Yeah, thought it was gonna be something interesting right? You are so wrong. :’D

I thought it was about time to level my Magician. Plus I was bored so I decided to make a mini adventure.

That sounded so corny, right? I know, just let me finish the gawdamn blog so you can be on your way. *F3*

So I go to storage and see that chinese man there like always. He starts babbling about how his storage is so safe and all that junkerz. When I ask him what he did with my underwear, he stays quiet. Storage is not so safe after all! YOU’VE GOT A CREEPY OLD GEEZER SMELLING YER UNDERGARMENTS! DDD: *Seizure* Omg! This is more shocking than that time I forgot how to stand. read more

Pretty good day

You all know how i lost my 8 att wg right? Well the rest of the week turned out pretty good right after. I was LMPQing for about 2 hours and i noticed i gained 54% and i was like whoa 0.0

Then I sold my only pair of steelys and i had 10 mill left over so i bought an 8 att, 3 luk, and 1 dex gold pow. I had no more money left so i was pretty sad =[ but i NPCed every of the USE items from LMPQ and i gained 1 mill >_> read more

Wat da funkenwangels?

Follow the trail of muffins to get a special prize at the end. ;D

*watches as you follow the trail of muffins until you reach the last one*


*deploys elaborate ‘box trap’ as seen here*

Now there is nothing you can do! None can defy the almighty capturing power of the humble cardboard box! Repent! Repent! REPENT!

Um, I don’t know what repent means. >.< read more

new look =d

Well today I finally hit 50 =D

I got new armor and my new claw and then my friend wanted me to get fish lips and such.

so i did and well my friends thought it was hot and random noobs hated it.

The people who hated it didn’t like it because I wasent a damn conformist -_-

Heres a pic of it =D

I would love good and bad criticism [as long as its helpful] read more

Yay~ wait..oh nooo!

aaah..spring break is almost over and NOW I’m not feeling well. body betrays me! T_T
No, it’s my eye that betray me. Something got stuck inside it and the blardy thing doesn’t wanna get out! my right eye and my nose is all red and watery and uncomfortable.

..but I’m blogging now 0_0
because I can’t sleep, I hate sleeping in holiday. It makes time passes faster and I really not looking forward to this new semester. The assigments, law debate, exams, aaah! I hate law class a lot. I’m too suck at it because I’m suck in language. read more

First Coma

Hello MMOTer’s, took me long enough to remember this site….

Well, around a month ago, I fell into a state of Coma. I was walking, then something hard hit my head. . . .

Then I lost my conscience. Luckily, I was awoken and still alive, just a bit more stupid, nothing else. Anyways, in MS, I let my account rot for over a month, because of amnesia. I couldn’t rememberthis site either, except I was looking around in net and my memories returned. It’s good to be back(?) I had a good time with the lost memories…. read more

A Dark Secret- New Armor

Location- Iron Falcon
Destination- Victoria Island
Objective- Test out the new Maple Battle Armor

Cipher held onto the interior of the assault pod as the Iron Falcon tumbled. He wore the new battle armor that was painted black with streaks of orange. The suit felt pretty ‘strange’ to wear. It had impact cushions that will repel hits and/or weaken them. He felt a slight lump in his throat, but he forced it away. He knew what he had to do. His COM clicked on. read more