Yeah, thought it was gonna be something interesting right? You are so wrong. :’D

I thought it was about time to level my Magician. Plus I was bored so I decided to make a mini adventure.

That sounded so corny, right? I know, just let me finish the gawdamn blog so you can be on your way. *F3*

So I go to storage and see that chinese man there like always. He starts babbling about how his storage is so safe and all that junkerz. When I ask him what he did with my underwear, he stays quiet. Storage is not so safe after all! YOU’VE GOT A CREEPY OLD GEEZER SMELLING YER UNDERGARMENTS! DDD: *Seizure* Omg! This is more shocking than that time I forgot how to stand.



Hellllllo? I’m still laying on the floor here. *Stepped on multiple times*

*End flash back*

Good times…. good times.

That wierd statue thingy over there. No not there, over there. o.o

I saw this creepy statue that looked bored. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was covered in a dry white substance around the two holes and smelled like old wasted hookers and bums. I always wondered what the real purpose of that statue was.



Omg! A widescreen and it STILL sucks!

I went to watch some t.v, but all I saw was this guy getting pwned by an Iron Pig and I like screamed: “9999 Damage!” out loud and people were like: “wth??” and F6ing and then I went: “Fudge it!” and left. o.o

Fight the power! I said FIGHT THE POWER! >O

I went into a grinding frenzy screaming: “Fight the power!” and running around like some idiot. Eventually I got bored and I sat there and talked to myself for like an hour. o.o I swear I attracted a croud. People went: “omg she lost her mind. o.O”

I started telling jokes. And the one I’m known for…

Why are most girls Bandits and liked by most males? Because they love giving SAVAGE BLOWS! :’DDDDD

Everyone went: “OMG ROFLMAO!!”

Then I screamed “FIGHT THE POWER!” again and scared them all away. :3

Yay! Wiz nao!

Well no, not really. Maple started acting like a retawdid sonuvabesh, so I just gave up before I got to do the advancement, but ya’ll know where I’m getting at, right? RIGHT? O.O *Loads shotun*

S’what I thought.

~ link

P.s: Thank you mister for taking the screenie wit meh. <3

T3h Sm3x

Screenies + Update:

I have a sexy Glowing Whip.

SouledOut has the most beautiful characters I have ever seen.

Still making fun of Mark. (*note in the last screenie, Mark was in my stomach. Don’t ask.)

Kia came back for a day even after she quit. It is because of her love for me and only me. Yes.

It’s no question whether Cheeze likes men. He is a Cheezesexual.

I got bored since I don’t like to train or move while on the laptop keyboard.

First SMega was for Lee aka DalBit aka DarkDragoon.

One for the sexy SouledOut.

Souled’s idea I swear >.>

I am jealous of Cheeze apparently.

I might be T_T

People who aren’t fans of lovey doveyness, you should look away .**another edit: it’s worth looking at the chat in the 2nd screenie.


(Hopefully, I have beaten Cheeze and Souled to this blog.)

(If this blog didn’t amuse you, hopefully this will.)

Just. . . whatever.

10,000 blog reads.

Read the tags first >_<.


here we go.


Ok well, I joined I match. I didn’t use the sledge much because I wasn’t the one with it. I joined a match late and I still kicked some butt.

I have some pics of Match 1, but no Match 2 because I lost that one.


Me With aaa gun

My just being awesome

They were all teaming on my and I was all killing em then I won.

YAH HERE THAT CHEEZY 3 PPL WERE TEAMING ON ME. Well, actually two, but the other one was all alone, too. [Chrissie]

Yah, I’m dead serious.

Cheezy after we finish beating the crap outta each other we have to go beat the crap outta other people

~The End

Pretty good day

You all know how i lost my 8 att wg right? Well the rest of the week turned out pretty good right after. I was LMPQing for about 2 hours and i noticed i gained 54% and i was like whoa 0.0

Then I sold my only pair of steelys and i had 10 mill left over so i bought an 8 att, 3 luk, and 1 dex gold pow. I had no more money left so i was pretty sad =[ but i NPCed every of the USE items from LMPQ and i gained 1 mill >_>

Later on I went to vic cause my guild wanted to guildPQ and i was the bests JQer and Im capable of planting 3/4 spears (i dont have tele so =[.) Anyways after i was training at FoG and i decided to loot for awhile while my party member kills for like 10 seconds and then i went on that little platform and looted a big pile cause i killed like 30 golems there >_> and i got tobis =D

So then when i ran out of stars i went to repot and ch 1 ant tunnel with my 3x xbow and 8x sniper guildie and we were killing random monsters for my breaktime then we decided to HPQ for fun. I ended up getting like 1% after a few PQs and i barely miss.

Then i was at 88% so i went to FoG to train a little more and i got to 93% while training. I went to go eat dinner and i came back ready to level >:] I was training and got the 2nd platform >_< which sucked cause before i usually get the way bottom plat. I soon was trying to kill the golems clumped up at the very top to help the spawn. Later i was trying to kill a golem but did 70% of the dmg then this CB came and used BoT to ks those golems and another pair of tobis dropped. I thought the CB got it so i was just looking and after awhile i was like “OMG THOSE ARE MINE!! (in my head” so i went up the rope rushing for the tobis and i got hit like 2 times before finally looting it and pissing of the CB ><

So it was pretty good IMO better than other mapling weeks. I also leveled to 63 so i have 18 booster now (now i just need to bring my Drain from 9 to maxed >:])

Wat da funkenwangels?

Follow the trail of muffins to get a special prize at the end. ;D

*watches as you follow the trail of muffins until you reach the last one*


*deploys elaborate ‘box trap’ as seen here*

Now there is nothing you can do! None can defy the almighty capturing power of the humble cardboard box! Repent! Repent! REPENT!

Um, I don’t know what repent means. >.<

Well, I finally got MapleStory working on the smexy/fancy computer (which I’m on right now; very smexy and fancy it is), after I, uh, redownloaded the whole thing. >_>

It only took about an hour n’ a half, but hey, at least I don’t have to play Stick Arena and iSketch anymore. Hehe. =/

Wait, speaking of StickArena…

Oh, oh, the irony.

That was during one of the mighty matches between me and the J-Man. Yah, he kinda wooped me, but we’re totally going to have a rematch– on a level that doesn’t have the Sledge Hammer! >:[
Roarz he got me everytime. Let’s see how he fairs in a shooting match next time.


Well, like I said, I got MS up n’ running on da beautiful, well-crafted, smooth, and hawt computer (i <3 u), and that’s usually the only time I ever log on. I logged onto Windia, and that was the beginning of one hell of a night. o.o

The guild I’m in is, well, very strange. o.O

Uhh, well, you see… Gee, I dunno how to explain it. It’s run by our very own Apple Explosives Enthusiast who happens to be a very strange Charlie if ya know what I mean.

Here, just take a look at some of the crap that goes in her guild:

Language Barrier
Who framed Roger Cheeze-It?! D<
G’bye, bich!
Words cannot explain what was going on here.
I’m still speechless…

If you were wondering why I was doing a sexy pose in a lotta those pictures, it’s ‘cuz my Scroll Lock key isn’t working, so I have to ctrl + print screen + paste in paint all of my pictures to take them. It’s a little inconvenient, but at least all of the pictures I take can be in a PNG format, which is much more clear and vivid than JPeg.

In my last real blog about MS (the one before the Runescape one doesn’t count; it only got 13 likes), I ended up dieing twice in one day and losing about 20%. I just kinda lost my enthusiasm after that, and I went on a temporary-hiatus-not-very-active streak of playing. Well, I definately made up for my lost % today.

I got… almost 8%!!!

Yah, I was totally on a PQ’ing streak today. I did about two RPQ’s, hung out in the FM, and then did a BPQ! It was totally intense I tell ya. We would do the Entrance, then the one thing, then quickly do the Storage w/ a smuggled peice, and and and then the Sealed Room, and if we were lucky, we would do the Room of Darkness! Yaaaah~@~@~!@#!$!@)$

Pedophile Bunny!
Don’t touch my Wonky!

I was on for about five hours today, but most of my time was spent talking. Besides my extreme PQ’ing agenda, a whole bunch of pervertedness and confusion was brought up. Smegas like this and that (brought to you by Djien/A-Bomb) stirred up quite a comotion in the world of Windia. There was panic in the streets, shops were raided, flaming furniture catapulted through windows, and gophers exploded. It was definately an 8.7 on the Pandemonium Scale.

Another reason I didn’t get much accomplished was ‘cuz I kept getting stalked by a certain somebody! (seriously, she’s like, in two places in that picture)

So, yah. That’ll be about it there, gentlemen. I hope this blog was GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU, considering my last blogs got, what was it, 13 and 14 likes only?! I excpect at least 15 per blog (actually, 18 now), so if you didn’t like them, you hike your patookus right over there and like them! You like them good you rapscallions! D<

(there better be at least 21 likes for this blog to make up for the slack you guys have been doing lately)

*cough*plz someone start a petition or somefin to get rid of automatic emoticons on MMOT, pleeeeeeeeeeeez!*cough*


new look =d

Well today I finally hit 50 =D

I got new armor and my new claw and then my friend wanted me to get fish lips and such.

so i did and well my friends thought it was hot and random noobs hated it.

The people who hated it didn’t like it because I wasent a damn conformist -_-

Heres a pic of it =D

I would love good and bad criticism [as long as its helpful]

Yay~ wait..oh nooo!

aaah..spring break is almost over and NOW I’m not feeling well. body betrays me! T_T
No, it’s my eye that betray me. Something got stuck inside it and the blardy thing doesn’t wanna get out! my right eye and my nose is all red and watery and uncomfortable.

..but I’m blogging now 0_0
because I can’t sleep, I hate sleeping in holiday. It makes time passes faster and I really not looking forward to this new semester. The assigments, law debate, exams, aaah! I hate law class a lot. I’m too suck at it because I’m suck in language.

Ok, on to Maple.

I finally level 75. yay~ I’ve reached my goal for this 2 weeks break. No, in fact, 1 week break only for me because I got a lot of stuff going on on the 1st week. this 1 week, I successfully level up 3 times at Fog.
I would have still training right now, making full use of my remaining free times, if not for this eyes which makes me feel so uncomfortable. sigh..

Thanks a lot to Singapore map, now Fog is no longer a hot training spot.
Those CC pl0xer, Kser, EXP hunger, 2x exp coupon-er, are all no longer interested in training there.
I can easily find an empty channel and have the map all for myself. lolx.
But occasionally people will come and asking for slot or map sharing, and sure, they can have it.
When my exp gets to ~85% usually I prefer to not partying, and these people are so kind they don’t mind changing channel when I said “sry, no pting right now”. Actually, they don’t have to CC.. more people can help increase the spawn, but oh well, that’s still very kind of them.

whatever, I’m still really glad I’ve leveled to 75. What’s so good about this level?
because now I finally have my Meso Guard! and my BoT is now lv10.
BoT is really fun, as a bandit, it’s a true pleasure to FINALLY be able to hit multiple mobs. although just 3 mobs at a time, for me right now. I want to max my BoT before going for Meso explosion. to be honest, I’m not so interested in that most famous Chief Bandit skill.

Oh, btw, my character is uber ugly currently because all my cash sets have expired.
I wanna buy a new cash overall and weapon but that 30k per month limit for online purchase not allowed me to do so.
Damn..but i guess that’s a good thing.

oh ya.
Pic 1 : That’s my ugly char.
Pic 2 : A random noob came up to me while I’m training. and died himself.

and…..Is something-got-stuck-inside-ur-eyes a big matter that i shoud go to a clinic? =

First Coma

Hello MMOTer’s, took me long enough to remember this site….

Well, around a month ago, I fell into a state of Coma. I was walking, then something hard hit my head. . . .

Then I lost my conscience. Luckily, I was awoken and still alive, just a bit more stupid, nothing else. Anyways, in MS, I let my account rot for over a month, because of amnesia. I couldn’t rememberthis site either, except I was looking around in net and my memories returned. It’s good to be back(?) I had a good time with the lost memories….

Well, I think I’m okay now, I think I’m sane again. I still play Starcraft, Maplestory, gonna write blogs, I feel like somethings missing.

In Real Life, I got new laptop computer at school~~! Oh yeah, I heard. RP’s gone.

Anyways, my school district is holding a laptop project. It’s a school project where students get to work with a laptop computer – (iMac. . . .. but still good for writing Blogs.) To improve their writing skillz, typing skills, etc.

Maple Story IRL Dragon Knight?!

Well, recently, I’ve been making wood weaons and practice throwing and stabbing them on cardboard boxes.

I little bit sharpened an end of a two-meter wood stick, and poked(?) cardboard boxes with it.

Next, I tried to do Maple Story skills with it. Don’t call me MS freak, cuz playing outside is healthy.

I tried doing Final Attack: Spear and Polearm. Final Attack was easy to master. Slash Blast and Power strike was easier.

But Dragon Crusher was the hardest. Stabbing three times really fast, I can do two, prefectly three, if I’m lucky, but still working on Dragon Crusher.

If you’re gonna try doing this too, (doubt not,) never hit a person, it can kill.

I bought a toy bow, from a toy weapons store, and cut long slender wood sticks from a hardware store. I tried doing some archer techniques too.

I got up to double shot, but not strafe.

Anyways, my life’s been going well these days, hope urs do too. I’ll try taking pics of it later. .. .

Oh yeah, and whoever believed I had a ‘Coma’ was a fool and deluded. To find out why. . . . PM me.


A Dark Secret- New Armor

Location- Iron Falcon
Destination- Victoria Island
Objective- Test out the new Maple Battle Armor

Cipher held onto the interior of the assault pod as the Iron Falcon tumbled. He wore the new battle armor that was painted black with streaks of orange. The suit felt pretty ‘strange’ to wear. It had impact cushions that will repel hits and/or weaken them. He felt a slight lump in his throat, but he forced it away. He knew what he had to do. His COM clicked on.

“So Staff Sergeant how is the armor doing?” Santiago asked.
“Not bad,” he replied. “I just cant get use to the strange armor, what with the impact cushions, slight bulkiness, inhanced physical strength, the air filters, and all other things built in.”
“Well just try not to damage it too much. Making that type of tech costs money you know,” Santiago told him. “Also we’re close to Victoria Isle. We won’t be able to land close to the ground to drop you off, so we’ll have to use those assault pods. Just activate the impact cushions to cushion the- well impact.”

Cipher tried to relax. He took a deep breath and tried to focus. This would be an easy mission, just go in there, kill a couple of Evil Eyes and Curse Eyes, search for a source of pollution on the island, and find a way off the island. Cipher felt the pod shake.

“Good luck,” Santiago told him.

The pod was released, he felt the strange, and crashed into the ground. Luckily the impact cushions were activated or he’d be a pile of gore and blood. He pushed open the pod door and found the pod crushed into a cluster of rocks. He opened the weapons locker and in it was a BR55 battle rifle and a M7 caseless sub machine gun. He quickly slung the battle rifle and placed the SMG into the holster on his hip. He also scavaged all the ammo in the weapons locker as well as the ones in the other side of the pod.

He heard a rustle in the bush near him and he unslung his battle rifle. Cipher clicked the safety off and pointed the gun at the bush. Some yellow thing jumped out and Cipher pulled the trigger. The 3 round burst tore through the Evil Eye’s eye ball. It let out a cry and then landed crumpled up on the ground. Cipher checked his armor status, not bad. For now anyways. He slung the rifle and examined the remains of the monster. He raised it to his face and took a slight sniff. Cipher almost gagged. He tossed the body into a bush and got up. He climbed back up to the assault pod again and searched around the 2nd slot. In his luck he found another SMG and a couple of silencers. He had to work quick.

The armor allowed him to move faster then before, which helped him modify the SMG’s to be able to use silencers. He slid the silencers onto the SMGs when he heard another rustle in the bushes. Not taking a chance, he jumped into the forest just west from his current location. He quickly rushed through the trees, keeping a sharp eye on his motion tracker. This was something Cipher never experienced before. The speed, the power, and the sudden keen motions, he wondered if his body can stabalize the power of the battle armor. He saw about a dozen hostiles on his motion tracker. He unslung his battle rifle.

He was about to find out.

Snow drifted from the sky and landed on a barrain wasteland known as ‘The Sea of El Nath.’ There was a big fort standing somewhere in the plain. The fort was known as Fort El Queenath many years ago, before people lost knowledge of the area and let it became abandoned. Hundreds of Red Golems, thousands of Super Fire Raccoons, and ten thousands of Taurogunners. Not to mention a possibility of other mutated monsters. But on the main guard of the gate to the fort were about 50 Taurogunners and 100 snails. But these snails were like no other. They may even be stronger then the Super Coke Snail itself.

The patrols were long, even though there was only a slight possibility that the enemy would destroy them. But they still did their jobs. Out in the barrain snow terrain. Then there was a order on the COM.

“Black Raven. Get onto it. Now. Target on Victoria Island. Kill. We must. Victory.”

A certain amount of Taurogunners and the new snails climbed onto the newly designed Black Raven and it started to hover up. A portal appeared in front of it and it disappeared into the warp space. The remaining troops just continued walking.

Cipher felt something grab his head and he saw hands on his HUD. He grabbed the Curse Eye and tossed it onto the ground. He fired his battle rifle a couple of times until it died. Cipher felt sweat on his head. He reached up to remove the helmet when he remembered that the island was polluted and removing his helmet would allow him to die. Instead he activated the suits cooling mechanisms. He checked the ammo counter on his rifle: 9. He removed the clip and slapped a fresh one in place. He sneaked around the forest and found what he was hoping to meet.

Cipher ran up to the assault pod and pulled the door off it. He opened the weapons locker and found a M90 shotgun as well as some extra clippings for his BR55. He dropped the SMGs and the ammo clips and hid them in a hole behind a rock and bush. He slung the shotgun and picked up the shells and clips. He looked up and saw a Black Raven. He checked his motion tracker. A hostile. Cipher knew that it was too soon to bring the armor into real combat, so he had to move- and quick.

After jogging a few miles he decided to stop and rest. He breathed heavily and checked the pollution levels in the area. The air was clean. He pulled off his helmet and sat down breathing hard. He removed a gauntlet and checked the cut he gained during the battle with the Eyes. He saw a snail crawl his way. It was strange because all snails shouldve been dead. He picked up a rock and tossed it at the snail- which turned into a liquid to dodge the attack and suddenly jumped onto his hand.

Cipher felt a sharp pain in his hand as he noticed the snail entering the body. He tried to pull it off but the snail entered his body. He felt it crawl into his torso and felt it. . . grow! Thinking quickly he grabbed his gauntlet and helmet, slipped them both on, and activated the body heater. He felt the sharp pain in his chest as the snail died and vaporize. He turned off the heating.

“Never again,” he gasped out, trying to ignore the heat still on his body. He picked up his battle rifle and continued running. He jumped down a pit and found a cave. “Ant Tunnel.”

He ran into the tunnel and hiked down the path. Half way through he heard gunfire echoing through the cave. The enemies probobly are fighting against the Eyes. Great, it’ll buy him some time. Cipher continued running down the cavern, trying to avoid grabbing onto any old rope. He jumped onto a platform and it collapsed.

“Crap!” Cipher shouted out, trying to grab anything. He landed on his belly on the ground. He shaked his head nad clicked on the built in light on his helmet. He looked up and saw that he fell a long way. He blinked and saw about a 5 dozen contacts on his motion tracker. Quickly he unslung his M90 and aimed it at the nearest Evil Eye. He squeezed the trigger firing a shell into the monster. He turned and fired another shell.

He jumped to dodge a Curse Eye and loaded a shell into its eye ball. Only 2 shells loaded in the gun left. He quickly pumped in 3 shells. He fired another shell into a Curse Eye. Too much enemies for a shotgun to handle. Right now, he wished he had the 2 SMGs with him. He crushed an Evil Eye’s skull with the butt of the shotgun. Cipher then jumped onto an Evil Eye and jumped upwards. He grabbed the wall of the cave and started climbing. He looked down and saw the Evil and Curse Eyes trying to jump up at him.

He got out of the hole and got a rapid array of bullets hitting his back. Cipher took a quick roll and hid behind a rock. He peeked over the rock and saw a bunch of Taurogunners and those ‘Liquid Snails.’ He checked his armors status quickly. A window popped up on his HUD displaying that there wasnt any cracks on the armor. He got rid of the window and unslung his battle rifle. He checked the bullet counter: 36. Cipher wished he had some grenades right now, but all he can do is run.

Cipher jumped out of his hding spot and ran forward, trying to avoid the bullets. The armor was tough, but it didnt have any extra defenses. He turned around but continued to run backwards and started to fire. The 3 round bursts caught killed the snails in a hit but he had to fire the snails again to kill them in their liquid form. Then a knife caught him in his shoulder. The armor held but there was a cut he felt in his skin. The Liquid Snails could find a seal in his armor and get inside that way. For once in Maple Story, a snail could actually kill someone.

He turned around and ran for it. After running to Ant Tunnel Park he stopped to take a breather. He slapped a fresh clip of ammo into his rifle and took a look around. The area was quiet, not even a Zombie Mushroom roamed the area. The pollution even killed the ones who were undead. He took one step when he heard gunfire. Cipher aimed the rifle behind him, when he figured that it was just the monsters fighting each other- and the Taurogunners were winning.

Cipher jumped down the pit and found an assault pod. He looked up.

“Must’ve made that hole up there,” he whispered.

He pulled the doors off the pod and found an MA5C, some clips of ammo for the assault rifle, some shells, a couple of det packs, some fragmentation grenades, and the assault rifle had a silencer attached to it. He placed the BR55 in the one of the weapons locker, hid some det packs in the area, and hid on top of a boulder in darkness. He waited for the monsters to walk over to the pod. He was startled when they actually talked.

“Search. We kill brute,” a Taurogunner said. They did as it said.

He seemed annoyed at the statement. This ‘brute’ was going to kick their butts. He pressed the detonator for all of the det packs and they exploded. There were shouts and cries but most of the Taurogunners and Liquid Snails were dead. Most of them. He pulled out his MA5C and aimed it. He fired the gun and emptied an entire clip into a Taurogunner. He slung the assault rifle and unslung the shotgun. He jumped off the rock and fired the shotgun at a Taurogunner. He turned and saw a Liquid Snail jump at him. He fired the gun and the shell broke the snail to pieces. He threw a frag and it killed off about 4 of the monsters.

Nothing was in sight. And Cipher was then grabbed on the neck by the lead Taurogunner. He couldnt breath as the Taurogunner started to squeeze. Thinking quickly, he pulled a pin out of a frag and threw it on the ground. He activated the impact cushions and the grenade went off. The Taurogunner was dead and Cipher saw that some blood splattered on his face plate- on the inside. He struggled to get up and walked deeper into the tunnel. Then he found what he was looking for, a source of pollution. A smoke plant. He thought that smoke plants were extinct for years, but guess that some survived.

The smoke plant radiates plenty of pollution into the air. He took the plant and placed it carefully into a safety pack. He decided to get the heck out of the tunnel- when he found a scroll. The scroll was old and dusty, but it should teleport him to Ellinia. He activated a scroll and felt the area around him change.

Cipher opened his eyes and saw that he had reappeared in Ellinia. He tried to get up but he was too tired. He continued to force himself up. He looked around and Ellinia has turned into a dead forest. He was amazed that the trees could still hold him up. He noticed something at the station. One of the airships stood there. He examined the ship and found it was still useable. He tried to activate it but the power source was dead. He cursed.

He continued trying for a few minutes when the ship finally made a sound and took off. After a few miles the ship whined.
“Oh no,” Cipher whispered. “Dont break on me now!”
The ship lower in altitude. He then saw a Black Raven fly near the ship. The COM buzzed on.

“Staff Sergeant Alpha! Jump!” the pilot of the Black Raven told him. Cipher didnt waste a second. He ran and pushed off the ship. He managed to grab the ledge of the aft of the Black Raven. First Sergeant Lee pulled him up.
“You ok Alpha?” he asked. Cipher shooked his head.
“Been better, sir,” Cipher replied. He handed him the pack. “A smoke plant. Caused the pollution around Victoria.”

Cipher sat on a seat, pulled off his helmet, and dozed off.

A few weeks later. . .

The Maple Battle Armor became usable for combat after Santiago made some adjustments. First of all, it used magnetic energy to create a small barrier or shield to avoid hits. Another adjustment allowed the wearer to become stronger then normal. PLenty of other adjustments are classified.

Cipher suited up for his next mission with the battle suit. Kelly, Sanderson, and Sleyin wore the battle suit as well.
“Not bad,” Kelly murmured.
“So whats the mission Chief?” Sleyin asked. During the weeks Cipher did some missions and got himself promoted to Chief Warrant Officer. Kelly got promoted to Sergeant, Sanderson to First Sergeant, and Sleyin a Sergeant First Class.

“We’re going into space and fight off Mateons and Grays in their next assault,” Cipher explained, “our platoon will be lead by Captain Santiago. We’ll also have have Sergeant Major Lee leading another platoon. Since we’re the only few soldiers wearing the Maple Battle Armor, Kelly and I will assault a battle cruiser on the outside, Sleyin and Sanderson will attack the interior with Santiago. Now ready? Lets move!”

They all climbed into Major Shackles’ battle cruiser. Cipher armed himself with an MA5C assault rifle and a SMG, Kelly armed herself with her Kage and a new Humming Bird Cannon, Sanderson armed himself with his Lions Fang and a BR55, and Sleyin armed himself with his A 10. calibre shotgun and a peacemaker revolver.

After this battle finishes, Alpha Squad will lose another member.

To be continued. . .

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
A Long Jump
The Battles Won
El Nath
The Breakout

~Fiery Spirit