Hi, Doraemon is the best cartoon series in the world.

I grew up watching this cartoon, pretty much played a role in my childhood. If there would be accessories sold in Taiwan of Doraemon themes; I’d totally buy it. For reals.

Oh the picture. I drew that
Took me an hour lol


Just to let you know, I was trying to draw humanistic features on Doraemon. Lol read more

Im in a boring class

Ya… Im in a boring class, so i decided to make a blog sence ive practicly read all of the blogs/forums here

My opinion : LPQ is a disgrace to Maple Story. Omg!! So many newbs! Person calls something in one pq, then next pq, i call something he aparently wanted to do, and he says, “NO CALLING!!! CALLING IS FOR NOOBS!!!” ToT I leave the party. read more

Good Old Times.

Oh sweet memories,
their value worth more then gold.
First Andromeda,then Incendiary.
All the fella g.mates we have.
The fun and laughter and jokes we make.
Then some quited,some went busy.
Some left,some went cabal.

But dispite the sad fact that we are slowly fading away,
The memories we make,the times we had,
Will never fade away.

<3 Incendiary

So,those in cabal better come back before it’s gone. read more

MapleSAP Special: Magicians03

Special: Magicians
Part 3: Magic Security

As history shows, the Innisfailean magicians have had to fight to defend themselves from many enemies whom threatened their existence.
In the middle ages, the magicians were forced to fight the Shareneians in a series of bloody wars spanning a period of 250 years. They were forced to fight the Angel invadors and the hordes of Balrogs whom threatened to destroy Ellinia.
From the 1700’s on, the magicians had to fight the Justice Arrow, and in the Maple War, they fought off the Sino Army. read more

[Z-Comics] The power of Trinity!

Yo! Zhlink back after a long period of absence!

To spice up this blog, and going with what Dee said, here’s a nice video!


During this looong period of Massive AFK-ness, I present to you a comic.

It was a few months old actually, but I decided to finish it up a few days ago. Lazy me. >.>

Here iz teh comic!

That’s all, just to let you guys know i haven’t forgotten about MMOTales completely. read more

Hillrod and the McCaineites Or Sumthin

or however you spell it

hes so old they couldnt even get a SUBSTITUTE for him!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

the girl who goes NOOOOOOOOO

*AN: seeign as i do not remember sequence of events in my memory very well till jut be lek… idk D=

i was sooo restless after spending every afternoon afterschool in a hosue w/o a computer, TV, or even a decent book to read. namely cuz my granmum moved to boardman and gave the hosue she had to my aunt. read more

MMOTales 2nd year Anniversary

Well everyone, MMOTales enters its second year alive.

And remember the last blog congratulating MMOTales on its birthday? Yah, that one was actually in paragraph fom. Unfortunately, my writing skills has since depleted, and now I’m left with double spacing

So yeah, last year, we were devastated with the loss of many MMOTers who thankfully returned to MMOT to enlighten us with their time off. We also happened to enter the Muffin and Waffle craze that swept the Interwebz by storm. read more


Since there isn’t a Rakion category, I’m putting this under Gunbound. Rakion isn’t even technically a MMO, for reasons I don’t exactly understand, but it’s still a multiplayer online game. And that’s good enough for me. If it isn’t good for you, go be emo in Underground Altar or something.

Anyway, onto the blog. read more

maple experiences

i have played maple story since october of 2007. I have a level 57 warrior right now. My level 57 is my main.

I started playing maplestory, and i noticed that by level 10 the game was addicting. I had had an account since september, but i didn’t know that you had to download maplestory. then i started seeing commercails for maplestory, and i thought it was really cool and i said taht u had to download it, and i was like, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, then i got really excited and i didn’t even bother asking my stepdad if i could download it. so i downloaded it and he noticed but he really didn’t care. after about level 7 my brother kept bothering me that he wanted to play too. at the time we had to share 1 computer. so when he got home it was basically chaos. lots of fights and blood. overall i always win cuse im 2 years older than him. read more

Apostle’s Creed; Chapter Seven

ShiningWings, please hand in your character info, anyways, the plot thickens! It’s getting interesting, isn’t it? Next Chapter will arrive soon.


Characters: Apostles (The ones known so far)

Pod Numeuro – A lively Apostle, an adult male, somewhat interested and questioning in NEL Sagittarius’ plans. Seems his personality is nice – maybe not. read more