a new world in msea

It looks like theres a new world in msea, delphinus.Sounds good, maybe its something like bellocan in mapleglobal?
Or is it a new place?I am waiting for the patch to finish, and if it is a new world, i will create a character there.

Alright alright i give in -___-“

ALRIGHT! I have finally decided to write another fan fic. u hate em? live wittit cuz im going through with it. i need a new base for my stories cuz writing bout me nd abi’ll make me emo (blah blah blah yea an emo joke, live wit that too). i would like some suggestions please? of a plot or at least a genre. and what is ur guys preference of how i tell the story (1st person, 3rd person view, etc) just remember, i might not be online on mmot as i used to read more

Monkeys O.O

So today as I was daydreaming in social studies about flying ninjapirates, my teacher showed a piece of paper that talked about how words are used differently in different places. So, the most interesting that came from the lesson was MONKEY NUTS!

Monkey nuts is the british or new england(I forgot which, blame the ninjapirates for my bad memory) word for peanuts! Who would have ever thought that. o.o Definately not me. The rest of my school day went smoothly except for one thing. I kept thinking about monkeys. Maybe since the word monkey nuts have the word monkeys in it. read more

The Maple Story: Episode 8

Here is the 8th installment to The Maple Story. I hope you enjoy it!

As the first day concluded I went back to my room. On my bed I found a letter from the principal. It went like this:

Dear Kevin,

I heard about the fight you had with one of your fellow classmate Daniel. I don’t care who started it but what I do care about is the fact that you didn’t stop it. I am worried about your further behaviour at this academy. We have a respectful reputation and we do not wish to tarnish it with some foul play during dinner time. If this happens again you are to be expelled. There will be a letter like this sent to Daniel too. I hope you will think before you act next time. read more

Holy cow!!

Holy cow my school is horrible ~_~

Im gonna make this blog simple

5th period there was a fight

people got arrested

someone got shot

someone got stab as in stab by a knife

2nd floor people got arrested

at class you can hear the gun shot

that is all.

Monkeys no more~! >.>

Monkeys no more.

Yes, it’s true. No more monkeys for me.
I believe it was the right decision . . .at least I hope it was.
What are you talking about?!

*sigh* It’s Aliyah Royal and I have some depressing news.

It seems like many guilds are being disbanded or going inactive, like the infamous HeavenBound guild and our own little guild—porchMONKEYS. read more

JokeMaster- Puns I

[WARNING] You’re about to see horrible puns up ahead.


A school teacher was arrested at the airport for trying to go through security with a slide rule and a calculator. He was charged with carrying weapons of math instruction.

Did you hear a guy was murdered in town last night? Police found the victim face down in his bathtub, which was filled with milk and cornflakes. They think it was a cereal killer. read more

Maplestory: Interviews

Maplestory: Interviews with “Ghost”

Me: Hey everybody! Today, is a dark and gloomy day, and I’ll like to say that this is the best day to seek ghost. You know what I mean?

???: Yup. Sup. T-The best d-day e-ever.

Me: Oh, I forgot to introduce our new guest, my Maple friend, Shadow. He’s a little drunk today.

Shadow: I-I’m not d-drunk. I’m just *burp* s-s-shaky. read more

Sup y`all

Hello ^.^ lvl’d to lvl 27 on my Sin todayyy haha. trying to become a sin before xmas. you can still contact me In Game. I’ll be on AzNfRiScObOy. I’ll invite you to CastingCrown if you like– even tho we’re dead o.o; Killstealer4 still shows no remorse for leaving in the first place x]. if any of u wanna contact him: read more


Never before I have seen this.

Never before I have felt this.

Never before i have heard this.

Maple Island was overcrowded.

Some were there for the fun.

Some were there for the KS.

Some of them just wanted to get a bandana.

I was every single one of them.


Hey!! Can’t I be poetic for once?