I recently started playing Conquer because my bro and his friends were playing it and MS connection sucks for me.

I must say,this game is pretty good.o.o
Based on my Flyff experience,it’s the same in a lot of ways.For instance it’s one of those clicking games and the graphics are pretty much the same too.I started a Taoist (sp?) in the ‘server’,you can call it,my bro was playing in.After like 3 minutes I realized I made a mistake in job-choosing.=.=.A GREAT start,don’t you think? read more

i was just thinking……

is it really ok if i blog about sumthing not related to maple. i’ve seen many of u out there writing stories but i once saw a notice that i can only write about my mmo experience. will i be banned if i talk about my real life or if i write a story? just wondering sorry if u find this irritating

Oh…a racist Pq…

Hi! I was pqing yesterday then this happened to me

A racist pq . . . ALL members in party ( but me ) were completely racist, they were making fun of, Black, Latin and mostly Spanish Speakers.

They were all asians, I mean I don’t have a problem with asians ( I have a lot of asians friends ) but this bunch of idiots tickled me off a lot.

If you want to defame some of them here’s the names : read more

School & Chronos

  OKAY. I know I need to finish the story, it’s just that, school is killing me. x__x; It’s really hard to be on a lot, and when I am, I’m mostly leveling. Anyway, it’ll be done soon. I’m not letting myself procrastinate more. >.>;

  Now, today I stumbled upon Chronos! Normally, I wouldn’t be down here in Ludi leveling, since I figured I should stick with El Nath. But it’s getting preetty boring. So, I went out and tried Platoons, the leveling was fast, and some Cleric invited me to his party. After about 20% he had to go. I don’t remember his IGN, but, I do want another training partner here. It makes leveling funner. :3 read more

Rant on Basil Traders

Not all of them are bad but most people I trade with are terrible traders. I bought two sets of Tobis a week ago and one guy’s character isn’t registered and he hasn’t responded to any PM’s I sent him. The other person is only on Sundays.

I hate when people sell stuff on that site when they can only play the game one day a week. You have to make all the people you trade with wait until the one day when it is convenient for you to get on. Just don’t trade on the site. If you really wanted to use the site then you should at least play the game on more then one day a week. And even I sundays I bet he just goes on for an hour at 4 in the morning then logs off. read more

Maple Anatomy 1P2 Posponed

Sorry I haven’t been writing storys lately, I’m still grieving from losing my girlfriend left me. PLEASE COME BACK NICOLE!! Anyway I wont be writing any stories anytime soon. I will let my brother Cousin MistHokage do his story. I know he hasnt done one in a while.

Tales of a Lost World 9

Episode 9 Three Dragons in One Night

The broken corpse of the Dragon Paradox lies in a tumble of jagged rocks on a narrow ledge at the crest of a large down, overlooking the same river running through where Kunai’s battle against Azuria had taken place. Around this ledge lie the forms of many other hills, running in a disorderly fashion. Jagged peaks rise up against the blank horizon blanketed with darkness. read more


just thought id waste 5 minutes of my life to post this short blurb.
and i included some pics that are completly irrelivent to the topic. BUT im giving my RS acct(lvl 30 pure with lotsa money) to whever guesses the person in the black and white pic corectly

i also thought id put up some discussion topics for you to discuss so reading this wont be a TOTAL waste of time.
1. whats your fave song? *AHEM*stairway to heaven*COUGH* read more

Bad Luk- part 2 rewritten

(i shall repost the blog sice i did it at midnight)



ahem… ill TRY to make this story better
ill TRY

Bad Luck- Part 2

After Porkky found out that the ground was 20 STORIES BELOW WHERE TIGER
AND THE OTHERS WERE RAGING, pork came across to El nath and tried to find some
help from any of the El Nath residents, of which he found an old man that seemed
to be in the sacred sactuary. read more