TSATOCMI Adventure Uno.

Note: The dialogue is not EXACT, I wrote this as more of a fanfiction than the actual story, but the main storyline was based off an actual adventure by me and my friends.


“What time is it? Who cares? Place? “n00b” Island, and so it begins.” KeaneFan thought as he stretched the green elastic on his body away from a certain area. “Well…can’t ask for much here, but at least some loose pants man!” He walked and talked to a lady who asked if he wanted to learn to play this game, he denies as he travels to the new world he was told about by his friends. “Ok, now let me rephrase that, So here it begins.” He said as he finally was out of those very tight, tights. “Now, where is the others?” KeaneFan walked on through the “n00b” Island until he reached a lady who was holding a nice hat. “Ma’am, how much for that hat there? I am a little…light headed, if you know what I mean.”
The lady stared at the newbie, and then realized that she could use him. “Take this to a man known as Shanks, tell him I sent it to him. The name is Maria, tell him Maria sent it to him. He has another hat, and tell him I said you could have it instead of this one. Also, he shall give you a fruit knife to replace that horrid club of yours. Use it well.” At that moment, KeaneFan ran fast to Shanks in the port and talked to him.
“Well, Maria told you to give me this? And I am supposed to give you this hat and fruit knife?” Shanks asked nicely, “All right then, here you go!” At that Shanks took the water from KeaneFan, and threw a cap on KeaneFan’s head, and handed him a knife used for cutting open fruit. “When you reach Lith Harbor, hopefully you have some friends waiting for you, find them and talk to Olaf. He will help you out.”
“Aw thanks man!” KeaneFan said, he knew that the others were at Lith Harbor waiting for him, and he was glad that he finally had people to talk to again. read more

Starsign of Requiems Ch.2

Read the other chapters before reading this one.

The seraphs were they who governed Maple Story. Their duty was to protect Maple Story; however, they did not care

about it at all.

Luni and Cierra went to explore the whole world that awaited before them. They would those in need and protect as well.

The computer works on it’s own. It has it’s own personality. Even though it created the world. It will appear again. read more

Northern Markets Ep80

Episode 80: Look what the ranger brought in

“Bog siar! Bog siar!”
“Get back! Move it, now!”
The convoy moved slowly across the suspended bridges and elevated branchways. The mob of archmages surrounded the delivery truck as it rolled slowly by like some weird parade.
The civilians; average low level people were herded away by the arch mages, who were keeping a 60-foot distance between people and the truck. People huddled nervously around the shops by the sides of the branchways as the convoy drove past. Leading them was a crystal-powered GM’s hover patrol car with its blue lights flashing.
[“Clear out! Dangerous cargo coming through!”]
The GM’s ahead were on hover motorbikes and hog mounts, honking air horns to get the people moving off the main road.
the archmages had their staffs up and ready to ice the truck if anything were to happen. These mages had lightning reflexes and could ice a bomb the second it exploded and actually stop the blast itself. These mages wore sleek black robes with blue patches on- the patch symbols were staffs crossed like an X with the red star over them in a blue background. They were from the CCA’s 7E Foireann (7th elite squad), one of the magicians’ most brutal forces. They drove out the Sharenians, decimated the invading rangers, and literally shredded and fried the Sino Army who invaded back in 1942. Because most of the 1500 mages who belonged to the 7E-F, they handled the deadly threats, such as the truck driven by a JA ranger. Because he was alone and surrendered immediately, the 7E-F assumed he was a suicide bomber and the truck was packed with some high yield bomb.
When the ranger was captured and the mages discovered the suffering magicians, the CCA ordered them to guard the truck until the 7E-F came, and the Bomb Scaud team examined the half dead magicians, and make sure they themselves weren’t being used as bombs. read more

Not WoW. RappelZ

Ah. Ever since I quit Maple for this game. It’s been a BLISS.

The graphics of this game is pretty good.

I got to Level 37. Earned myself 20 million rupees and got my Pantera Pet (Tiger pet, and yes, pets are free) to level 33.

I reached my Rank 2 (lvl 20) [Screenshot 1] Easily, and I’m dual wielding these sexy pair of Blood Red Knight’s swords. read more

Apostle’s Creed; Chapter Two

I said I was going to release next chapter next week, but I was eager to write, and ideas came quick, lots of people liked, so here’s chapter 2!


BONUS! (Parody)

ALAN CRYO: “Hey Shura, can you describe this guy other than, ‘the one who took everything from us’?”

SHURA PAINT: “It’s not easy, but let me try.” read more


So I leveled 5 times in 3 days doing cpq. (That’s pretty fast for me, because I can’t play all day like some addicted people..)
And I thought, ‘I should solo ali before it’s too late.’
I have attempted to solo before. However, I have never made it. Poor pot spamming skills + low level + not much fundsion = death
So I dragged myself to lpq place at eos, spammed ch 1 sayin:: “J> pq lvl 50 dit MUST SOLO ALI”
I got a party inv within a few sec. I know many parties don’t like letting people solo, so just to make sure, I asked them again.
me: “You do know I’m soloing ali right??”
them: -no reply-
me: “I’m soloing ali!!”
them: -no reply-
me: “Hello???”
them: “no you cant solo ali”
me: “Then I’m leaving..”
them: “leave.”
me: *leaves*
Joined a second party, left again because they didn’t see the solo part. Joined a third party. This time, the leader was actually non-blind, and said ‘yes i know, you can solo’. Throughout the whole pq, every stage, I reminded the party that I was going to solo alishar.
Stg 8.
me: I’m soloing alishar ok?? ok??
ldr: yes we know!
me: just making sure..
Stg 8 cleared. We entered Crack.
me: STOP– You guys DO know i’m soloing right????
ldr: yes
some other mage: yes
me: So kill the rats but DON’T ATK ALI!! I’M SOLOING!! I’M S O L O I N G
ldr: can we kil the chronoses?

Making of a Knight Part 1

I’ve finally decided to make an MMO Tales acount, and since I’m not in the mood of playing MS, I’ll try out a comic.

Part One

Ten years ago, a young child was born.
His family was full of bowmen, and throw in a couple Assassins.
But this child, had no chance of being either.
This child’s name was Mikey.
He wanted to become a warrior when he grew up.
He came from a clan called the Endura, which were rivals with warriors.
He didn’t understand the point of using arrows or stars to kill enemy’s that came your way.
Mikey lived in Lith Harbor, a small shore town.
He came from a family whom would have to save up enough mesos to buy an apple.
Until one day, when Mikey broke his clans biggest rule; Never become a warrior.
He was chased out of his town, and his parents were killed for being bad roll-models.
Days past and past, and Mikey’s death slowly arose.
“Ahh careful!” was all Mikey could hear in Henyeses Hunting Ground. He was camping there for now, slowly killing snails trying to pick up enough mesos to buy food.
As Mikey layed down on the stack of hay, he saw an amazing sight.
A White Knight walked into the Hunting Ground, turned on his Ice Charge, and began obliterating everything in sight.
Each snail was taken down by the touch of the knights sword, the Blue Screamer.
Mikey was flabbergasted, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The White Knight got on top of the stack of hay, ignoring all the newbies asking for mesos, and climbed up the ladders until he reached the top layer of the Hunting Ground.
Each and every single green mushroom began running away from the cold aura that came from the White Knights Blue Screamer.
Mikey, being young still, climbed up the ladder, taking hits from the slimes, mushrooms, and stumps to get up to the top layer.
He pulled on this Knights Dark Battle Road.
“Mister, what are you?” Mikey asked with a tone of confusion.
The man turned around, revealing his hair. He had Metro hair. The knight smiled and went on top of a stack of hay, and sat down.
“I am a White Knight.” He claimed in a wise voice.
Mikey, amazed of the way this White Knight fought, wanted to become one.
“Wow mister, how do you become on?!?” Mikey asked, having countless more questions in his mind.
“You become one once you get approval of Dances with Barlog.”
Mikey tilted his head.
“And where’s he?”
“He lives on the highest mountain in Perion, the land of the Protet.”
Mikey stared at the Knight with fear.
Protet was his old clans most hated enemy. read more


well, im glad im back to playing maplestory again.after 2 years,things were going fine. i was at ellinia, fighting some treestumps and slimes. but i never got a chance to fight the green mushrooms at the top. i was lv 19 at the time and my sn was “gbone”. i told my friends “hey lets pwn them” and they were happy to help me. so we were killing a bunch of green mushrooms, thanks to my potions that’s keeping me alive. a couple minutes later, we were out of potions (dam). i was getting damaged so bad. my friends were dead and i had no help at all. im screwed. read more

[Naz] The LOST Ch-22


Episode-22: A Breath of Vitality

Date: November 25, 3008
Time: 13:20
Location: Somewhere on the Ocean of Ossyria


It trickled down, invading the white with an army of crimson soldiers. They poured down the pure plains of despair like an endless tide in the raging ocean of grievances. Yet the plain rolled and undulated, an earthquake of sorrows racking the land. Lily bled. read more

Talking with Dest and Nightmare’s Return

The title isn’t really what this blog is about, but its still in this blog~~~

1. Mabinogi~
2.Nightmare’s Return
3.Talking with Dest1


Mabinogi, or however you spell the name, is…REALLY WEIRD O.O
You expected me to say “awesome” or “never boring” eh? Too bad I played the Open Beta at a friends house, and I refuse to download it on my computer. Why? BECAUSE ITS SO GIANT AND I CAN’T FIT IT IN. (You perverted people better not get any ideas from that comment.) Yes, I, Snowhamster (Snowy to you people with Icannotspellorreadsimplecompoundwordsandmustnicknameeveryonewithanamethatisacompoundword syndrome.), am not downloading a game because its size is too big I own a vista, and vistas are probably the crappiest gaming computers in the world read more