Northern Markets Ep38

Northern Markets
Epsiode 38+ KPQ/ developments in Henesys

Sunday November 19, 2007
6:30 PM

The winter’s first snowfall started in the afternoon and by sunset, almost all of Henesys Township was covered
in a thin blanket of snow.
Bob spent the day working in the barns in the Livestock Zone, an area 7 km north of Henesys. He was helping the other
lowly working noobs with loading the magic powered trucks with crates of smoked pig and mushroom meat.
by now the last truck was loaded. Bob leaned against the side of the wooden truck and looked around. The barn was built out of hard cherry wood. Giant bright crystal lights hung from the ceiling and the sounds of pigs grunting and the hum of the gas powered electric generator. One side of the barn was a massive pig pen holding at least 2000 pigs,
the other was divided into storage rooms. At the end were the bins and troughs holding food scraps and grains
for the pigs.
There was a small office building inside the barn too, right by the huge doors. The guys, dressed in 19th century type farmers/ worker clothes stood inside the office talking to one another.
Then the big guy, about 7 feet tall, huge black beard, wearing a green black plaid shirt and gray trousers came out.
He was nicknamed Bunyan for his sheer size and strength.
“Allright, in to the truck! We’re goin’ into town!” Bunyan bellowed.
The frightened little noobs climbed into the back seats of the cabin of the truck, Bob and Bunyan got in the front.
He fired up the power crystals which started spinning in the bottom, then the engine started.
Bunyan signaled for the other guys to pull the ropes, opening the giant doors. The doors were opened. Bunyan floored the gas and the truck roared as it came out of the barns into the blue twilight of post sunset. The storm had cleared revealing a gap in the clouds where the light from a green sky lighted up the flat plain snow covered fields.
The truck shook as it went over the icy gravel roads that criss crossed the giant fields.
20 minutes later, they were at the back entrance of the grand hall in downtown Henesys. The workers carried the boxes of meat to the kitchen where it would be either stored in a huge fridge run by a hired ice mage or to the kitchen where it would be chopped up and cooked or smoked.
Bob said nothing all afternoon since he had talked to Finkara. He realized the bowmen and their farmers looked down on non bowmen, especially the young noobs. These people ended up working if they stayed in Henesys too long.

Henesys was your basic grasslands farming town that resembled a 19th century town in Saskatchewan or Alberta.
The town was surrounded by farmlands and fields used to grow crops and raise live stock such as cows, chickens, mushrooms, etc. Farmers lived out in the farms and people in the city worked at carpentry, textile work (sewing, knitting, yarn work), black smithing, and making tools of various kinds. Henesys exports its surplus product to Kerning City (food for the secondary job class; not bowmen, thief, magician or warrior), Perion (weapons) and everything else to Ossyria. A few years ago, the Henesys Trading Company slipped a deal past the Equitas government* and they are working on exporting goods to the North via Peach Blossom Island.
The town people were also responsible for raising a big population of bowmen as well as produce goods for the town.
Even though Henesys was home to Equitas, the supposed government of Victoria, the whole region is heavily influenced by the Justice Arrow organization, who set up home in the grasslands and forests north of Henesys at the foot of Mt cypress.

One interesting fact about Henesys was that the people were against using electricity and magic power. They pretty much lived like the Amish. Electric and magic generators were used in the winter, however, to fuel the trucks, and keep the people warm against the zubzero temperatures of the winter. In the winter, the Henesys valley in Victoria is hit by freezing winds when an air current bends downward to the land. Surprisingly though, Amoria and Lith Harbour are not affected, and winter temperatures average above zero.

The style of most of the buildings in town was a unique mix- houses built out of giant mushroom plants, houses with straw roofs, and the newer wood built places and the most popular Tudor* style houses and buildings.
aside from that, Henesys looked like your average 1850’s town with wood sidewalks and roads of grass, gravel and dirt.

In the giant kitchen, the working noobs were tasked with set up of tables in the grand hall. they had no idea why they were setting up tables and preparing for a banquet. Bob remembered why- Finkara said the Bow Masters were coming home.

And at 9pm, Finkara was right.
A convoy of trucks and wooden buses drove down Victoria Road across the moon lit snow covered fields towards the town. As soon as the vehicles roared down the quiet streets of Henesys, residents came out to greet the new arrivals.
Most of the excited residents were wives, girlfriends, children eagerly awaiting their daddies, the town’s few GMs,
and the entire 85 white robed member Equitas group.
The Bow MAsters, all the rangers and xbowmen level 120 and higher jumped out the backs of the trucks, found their loved ones and hugged them.
People were cheering and talking excitedly; the streets lit up by rows of lanterns hung from the houses.

Bob’s ‘master’ this lady named Ari, whom he was assigned to serve, led him and the other noob, this level 15 rogue kid along with her own children, two brats with red hair out of their house into the cold after wrapping the kids up in thick coats.
“Kaiju!” Ari shouted, holding her youngest daugher in her arms.
“Ari!” a big blue-green haired ranger master said. He rushed up and hugged his wife amd kids as the service people watched.
“It’s been so long!” Ari cried. “You missed Angel take her first steps!”
“I’ts good to see you too, love” Kaiju said, holding the baby. Ari was four months pregnant with her when Kaiju left Henesys.
“And who might these be?” he said, looking at Bob and the other kid.
“They are the community workers given to me,” Ari said. “That’s Bob, and the other one is Squeep.”
“Bob, Squeep, you two been taking good care of my wife?” the fearsome Bow MAster asked sternly.
The kid almost had a heart attack but Bob managed a ‘Yes, sir,”
“They are very good workers,” Ari said. “Bob is new, but Mr. Bunyan says he is the strongest helper of his.”
“That’s good to hear. Where are you from Bob?” Kaiju demanded in his deep gruff voice.
“Uhh….Perion, sir,”
“So, you are level, what, 65?”
“71, sir,” Bob said.
“And why is a high level like yourself doing service work here? You should be training!”
Finkara came to his rescue.
“I brought him here and my father put him to work. 1000 hours,” she said.
“Well then, lad, you keep up the good work. I will want to test you out at some point,”
Bob looked at Finkara questioningly.
“He wants to see how you fight,” she whispered in his hear.
“Well, then let us go inside,” Kaiju said, leading his wife into the house.

Meanwhile in the mayor;s office, mayor Jake Matheson Screw looked at the thick book that was the report from
the Masters’ mission. The Justice Arrow’s chief Peter Jalonska sat opposite the mayor’s desk, with several high level bowmen standing behind him.
“We,” Mayor Screw began, “were under the impression you guys were in El Nath, dealing with the Lycanthropes and yetis and what not, I mean the Dead Mine zombie poplation is low, even this time of year, We thought you were defending El Nath against everything there,”
Jalonska looked at the mayor. “That is the official report for Orbis.”
“But, then you are lying to us!”

I’m 50 years old

M’kay . This is some random experience thrown together . Noow . I REACHED LEVEL 50 !!
*cheers madly *
I’m at 20% now . And yeaah . I look hawt in lvl 50’s equips . I AM HAWT . Seriously . I am obbessed with myself . =DDD
Finding a GF
Techinally . It’s hard . It’s not that I’m not willing to buy stuff for my gf . Or not willing to love her . Or not willing to waste time talking to her instead of training . I’m willing to do anything for her . The great awesome problem is . . . I am a girl in real life playing a male character . Meaning I need a guy in real life playing a female character . I do in fact know two guys who play female characters . Sadly , one plays in Aquila . The other does play bootes , but he is inactive and is level 78 . Besides , he told me he wasn’t interested . Oh well . Any guy wanna be my gf in maple , bootes ? (;
N0rtTheEnd was constanly bugged by me to be my gf . Her amusing replies were :
“ GO AWAY .”

Two levels in two weeks
AND YAY . I finally realised how easy it was to chiong . It was my best ever ! I was at 48 to 50 , finally being able to look HAWT (;D) in my equips . I haven’t stop spamming my buddy with how hot I was yet . I tried my hand at ludi pq . It was ‘orrible . The party kept missing and surfing . And there was a retarded sin in my party . Since I was lvl 50 , I had maxed haste . I hasted my group and everyone was happy jumping higher than usual , walking faster than usual . The retarded sin then kept on using HIS haste to haste the party . I won’t have minded if his haste was maxed .
*Presses A*
*Checks speed*
*Speed drops from 140% to 110%*
“@#$%#$ retarded !”
The leader kindly tried to ask the person to stop hasting and said that only I could haste . Personnally , I DID know who did it . I just kept my temper in check . Sadly , the retarded did it about three times . I then threatened to not haste the party and defame him . It worked .

I did managed to get some , only three , but it wasn’t too bad . A maple kandayo with average stats . A pity my dark avarice had been scrolled +7 to weapon attack 29 . Currently hunting for a dark slain from rombot . Guess I’ll postpone my trip to Victoria . I also got a maple impaler and sword with average stats . I do badly want a maple star . My friend’s mother hunted 20 sets . *jealous* ( also got a yellow bandana from the fricking maple adminster . I did that quest thingy for like 50 times ? Oh well . I can use the cake as pots .

Helping people is GOOD
Trust me . It’s great . After helping N0rtTheEnd from 60% to 90% in around one hour , I got a total of three equips (forgot what they were) and sold them for a round a 150k . I needed the money badly as I spent 300k on lvl 50eq and 200k on pots . Left with around 200k .
Another time was sharing a map with two other people , I gotten about 30 blue presents in one hour . Gave some away to buddies and random people .
Another time was when I saw someone coming into a map asking if he could share it , I then left the map and got a sapphire fitted mail and a nakamaki . I was obviously overjoyed as Arrarr could use them . Both were around average too .
When I was around lvl 11 , a naked guy went around asking people to train him and I was in a great mood , so I did . Turned out he was lvl 4X and trained me till I leveled .

I finally found a guild . Hell , although we aren’t that friendly , it’s not too bad . I invited N0rt to my guild too . It’s great to be the first few in the guild . Being a Jr is nice . I did think of offering to train them , but decided to hunt for my equip and train my new sin buddy . He’s a level 36 and I forgot his name . He was the leader of the party I was in for lpq .
Oh ya , was wondering , how do you hyperlink the words in MMO ? And what’s the website for bannedstory ?

Thanks for reading ~ remember to look at the ss .
[EDIT] OMG LAA . I put the pictures then deleted them . Then found out there was a problem . I’m too lazy . More picture next time .

the top 5 list of MS

———–1=======================> top 5 worst things

1. naked but strong ppl

2. ppl shouting………yay i suck

3. noobs getting on thier knees…begging for a guild or a trainer

4. leveling up takes so long

5. hackers throwing monsters at u

————————————2======================> top 5 best things about maple story

1. raising ur fame

2. getting married

3. hitting on chicks that are already dating ppl weaker than u

4. getting a job.

5.making guilds

———————————–3===========================> top 5 most suprising things

1. finding TIGER (for those who dont know….tiger is the strongest player in maple story… 175+)

2. new monsters

3. new worlds to discover

4. meeting new ppl

5. killing a strong monster….that will boost ur exp x10

A [G] Blog!

A blog. 😮

Okay, this’ll be a general summary of my MMO’ing over the last week or so.

One thing first : The picture is just some random editing I did in my spare time. Hope you like it

Granado Espada

I haven’t been going on much, but I did manage to loot a level 60 something Shotgun which I NPC’ed for 48k.

Ragnarok Online

I quit. D: My account on RRO has hereby been forfeited to quang13.



I made a new Cleric-to-be. Rakanis, currently level 17 or 18. I took a somewhat mixed build, getting 10 Magic Claw first then the Improving Max MP junk.

I just hope I won’t run out of potion money before level 30.

I also went on a number of stalk ‘n’ fame runs with various random MMOers who I found online at the same time as me.

The list includes :
– AliyahRoyal
– SirPainsalot
– Kitten
– Lazydame
– Revrant
– Annikabelle
– Thelastcor

Overall, quite fun.


I didn’t manage to stalk anyone but I did create a new HP warrior, since my old one was screwed. But this one will be more of a hybrid; Kulgen will be capped at 50 STR and 50 DEX.

On Ganzicus, I managed to acquire 15% while helping Ana (1braindead1) train/explore. I PQed a few times on her account while she was waiting for MS to finish downloading, then we went to Orbis, down Orbis Tower, beneath Orbis Tower, through Aqua Road and into Korean Folk Town. We visited the King Goblin place where I summoned a dozen or so to fight. Luckily neither of us died there.

Afterwards, we returned to Ludibrium via Helios Tower after acquiring a large amount of cheese from the librarian. We went to Mushroom Shrine where we ALMOST died at bains, then to Orbis to train at Jr Grupins. After she died due to a glitch in the game, we got on the ship back to Victoria Island and journeyed deep into the Excavation Camp where I got pwned by a combination of an Officer Skeleton and my Magic Guard wearing off.

So then we went to Cold Cradle where I used one of the fabled Banana Graham Pies and pwned everything. Then she died from one of the drakes and then I died below the bottom of the map by getting hit at killed mid-jump on a wall. I’d provide a screenshot, but it’s on my own computer which is currently screwed. </3 It did create a barcode-like effect though.

Then we went to the Sauna and logged off.


Attempted to stalk MasterCheeze, FirstKnight, Iepiat, BlackNazgul and Gujju. Failed miserably D:

Only Nazgul was on, and he was at Zombies D:


Attempted to stalk Dee32693 on my level 6 Beginner. Failed, as she was deep in the Ant Tunnel.

I then stalked Grimno all the way through fields of crystal boars and whateverthoseotherthingswere to Amo’s Hunting Ground. There I awkwardly said hi and fled while they were distracted.


Not much.


Again, not much.

Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War : Dark Crusade

Played a Skirmish map then got bored and went to Age of Mythology.

Age of Mythology

Here I pwned both “Fall of the Trident” and “The New Atlantis.”

Then I played a random map, used a Lazar Bear and several Chicken Meteors. Which rain deadly methane chickens upon thy foes ;D

And “Mythic Cops” by PFTQ… It’s (censor)ING AMAZING. WATCH IT OR ELSE (Unless you don’t have AoM) Search for it on, it’s simply stupendous ;D

School, marks etc

School’s out, and summer has begun I managed to get an average of 82% on my report card, which is good considering how lazy I tend to be. Other than that, not much happened except the following scenario :

Friday July uhh… whatever the 2nd last Friday was, 2007

A group of grade 9s had brought several dozen 2L bottles of Diet Coca Cola to celebrate the last day of school. Of course, there were also several packets of Mentos.

Some of the spray landed on the roof.

Some of the spray hit an unlucky seagull.

The disgruntled seagull took his revenge on William (one of the grade 9s) by crapping on his face while he was looking up at the spray.

The crap landed on his nose, and he was so shocked that he left his mouth open. Some of it dripped in.

While he was quickly running back inside the school to clean himself off, many people saw him and immediately thought he was umm… (insert vulgarity that originally meant “happy&quot. Hilarious.

My computer is dying D:

Well, last night something horrible happened to my computer. (I’m typing this from my mother’s) My uncle will be coming over later to try and fix it, but don’t expect much response from me until tomorrow. If all goes well, well, all will be well. o.o

And that ends another probably-not-that-well-written blog. Hope you enjoyed it


Swords of Orona Part 3

It took me a long time making this chapter. With the edits, color writing, and that slash animation in that last part, boy this was fun to make. Anyways, Enjoy part 3 everyone.

*Hugs everyone who likes this*

And for people who hates this.

*Kicks everyone who hates this in the shin*


Wow ive just notice how the Mapleworld and MMO world has changed…
its becoming more…well back then most people i met all over where 13-16 but now i only see 10- or 18+…its kinda weird too cause sometimes they hook up in game and i find that disturbing…
not only that but im tired of immatur e people, hackers and stubborn POS who ks all the time…
Im also tired of “L>GF I HAVE NX@@@@@@” seriously…Pathetic losers…


the freak that saved my life

i was just taking a stroll in elenia…talking to magician chicks….saying my catch-phrase “u kno……i know another good use of that wand of urs….if u know what i mean” it always creeps them out….. then it was time for training…..i went to the battle field….went all the way up where the green mushrooms and walking trees are……i was keeping my distance with the green mushrooms and just fighting the trees. i only had 2 white potions left….minutes later….i was getting hit with musrooms left and right after i touched a mushroom and made me jump back to an area full of green mushrooms……..36 damage…..40 damage…….my hp decreasing………then a guy with no clothes on (only the pajamas) came and shot his arrows to one mushrooms…..which explodes and hit multiple mushrooms. all of them died after 1-2 attacks. he came to me and gave me a S@#@ load of white potions….i think it was 99 of them.

i looked at him ….and i pressed F2 for a smile and……..uhh he pressed F6 for the angry face and was ducking and standing and ducking and standing…….saying ” DAH DAH DAH DAH”

what is this kid doin….when he was standing still i got the righttime to click on him and saw his profile……..holy crap…..

he was lv 125………..i S#@t my pants…i thought he was lv 12 or lv 23 or something…….

but still…he was creeping me out….so i left

i didnt wasnt to be his friend with that behavior……

any way ……..that was the freak that saved my life


dude wtf!!!!!

i was just walking around…..just kicking some slime ball ass……when some dude said: “i`ll train ppl for 2000 mesos”
i was like ” 2000 meso seems low….but if its for training…hell yea.

i checked his profile: he was a lv 35 assassin with some cool looking weapons. i talked to him and i paid him the 2000 mesos…..i was lv 17…but i want to get to lv 25 and then i can just chill in maple story and just talk to chicks..

anyway, he told me to go to orbis…..i didnt know what he was going to do….either we`re going to fight those strong ass monsters….or im going to join his guild and he`ll fight for me……when we got to the point where they had monsters…….he told me ” i need 10,000 mesos” and hit F7………..i hit F3….looking at him like he was pathetic…..

i told him ” u said ONLY 2000 mesos” …….. and he logged out………………………………………………..S@#T

im stuck in F@#$%@#$@#$@ orbis with no chance of living

im not sure if i can come back……….help!!

i spend 2000 mesos for no reason

moral of the story: dont belive in anythis some ppl are selling

The Boy Was Lucky: Chapter 41

Links/Previous Chapters – link

The royal children led their visitors throughout the luminous city. All the major spots were covered. Derrin and Kayla were first led to the Grand Library, an incredible structure built into a large cluster of coral followed by several museums. At noon, they dined at the Dolphin, the finest restaurant in the city. Derrin found the food amazing but felt that the assortment of hard elbows to the arm and heels to the foot from Kayla for “staring” detracted from the experience.

Their first stop in the afternoon was the marketplace. The stalls were full of goods, trinkets and jewelry they had never seen before. As Derrin was wandering through the shops aimlessly, he found himself at an entirely ordinary jewelry shop. His eyes made their way through the various accessories and eventually stopped at a particular necklace. At the bottom of its silver chain were three gem stones that seemed similar to aquamarines or sapphires in color. The smaller two were equidistant from the middle, larger gem stone with an inch between each gem stone. There was no particular reason it stood out to him. It was quite similar to many of the other necklaces in the shop and marketplace but something about it stuck out to him. Before he had a chance to think any more about it, and explosion rocked the market place.

Derrin’s thoughts immediately went to Kayla. He searched desperately for her in the confusion as the clash of steel filled the air. Quickly, he found that the market was much too crowded for him to locate her. Without a second thought, he materialized his shadow and used it as a springboard to soar into the air. At dozens of feet above the market, he searched for the familiar face. Finally, he found her. His heart skipped a beat as he saw two swordsmen standing before her with their weapons to her neck. Suddenly, shouts echoed from below and arrows ascended towards him. A scowl formed on his face as his shadow formed a diagonal platform behind him. He contracted his legs and then shot downwards between the arrows and towards Kayla. He landed in a roll before grabbing two stars and sending two razor sharp arms of shadow rocketing towards Kayla’s assailants. The pair stopped inches from the men’s faces and hung menacingly in front of them. Despite the fear shining in their eyes, the men refused to relinquish their hostage.

As Derrin’s mind raced in search of a solution to the problem, a clap came from the center of the now deserted market. The clap was followed by several more and then a laugh. “Quite impressive, Derrin, quite. No need to worry; nothing will happen to Kayla.”

In shock, Derrin spun around to face the familiar voice. There stood Orlando and Shalia, surrounded by half a dozen armed guards. “I knew you were weird, Pretty Boy, but what could you possibly hope to gain from this!?” Derrin demanded. He looked desperately towards Shalia but she quickly diverted her gaze from him to a patch of dirt next to her in shame.

“Careful Derrin,” Orlando warned in a mock tone, “if you don’t keep your emotions in check you might lose control of your shadow and kill those two men or, even worse, Kayla.”

Derrin’s shadow quivered as he let loose a shout of anger and began to throw the pair of stars he had in his hand at Orlando. “Stop!” shouted Shalia desperately. Derrin froze at the plea. “We just. . . we just want to talk. I tried to talk Orlando into just asking you to but he insisted that you’d never agree to it and we’d have to force you to. So please, just come with us and listen to what we have to say.” Shalia signaled for the men back away from Kayla and they quickly followed the order. Derrin’s shadow dispersed into the air as he dashed towards Kayla and embraced her in a hug.

“It’s up to you,” he said quietly. “I’d have nothing to do with it thanks to that but it’s your decision.” He felt terrible for ever letting Kayla fall into such a predicament and decided he had no right to accept or refuse their offer.

Kayla stayed silent a moment before replying, “Let’s do it, for Shalia’s sake at least.”

Derrin sighed and turned towards the siblings, “All right; let’s go.” With that, the brother and sister once again became their guides. They led them through a nearby alley and to a wooden door at the end. They knocked twice and waited a moment before the door creaked open. As Derrin and Kayla stepped through the doorway, they entered into an entirely new place. The dark, trash ridden alleyway was replaced with a bright and lavishly outfitted lounge. Throughout the room sat armed men and women. Equipment ranged from crossbows to long swords to fruit knifes. A couch a distance from any other piece of furniture was cleared for Derrin and Kayla and they were then instructed to take a seat their. Orlanda and Shalia then pulled up their own chairs and sat opposite the couple.

“Welcome!” said Orlando, “to the headquarters of the largest rebel organization in Aquarius.” The statement had the shocking effect that Orlando had intended, and he waited a few moments before continuing. “Despite our position as prince and princess of this city, we are in direct opposition to our ruler and father.”

“What my brother means to say,” Shalia cut in, “is that we do not agree with the way he rules this city. What you have seen today was an illusion of prosperity. In case you didn’t notice, we never strayed beyond three hundred yards from the Grand Road or castle in our tour. While the affluent parts of the city thrive, the rest of the city lives in squalor. The tall buildings surrounding the Grand Road and castle prevent any from seeing the state of the lower class areas or Crescent City as some call it. You might have noticed that none of the buildings had windows on the sides facing the Crescent City. It is because our father wants the upper class to forget about the rest of the city as he has. He ignores the plight of the lowly. The dome around the city is in danger of breaking near almost any poor area. If something is not done, things will only get worse for the greater portion of the city.”

Shalia paused for a moment to let what she had said sink in before continuing, “That is why we desire to take the city from our Father. Obviously, the problem is that he would never relinquish his title as King. Despite my distaste for it, force is the only option left to us. Orlando seems to be set upon assassinating him but, as you saw yourself, those have failed. Our father is quite the warrior.”

“Does that mean the assassination attempt today—” Kayla interjected.

“Yes,” replied Shalia. “It was set up by Orlando. However, even if our Father were to die, something I hope fervently does not happen, his advisors would only seize control from us by using the idea of a republic to gain the people’s support.”

“As you can see,” Orlando began, “the only option is a full-out coup d’état. However, we currently only have about one hundred or so individuals enlisted and acquiring them was hard enough. As you can see, we are at quite a disadvantage. That is, before you came. The Guiding Force is famous enough to even reach the depths of the seas. Our traveling merchants have told tales of your defeat of the Dreaded in Henesys.”

“There’s no way!” exclaimed Kayla. “Your father is a long time friend of my grandfather. There’s no way he’d agree to attacking him.”

A smile formed on Orlando’s face, “What if I told you that our father had in his possession the gate for the second Dreaded. And then, what if I told you he intended to use it.”

TBwL is BACK. Well, for the moment at least. Anyways, that picture up there shows the set up of the nacklace since I felt I didn’t convey it very well. Imagine it like that (ignore the crossed out stuff) but with the aforementioned gemstones and silver. Anyways, don’t know how long I’ll keep with TBwL before I switch back to Burst. It’s quite likely that I’ll just go back and forth every once in a while. Enjoy.