TSATOCMI Adventure Uno.

Note: The dialogue is not EXACT, I wrote this as more of a fanfiction than the actual story, but the main storyline was based off an actual adventure by me and my friends.


“What time is it? Who cares? Place? “n00b” Island, and so it begins.” KeaneFan thought as he stretched the green elastic on his body away from a certain area. “Well…can’t ask for much here, but at least some loose pants man!” He walked and talked to a lady who asked if he wanted to learn to play this game, he denies as he travels to the new world he was told about by his friends. “Ok, now let me rephrase that, So here it begins.” He said as he finally was out of those very tight, tights. “Now, where is the others?” KeaneFan walked on through the “n00b” Island until he reached a lady who was holding a nice hat. “Ma’am, how much for that hat there? I am a little…light headed, if you know what I mean.”
The lady stared at the newbie, and then realized that she could use him. “Take this to a man known as Shanks, tell him I sent it to him. The name is Maria, tell him Maria sent it to him. He has another hat, and tell him I said you could have it instead of this one. Also, he shall give you a fruit knife to replace that horrid club of yours. Use it well.” At that moment, KeaneFan ran fast to Shanks in the port and talked to him.
“Well, Maria told you to give me this? And I am supposed to give you this hat and fruit knife?” Shanks asked nicely, “All right then, here you go!” At that Shanks took the water from KeaneFan, and threw a cap on KeaneFan’s head, and handed him a knife used for cutting open fruit. “When you reach Lith Harbor, hopefully you have some friends waiting for you, find them and talk to Olaf. He will help you out.”
“Aw thanks man!” KeaneFan said, he knew that the others were at Lith Harbor waiting for him, and he was glad that he finally had people to talk to again.

“WOOONNNNGGGG” The boat’s horn yelled as it stopped at a new land port. It was Lith Harbor. KeaneFan set off, and became the Rogue Thief he always wanted. And headed back to Lith Harbor to find his friends.

“Finally here…” KeaneFan said as he waved at his friends in the distance. Key2destiny, Xhead062, 1337arr0w, and b2trumpet, his friends he was sad to say beat him to Lith Harbor, fortunately,

Xhead062 [Xhead], b2trumpet [Jack], both Mages from Ellinia.
Key2destiny [pika], the warrior from Perion.
1337arr0w [Max], the bowman from Henesys.
And, KeaneFan [RanDumb], the thief from Kerning City.

Together they will dominate the quests thrown at them, and destroy every enemy as a team.
They will meet foes on their way throughout this journey, but they will also meet friends such as TsukaHaile [DragoonXD], another Mage from Ellinia, and Kuruki [Pomerania], another rogue thief from Kerning City.

But no matter what, they stick together as a team, The Super Awesome Team Of Crescent Moon Island.

-Chapter 1 Part 1//Kerning City Career | Perion Power Choice-

“Yawn….” KeaneFan…yawned, as he walked from his apartment in Kerning City to the streets. “Ow…bright day, blind me why don’t you!?” He yelled to the skies. There he was, in front of the base of Theives. Where his teacher was waiting for him, if only…KeaneFan hadn’t sucked the first 10 levels of his life, he could have became a thief a level earlier, But he now found himself as becoming a level 11 Rogue Theif.

“Hello KeaneFan. I see you have returned to me with the correct abilities at last aye?” Master told KeaneFan, who was sitting down on a close barstool, for the ‘hideout’ was really just a night bar gone unknown. KeaneFan nodded up and down slowly, and Master looked at him and said, “Take this. It will help you on your journey.” At that, Master handed KeaneFan a new weapon, a Triple Tipped Zamadar. KeaneFan knew he was not yet strong enough to use this weapon, but why would Master give it to him? He didn’t know.

“Thank you Master. May I be excused? I have other businesses to attend to.” KeaneFan asked as he stood up and bowed to his teacher.
“Hai. We will meet again my student, I see many things in your future, be careful.” Master finished as he closed his eyes and waved KeaneFan from the room.
“Hai master.” KeaneFan left the broken down bar and found himself in the street again. “Well, maybe key2destiny is back from Perion yet…” At that note, KeaneFan headed to Lith Harbor where he would meet his friends.


“Stupid Indian.” A newbie warrior said as he passed key2destiny out of the Warrior Sanctuary. Key2destiny’s eyes got really big as he now was like ‘ZOMG. What now?…what is this Indian all about?’ So key2destiny was rethinking his actions of becoming a warrior.
“Come to me key2destiny.” Said an unfamiliar voice. “It is I, Dances With Balrog. The warrior instructor. Come here.”

Key2destiny walked inward and saw an elderly man who was fairly dark skinned and wearing an odd headdress. “Hello, I am here to be a warrior!” key2destiny said with happiness running through each syllable.
“Well. Take this sword, and with it battle monsters and protect your friends. That is all I have to say for you. Go!” Dances With Balrog yelled as he threw a sword into key2destiny’s hands. Key2destiny then walked out of the building back to the streets of Perion. “Now, where do you think RD is…probably heading to Lith Harbor like we decided….here we go!” He then also retired and headed towards Lith Harbor.

-Chapter 1 Part 2//The First Meeting | Entrance New Acquaintances-

In Lith Harbor, key2destiny and KeaneFan met up. There they decided that they would team together and fight monsters and help each other pass quests around the area. So, the set off and did so…for a while.

“I’m here!” said an unfamiliar tone, but recognizable language. Xhead062. And key2destiny and KeaneFan knew it. “I’m a MAGE! WHAT?!” said Xhead062 as he swung his wand in the air.
“Yeah we get it Xhead…woohoo.” KeaneFan said as he kept walking past…and another person came.

“Pika! RD! Xhead!” said an archer walking their way. “Its Max!” He yelled with a smile on his face. “I finally got this thing downloaded haha!”
“Awesome that’s great Max!” key2destiny said as he pulled out his sword and slashed a close red snail to shreds.
“Hey Max, glad to see you here, and Xhead as well haha.” KeaneFan said as he threw a star at a shroom as it died. “Maybe we should all team up aye?” KeaneFan asked as he threw another star, which missed a close snail. “Eh…ok well maybe we should start going now…anyone know who else is maybe getting this?”
Key2destiny turned around and said, “Well I think DXD may, I think his name was TsukaHaile already, but hasn’t gotten on in a while…and maybe Pomerania if she gets to it.”
“Ah kewl, maybe we can do a quest together somewhere or something…” KeaneFan suggested as he finally took out that dagger and slashed that snail he missed.

After that they walked towards Henesys, their favorite spot. Henesys Hunting Ground I.
At the time, Fake King Slime was lurking around…the administration was trying to confuse the newbies who hadn’t heard anything about a Fake, just a King Slime…but he only came out every 15 minutes or so.

The team’s focus? Defeat the Fake King Slime, and get as many cakes they could.
As they were focusing on when the Fake would show up…

“Guys! I finally re-installed the game, I am back!” a character known as TsukaHaile walked by with a mage costume on. “Its me, DXD!” He said as he demolished a green slime with a magic claw skill.
“DXD! Awesome, man we are going to OWN everything we do now, its like 6 on 1 for us. We will destroy that Fake King…” KeaneFan yelled as he waited patiently…quietly, as the n00bs walk by with their wooden clubs and red headbands…they knew nothing….

“We should go in waves.” KeaneFan suggested. “That way, if one dies, the others can go in after the cakes. That way, we can get the cakes after so long and just split the winnings ok?” KeaneFan had a little concerned look on his face…his precious EXP will be lost if he died, but he didn’t care now…he wanted to help his friends get those cakes. “I will head in first, my double attack will do wonders for first hits, then if I run out of MP, I will start with my battle ax, and if that fails…I may go with just dagger attacks. We will destroy this thing!”

At that, they saw it…a giant green slime, two times their size…it was intimidating…could they defeat it? Could they win them cakes?

-Chapter 1 Part 3//The Battle | TSATOCMI’s First Strike-

The guys sat there in their relaxers, except key2destiny in his little blue chair, as they watched KeaneFan close in to the massive beast. “Get him RD!” TsukaHaile yelled as KeaneFan made his first strike.

The blob moaned in anguish as it turned to KeaneFan, its massiveness rose over KeaneFan, so KeaneFan went all out, double-stab after double-stab, and nothing seemed to happen…it was barely making a dent! So he pulled out his Axe. KeaneFan was known for his ability to switch to different weapons, and still be good with them…it was time to show them that he really deserves that kind of acknowledgement…and then it came out…power? 32. Speed? Normal. Type? Two-handed. Was he really ready? Probably not. He was not very high leveled…and his double-stab attack was usually his best…now…here it goes!

Slashing and grunting, KeaneFan came face-to-fat to that Slime ball, and simply…KeaneFan really was not strong enough, the Fake King Slime threw him back off the platform, without any HP. Dead. He revived back in Henesys, but if he tried to run back, the beast would have been slaughtered, so he party chatted to his friends that he would just wait for them there…and good luck.

At that, key2destiny took out his machete , and slashed away at the beast. “Ah RD! I wish you didn’t suck! And I wish my stats didn’t suck! I would demolish this thing!” he yelled through the party chat box. At that, one of the members did something, stupid…yet it worked.
1337arr0w pulled out his hammer, and started yelling “Hammah Time!” and bashed at the slime, and if he was hit back a lot, he pulled out his bow he usually uses and power shot as much as possible. At that action, TsukaHaile grabbed his staff, as did Xhead062, both had the same staff and both started casting magic claw attacks at the monster….

The beast fell after about a minute of them fighting it, and a pro coming in and throwing a few stars at it doing a lot of damage, and the cakes flew out! There were SO many there! The group ran inside the middle of the platform and constantly pressed Z until there were no cakes left, and it was done. They did it! They defeated the monster slime and acquired the cakes, with only the loss of KeaneFan’s EXP!

“Ah. I hate you guys…” KeaneFan said as he got his share of the cakes. “Good thing I suck or I would have minded me losing 5% of my experience ha ha…”

Then, they simultaneously signed off…waiting to come back another day and defeat yet another obstacle.

So yes. This is the story of CMI’s Team of Awesome. lol. But yes, what did you think? Well written?

Starsign of Requiems Ch.2

Read the other chapters before reading this one.

The seraphs were they who governed Maple Story. Their duty was to protect Maple Story; however, they did not care

about it at all.

Luni and Cierra went to explore the whole world that awaited before them. They would those in need and protect as well.

The computer works on it’s own. It has it’s own personality. Even though it created the world. It will appear again.

* I have divided this chapter into 5 parts because it is very long.

Chapter 2.1:

Luna’s awakening.

As Luni and Cierra proceeded through their world. They began on a small forest. Cierra recognized the forest for she

designed this small area. She named it “Forest of Mirrors”; In the legends that were born instantly in MapleStory one

described the forest. It was told in the town of archers of Henesys westward from the Forest of Mirrors.

Cierra and Luni walked slowly through the narrow road that lead to Henesys.

Once they arrived at Henesys, many bustling Henesians were merchanting in Henesys. The Henesys’s free market was

greatest one in all of MapleStory were people each day reunited to sell their finest wares to anyone whom was


Cierra and Luni wandered through the town as if they knew everything about it.

There was an old lady that appeared before them saying ” I know what you are looking for, you seek the legend of the

Forest of Mirrors”

” How would you know?” asked Luni

” Because I have lived for thousands of years and their is naught a legend that I do not know of!”

” But that is impossible old lady! Everyone knows that a normal human being can only live up to a 120 years!” replied


” Humans? What are you talking about? Everyone knows that we Maplers can live up to 3000 years if we wanted to!”

“Please, just tell us the legend” Interestingly said Cierra.

” As you wish young ladies. It all began when there was a strange light that shone across the forest and Henesys.

I was exactly twelve years-old.The town maiden Luna went of to investigate she was just a young lady. She had

wandered right into the forest and after that day she never came back.”

“What do you mean?” asked Luni

” Allow me to finish the legend young ladies.”

“um, okay, just speak up” replied Cierra.

” Now she did not come because she sealed herself in order to save the forest. Should she be unsealed the forest

would be set on fire again. However there is a way to save both. According to the legend you will need someone who

follows the maiden’s bloodline and is able to use Ice or Water magic. Although since none of ye’ young laddies know

about it I doubt you are of her bloodline.”

“Thanks old lady, let’s go Cierra, let’s go resupply we have some business with that forest”

Cierra and Luni went to resupplied swiftly in the Henesys’s infamous item shop of wonders. The went back quickly

towards the forest of mirrors to save this “Sealed Maiden” that sleeps there.

I hope you enjoyed

Northern Markets Ep80

Episode 80: Look what the ranger brought in

“Bog siar! Bog siar!”
“Get back! Move it, now!”
The convoy moved slowly across the suspended bridges and elevated branchways. The mob of archmages surrounded the delivery truck as it rolled slowly by like some weird parade.
The civilians; average low level people were herded away by the arch mages, who were keeping a 60-foot distance between people and the truck. People huddled nervously around the shops by the sides of the branchways as the convoy drove past. Leading them was a crystal-powered GM’s hover patrol car with its blue lights flashing.
[“Clear out! Dangerous cargo coming through!”]
The GM’s ahead were on hover motorbikes and hog mounts, honking air horns to get the people moving off the main road.
the archmages had their staffs up and ready to ice the truck if anything were to happen. These mages had lightning reflexes and could ice a bomb the second it exploded and actually stop the blast itself. These mages wore sleek black robes with blue patches on- the patch symbols were staffs crossed like an X with the red star over them in a blue background. They were from the CCA’s 7E Foireann (7th elite squad), one of the magicians’ most brutal forces. They drove out the Sharenians, decimated the invading rangers, and literally shredded and fried the Sino Army who invaded back in 1942. Because most of the 1500 mages who belonged to the 7E-F, they handled the deadly threats, such as the truck driven by a JA ranger. Because he was alone and surrendered immediately, the 7E-F assumed he was a suicide bomber and the truck was packed with some high yield bomb.
When the ranger was captured and the mages discovered the suffering magicians, the CCA ordered them to guard the truck until the 7E-F came, and the Bomb Scaud team examined the half dead magicians, and make sure they themselves weren’t being used as bombs.

After the magicians prisoners were rushed to the hospital, the truck was driven to the CCA HQ, and locked up in a hangar that had super-reinforced walls inside the tree. Walls designed to contain explosions. As soon as it arrived, the truck was completely frozen over and stripped down by the mages, and mechanics called in from the autoshop.

As for the ranger, he was iced up, and dragged roughly with staff tips at his throat like spears. He was dragged to the lab where they stuck memory crystals all over him, and even jammed one in his mouth. If the supervisor officer wasn’t in the room, the pissed off archmages would have jammed a really sharp tipped crystal up the ranger’s ass.
After a four hour memory scan, the younger lower ranking mages zapped and kicked the crap out of the ranger until an archmage electrocuted them all (violence against prisoners is forbidden).
The ranger was dragged by the throat down to the deepest, darkets, dampest and coldest block of cells in the detention area.
The mages opened the stiff vine cell doors and shoved the ranger in. Still tied up in ice, he hit the splintery floor flat on his face.
“F***king murderous dog!”

Jango squirmed. His whole body hurt and ached from the electric and ice torture.
A wizard fried him again with a lighting bolt, and he writhed in agony.
“Stop! That’s enough!”
The wizard stopped, and they slammed the door shut and walked off

5:05 PM
CCA officer Soa, the long silver-haired archmage, and officer Leixip, the blue haired mage sat in the crowded meeting room on one of the upper floors of the complex. Joining them was the commissioner R. Athlone, an MBI agent, and a GM. Some other chief officer archmages were also called to the meeting.
Squad 160’s captain Ylin Arla, level 92 mage was also present, and sitting next to her was the 75 poison mage Fred.
As more CCA officers and GMs came into the meeting room, Ylin gazed out the silk window at the mountains. The sun was behind them, but its rays of orange-pink light still lit up the valleys.
Ylin served with the CCA for over seven years at home, and in secret abroad. She was just a recon/patrol squad captain, and still felt uncomfortable sitting around the higher-ups.
They all sat around a huge stained oak table, under bright blue-white crystal lamps.

“Allright, let’s get started,” Comissioner Athlone began. “Today I recieved the report from squad 160 and the short summary of the ranger’s arrest. According to Captain Arla’s report at 1:53 PM this afternoon, team 160 captured a Justice Arrow ranger who arrived at the checkpoint driving a delivery truck. Upon arrest, the ranger offered no resistance, and advised team 160 of the package containing contact codes for New Saskatchewan. As per your report, the truck also contained 18 cages; each holding one to four magicians; all in critically ill health. The magicians were taken to the infirmary under a medical emergency declaration. The ranger was put through an extensive memory scan, and then placed in the detention block. The truck is being stripped down and examined as we speak.”
The GMs and MBI officers nodded. To everyone else, the ranger’s actions were a complete surprise- last time they checked, no one in the Justice Arrow would ever surrender to the enemy.

“Captain Arla,” Comissioner Athlone said. Ylin stood up.
“How do you validate the general summary? Is it entirely truthful?”
“Yes, sir,”
“What about the incident where the ranger was attacked?”
“Enraged over his personal loss caused by the JA, Fred, here, attacked the ranger with poison gas. At once the rest of my team acted and took the ranger down before he could fight back.”
“Did the ranger provoke your friend?”
“No, sir.”
The officers and GMs nodded.
“How was the ranger’s approach?”
“He stopped a distance from us, and I ordered him to walk closer on grounds of deadly force.”
“How was he after you tied him up?”
“The ranger showed no resistance and was pretty much dead weight when we threw him in the truck,”
“Thank you, Captain,”
Arla sat back down.

“Archmages, Leixip and Soa, you have your report on the memory scan?”
The two archmages who dealth with the Kerning cop and then the ranger stood up, arms at their sides.
“Yes, sir,” Leixip began.
“Would you like to enlighten us to the innards of the ranger’s mind?”
“Yes, sir,”
Leixip and Soa walked to the front of the room where an opaque white screen was drawn down. Soa pushed her hair back and started the magic powered wooden- projector, and stuck the dark blue memory crystal in it, and closed the hatch.
She took one of the smaller topaz crystals that were hooked to the projector via cables, and handed the other one to Leixip.
Using the topaz crystals as remotes, they used their magic and minds and started the presentation.

“The memory scan took nearly three and a half hours. We extracted first information about the ranger, his intent on coming here, his history with the JA and personal background, his health, and-“
“Start with that please,” Athlone demanded. “We want to know who we are dealing with, and if there is a potential threat and how serious that is,”
“Yes, sir” Leixip replied.
A mugshot of the ranger appeared on the screen. He appeared skinny, had a short mop of blond hair, and piercing blue eyes.
“Jango Alyth, level 70 ranger, infantryman of the Justice Arrow. Born 47th day of Autumn, 1991 to Joseph and Aungier Alyth, both residents of Henesys, and senior officers of the Justice Arrow. He was expelled from the Henesys schoolhouse in 2002, and put to hard labor after killing two classmates by strangling and hanging one, and stoning the other. The incident was the ranger’s response to years of harassment and abuse. He was to be executed by burning, however Joseph Alyth intervened and asked the JA to take him in. Jango worked for the JA doing community service work around Henesys, and in
2005, was promoted from serviceman to combat status rank following his 2nd job advance. Jango was sent to Westborough to aid the JA and associated gangs with their crusade in Kerning City..”
Images, and short videos of the ranger’s memories flashed on the screen while things he said and heard and thought echoed from the red speaking crystals.
“Jango was often sent into the slum areas, the Asian districts and areas where magicians, hackers, and noobs were concentrated. Jobs included roughing up people to hunting hackers, criminals, and other high profile people whether good or bad. The ranger’s teams often vandalized and destroyed stores, businesses, and assaults on people. On October 9 last year, Jango disobeyed orders when he was told to crash a rave party and attack Permanoob technosinger Amanda Skotz. For that, his boss, Robert Killinger, leader of the team shot Jango in the stomach, and as punishment, Jango was lashed 216 times with a chain, beat up and locked in the cellar of Westborough Church for a whole week; no food or water. He was also ordered to pay the medical bill for the clinic visit-“

Athlone cut them off and demanded, “Is the ranger a threat is what I want to know?! Are there more bowmen sneaking around here? What about the truck? Was ther hazardous materials or chemical weapons of the sort in that thing? What about the health of the ranger and the magicians for Elune’s sake!”

The guy from the Academy infirmary stood up. “Overall examiniation of the patients turned up no diseases or dangerous infections. They all suffered from severe mana poisoning, and-“
“Thank you, we’ll ge back to you doctor! What about the ranger? Is he diseased?! Perhaps the JA sent him with some magic eating virus to waste us all!”
“We’ve yet to fully inspect the ranger himself, however during the memory check, he showed no symptons or signs of illness. None of the us who personally saw to him got sick either.”
“Thank you!” Athlone said briskly. “Now what about his buddies, does he have anyone else sneaking around here? Perhaps he didn’t expect a checkpoint and we might have other bowmen sneaking around out midst!”

Soa answered, “Comissioner, the memory scan results indicate that the ranger had no contact with the JA since 1:30 pm yesterday. We have records of his conversations with the bowmen at the JA’s base at Fuar Bais Scoith [Cold Death Pass] in Corazon Canyon, and he did no tell the others of his plans to come here. He lied to the others and said he was en route to Kerning City.”

Athlone nodded. “So this fella planned this on his own is what you’re saying?”
“Yes, sir”
“Now tell us why he surrendered!”

“We’ll explain in chronological order, sir,” Leixip said. The officers nodded.
“Although he was raised by a deeply loyal family, Jango Alyth never believed in the Justice Arrow’s morals. Abused as a child growing up, he only pretended he was one of Jalonska’s disciples. After being on tours of duty in Sleepywood, Kerning, and on espionage missions in the Kaom Tor magician settlement and villages, he never personally justified the JA’s work. Given the information we have on the ranger’s emo-chemical history, he has suffered numerous guilt trips and depressions relating to his crimes. The chemical of guilt still runs through his veins for his part in the JA’s assault on Border Town, a small city in the SEA Lands. According to the ranger’s memory, the JA killed hundreds of residents including magicians, and refugee hackers, noobs and magicians who fled Kerning City over the winter.”
Pictures appeared on the screen showing the Justice Arrow’s attack on the town and farms surrounding it. They also showed the magicians killing rangers with light, and growing plants them. Pictures of a giant airborne ship being blown up by fire and ice from ground based ships also ran accross the screen. Then there were memories from a big battle between the infamous purple haired hacker and one of the JA commanders, and the hacker pumping the JA bow woman with hackium energy. Pictures of a woman holding her baby and pleading with the ranger appeared.
“The ranger wasn’t too sure of who to attack during this battle, and upon seeing this woman here, he abandoned any intent on fighting and hid.”
Soa showed the video of the ship being destroyed and the flaming wreck falling to the ground.

“If you don’t mind my asking,” began a guy from the Ellinia Magic Council, “How the hell did the Justice Arrow acquire such a ship-“
“It’s from Roika,” the MBI agent spoke up. “The ship was to be scrapped and the JA bought it from the Roikans. They had in total of 21 airships as of November.”
“The JA traded with another country?! How?” the man from the Magic Council demanded.
“Be assured the JA’s purchase of that airship was done in secret by pro JA groups in Roika. The government would have stopped them if they knew about it!”
The guys from the EMC argued quietly among themselves.
“What was the Justice Arrow doing all the way out there?”

the map of Border Town appeared.

Leixip spoke up again. “The JA had a base in Border Town. There they used a warehouse to hold magician prisoners. The JA kidnapped magicians everywhere and brought them here after taking over Fuar Bais Scoith. Here, they sold them as slaves or food to other markets accross the SEA Lands. The money the JA recieved was in colossal amounts. Before they took over Cold Death Pass, the rangers had to pay royalties to the Pass’ original owners, costing them large percentages of their profit, and it cost them even more to smuggle the slaves into the Free Market. Their profits increased a hundredfold when they transported the magicians themselves to the SEA Lands rather than have SEA Landers come down to the JA’s bases near Perion to get the magicians.”

“What is the state of this affair now?” a Magic Council guy asked.
“The people in the SEA Lands attacked and destroyed the base at Border Town. Jango Alyth was the only member of the JA to survive. As you can see here, these archmages who seem to master the elements of light and wind destroyed the entire base including the warehouse. Assumingly, all of the prisoners were instantly killed, but that still has to be verified,”

There was an angered murmer among the CCA officers and other mages in the room.

“okay, enough! What did the ranger do after it was all over?” Comissioner Athline demanded.
“He stole a delivery truck that didn’t reach the base, stole radio equipment and a radio station index. The ranger put these things into the truck with the magician prisoners and shut the door. He drove to Cold Death Pass, lied to the rangers, and came here. Here as we watch this, the subtitles are the ranger’s thoughts hoping the magicians in the back would survive long enough to come here.”

“Very interesting,” Athlone commented. “What about the communication equipment?”
“Everything was sent to the communication department, and the codes and index were copied and sent to the EMC,” Soa answered.

There was a pause.

“It seems this ranger wanted us to have this information before the Justice Arrow finds out. The JA have lost their financial supply line and yet our spy companies havent reported any changes to the JA’s activity. The assault on Kerning is still continuing, and they seem to show no awareness to the fact they will run out of money soon. The Roikans pulled out of Henesys, and the JA is not recieving financial or supply aid from them,” the MBI man said.
“Not bad way to set them up.”
“He gave us an advantage, and we can contact these people in New Saskatchewan-“
“And ask them what the bloody hell they killing our magicians for?!” the old man officer shouted. “They slaughtered all of them!”
“We will look into that once we establish contact!”
“They can’t be our enemy as well, after all they did destroy the rangers stationed there…”

“Remember we are threatened by the JA, folks!” the guy from the EMC said. “I am just as upset over the loss of the magicians up there but that has to be investigated before we point fingers! We can’t afford to make enemies with another group!”
“for Ellinia’s sake I hope you are right, my friend,” Athlone said.

“We will work on establishing contact with New Saskatchewan, what will you do?”

“We’ll see what else we can squeeze out of that ranger, and our communications department will also work on contact as well.”
“What about telling our delegation?” Arla asked.
“Out of the question!” the EMC man replied. “Our men have prepared a full speech series for tomorrows summit at Lith Harbor. We won’t complicate their negotiations with Henesys with this information. It could just as well hit the wrong ears.”
“Leave them blind is that it?”
“Well its better than telling the Justice Arrow their trafficking program is gone! Grendel IV will be informed when the delegation returns!”

“What about the memory crystals obtained from the highschool?”
“We found evidence that the JA is involved, and our findings from this ranger who surrendered to us cements it together!”

11:15 PM
Jango Alyth was dragged out of his cell by a group of angry mages who found their way down to the detention block. All of them were pissed off at the JA and took their revenge by subjecting the ranger to cruel torture.
He was stripped to his boxers, tied to a chair while the guys gashed him with shards of ice, blasts of fire and lightning.
He screamed in agony, and his screams echoed down the hell, and reached the ears of Rusty Miller. He lay on his bed in his cell, and didn’t move. He shifted around wanting them to shut the ranger up.
hell hath no fury like a pissed off archmage seeking vengance

Not WoW. RappelZ

Ah. Ever since I quit Maple for this game. It’s been a BLISS.

The graphics of this game is pretty good.

I got to Level 37. Earned myself 20 million rupees and got my Pantera Pet (Tiger pet, and yes, pets are free) to level 33.

I reached my Rank 2 (lvl 20) [Screenshot 1] Easily, and I’m dual wielding these sexy pair of Blood Red Knight’s swords.

In RappelZ there’s an Auction house which notifies you with an in game on screen notification when you are outbid. I will now continue to rant about pets.

Here are the info about pets:

There are types of pets – the functions and such
Rarity – Only Pantera, Tortus and Poultry cards can be bought from NPC, all others must be farmed for. And might I say, they’re hard to find. The pets u needa hunt are stronger and better.

Taming Success There are success rates to taming a pet. The higher the rarity of the pet, the harder it is to tame, not all pet cards success in taming. Breeder class have better success rate due to summoner bonus.
If a taming fails, you lose the card.

Worth – Untamed pet cards are so rare they can be sold to othe rplayers for over 9 mil. and that’s a LOT for RappelZ. Tamed ones cost even more, but different lvls have different pricing, so i’ll just name the fresh lvl 1 tamed.

(All prices are from Bahamut and Tortus Servers)

Basic – 100% drop rate (from NPC)
Common – 2% Drop rate
Uncommon – 1% Drop Rate
Rare – 0.5% Drop rate

Pantera – Basic, taming card bought from NPC for 8k
– Speed and Attack based
– Taming success rate 100%
– Worth nothing. Tamed lvl 1 worth nothing.

Tortus – Basic, taming card bought from NPC for 8k
– Defense and Health based
– Taming success rate 100%
– Worth nothing. Tamed lvl 1 worth nothing.

Poultry – Basic, taming card bought from NPC for 8k
– Speed and Magic based
– Taming success rate 100%
– Worth nothing. Tamed lvl 1 worth nothing.

Yeti – Common, taming card hunted from Hairy Eyes and Yetis
– Attack based
– Taming success rate 15%
– Worth 9 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 11 mil.

Blue Pixie – Common, taming card hunted from Blue Crystals/Fairies
– Healing based
– Taming success rate 15%
– Worth 12 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 21 mil.

Red Pixie – Common, taming card hunted from Red Pixies
– Fire Attack based
– Taming success rate 15%
– Worth 12 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 21 mil.

Orc – Common, taming card hunted from Crude Orc and higher levels. Orc Junior does not drop.
– Tank (High ATK/DEF/HP) based
– Taming success rate 15%
– Worth 12 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 21 mil.

Skeleton Warrior – Common, taming card hunted from Skell Warriors
– ATK/Magic based
– Taming success rate 15%
– Worth 14 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 23 mil.

Siren – Common, taming card hunted from Sirens
– Healing based
– Taming success rate 15%
– Worth 9 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 20 mil.

Salamander – UnCommon, taming card hunted from
– Fire Magic and Fire Attack based
– Taming success rate 5%
– Worth 40 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 60 mil.

Hawkman – UnCommon, taming card hunted from Vulcans and such
– Wind Magic and Wind Attack based
– Taming success rate 5%
– Worth 40 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 60 mil.

Angel – Rare, taming card hunted from Angels
– Healer and Light Magic/Melee based
– Taming success rate 1% (only 2 known to be tamed in all of RappelZ)
– Worth 90 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 100+ mil.

Kentauros – Rare, taming card hunted from Centaurs
– Speed, Magic and based
– Taming success rate 1% (only 1 known to be tamed in all of RappelZ)
– Worth 90 mil. Tamed lvl 1 worth 100+ mil.

I hope this pet info might psych up some Maple Players for a good game.

It’s fun, it’s cool, and the pets are FREE.

BTW, u dont need specific scrolls for upgrades. they use overall ‘cubes’ to upgrade armour and overall cubes for weapons.

screenie 1 – Siren, First Evolution – Siren Child

screenie 2 -Hawkman, First Evolution – Raven

Screenie 3 – Angel, Last evolution – Seraphim

screenie 4 – Orc Lord, last evolution lvl 125

screenie 5 – Skeleton warrior, last evolution lvl 125

Apostle’s Creed; Chapter Two

I said I was going to release next chapter next week, but I was eager to write, and ideas came quick, lots of people liked, so here’s chapter 2!


BONUS! (Parody)

ALAN CRYO: “Hey Shura, can you describe this guy other than, ‘the one who took everything from us’?”

SHURA PAINT: “It’s not easy, but let me try.”

SHURA PAINT: “Ahem, he’s a ‘pedophiliac pyromaniac’.”

CHARLES OCTAVIUS: “No I’m not, I just like fire and children! F5!”

CRYO/SHURA: O__o wthh4x0rz?!

Lol Randomness! something disturbing that went on my mind

Apostle’s Creed Chapter Two: Two Avengers

2020, April 27th
Location: Destroyed Citadel of El Nath

The smoking fumes of the shattered ruins only seemed to aggravate the infected ones. The sanguine garnet shines radiantly forever in the sky, painting the sky scarlet. And according to knowledge, only three people, out of the massive population of twelve million that inhabits the metropolis, are alive under this cruel, El Nathian sun.

Cryo’s mind and body froze over. So that bas**** was in charge of this terror plot. Fierce, spiky ash hair, mahogany trench coat, and a strange looking weapon were the details most noticeable. There were dark rings around his bloodshot eyes and a wry grin that assured Cryo Octavius was one messed up piece of ****.

“Oh? Is that you, little princess? You’ve managed to change a lot in three years, back then, you were just a hindrance and a crybaby. Now you’re one of the most elite of the defiant rebels. What could’ve motivated you so much, ‘Master of Traps, Shura Paint’? I’m well informed. You took away thousands of my subordinate’s lives simply with just a few switches on your toy remote.” Octavius spat.

“That’s right, they were stupid as cave crickets, and you are going to die as well. Oh, by the way, watch your mouth, fat-ass. We aren’t rebels, just hope to the poor people you’ve victimized.” Shura growled.

Octavius’ words must’ve disturbed Shura very much. Her deadpan face was replaced with a grin with evidence of uncontrollable rage.

“Ha! I like that face, yes, hate me, go crazy! Yet I like the frightened, mentally disturbed face of yours better,” cooed Octavius, and with ease, he made a tainted grin that matched Shura’s.

Shura suddenly put her mouth to Cryo’s ear, which startled him a bit. Then she began to whisper confidently.

“Cryo, this guy’s a pyromaniac, and obsessed with hunting. He uses a customized flamethrower, and his ammunition should be low because he’s scavenging for refugees. If we use a hide and seek strategy, we easily wipe the floor with him,”

“Yes, I really enjoyed frying up your aunt and uncle, who loved you so much. If only your damned brother and that old bas**** didn’t interfere, I would’ve sold you to the black market or made you my slave. Even though you’ve sharpened your blade and mind, you’re nothing compared to a man who’ve rampantly strolled the war zones for fifteen years!” And with that uproar, a deadly stream of blue plasma fire burst out of his flamethrower fiercely heading for the two.

“Dangerous! Watch out!” Shura screamed and dived for Cryo. Both of them escaped the blast of hellfire, but Cryo could recognize a burn on his savior’s arm. The old car behind them was scorched and messed up badly.

“Shura, are you alright?!” Cryo shook a motionless Shura violently. The reply was a quick, painful slap.

“You really think the elite trap master would become vulnerable because of this tiny burn?! Lets go! We’ll pawn him in the concrete jungle!” With the end of the sentence, Shura took him by the hand and the two ran into Moscow Avenue, which was filled with broken down and deteriorated buildings. A perfect hiding place.

“Shura, are we running away? I’m so glad! You know, I’m really afraid to die,” Cryo sighed, with a true smile of relief.

“Hell no, you coward! We’re going to fight, my way! In this city filled with obstacles and hiding places, this is my playground.”

“EHHH?!” Cryo scowled. He was terrified. Never in his whole life he had been in this situation before. He was ready to pee his pants off. Yet he would never forgive Octavius for destroying his ‘everything’. His mind was in havoc.

“Heh,” Octavius thought. “I’d be going into their trap, obviously. And that kid is never to be underestimated. But guess I can’t help it. My blood to KILL, BURN AND TORMENT!! IS HOWLING INSIDE OF ME!! AHAHAHHAHAH!!” Octavius let out a furious roar. The inhumane voice echoed and reverberated in the city, unbelievable.


Furious explosions could be heard behind and black, suffocating gas was seen in the sky.

“What the hell happened?!” Cryo demanded.

“I set traps near the entrance of the bunker. Explosives. But don’t let your guard down. He wouldn’t die just because of that. He even disabled half of what I originally set. Now the real battle begins.” Her speech was back to half deadpan. Also, infectees were nowhere to be seen, good news.

“Shura! I can’t use this thing! I need a sword! One edged. A long katana would be preferable.” Cryo complained.

“Then use that one over there,” she replied.

Like a miracle, a fine sword was lazily leaning against a building.

“The hell? This is my father’s sword academy, and that’s his sword! We’re already at Murmansk Avenue already?! And why the hell is it outside?” Cryo shouted, confused.

“Who the hell cares, minor details aren’t important. Anyways, throw the trench knife away, I’ve never even used it before.” Shura replied, without thinking.

Cryo did as ordered. He strapped his sword on his back, and continued running. The slushy, melting snow was giving his feet a frostbite, but didn’t slow him down.

(Snow in El Nath does not disappear until Late May or June.)

To clear the silence, he opened his mouth to talk.

“Shura, this guy seems dangerous. Why are you struggling so much to get revenge? Revenge isn’t everything you know. You can recreate your life,” he inquired.

She got angry again.

“Don’t you feel rage, that everything you once knew is now ashes? It haunts me at night! His wicked face and the pain of my loved one’s deaths. I must have revenge, even if I die!” she blurted out.

“Death would mean the end of you! Do you even like fighting?” Cryo sighed, and asked again.

“Course not! I used to play with dolls and have tea parties every Saturday! It’s all for the sake of revenge! I live for that sole purpose! Oops, said something embarrassing!”

Slap. Miss.

Dolls and tea parties eh? So this is how much war and determination can change someone.

“Well Shura, know this. Don’t risk your life too much. You’re unique, and unreplaceable. There’s still a reason for you to live. We have each other, right?” Cryo smiled and comforted her, afraid to let someone die because of their rashness.

“Cryo. . . you. . .”


Slap. She was grinning. But it wasn’t full of twisted hate. It was a grin of amusement. Cryo grinned as well.

“Sorry to break up your moment, but burn in HELL!!”

Octavius caught up. A jet of blue plasma fire evaporated all of the snow in range. This time, they evaded it with ease.

“This way!” she shouted, and dragged Cryo into an aged building. A slab of ice or stone must’ve been hidden in the slush, Cryo tripped and Shura literally dragged him into the building. Inside of the building was fairly large. Atleast more than what Cryo had expected. It must’ve been a casino, there was a bar, scattered cards all over the place, spilled beer, broken glass, and three corpses.

“Oh crap!” yelled Cryo. “We lost track of Octavius!” His face was pale with horror.

“Looking for me?”

One of the bodies slowly stood up. No mistake, it was definately Octavius.

Alan Cryo’s eyes dilated in fear. He wished this was over, for Shura to do something and get them out.

Shura had pokerface on. No telling what she was thinking.

“Release and hold your sword firm, I told you, this is my playground,” she spoke calmly.

“Lucky for you, I only have one shot of fire left, stupid, mindless zombies, curse them!” Octavius cackled, then let the casino on fire.

To be Continued. . .

Next chapter will be mostly action. This was like a transition and drama chapter. Next chapter will be out someday next week. Hope you enjoyed it!

Chapter Three: Imagination the Mind Cannot Comprehend / Rational Counterattack

The battle continues inside the burning bar. Octavius’ mocking continues. Will Cryo be successful getting Shura to abandon her hate and become focused?



So I leveled 5 times in 3 days doing cpq. (That’s pretty fast for me, because I can’t play all day like some addicted people..)
And I thought, ‘I should solo ali before it’s too late.’
I have attempted to solo before. However, I have never made it. Poor pot spamming skills + low level + not much fundsion = death
So I dragged myself to lpq place at eos, spammed ch 1 sayin:: “J> pq lvl 50 dit MUST SOLO ALI”
I got a party inv within a few sec. I know many parties don’t like letting people solo, so just to make sure, I asked them again.
me: “You do know I’m soloing ali right??”
them: -no reply-
me: “I’m soloing ali!!”
them: -no reply-
me: “Hello???”
them: “no you cant solo ali”
me: “Then I’m leaving..”
them: “leave.”
me: *leaves*
Joined a second party, left again because they didn’t see the solo part. Joined a third party. This time, the leader was actually non-blind, and said ‘yes i know, you can solo’. Throughout the whole pq, every stage, I reminded the party that I was going to solo alishar.
Stg 8.
me: I’m soloing alishar ok?? ok??
ldr: yes we know!
me: just making sure..
Stg 8 cleared. We entered Crack.
me: STOP– You guys DO know i’m soloing right????
ldr: yes
some other mage: yes
me: So kill the rats but DON’T ATK ALI!! I’M SOLOING!! I’M S O L O I N G
ldr: can we kil the chronoses?

So the sins killed the rats. Alishar waas summoned. I readied myself…

As I cast dagger booster, the stupid noob sin attacked.
me: “Omg I said SOLO”
noob sin: “Oh i didn’t know he was soloing”
What was I saying for the last 8 stages?????? Anyway, I finished killing ali by myself, although technically that’s not solo, since the sin hit it a few times.
The next pq, another noob sin attacked it again. I got extremely pissed and killed myself.
The last thing I saw (on partychat) before I left the party was:
noob sin: Where did da lv 50 dit go???
Sick of noob pqs, I went to kft to help guild members with quest (they couldn’t hit the tigers). Then we summoned and killed king blins.

when will I ever be able to solo?

Making of a Knight Part 1

I’ve finally decided to make an MMO Tales acount, and since I’m not in the mood of playing MS, I’ll try out a comic.

Part One

Ten years ago, a young child was born.
His family was full of bowmen, and throw in a couple Assassins.
But this child, had no chance of being either.
This child’s name was Mikey.
He wanted to become a warrior when he grew up.
He came from a clan called the Endura, which were rivals with warriors.
He didn’t understand the point of using arrows or stars to kill enemy’s that came your way.
Mikey lived in Lith Harbor, a small shore town.
He came from a family whom would have to save up enough mesos to buy an apple.
Until one day, when Mikey broke his clans biggest rule; Never become a warrior.
He was chased out of his town, and his parents were killed for being bad roll-models.
Days past and past, and Mikey’s death slowly arose.
“Ahh careful!” was all Mikey could hear in Henyeses Hunting Ground. He was camping there for now, slowly killing snails trying to pick up enough mesos to buy food.
As Mikey layed down on the stack of hay, he saw an amazing sight.
A White Knight walked into the Hunting Ground, turned on his Ice Charge, and began obliterating everything in sight.
Each snail was taken down by the touch of the knights sword, the Blue Screamer.
Mikey was flabbergasted, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The White Knight got on top of the stack of hay, ignoring all the newbies asking for mesos, and climbed up the ladders until he reached the top layer of the Hunting Ground.
Each and every single green mushroom began running away from the cold aura that came from the White Knights Blue Screamer.
Mikey, being young still, climbed up the ladder, taking hits from the slimes, mushrooms, and stumps to get up to the top layer.
He pulled on this Knights Dark Battle Road.
“Mister, what are you?” Mikey asked with a tone of confusion.
The man turned around, revealing his hair. He had Metro hair. The knight smiled and went on top of a stack of hay, and sat down.
“I am a White Knight.” He claimed in a wise voice.
Mikey, amazed of the way this White Knight fought, wanted to become one.
“Wow mister, how do you become on?!?” Mikey asked, having countless more questions in his mind.
“You become one once you get approval of Dances with Barlog.”
Mikey tilted his head.
“And where’s he?”
“He lives on the highest mountain in Perion, the land of the Protet.”
Mikey stared at the Knight with fear.
Protet was his old clans most hated enemy.


well, im glad im back to playing maplestory again.after 2 years,things were going fine. i was at ellinia, fighting some treestumps and slimes. but i never got a chance to fight the green mushrooms at the top. i was lv 19 at the time and my sn was “gbone”. i told my friends “hey lets pwn them” and they were happy to help me. so we were killing a bunch of green mushrooms, thanks to my potions that’s keeping me alive. a couple minutes later, we were out of potions (dam). i was getting damaged so bad. my friends were dead and i had no help at all. im screwed.

then….i saw a guy with a viking helmet, a white t-shirt, and a sabre, killing the mushrooms, one hit each. yes!!! i’m saved. i went to the guy to thank him….but when i got there, he was jumping around and crouching like a maniac. i know those kinds of players……strong, but stupid

“thanks” i said……..”YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!!” he said. and he disappeared, i guess he either logged out or used a scroll for another city.

i hope i never meet someone like him again

P.S i could’nt use the screenshot because i forgot to use it…so i made a little reenactment (thanks bannedstory)

[Naz] The LOST Ch-22

The Last of Shadow Templars

Episode-22: A Breath of Vitality

Date: November 25, 3008
Time: 13:20
Location: Somewhere on the Ocean of Ossyria


It trickled down, invading the white with an army of crimson soldiers. They poured down the pure plains of despair like an endless tide in the raging ocean of grievances. Yet the plain rolled and undulated, an earthquake of sorrows racking the land. Lily bled.

As if in slow motion, she fell to her knees. Swaying from side to side, she finally crumpled over right into Naz’s awaiting arms. The tears in her eyes were a first, and it scared the living sh** out of me. The incomprehensible was becoming a reality: Lily was dying.

“Son of a b****!” Naz screamed out in pain as he tried to stem the flow of blood with his black-gloved hand. But the army of red poured out with such a driving force, that it seemed to engulf his hand.

“Lily!” Mikhail roared, his thoughts instantly forgetting Fenris who still had the shotgun smoking in his hand, “Lily don’t die!” And amidst it all, I could do nothing but watch, powerless to stop the inevitable. Time claimed everything.

“One down,” a wild snicker came from Fenris’ cackling lips, “one to go!” He raised Maldran’s Spas-12XPL until it was level with Naz’s own temple.

Suddenly, without even thinking about it, I forced the shotgun out of Fenris’ hands, making it arc into the air and straight into Maldran’s hands. Acting upon instinct, he raised the shotgun to his shoulder and yelled for Fenris to freeze. It was over, before I even knew it had begun.

“Ha, come now, Maldran,” Fenris snickered, “You don’t really think a shotgun can kill me?”

“No,” I answered for him. I looked up, brushing my blonde bangs away, revealing my pair of sparkling emerald eyes gazing intently upon Fenris’ own. “But this might…”

In a flash, I summoned one of Lily’s blades up into the air. It floated there for a brief second, above its owner’s shaking body, and then seared through the air directly for Fenris’ heart. I heard a loud curse followed by the sickening squelch of metal slicing through flesh. Then, a small poof reverberated off of the metal walls, and Fenris was gone, leaving the katana imbedded into the opposite wall.

Scrambling over to Lily, I could hear her breath become short and bitter, the dieing throes of a deity. I had seen death before, I had welcomed it. But seeing Lily in such a foreign state made my skin crawl. Something within my blood cringed at the sight of a Shadow Templar bleeding into my hands.

“Naz…” Lily whispered. She trembled in agony, and I thought of a terrified girl hiding in the corner. “Naz… kill that… that bast***…” She winced and blood started to pool at her mouth, trickling down her lips in an unwanted waterfall of red, “Promise me…”

I waited for the rest, but her words never came. Lily’s pulse slowed to a snail-like pace. I felt her soul leaving her body, floating on into oblivion where no human could ever follow. Was it really possible? That Naz was the only one left in the world? That he was the last of the Shadow Templars?

All of a sudden, without hesitating, I thrust my hand into Naz’s cloak and grabbed a syringe of green liquid. With haste, I stabbed the needle into Lily’s arm, injecting the S-virus into her failing bloodstream.

“What are you doing!?” Naz blurted out, his eyes widening in terror, “You’ve turned her into one of them!”

“No,” I replied calmly, keeping my eyes fixed on Lily’s cold face, “I just saved her life.”

“She’s right,” I heard someone agree with me. Turning around, I saw Mikhail stride up knowingly and kneel down beside Lily’s body, “Shadow Templars are immune to the S-Virus remember? But in reality, you two do not really have impervious bodies to the virus. It would infect you and you will fight it off, but there will still be a small window of time in which the virus would take effect. Lily would survive in a zombie-like state until her body fights it off. However, if we don’t help her soon, she will die after the infection is wiped out.” Mikhail paused for a moment, his mind deep in thought, then he continued, “We have to get out of this place… if Lily regains consciousness before the virus is defeated, we have got a serious problem on our hands…”

Maldran perked up, reloading his shotgun with fresh shells, “How serious?”

Mikhail sighed deeply and replied in an ominous tone, “Fatally…”

We sprinted down the hall as if in a marathon, but every turn seemed to lead further and further away from the finish line. Naz was carrying Lily’s body over his shoulder, keeping her still with her left hand and carrying a katana in his right. Our footsteps were like an all percussion symphony, screaming at us from all angles, taunting us with lost words.

After what seemed like an eternity of dead ends and backtracking, I felt a surge of freezing wind creep around the corner of a passageway in front of me. A breath of life from the outside world. But along with it, came the moans of death as we came face to face with a rabble of zombies.

Cursing under my breath, I charged in, whipping out my S-36X2 Seraph Long Ranged Assault Rifle. Thinking of Lily’s condition, I screamed in fury and squeezed the trigger.

Their moaning heads snapped back as pieces of steel shot straight through their rotting brains, splattering a black mess all over the walls and floor. Behind me, the rattle of machine guns told me everyone else had opened fire. Streaks of bright yellow seared past me into the heads of the mindless, blowing their nerves and synapses onto their metal surroundings.

As I came to the first wave of the now dead undead, I jumped into the air, trying as hard as I could to avoid the sticky black blood covering the floor. The smell of rain and sea water seemed so close now, I could almost taste it. Bringing my rifle across another zombie’s face, I heard its jawbone snap off. Without looking, I reshouldered the weapon and aimed it at the faces of another group, instantly destroying everything above their shoulders.

Then, without warning, I slipped on something wet and fell onto my back, sliding across the hallway towards the black end. As my body slowed to a halt, I felt something cold pelting at my face. Opening my eyes, I gave a shout of surprise as I looked up into the grey sky of the storm frowning down upon me. It was not blood I had slipped on, but rainwater.

The whitecaps surged over the balcony. I did not know which level we were on, but it seemed as if something massive had torn a hole stretching from sea level to a few floors above our position. As the others crowded around me, I looked down at the churning waves. It felt so good to be back in the rain, for it reminded me of life. After hours accompanying the lifeless, I needed the breath of vitality.

A final gunshot followed by a dull thud and sickening splatter told me the rest of them were gone for now. A single shell from Maldran’s shot gun clattered to the floor. It rolled towards the edge, then plummeted down into the dark blue abyss, roaring with hatred.

“We have to get back to the island,” Mikhail muttered as he strode into the open rain. He pulled something out of his cloak and clicked it with his thumb. Immediately, the roar of the Silver Talon fell upon the scene, muting out the waves and the constant thunder. The afterburners roared past us and the ramp descended in a hydraulic hiss. The six of us, with Naz carrying Lily, jumped across a small chasm between the ship and the broken balcony into the safe haven. A pneumonic hiss and clamp told me the ramp had slammed shut, and we were on our way up into the heavens once more. Grid 033/092 lay below us like a tomb, a mausoleum bearing witness to the horrors of the dead.

It was quiet, save for the rumbling thunder and monotonous hum of the engines. Naz had laid Lily’s body on a series of seats lining the wall. The blood had stopped flowing, but the stain on her shirt started to become increasingly black. The S-Virus had her now. Only time could tell her fate.

“Hey!” Naz’s voice suddenly yelled from the back, “She’s waking up!”

Suddenly, there was a terrible screech, and Naz’s body thudded against the bulkhead. I whipped around and saw Maldran, Felix, and Damiver all throw themselves on top of Lily’s body, trying to restrain her.

I could feel Lily’s mental capabilities fluctuate dangerously. Her pupils resembled a tiny star now, and her once silver iris was now a murky grey. She gasped for breath as she struggled, trying to break free of her restraining three men who grunted furiously to keep her strapped down. Taking his chance, Naz sprung back on to his feet and rushed over, knocking Lily upside the head, bringing her out cold.

The three men slumped to the ground in exhaustion. I could not blame them. Fighting a Shadow let alone a Shadow Templar required every ounce of strength. Lily’s mind was no exception.

“We need to get her patched up,” Naz muttered gloomily as he threw himself down on a seat next to Lily’s body.

Just then, the engines seemed to shut off, and I felt the ship descend slowly back down to earth. The intercom crackled on and revealed Mikhail’s tired voice, “Naz get her up, we’re taking her to the sick bay.”

With a pneumonic groan, the ramp slid down once more, revealing the enormous cave that we had left what seemed like a year ago. The Silver Talon was now bobbing up and down in the lagoon as we stepped off on to dry, uninfected land. Mikhail led the way up the stairs towards a steel door. He pressed his hand upon a print reader, and a green glow emanated around Mikhail’s hand. The door slid open with a morbid ding, revealing a man inside.

“What have we got?” he asked, but then his eyes fell upon Lily’s limp body, “Oh my god what happened!?”

“I’ll explain when we fix her,” Mikhail shot back as he and Naz laid Lily’s body onto an already prepared sickbed. As the metal door slid shut, I felt a peculiar tie of life being cut off. Lily was at mercy of time, and time only. Anyone else who thought differently was a fool.

With nothing left, I turned around and faced the three men. They stared at me, wanting me to give them something to do, urging me to know what was going on. But I had no clue what the hell was going on. I was a teardrop in the ocean, just going along for the ride. Where we were going, I did not know, and I could feel their minds come to this revelation too.

Brushing past them, I made my way back to the dock. The Silver Talon had once presented an image of glory and honor for EDEN. It had served valorously under Mikhail’s skillful piloting, delivering them all from the brink of destruction. If anything, I should have seen it as the transport of life. But instead, I could only see it draped in a black veil of death, a hearse of solitude.

Unable to stand the stubborn emotions, I fell down on all fours and cried out in anger. My tears dripped into the lagoon and mingled with the salt water of the ocean, disappearing forever along with a piece of my mind.

Talking with Dest and Nightmare’s Return

The title isn’t really what this blog is about, but its still in this blog~~~

1. Mabinogi~
2.Nightmare’s Return
3.Talking with Dest1


Mabinogi, or however you spell the name, is…REALLY WEIRD O.O
You expected me to say “awesome” or “never boring” eh? Too bad I played the Open Beta at a friends house, and I refuse to download it on my computer. Why? BECAUSE ITS SO GIANT AND I CAN’T FIT IT IN. (You perverted people better not get any ideas from that comment.) Yes, I, Snowhamster (Snowy to you people with Icannotspellorreadsimplecompoundwordsandmustnicknameeveryonewithanamethatisacompoundword syndrome.), am not downloading a game because its size is too big I own a vista, and vistas are probably the crappiest gaming computers in the world

Nightmare’s Return

For those of you who have read my blog, “omfg! its a nightmare!” You might understand what this is going to be about. For those of you who haven’t read it you better go read it right now! Stop everything your doing? Talking to a friend, drop it. If your with a girl, drop it. I’ll assume that all the girls reading this blog are lesbo, because it is hard finding another lesbo girl D: BLAH! WHATEVER! Go to this [url=]http://www.mmotales.com/blog/14786/0/Maple-Story-cool_its_a_nightmare.html[/url] NAO!
Well then, hoping that you really did read it, lets get on with it. No I’m not hitting on you. (Darn Mike has me cautious of what I say now.)
Okay, so my nightmare has come back to haunt me at my new school D:
It was a couple of months ago in the lunch line…*Screen begins fading into a memory*
It was lunch time, the period most admired by my friends. My class cleans the tables to help out the lunch monitors, and therefore, we get to leave class early and get into the lunchline first. However, knowing that many envy this privilege, I do not get in line early. I get in line with my friends, all whom sit at row 4, round table number 2. We call this table…THE ASIAN TABLE! In row 5, long table number 1, sits a group of popular people, in which the boys have taken an interest in us. Yes, chinese people are quite peculiar. . .6 people sitting around a table, 3 boys: Samuel, Daniel, and Jeffery. 3 girls: Connie, Lucia, and Grace. Are they dating? Maybe, but then the girls would be cheating on the people we know they like. Except for me, Connie. Lucia and Grace’s loved ones go to different schools. We all sit there, Lucia reads, easily showing the fact that she’s struggling greatly to finish the Harry Potter series, since she was the only one who had never read them. Grace reads every once and a while, she was once found reading Maximum Ride. Probably because I told her to. Now, she’s always found reading those strange books about IMs: TTFN, TTYL, and…something else. I would always have a book there if I wasn’t too lazy to carry the extra weight of a book. Anyways, I hear the principal call out “Row 4, go line up.” As usually, Samuel, Daniel, and Grace zoom out of their seats, pushing each other out of the way to be first in line. I grab onto Grace’s hood so I’m not separated from her so I’m not surrounded by strangers, which put her far out of the race. Pwnizzled.
In the middle of the line, I glance behind us. My eyes widened, sweat dripped down my cheek. It was Nightmare’s Return.She was skinny as a stick, no curves, just stick-ness. She wore a dorky striped shirt and a pair of blue pants that rose all the way to her stomach. She wore the same idiotic facial expression in which her mouth is gaped and her head is tilted upwards a little bit. I tapped on Grace’s shoulder and hissed, “Grace…” She ignored me, thinking I was just going to burst out break dancing.
“GRACE!” I hissed again.
“What?” she said without turning to face me.
“Looks at who’s against the wall behind us.”
She looked back, “People, so what?”
“It’s…Germai–uh, our nightmare!!” I whispered, not daring to say her name as I pointed my middle finger at my nightmare. Grace’s eyes widened as she searched for her nightmare.
She then rolled her eyes, “Thats just Julia, from my class.”
I raised an eyebrow, “Julia?”
“Yea, the Chinese girl with the black collar shirt.”
I looked for her and found a girl covered in makeup and indeed, wearing a black collar shirt. Yup, she was asian alright. A rare asian…a PREPPY asian. I then realized that she was in front of my nightmare. She was TALKING to her!
“Grace! LOOK AT WHO IS BEHIND HER!” She rolled her eyes again and checked. Her eyes widened and I could tell she was holding back a scream. “
Oh my god. SHE’S BACK! SHE’S BACK TO HAUNT US! SHE SAID SHE WAS GOING TO BE BACK AND SHE RETURNED!” Wow, she handled that better than me.
“Now wait,” she said, calming down, “We’re not so sure it is her. It’s been a year since we’ve seen her.”
“Grace! I’m positive its her!”
I checked her from where I was standing for an ID Badge. She had a Temporary ID Badge, she must’ve just transferred here. I squinted my eyes to read what it said.
“G…” I said, “G..e….” I frowned, “G…e…r…Oh what the hell, its her alright!”
“Maybe you just want it to say her name! So your eyes make it look like it says it!,” Grace stammered.
I held my hands out to signal a, “Yea right” I choked a small laugh, “Do you THINK I WANT it to say her name?”
She shrugged and we both payed for our lunches. We both shakily walked back to the table, constantly looking back to see if she was watching us. I accidentally met eyes with her. I shuddered and sat down. Grace and I dared not to touch our food and waited to see where our Nightmare would sit down. I saw Grace’s friend Julia come out. Our Nightmare would come out next. Yup, there she went, following Julia looking at the cafeteria, amazed by it. Probably mesmerized by the amounts of tables we have compared to her home (12 to you people wondering). Grace gasped as she sat down at the table Julia was sitting at.
“She stole my friend!” she said, horrified.
I rolled my eyes, “She’s not the only friend-stealer.”
“What was that?”
“Uh…Cows go quack.”
“Connie, stop thinking about cows.”
We watched her for a few minutes when I inched closer towards Grace and said, “Go greet her, ask her for her name.”
Grace shook her head quickly, “No! You go!”
“Fine, We’ll both go!”
We nodded and got out of our seats and headed towards our Nightmare’s table.
Grace began to walk faster and was eventually a yard ahead of me. I took that time to swiftly turn around and run back to my table. Within 5 seconds, Grace realized I had left and she ran back towards the table too.
“Why did you leave me?”
“She’s not in GT classes,” I said, “So I don’t have any classes with her. You however, are screwed.”
Grace looked horrified and ran back to Nightmare’s table. She only stayed there for 4 seconds, which got me thinking. She returned saying she had only greeted her friend Julia and took a glance at the Nightmare’s badge. She was indeed her…Germaine.

Talking with Dest1

I was just watching anime, when suddenly a MSN IM popped up from Dest1. I opened it and here is the strange conversation we had~~~

Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
And your a boar, wats new?
Dest1 says:
So you accept reality as it is
Dest1 says:
Dest1 says:
*slap* *gigglesnort and runs away*
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
*Jumps after and whacks*
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
*Super slaptacular*
Snowhamster says:
*Slaps with beef jerky*
Dest1 says:
Dest1 says:
You still play MapleStory?
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
you jsut made me choke
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Every 6 months and so
Snowhamster says:

Dest1 says:
Dest1 says:
I got over it
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
I play Cabal and Drift City now liek wut
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:

Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
do you just randomly pick somebody on your msn list and start talking to em?
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Dest1 says:
I saw that you were on and
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
*Stalker spotted*
Snowhamster says:
*Slaps Mike*
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Dest1 says:
what IS MIKE
Dest1 says:
I’m Ken
Dest1 says:
Beleed that?
Dest1 says:
I’m trying to sound gangster
Snowhamster says:
you mean barbie’s boyfriend?
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Shawty had dem apple bottom jeans o.o
Snowhamster says:
Who’s barbie?
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
No really, my name is Ken
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
I’m a chinky
Snowhamster says:
chinky sounds nasty D:
Dest1 says:
I’m the asian persuasion
Snowhamster says:
I am asian
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
That’s good!
Dest1 says:
Now we can form an alliance and take over Afganistan!
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Oh yes
Dest1 says:
And make that Kazakhstan!
Dest1 says:
My name isa Borat
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:

Dest1 says:
Dest1 says:
Kim-Jong Il
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
*faints and lands on gerbil*
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
your weird
Snowhamster says:

Dest1 says:
Dest1 says:
Ima go play Drift City
Dest1 says:
I’m absolutely addicted
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
lolwat=little orgasmic limes wait as turtles
Dest1 says:
Dest1 says:
Ok, Me loaded up game client
Dest1 says:
Have you heard that I got a brand new computer?
Dest1 says:
It’s super smexy
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
my mom is making me eat T.T
Dest1 says:
I can run drift city (703mb game) and MSN at the same time!
Snowhamster says:
Why can’t I just happily not eat
Dest1 says:
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
I ate salmon
Dest1 says:
Mmm fish
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:

Snowhamster says:
you know
Snowhamster says:
one of my classmates’ names is salmon
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
I call him Mr.Fishy
Snowhamster says:

Snowhamster says:
or fish
Dest1 says:
lol immature
Snowhamster says:
he can’t shutup
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
u ish 12 years oolllddd
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
maybe 13 now
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
So? You’re 11
Snowhamster says:
yes exactly
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
I’m still at the age in which i can go weird
Snowhamster says:

Snowhamster says:
and bite my friends
Snowhamster says:
which reminds me
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
I sitll have one more person i need to bite
Dest1 says:
bow chicka bow wow
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:

Dest1 just sent you a nudge.

Snowhamster says:

You have just sent a nudge.

You may not send a nudge that often.

Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
[Messenger Plus! Sound] – Data{A0640CA43D34} – jaaaaajaaaaaaa
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
Snowhamster says:
is it a good thing i’m not wearing the headphones?
Snowhamster writes:
Snowhamster writes:
*Insert doodle of person shooting another person*

Dest1 is inviting you to start Whiteboard. Do you want to Accept (Alt+C) or Decline (Alt+D) the invitation?

The invitation from Dest1 to start Whiteboard was declined because the program is disabled or is not installed on your computer.

Dest1 says:
Snowhamster writes:

Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
Snowhamster says:
my mom just slapped me becuz i wouldn’t go eat her nasty soup
Snowhamster says:

Dest1 says:
pots gnieb na erutammi tarb
Snowhamster says:
Well than
Snowhamster says:
Dest1 says:
topsay eingbay anay matureimay ratbay

Wasn’t that a fun blog? I took an hour writing it =.=
By the way, about my Nightmare’s Return, She isn’t in any of my classes
She’s in Grace’s and Lucia’s PE class!


About Nightmare’s Return. Germaine…LEFT
She was supposed to leave on the last day of school, but a “family emergency” came up and she was sent back to Singapore on March 30, 2008. But was it really a family emergency? Maybe she was sent back to Singapore because Singapore was being nice and smart to other countries and they needed they’re old mean and retarded dictator back! Who knows…the only way is to ask her D:
Which is why I’m going to Singapore
*Attacks Grace, who is sitting next to me…SHE HIT ME WITH A PIG STUFFED ANIMAL! Now its dancing o.O*