I recently started playing Conquer because my bro and his friends were playing it and MS connection sucks for me.

I must say,this game is pretty good.o.o
Based on my Flyff experience,it’s the same in a lot of ways.For instance it’s one of those clicking games and the graphics are pretty much the same too.I started a Taoist (sp?) in the ‘server’,you can call it,my bro was playing in.After like 3 minutes I realized I made a mistake in job-choosing.=.=.A GREAT start,don’t you think?

So I quited that character and started a archer in another server.He just turned 15 and made the promotion for the job.:D(I think lvl 15 was also the lvl you need to promote in Flyff.:/)Now I can FLY!

Sadly,the game LAGS SO MUCH ON MY COMP.So I have to use my bro’s.

Well that’s it.

i was just thinking……

is it really ok if i blog about sumthing not related to maple. i’ve seen many of u out there writing stories but i once saw a notice that i can only write about my mmo experience. will i be banned if i talk about my real life or if i write a story? just wondering sorry if u find this irritating

Oh…a racist Pq…

Hi! I was pqing yesterday then this happened to me

A racist pq . . . ALL members in party ( but me ) were completely racist, they were making fun of, Black, Latin and mostly Spanish Speakers.

They were all asians, I mean I don’t have a problem with asians ( I have a lot of asians friends ) but this bunch of idiots tickled me off a lot.

If you want to defame some of them here’s the names :




and the two more annoying. . .



Server : Scania

Well the pic say all the story

If you have a question feel free to ask.


School & Chronos

  OKAY. I know I need to finish the story, it’s just that, school is killing me. x__x; It’s really hard to be on a lot, and when I am, I’m mostly leveling. Anyway, it’ll be done soon. I’m not letting myself procrastinate more. >.>;

  Now, today I stumbled upon Chronos! Normally, I wouldn’t be down here in Ludi leveling, since I figured I should stick with El Nath. But it’s getting preetty boring. So, I went out and tried Platoons, the leveling was fast, and some Cleric invited me to his party. After about 20% he had to go. I don’t remember his IGN, but, I do want another training partner here. It makes leveling funner. :3

  So if you wanna level with me, I’m in Scania. moonlitDANCE. 😡

  Also, I preffer you to be at the level where you can two or so hit Platoons. I wouldn’t mind leveling on smaller ones either.

  AND. All for now, too tired to focus right. I’ll try writing more tomorow..

~ Nikki


Rant on Basil Traders

Not all of them are bad but most people I trade with are terrible traders. I bought two sets of Tobis a week ago and one guy’s character isn’t registered and he hasn’t responded to any PM’s I sent him. The other person is only on Sundays.

I hate when people sell stuff on that site when they can only play the game one day a week. You have to make all the people you trade with wait until the one day when it is convenient for you to get on. Just don’t trade on the site. If you really wanted to use the site then you should at least play the game on more then one day a week. And even I sundays I bet he just goes on for an hour at 4 in the morning then logs off.

I sign on every day when I am trading with someone. And even though I do this it still takes forever for them to log on. Even if I’m not playing I just keep MS running so I can check back to see if anyone tried to whisper me.

So now one of my Tobi auctions just disappeared for some reason. Now I have to bid on another one and wait 15 hours for it to end them probably wait a week before they will actually log onto the game. And my other auction, like I said before, had a guy that I don’t even think exists.

I don’t know how some people even get positive feedback. Well mainly because no matter how long you take to get on you will always get a positive if you just make the trade.

I wish there was some kind of vault where you can put in any item and the price and then anyone can go there and look through all the items put in there. Then when you make a trade on basil the person can just put their item in the vault and make a password so only you can buy it, and then you can log on whenever you want and pick it up.

Well that’s all I can think of. Bye.

Maple Anatomy 1P2 Posponed

Sorry I haven’t been writing storys lately, I’m still grieving from losing my girlfriend left me. PLEASE COME BACK NICOLE!! Anyway I wont be writing any stories anytime soon. I will let my brother Cousin MistHokage do his story. I know he hasnt done one in a while.

Tales of a Lost World 9

Episode 9 Three Dragons in One Night

The broken corpse of the Dragon Paradox lies in a tumble of jagged rocks on a narrow ledge at the crest of a large down, overlooking the same river running through where Kunai’s battle against Azuria had taken place. Around this ledge lie the forms of many other hills, running in a disorderly fashion. Jagged peaks rise up against the blank horizon blanketed with darkness.

On one such peak stands the two remaining Soul Eaters, their formless bodies still as they watch the dead Paradox from on high. A chill wind blows by, but they, unable to feel it, do not draw their cloaks closer.

Overhead a cloudless night dotted with stars lies in a quiescent slumber, the rays of moonlight witness to the bloody deeds below on the land.

Ryuu, leading Ivy, Ayame, and Sasha in single file ascends these ragged mounds, reaching the very top, where the body of the Dragon Paradox sleeps. Ryuu narrows his eyes, his breath misting in thin, wispy clouds before him.

Ryuu absentmindedly waves his own breath away, staring at the great body of the beast. In his right hand a weak fire still lays smoldering with the remnants of a long-consumed flame.

Ayame holds her hand up to her mouth to stifle a soft gasp. “It came down pretty roughly,” she mutters softly in the stilled silence.

Sasha trots to her side, and raises her own Berzerker with some difficulty. Then, with a slash quick as lightning, severs the claw from the Paradox in a fine stroke. The claw falls to the ground with a dull noise, and Ryuu rushes forth to take the large claw.

Ryuu hurriedly withdraws from his coat pocket a long length of finely knotted rope, and ties it about the claw, using the rope to wrap it around his waist and secure it as a burden upon his back. Ryuu turns to Sasha, nodding briefly at her. “Thanks for the help.”

“Are we going to go rescue Kunai now?” Ivy asks worriedly. She glances backwards where the land falls back on a sharp slope, and narrows into a thin, spindly mountain path, and then widens again, deepening into a dark gorge.

“Yeah,” Ryuu replies offhandedly, “We’ll go rescue him now. I’m sure he’ll be glad to see us.”

“ I just hope nothing bad’s happened to him,” Ayame adds. “I’d feel horrible for leaving him alone to battle Azuria. If what you said is true, Ryuu, Kunai won’t last much longer.”

“Kunai will be all right,” Ryuu answers her, “I’ve been his teacher for most of his life. He may not show it sometimes, but he’s strong, and he knows what he’s doing. I wouldn’t have made him a member of the Joukai if I didn’t think he was strong.”

“All the same,” Sasha replies, “You don’t know who you’re dealing with when you consider the Soul Eaters. They are powerful beings. Your friend is in grave danger.”

~ Several Hours Later ~

Kunai stirs slowly, his eyes wandering about in the darkness, under cover of his own eyelids. He brings two shaking hands up to his eyes, and rubs them, without opening them first. He then groans slightly, as the pain in his abdomen and forehead take the chance to engulf him.

A firm hand gently pushes Kunai back onto the soft feathery bed he lies on, and Kunai whispers something inaudibly to no one in particular. At once, Kunai opens his eyes, and is startled by the bright light of a lantern lit with a gentle, flickering flame.

“Wh…where am I?” Kunai mutters. Though his eyes are open, he stares blindly around from side to side, his vision greatly blurred due to his head wound.

Ivy’s face slowly comes into a clearer view, as she bends worriedly over him in a nearby chair. Behind her, a fire is blazing and crackling merrily in a stone hearth.

“Kunai! You’re awake!” Ivy cries, and wraps her arms about him. Kunai coughs out loud, caught off guard by the sudden hug. He shudders slightly, his body still stiff and sore from his various wounds.

“You’re back in Redley’s place,” Ryuu’s voice growls softly off in the nearby distance. Suddenly the form of Ryuu comes into view of Kunai’s vision as well, as he sits idly by on a wooden chair in front of a stone table.

“Redley?” Kunai mutters perplexedly, attempting to grasp the details of their journey and piece them back together. “What are we doing back here? I thought…I thought…where’s Azuria? Why aren’t you guys hunting the Dragon Paradox?!”

Ryuu smirks, laughing aloud suddenly. “I’m afraid you’re a few hours behind the times. We already caught and killed the Dragon Paradox. I even have the claw’s nail to prove it.” Ryuu waves a long, sharp, pearly white nail in front of Kunai. “When we came back after you, we found you unconscious and suffering from near fatal wounds. As for Azuria, we have no idea what happened to him. He seems to have…disappeared.”

“Azuria…” Kunai mutters, clenching his fist as details of their fray return to him. “Wait…I’m starting to remember…I remember making the Avenger, and shattering his daggers, but I can’t remember what happened next.”

Redley suddenly steps into the room, examining the blazing fireplace for a moment. He peers outside, where the never-ending night sheds its dark moonlight upon the land. Redley then starts in surprise as he notices Kunai.

“Oh, my!” Redley cries happily, “You’re awake! I’ve been quite worried about you, you know. The wounds on your head, your neck, your stomach when you came in! Ghastly! Thankfully I had some herbs, and quickly made some medicine to treat your wounds. But you really should check in with the hospital in downtown Skylark City later on, you know. Those wounds were quite severe.”

Kunai nods, a faint smile playing about his lips. He tilts his head backwards, leaning on the warm pillow placed beneath his head. “I know.”

Redley then turns to Ryuu, his manner business-like and brisk again. “Ahem, Mr. Ryuu, your weapon’s been finished. Thanks for having the patience to gather the materials for me. I’ve never had a customer like you go without complain before!”

Ryuu grumbles something rather harsh sounding but inaudible to himself. He then clenches his shaking fist and shakes his head, sighing. “It can’t be helped…” he mutters quietly. Ryuu then strides over to meet with Redley, and the two of them enter an adjoining room.

Ayame suddenly ambles into the room, a tranquil smile on her face. She turns automatically to Kunai’s bed, and claps her hands at the sight of him awake. “Kunai! We’ve all been worried about you. How are you feeling?”

“Pretty bad,” Kunai shrugs. He stretches a trembling hand up to his forehead, where a deep gash has formed in place of the bloody wound. He traces it, a long vertical scar running across his forehead. “I think some of these wounds are gonna make for permanent scars though.”

“That’s okay,” Ivy replies softly and reassuringly. She reaches down below the bed, and withdraws a thin black piece of cloth. “It’s more important that you’re alive, even if you’ve got some ugly scars on you.” She wraps the cloth around Kunai’s forehead, and smiles, giving him the thumbs up.

Kunai glances in puzzlement at Ivy, but she merely holds up a mirror for him, and he gazes into it, staring at his own reflection. The scar on his forehead now hides behind his Dark Identity.

Kunai places his still-quivering hand to his forehead, feeling the cool metal insignia on it. “Thanks for bringing this back, Ivy,” he mutters softly.

Ryuu suddenly reenters the room rather smugly. He now holds in his hands two identical sharp blades, curved slightly near the ends. Upon the hilt of each blade is carved a magnificent golden dragon, with wide-open mouth, as if releasing a burst of flame.

Running along the blade itself is a steel frame, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. At the ends of each blade the swords curve finely; however, one blade remains much sharper than the other. The other, remains more on the blunt side.

“They are called the Twin Dragons,” Redley announces to the awed silence admiringly. He stares adoringly at the blades he’d crafted himself. “Took quite some painstaking effort to perfect the idea, but here it is: a weapon perfect for you, Ryuu the swordsman.”

Ryuu narrows his eyes, admiring the dual blades himself. “Twin swords, eh,” he mutters to himself.

“They also combine, for your convenience, into one larger blade,” Redley continues, “That is the reason why one blade is sharper than the other. For when these two swords combine, fitting perfectly together I might add, they become a dual-edged blade, one edge sharp for cutting, the other blunt, for hurting.”

Ryuu, at Redley’s words, then places the swords together, and with a soft click, the swords clamp onto each other, holding still perfectly as one. Ryuu stares at the blade, its end no longer curved but straight. At the very tip the blade divides again into two edges—one sharp, one blunt.

Ryuu then fastens the sword to his side, and holds it securely there. He turns to the others. “Great. Now that we’ve finally got me a sword, our search for the Third Phoneme can finally begin?”

“Where should we head first, though?” Ayame inquires.

“Why don’t you guys head for Skylark City? I’m not quite sure what you guys are here after, but Skylark’s the best place to find out things that you need to know. Best and biggest place to go in this neck of the woods,” Redley replies, offering his kindly advice.

Ryuu turns to Redley, considering his words. “It might be a good idea, since we’ve already been in town once before, however briefly. Sasha is also from Skylark, so she may guide us and help us out there.”

“Speaking of Sasha,” Kunai says from his bed, “Where is she? She’s the only one who hasn’t turned up yet.”

Ayame shrugs, gesturing back outside towards the open night. “Well, I was taking a walk outside around Redley’s garden. Sasha was outside too, fishing, apparently.”

“At this time of night?” Ivy asks perplexedly.

Kunai, Ryuu, Ayame, and Redley all turn to stare at Ivy. “Oh, right,” Ivy mutters, giggling slightly to herself. “Hehe, I forgot…it’s always night here!”

Meanwhile, outside, Sasha sits by herself at the very edge of the river’s bank, a fishing rod held idly in one hand, the other end of it dipped in the midst of the slow-running river. The bait remains still, no fish having disturbed it.

Sasha sits wearily, her back resting against the trunk of an old willow, its roots reaching as far as the very edge of the river’s bank. The faces of the Joukai members flash one by one through her head, as she ponders over their existence.

‘These people…I’ve always worked alone, watching the other Paradox Hunters, but these guys are different. What is it that they seek? To rid the world of this Myougun? And to do that they’ve risked their own lives…and come all the way out here to this desolate world.’

Sasha absentmindedly turns her rod from side to side, watching as the action causes ripples extending outwards from her bait, floating somewhere below the river’s surface. ‘I’ve been alone for so long…ever since…mom and dad…’

Sasha shakes her head, wiping her head clean of those unwanted thoughts. ‘Perhaps I met these people for a reason. Perhaps…I should join these four, and help them. After all, we seek the same path…to save people from having their lives torn apart, even if it’s too late for our own.’

“Sasha!” a voice rings in the distance suddenly. Sasha starts, disturbed out of her reverie by the approaching sign of life in the inky blackness near the river. She draws the rod back from the river, without having caught anything. Sasha then stands, watching as Ayame runs towards her, Ryuu and Ivy following not far behind.

“Sasha!” Ayame pants as she reaches her. “I know this is a pretty big favor to ask of you, but…” Ayame stares around, pondering for a moment her words. “We were wondering if you could help show us around Skylark, you know, since we’re not from around here.”

Ryuu and Ivy suddenly catch up. In her haste, Ayame swerves around, crying, “Ryuu!” Suddenly she tumbles backwards, sliding on a tuft of wet grass, and falls into the ice-cold river.

Ryuu blinks as Ayame struggles against the current of the river, gasping loudly. “Ryuu!”

With a shrug and a sigh, Ryuu extends an arms forward and pulls Ayame out of the river. “Klutz…” he mutters under his breath as Ayame stares at her own dripping wet clothing.

“I’ve reached a resolution,” Sasha says, speaking to Ryuu, since Ayame has tumbled off to the side to dry her clothes. “I will come with you.”

“Come with us?” Ryuu repeats, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes,” Sasha reiterates, “I will come with you. I’ll help you defeat the Myougun. My life has been dedicated to defeating the Paradox. It inevitably lies with your goals then. So therefore, I shall help you succeed. I want to see a world rid of evil as well.”

“It’s a dangerous road, though,” Ryuu mutters, “the path we’re headed, that is. There’s a great chance you may not return. Are you sure you really want to come?”

“Yes,” Sasha repeats. “I’m positive.”

Ryuu nods solemnly. All of a sudden, he stretches forward a hand, and Sasha, in surprise, takes it, clasping hands with Ryuu. “Welcome to the Joukai, then, Sasha.”

Next Time: Episode 10 Skylark City

Ivy: Say it, Ryuu!

Ryuu: No.

Ivy: Say it!

Ryuu: [sigh] This is Apple reporting for Skylark City Channel 10 News!

Episode 10 Skylark City coming soon!


just thought id waste 5 minutes of my life to post this short blurb.
and i included some pics that are completly irrelivent to the topic. BUT im giving my RS acct(lvl 30 pure with lotsa money) to whever guesses the person in the black and white pic corectly

i also thought id put up some discussion topics for you to discuss so reading this wont be a TOTAL waste of time.
1. whats your fave song? *AHEM*stairway to heaven*COUGH*

2. if an MS chacter was placed in RL what class do you think would be best?likeike sins and mages would totally die cuz sins have no where to recharge stars and mages dont have a place to buy MP pots(maybe vita-waters at safeway?)

3. ANARCHY IS ORDER!!(im not an atheist btw)

4. wich is better, waffles or pancakes? pancakes FTW

5. how much do you think bush is paying to have his wife stay with him?(so cruel XD)

6. how many totstitos chips can fit in your mouth at once?

7. guess what POS stands for(i know ive posted it SOMEWHERE here b4. . .)

8. guess who the guy in the black and white pic is.

9. i dont care what you think of me, your a b!tch and im not and that makes all the difference.

10. what has the world come to when drug dealers and murdurers are praised as musicians for being able to rap in 2 notes??

well thats all for now. enjoy the rest of your life without having your head smashed against the wall by a creepy anime char. (SEE PICS)

Bad Luk- part 2 rewritten

(i shall repost the blog sice i did it at midnight)



ahem… ill TRY to make this story better
ill TRY

Bad Luck- Part 2

After Porkky found out that the ground was 20 STORIES BELOW WHERE TIGER
AND THE OTHERS WERE RAGING, pork came across to El nath and tried to find some
help from any of the El Nath residents, of which he found an old man that seemed
to be in the sacred sactuary.


The old man said “let your mind find the path”
*Porkky smacks the old man with his bow*
(dramatic music starts)

“OKOK! ill tell you how to get to orbis FASTER without climbing it!! Itll take you 1 hour if your quick enough..”
*smacks the mans head again*


Pork realized that these were one of the monsters to destroy anyone crossing its path,
but he had no choice. In a matter of MINUTES, he came across the Aqua Road (romantic music starts).

Althouth attractive the aquarium, pork HAD to swim across deadly graveyards of fish.
Soon, he came across the Cave ov Pianus, and Pianus itself. It was sleeping.

“now lets take care of this quick” pork said.

*battle music from “Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga” starts*


*music ends*

So porkky landed right in front of tigerhawk’s face- his face was red. “hmm.. is something wrong?”

**tigerhawke chastises porkky in an innapropriate way and buys him a ticket*

So the crew headed on the ship and RIGHT ON TIME. little did porkky know this was the 10th ride he missed

*music from “On a Voyage” starts* (OJEAH!! I CAN PLAY THIS ON THE PIANO)

so Porkky and the Juctice crew was finally headed where their mission with lombard was waiting…

part 3 will come sooner or later =]]]


Lord of Randomness (…)