch TV at the same time, with the hermit, I HAVE to concentrate, and when you have to grind 12 hours just to level up, it gets tedious. I have always liked fast characters, and I love ranged characters. My hermit would be FINE if training could be somewhat like it was back at coolies. Monsters that can be killed in one to two hits. Or at least monsters that can’t kill YOU in one to two hits. I know these aren’t EVERYONE’S opinions, but I just wanted to voice mine. Besides that, I was a hermit who DIDN’T KS. Ever. And I was sick of people assuming I was just another KSer.

Well, that’s all for nao. Feels better to get everything down. Incredibly stressed out.

Oh, and I’ve included a pic I drew of my little mage =] because he’s a cutie <3 Sorry, I had to make it a Jpeg and it completely ruined the composition.

(And also, MOST of my blog titles will be taken from songs. This one is no exception.)

Two Kinds of Reflection.

This is a rather late entry, since I meant to put this up earlier as the first part is about last week’s event and such. The second part is about something that touches more on the emotional side of us all, if you’re a decent human being, that is. If you don’t care to read the second part, just stop reading after the pseudo tag. In the future, entries will be less frequent like now because I’m on break for college (a ridiculously long break), so I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling and such.

Note: I didn’t so much care about grammar this time around, so my apologies if some parts are fragments and such. Anyways, onto my thoughts on last week:

Well, they’ve finally done it. Come on everybody, let’s all give our hands to Nexon for finally doing the unthinkable.

To backtrack a bit, this is largely about the results of the “rollbacks” of many people across MapleStory. Because of them, people were forced to revert back to previous levels, previous gaining/losing of items, and money. To make up for the two days or so of irritating server checks, and to rightfully “compensate” the general public (aka make them eat out of the palm of their hands), Nexon issued that Wednesday to Sunday of this week, there would be 2x from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST, and all people affected by the rollback would receive a 24 hour all day 2x card. I.e., Nexon spoils the general public yet again, feeding them like horses coming to sugar cubes.

Anyways, to get back to what I was talking about…I love 4x experience. It’s so much better than 2x experience. I mean, how could it not be sweet? I wish I could buy a 4x card in cs after this event. It’s not like it’s hacking or anything. Oh wait. To me, it is Legalized Hacking. Too bad I don’t use any of that nonsense. If you don’t see what I mean, please, by all means, allow me to put this into perspective for you. Since I’m a ranger, let’s go with that example. Say a ranger just hit 120, okay? If this ranger got a 2x card from buying it in cs or rollback or whatever, and hime partied all these days during the 2x exp event times, the outcome would be ridiculous. As a ranger, if I were to hime with a good Dragon Knight and Priest, I would make roughly 10% an hour, expwise. Now say I used a 2x card, that’s 20% an hour. Now use that 2x card during the 2x event. That’s 40% an hour. Had a ranger with better equips than me (Mine aren’t the greatest, but some are nice) done that, he would’ve been able to kill much faster, so the exp would be 50% an hour.

Now to fully put that into perspective, that’s a level 120ish ranger, leveling at 50% an hour. The Event Times are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST, so 12 hours. Every two hours, this ranger could level. So every 12 hours, this ranger could level 6 times. Yes, my peers, that is 6 levels per day…and that’s only during the 12 hours. The 2x All Day card still lasts…well, all day, so just imagine if he trained on 2x beyond the 4x in one day, or beyond supposed 6x, which was if someone who got rollbacked got a 24 hour card plus buying a card plus event. This Event lasts for 4 1/2 days or so. This ranger would be making around 24 levels in a good hime party, give or take a few because of the increase of total exp to gain in order to level. Still though, I can’t believe it. To me, that’s ridiculous. I’m both disappointed in and ashamed by Nexon.

</ Past Week Discussion>

Glad that’s over.

And so a new week dawned upon us maplers, and enemies turned unto brothers yet again after they so intently fought and sought their own greed of the one and only thing that mattered to them during those days: Time- The time that they could feed their exp hunger but using that Time normally wasn’t good enough. They had to abuse it and exploit it as most all have done in the past, but I shan’t say more.

Right now, I’m afk in AR, about to train at my wonderful training spot, undisturbed by both friend and stranger. Just me, my map, and my Hans Zimmer music, as I sit in my newly acquired and much enjoyed computer chair, gazing out my window right in front of my monitor, watching the clouds uncover the shining light of the Moon once more, as I think about much of the past-people, moments, memories, family, and my experiences on this world I call my 2nd home-Maple. What do you think about when you listen to the right music and just sit there gazing out your window at this vast world that is much greater than we could ever imagine? I mean, that is if you’re into that sort of thing, as I am, but hey, each unto his own, no?

A Small Measure of Peace ~ Hans Zimmer (The Last Samurai Soundtrack ((good movie)) )
To you who has lost the reason to get up out of bed in the morning, but still somehow manage to, I really do hope you find, as the title speaks, a small measure of peace. Just remember, you’re never alone.

Over the time span of c. 2005-2007, I’ve met many people. Some friendly, and later on friends, and some that slipped away. Some that were never nice at all, and still aren’t. People I used to look up to, but later faded away into the abysmal emptiness that missing someone instills in one. In my life, whether it be the real world, or the Real friends I made in this virtual intended utopia, every single person I met would come, yet always exit Stage Left from my life in some way, shape, or form for various reasons, whether it be a job, getting married, loss of affections/love from those very special ones, moving on with Life, the dreaded Fate all of us ultimately fall to in time, or other miscellaneous reasons.

I’ve had my decent times, and my not so great times, but at least now, that’s all over with. Granted, most of my friends are still gone, but those that I still have with me, I treasure so very much. It’s not how many friends you have, it’s the kind of friends you have, and just how good/close of a relationship you have with those people. The amount of people I’ve lost will most likely never be less than the amount of people I gain, as it’s easier for one to lose, than to gain. Now, I have my guild, which isn’t even a guild, but a family. We’ve all had each others’ friendship for years now. It’s great. I have my friends, I have my 2nd family, and most importantly, I have Her-She who makes everything worthwhile and always manages to put a smile on this one’s face, even when she’s not around.

This may bore you, and if so, don’t read it, and I’m sorry if it is such, but I thought I’d show those of you reading that your friendship with those you hold dear isn’t something to be taken for granted. You never know how important someone is or find it surprising just how much someone meant to you, until you lose them, for whatever reason/s. I won’t lecture you, but please, for the love of all that is good, take the time to let your friends know that you appreciate them. It really does make a difference. Also never a bad idea to show that you have a Heart every once in a while, for those outspoken introverts out there. Just something I’ve been thinking about lately, I suppose.

For those of you that care, I hope you took something from this, if anything good at all. For those of you that don’t, I honestly don’t give a crap regarding your opinion or anything you have to say, really. I’m not asking you all to do this, I’m telling you. Also, in the meantime, I’ve read some other random entries at whim that particularly tickled my curiosity, and I’ve seen that while a lot of people are nice here, there are a rude some out there of which I hope your maple characters lagdie or something, multiple times. There’s no need for your incessant, ignorant, and pointless jargon. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say it. Please excuse my French, but frankly, no one gives a damn. Please go find attention elsewhere. I could honestly care less what you might possibly say here, but for the sake of everyone else, if you read this, reconsider why you’re being as you are. It’s not very nice at all, and shame on the lot of you that act as such. It makes some people feel bad, which is reason enough not to.

Anyways, I think I’ve added enough to this entry to put it up, even if this was a slow culmination of my thoughts bundled together with little regard for proofreading or anything. I’m sure I made mistakes in this in some places, but I didn’t so much care to proofread or refine this in the least bit, mainly because I’m getting over actual insomnia right now, not fake insomnia that people get because they ruined their own sleep schedule.

Since some of you had the courtesy to give your thoughts, big or small, I shall personally give you my own response, so in reply to what some of you said…To MasterCheez, Power Rangers was an awesome TV show, back when everything was intentionally fake, but amused so many kids of those times, myself included, though not so much anymore, seeing as they aren’t running out of ideas, but in fact, have no more real ideas. To SilverFx, why yes, yes we are sexy, and thank you for your compliment. I like to think I ramble holding to my signature sarcastic tone maintaining my own sarcastic equillibrium most of the time. F2 To RussetAure, I said hermits use stars and rangers use arrows to attack 4 times. F6 Ah well. To Ganache, me thinks you are a very sensible one indeed, and you know what’s important. Such a good trait to have these days. I really respect that. To FireLeo86, I don’t really know what the game’s about, but that’s what came to mind when I heard what those people said. It has Rocket in the name, and a picture of a mouse. Go figure. Last but not least, to lazydame, thank you for your compliments. They’re much appreciated. I am what I am, and aim that to those who read this in a presentable manner, yet still holding to my sarcastic tone. F2 You’re quite delightful yourself.

To my friend who’s encountering much difficulty, may the light of Peace shine upon you. You know I’m not religious, but spiritual, I am. I still pray to God that he may bless and help you in the future with your inner struggles.

Well, I shan’t say much more, as I need to get some sleep in some time, seeing as I have to wake up really early for a meeting with my Academic Advisor to schedule Winter Quarter’s classes for college, so I shall be off to finish reading my Trinity Blood – Rage Against the Moons: Silent Noise novel, and possibly some Tsubasa Chronicle afterwards if I feel like it, then get some sleep. Good books, though the former is not intended for younger audiences.

Take care, to all of you, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your nights or whatever time of day it is for you right now. I need sleep, so I’m off to bed. I love my wife. <3 Later.

How to avoid getting banned.


Im bob.

Uh. I have to say this at the start of every “How to avoid” blogs because this is a strict warning not to say that.


Ive made another list of easy ways of not getting banned.

• Dont use foul language that can offend anyone. [Ah,who am i kidding?]

• Never disturb an “alleged” gm. You rather spam him and call him noob.

• Dont write blogs on mmotales about nexon. [Dont look at me, i escaped from the Nexon dungeon, that’s why im safe.]

• Dont hack in front of a crowd []

• Never ask Mcdonald’s for veggie burgers. They laugh at you.

• Never threaten to ban anyone. Cos they might run or they might be a gm themselves.

• Never drink soda in your computer table. Uh-huh. You might accidentally spill it over yourself and Nexon might consider it a crime.

• Never write one-liner blogs. [A heads-up for nooby mmo-talers. NOOOOOOBS.]

• Never insult micheal jackson. He might do “something” to you and force you to get banned.

• Never get banned.

• Never say “Im bob” [How many freaking times do i have to say this!]

Ah,thats it.

Hope you follow these tips.

P.S. I’m not allowed to sing “barbie girl” no more.