Chronicles of Jin Series 1 Part 2

Before we start this part, I want to correct something I did last part, the bounty huntress’ name should be “Centra”, not risu, so from now on her name is Centra. Also, I will have paragraphs now…lol.
Part 2:
It was day, Centra pulled Jin and woke him up.
“COME ON! WE HAVE TO GO!!!”, she said.
“Seem to be in a rush? Hold on before you go out…”
Jin ran outside to check if anyone was near, using some secret skills of his, while Centra stood inside in fear.
“Seems to be ok, come on show me that shortcut of yours!”
“If you insist….”
Centra took him to the path…but they had a surprise waiting for them. It was the Hajimaku Clan, a skilled group of assassins and bandits, and warriors of all kinds. Jin and Centra were cornered into the cliff area leading to the lith harbour ocean.
“Jin, you are under arrest by the authorities of our new leader, and by the lord of Ellinia.”
“New leader…” Jin thought “They haven’t had a new leader in centuries!”
Shinko walked out of the line of Hajimaku soldiers.
“Looks like I found two traitors! Twice the bounty I suppose.” Shinko said, with convidence.
Jin swooped up in the air, and pulled out a steely throwing knife, and threw it as hard as he could at Shinko. Shinko blocked it with his Jurgen Wristgaurd. Centra, was having problems of her own at the moment. While the Hajimaku clan started closing in on her, she took out as many as she could. There was too many. Jin quickly tripped Shinko, grabbed his leg and threw him off the cliff nearby, into the ocean.
Jin ausaulted through the circle of Hajimakus, grabbed Centra, and hasted themselves. He took the last bit of his energy and jumped high out of the circle, and flash jumped as far as he could. When he hit the ground he ran as fast as his feet could take him. They reached a swampy area.
“This path of hers must cut through the dungeon entrance from Kerning City…” Jin thought.
“You can let me down now, I have feet of my own” said Centra.
“Right….right” Jin let her down and they proceeded by walking. They had gotten out of range of the Hajimakus, and definitly Shinko. Soon, they reached Perion.
“Alright” Said Centra. “Head up to the tallest part of the city.
Jin did as told, and when they reached up to the top, they saw him. Mitzuku, the samurai he had been told about was standing over the cliff, watching. He stood up there and watched the whole island, from Perions toppest points, most of the island is visible.
“I saw that nasty fight you just had, and expected you two would be coming to see me.” He said.
Jin and Centra told Mitzuku about the plans Shinko and The lord of Ellinia had, and that Shinko betrayed him, not the other way around.
“So…you want me help?” He said.
“No, I thought I would drop by to see if you had any doughnuts….-_-;”
“Help it is, but if you want it, then you have to prove yourself worthy. I don’t just leave my spot up here for anything you know, so if you want me to leave and help, you have to fight me.” Mitzuku said, as he drew his Sacred blade…the Flaming Sword.
Ooooh even im excited for next part! Do you think Jin will win the fight? oooooh I dont know!
Lol, comments/flames excepted as always.

oscar mayer

My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R.
My bologna has a second name it’s M-A-Y-E-R.
Oh I love to eat it every day,
and if you ask my why I’ll say,
’cause Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

(Bologna is pronounced “Baloney” before some doutch stars saying “OMg noob its Baloney not Bologna!”)

Hello everyone!

“Hello everyone! It’s me, ‘The Head’!”

“Art Attack” is a kewl show…whatever happened to it anywho? Meh, I’m just killing more time (I WANT THAT BING-BOOK, PL0X). You guys ever tried saying “pl0x” in real life? I do not mean pronoucing it “please”, I mean pronouncing it “plocks”. You should try it! I got expalled from my school for saying that. ._.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Any of you watch Avatar? I think it’s better than MapleStory because the attacks look pretty sweet! I have the URL to some free episodes…but I think that is illegal (on these/this forum). Sokka is a KICKASS DEWD. LEARN THE KEWL WAYS OF SOKKA.

Anywho, during that rose-event-drop-thing-lol, I found 37 Yellow roses, 12 Red roses, 7 white roses, and 3 blue ones. I had to use three mules! Do not ask me to show them to you, because I shall just say “Nope, maybe some other year”. Ok, do you like waffles? Yes I like waffles! Do you like pancakes? Yes I like pancakes! Do you like french-toast? Yes I like french-toast, du, du, du-du, can’t wait to get a mouthful – WAFFLES (x3), WA- du, du, du-du, can’t wait to get a mouthful! Do you like waffles? Yes I like waffles! Do you like pancakes? Yes I like pancakes! Do you like french-toast? Yes I like french-toast!

Ok I am bored…

Bingo-book pl0x

Just some simple things to ponder.

Well I haven’t written anything for about a week, so busy you know.

Well I’m not going to bother you with how my training went because that’s boring. However I am going to bother you with what I think about while training.

When I’m training I usually just phase out and start thinking about stuff. I’ve come to realize that MapleStory is an escape. It’s an escape from life and its worries. However, I find that ironic, because people then start to have problems within the game itself like having no money to buy equips and friendship problems. So then people start quitting because it starts being how their real life is.

Another thing I think about is that MapleStory is also a place where we can have power. For example people sometimes wish they weren’t helpless and want more power maybe even magical power and MapleStory provides that but then it just goes to show how power hungry we are as humans. Once we get our first attack we want more we want all the new attacks(Third job).

Yea that’s pretty much how my brain works lol alright bye~.

An Ode To Devilrymage

I hope you are reading this…

Dear friend, remember that the world has not ended
Even those who are bad may someday turn good
Hackers cause your mage to be abandoned
Instead of feeling sorry, have a lighter mood

Look on the bright side of life always
Remember nice maplers and all your friends
Yes, bad things do happen but not always
Maplers who hack do not deserve good ends

A simple act of kindness may tip the scale
Good things will be returned someday
A good thing done will have a reward
Everything done will have its outcomes

Though your account has been hacked
Do not let this affect your everyday life
Be as cheerful as usual, be happy, carefree
Those hackers do not deserve to be maplers

Do not let this affect your perception of others
And always remember the phrase that goes:
It could have been worse
Never give up on the things you do

Not everyone is bad, not everyone is good
Do not be disheartened by the bad people
But be glad for the good people around you
Do not bear grudges on people undeserving

Grudges may lead to bad things and outcomes
And you may become a bad mapler too
If you want to take revenge as well
And you will lose all you good friends

If you need to change, change well
Change to be a better person
Do not be hard-hearted or life will be dreary
But do not be too gullible as to fall for the tricks

Sometimes it is better to let things happen
All things happen for a reason
This may affect important decisions later in your life
And this may save you later

Remember not to worry, remember not to hate
Always keep a positive attitute
This is all I have to say
Remember to live to fight again

Ok…this isn’t exactly an ode…I don’t exactly know what an ode is but well…If anyone feels insulted, please tell me…So sad you’re quitting Maple…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

got banned

ok one today some dude was on my account and gt me banned for a week!! i dont even hack so idun know what to do i like mmo tales lol im at school at comp tech but any way what can i do??? ill have more tales later just wanted replys today good thing the school dosent block this site XD

But I like Iced Tea and saying Ya’ll~!

I’ve never been one for writing blogs. Here and there I like to write things, but generally I don’t think it matters. Instead, I’m going to make a habit of bringing you actual pictures from my misadventures in the game. They’ll be all prettied up in comic form so you have an easier time reading the focus and won’t have to dig through a billion or so.

As with everything that comes from me, they might not make sense unless you read the captions below. Enjoy my picture blog. ^^

Picture 1 & 2: I met up with Dest1 in perion while talking to some 11 year old that was emo-ing out on me. After saying our hi’s and me hearing about Dest’s computer situation, I asked him what he would like to do since none of his friends were online. Well, this is what we decided to do. xD You’ll see exactly what in picture 2 messenger. Don’t ask me why, but it was entertaining! Finishing up in picture two is what happened after I gave my friend Lynn 2.5mil as a wedding gift, what happened when I let Fpooned borrow my special nub hammer, and some guy that recognized me from earlier pranks pulled in relation to picture 1. xD

Picture 3: Dest and I decided we would offer our valuable services to the people of Maplestory. 😀 He was the divorce lawyer and I was the abortionist whatever(though I’m against abortion, this was a joke). You can see us with our cute suitcases. Eventually, we clocked in and went to the Amoria wedding shop, where I had no idea that you could actually buy some dresses until I got there and bought some. Unfortunately, its as cute as I can be as a perma beginner unless I want to go and spend more money on cash shop. I’d already decided I would only buy one outfit at a time and this time around I bought Astyth an outfit. Hellz no am I going to spend 80 dollars to make a pixel character look cool. So! There I am in my ‘cute’ bridesmaid dress and brick that I’m just going to pretend is a country girl outfit and cellphone. >_> P.s. My fishy loves afro.

Picture 4: Self explanitory. I made a new friend in the wedding clothes shop and we had some fun on the pimped out limo. 😀 And there’s another shot of the weird prank from picture 1 that caused one guy to spam us up a bunch of “AHAHAHAHAHAH” lines.

As for all the rest of the random stuff the pictures don’t say.. I’ve been pretty busy lately with work, working on some websites and the illness I’ve got. So mentally tasking. @_@ But I’m still enjoying myself. If anyone in Khaini has room on their buddylist and doesn’t mind my crude humor (as portayed in the pictures), feel free to add me! I’m lacking friends that stay up late with my shedules since I’m usually busy in the day/afternoon and play at night/morning.

You can add me on Astyth currently, since I am working to level her up and won’t be playing Kuryna much.

Thanks for reading. <3