Northern Markets Ep38

Northern Markets
Epsiode 38+ KPQ/ developments in Henesys

Sunday November 19, 2007
6:30 PM

The winter’s first snowfall started in the afternoon and by sunset, almost all of Henesys Township was covered
in a thin blanket of snow.
Bob spent the day working in the barns in the Livestock Zone, an area 7 km north of Henesys. He was helping the other
lowly working noobs with loading the magic powered trucks with crates of smoked pig and mushroom meat.
by now the last truck was loaded. Bob leaned against the side of the wooden truck and looked around. The barn was built out of hard cherry wood. Giant bright crystal lights hung from the ceiling and the sounds of pigs grunting and the hum of the gas powered electric generator. One side of the barn was a massive pig pen holding at least 2000 pigs,
the other was divided into storage rooms. At the end were the bins and troughs holding food scraps and grains
for the pigs.
There was a small office building inside the barn too, right by the huge doors. The guys, dressed in 19th century type farmers/ worker clothes stood inside the office talking to one another.
Then the big guy, about 7 feet tall, huge black beard, wearing a green black plaid shirt and gray trousers came out.
He was nicknamed Bunyan for his sheer size and strength.
“Allright, in to the truck! We’re goin’ into town!” Bunyan bellowed.
The frightened little noobs climbed into the back seats of the cabin of the truck, Bob and Bunyan got in the front.
He fired up the power crystals which started spinning in the bottom, then the engine started.
Bunyan signaled for the other guys to pull the ropes, opening the giant doors. The doors were opened. Bunyan floored the gas and the truck roared as it came out of the barns into the blue twilight of post sunset. The storm had cleared revealing a gap in the clouds where the light from a green sky lighted up the flat plain snow covered fields.
The truck shook as it went over the icy gravel roads that criss crossed the giant fields.
20 minutes later, they were at the back entrance of the grand hall in downtown Henesys. The workers carried the boxes of meat to the kitchen where it would be either stored in a huge fridge run by a hired ice mage or to the kitchen where it would be chopped up and cooked or smoked.
Bob said nothing all afternoon since he had talked to Finkara. He realized the bowmen and their farmers looked down on non bowmen, especially the young noobs. These people ended up working if they stayed in Henesys too long. read more

I’m 50 years old

M’kay . This is some random experience thrown together . Noow . I REACHED LEVEL 50 !!
*cheers madly *
I’m at 20% now . And yeaah . I look hawt in lvl 50’s equips . I AM HAWT . Seriously . I am obbessed with myself . =DDD
Finding a GF
Techinally . It’s hard . It’s not that I’m not willing to buy stuff for my gf . Or not willing to love her . Or not willing to waste time talking to her instead of training . I’m willing to do anything for her . The great awesome problem is . . . I am a girl in real life playing a male character . Meaning I need a guy in real life playing a female character . I do in fact know two guys who play female characters . Sadly , one plays in Aquila . The other does play bootes , but he is inactive and is level 78 . Besides , he told me he wasn’t interested . Oh well . Any guy wanna be my gf in maple , bootes ? (;
N0rtTheEnd was constanly bugged by me to be my gf . Her amusing replies were :
“ GO AWAY .”
“ FIND YOUR HIM TO BE YOUR GF .” read more

the top 5 list of MS

———–1=======================> top 5 worst things

1. naked but strong ppl

2. ppl shouting………yay i suck

3. noobs getting on thier knees…begging for a guild or a trainer

4. leveling up takes so long

5. hackers throwing monsters at u

————————————2======================> top 5 best things about maple story read more

A [G] Blog!

A blog. 😮

Okay, this’ll be a general summary of my MMO’ing over the last week or so.

One thing first : The picture is just some random editing I did in my spare time. Hope you like it

Granado Espada

I haven’t been going on much, but I did manage to loot a level 60 something Shotgun which I NPC’ed for 48k.

Ragnarok Online

I quit. D: My account on RRO has hereby been forfeited to quang13. read more

Swords of Orona Part 3

It took me a long time making this chapter. With the edits, color writing, and that slash animation in that last part, boy this was fun to make. Anyways, Enjoy part 3 everyone.

*Hugs everyone who likes this*

And for people who hates this.

*Kicks everyone who hates this in the shin*


Wow ive just notice how the Mapleworld and MMO world has changed…
its becoming more…well back then most people i met all over where 13-16 but now i only see 10- or 18+…its kinda weird too cause sometimes they hook up in game and i find that disturbing…
not only that but im tired of immatur e people, hackers and stubborn POS who ks all the time…
Im also tired of “L>GF I HAVE NX@@@@@@” seriously…Pathetic losers… read more

the freak that saved my life

i was just taking a stroll in elenia…talking to magician chicks….saying my catch-phrase “u kno……i know another good use of that wand of urs….if u know what i mean” it always creeps them out….. then it was time for training…..i went to the battle field….went all the way up where the green mushrooms and walking trees are……i was keeping my distance with the green mushrooms and just fighting the trees. i only had 2 white potions left….minutes later….i was getting hit with musrooms left and right after i touched a mushroom and made me jump back to an area full of green mushrooms……..36 damage…..40 damage…….my hp decreasing………then a guy with no clothes on (only the pajamas) came and shot his arrows to one mushrooms…..which explodes and hit multiple mushrooms. all of them died after 1-2 attacks. he came to me and gave me a S@#@ load of white potions….i think it was 99 of them. read more

dude wtf!!!!!

i was just walking around…..just kicking some slime ball ass……when some dude said: “i`ll train ppl for 2000 mesos”
i was like ” 2000 meso seems low….but if its for training…hell yea.

i checked his profile: he was a lv 35 assassin with some cool looking weapons. i talked to him and i paid him the 2000 mesos…..i was lv 17…but i want to get to lv 25 and then i can just chill in maple story and just talk to chicks.. read more

The Boy Was Lucky: Chapter 41

Links/Previous Chapters – link

The royal children led their visitors throughout the luminous city. All the major spots were covered. Derrin and Kayla were first led to the Grand Library, an incredible structure built into a large cluster of coral followed by several museums. At noon, they dined at the Dolphin, the finest restaurant in the city. Derrin found the food amazing but felt that the assortment of hard elbows to the arm and heels to the foot from Kayla for “staring” detracted from the experience. read more