a new world in msea

It looks like theres a new world in msea, delphinus.Sounds good, maybe its something like bellocan in mapleglobal?
Or is it a new place?I am waiting for the patch to finish, and if it is a new world, i will create a character there.

Alright alright i give in -___-“

ALRIGHT! I have finally decided to write another fan fic. u hate em? live wittit cuz im going through with it. i need a new base for my stories cuz writing bout me nd abi’ll make me emo (blah blah blah yea an emo joke, live wit that too). i would like some suggestions please? of a plot or at least a genre. and what is ur guys preference of how i tell the story (1st person, 3rd person view, etc) just remember, i might not be online on mmot as i used to

Monkeys O.O

So today as I was daydreaming in social studies about flying ninjapirates, my teacher showed a piece of paper that talked about how words are used differently in different places. So, the most interesting that came from the lesson was MONKEY NUTS!

Monkey nuts is the british or new england(I forgot which, blame the ninjapirates for my bad memory) word for peanuts! Who would have ever thought that. o.o Definately not me. The rest of my school day went smoothly except for one thing. I kept thinking about monkeys. Maybe since the word monkey nuts have the word monkeys in it.

I went on maplestory after I did homework and blah blah blah. The first thing I see was jr. wraiths. xDD But when I went to repot, I saw a guy and his monkey. Seeing this monkey brought me back to monkey nuts. So, I laughed, not laughed in maplestory cause that would be quite rude to laugh at a guy’s monkey for no reason. So, the word is stuck in my head now. Basically, whenever I want someone to pass the peanuts I’ll say, “Pass the monkey nuts please”. And they would all stare at me with huge eyes and be like what?

I looked at the guy and his monkey again since my character was still in the same place. Aww, the monkey was just so darn cute with drool down its monkey chin. I always wanted a monkey in maplestory if I got nx cash but not anymore. It’ll probably just remind me of monkey nuts and make me laugh my head off whenever I see it since I’ll probably see it everyday.

I left the guy and his monkey -laughs silently in head- and went back to jr. wraiths.

See, I told you I’ll make up for my super short blog earlier.
A girl always keeps her promises unless she forgets cause she was daydreaming about ninjapirates or eating monkey nuts.

The Maple Story: Episode 8

Here is the 8th installment to The Maple Story. I hope you enjoy it!

As the first day concluded I went back to my room. On my bed I found a letter from the principal. It went like this:

Dear Kevin,

I heard about the fight you had with one of your fellow classmate Daniel. I don’t care who started it but what I do care about is the fact that you didn’t stop it. I am worried about your further behaviour at this academy. We have a respectful reputation and we do not wish to tarnish it with some foul play during dinner time. If this happens again you are to be expelled. There will be a letter like this sent to Daniel too. I hope you will think before you act next time.

Principal Josh

I quickly read through it and threw it away. I was working on my homework when Eric walked in. We worked on it together to make it faster. Afterwards, I brushed my teeth, changed, then hopped into bed. I quickly drifted into a nice long sleep.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I got up and showered. I brushed my teeth and got my books ready for the day. After a while Eric woke up and we went to breakfast together. We sat with Amy and her friends again. While enjoying our breakfast, Daniel walked behind us. He seemed he was favoring his right side. I couldn’t blame him; after all I did stab him on his left side. I ignored him and went back to talking with my new friends.

During Maple History, we had a new seating chart, this time Daniel and I were on separate ends of the classroom. I was so happy. Amy still sat next to me which made me even happier. Once again we talked during the whole class and didn’t learn anything.

As the day wore on I finally got the hang of this academy. I remembered what classes I had and what rooms they were in. I also finished all the homework on time which was something I did not expect. During my free period I saw some higher leveled people showing off their skills.

After that I went to dinner with Eric. I heard Amy and her friends talking at the table. They were talking about the thing girls liked to talk about the most… Boys.

“Kevin is really cute.” Amy said admiringly.

“Yeah you should totally go out with him.” Katie told her.

“Oh stop it girls, I’ve only known him for 2 days. Just because I think he’s cute doesn’t mean I am going to go out with him.” Amy told them.

“Eric is pretty cool too. Melissa he seems like your type.” Claire said.

“I hate that Daniel kid. The way he just came up and punched Kevin.” Amy said with disgust.

“Awww how cute, you even stand up for him.” Katie said with satisfaction.

I had heard enough and Eric and I went to their table.

“Oh hey Kevin and Eric.” They all said as they blushed.

“I don’t think they heard us.” Amy whispered to her friends.

After dinner we all went back to our dorms. I told Eric the little snipits of the conversation I had heard.

“Yeah Melissa is pretty awesome. But it’s way to early to tell anything.” Eric said.

I did my homework and brushed me teeth. I changed then hopped into bed.

I can’t believe Amy thought I was cute. She’s cute but I never thought she would like me back…

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Holy cow!!

Holy cow my school is horrible ~_~

Im gonna make this blog simple

5th period there was a fight

people got arrested

someone got shot

someone got stab as in stab by a knife

2nd floor people got arrested

at class you can hear the gun shot

that is all.

Monkeys no more~! >.>

Monkeys no more.

Yes, it’s true. No more monkeys for me.
I believe it was the right decision . . .at least I hope it was.
What are you talking about?!

*sigh* It’s Aliyah Royal and I have some depressing news.

It seems like many guilds are being disbanded or going inactive, like the infamous HeavenBound guild and our own little guild—porchMONKEYS.

Gah. . .

Why? Well, it was getting very inactive and dramaish. Plus, our leader Jeremy even quit maplestory, so it simply wasn’t the same anymore. And many of the Jr. Masters started recruiting random people that only spammed and swore. The guild was getting quite corrupted. Even the original people, Nathan, Josh, Alex, and some others are going inactive, and it’s just so boring.

Also, the other day, the name of the guild was brought up to my attention. I know Aaru told me something about it already, but I didn’t think it was such a big deal until I learned it was also a “p0rno” site. I was waiting on the 101st floor of the Eos Tower waiting to PQ when Kermit casually mentions it. I nearly fall off my chair. No one told me THAT part. But then again, I doubt Jeremy (leader of guild) knew. *hopes*

To make matters worse, Josh (one of the originals) was with us and he thought it was so funny and spammed it everywhere along with some racial slurs. >.< I felt so ashamed of being in that guild at the moment. As the other parties looked on and made some derogatory remarks, all I wanted to do was quit the guild. However, I didn’t want to leave Nathan and Jeremy (I didn’t know Jeremy quit already), so I stayed.

That was just strike one.

We didn’t get into the PQ because one of the party members didn’t come back in time from recharging his tobis. Ah well, we hung out on the benches outside Eos tower when Aaron came bouncing along. [Hiiiii Aaron! xP] So, it was I, Josh, Liviadia, and Krazy (Liv’s friend that joined the guild and quit after a day of it’s corrupted exposure) from porchMONKEYS, deathwalker and Aaron from MMO in a party. Kermit was just there too, but that’s a whole another story. Livi and Kermy . . .♥. Anyway! Sorry for getting off topic. We were fighting at Trojans when we spy a hacker and thus begins a heated discussion between Josh and Aaron. Josh, being not so bright—swears and curses—and fails miserably against the intellectual Aaron. [”I’ll refrain from swearing at you.” xP That line was great.]

Blah blah blah. I tell Josh to be nice and he goes crazy. “You side with HIM? Going against your own guild mate? Shieet! F*ck this!”

grungebobXD has left the party.

And then he posts a guild message: “F*ck you all! All except Livi!” Livi is an exception because she was not part of this at all. She just concentrated on Kermit, go figure.

I just found his behavior to be quite immature. I mean, he couldn’t at least try to be nice to my friend? Instead he goes and lunges at him with racial slurs. Strike two.

Today, I get on maple and decide that I had enough of Ludibrium and get to Victoria as fast as I can. Along the way, I meet one of my favorite people of all time—NATHAN! From Orbis, we head back to Victoria together (screenie). This screenie is also the last screenie of me in the porchMONKEYS guild. Take a last look, it’s a goner.

Once in Vic, he helps me gather some cursed dolls until he has to go. I get bored of training and take the taxi to Heneseys to complete a quest. As I stood around after the completed quest, I get a random defame. When I asked him why, he simply stated that my guild name was offensive. Strike three. That was my first ever defame and it did it for me. So I quit. I was tired of it all, and it was just too corrupted. I wish Jeremy still played.

I miss you Jeremy. T.T

As soon as I quit, Kermit recruited me in his guild Reaction. Hah, thanks Kerm. But I need a real active guild, or I might as well stay guildless. Anyone want to send me an invite? xP just kidding.

Enough about the guild.
Aaron is amazing. =D
And so is Ahsan.

These two are remarkable. ^^
But obviously Guruji is the best.
Mere jaan. ♡

Screenie List!
1. Nathan and me
2. porchMONKEYS no more.
3. Aaron, Omer and I.
4. Aaron, Ahsan (level 7x) and I.
5. TheLastCor and I.



Edit: Just joined the RamenNinjas–> Aaron’s guid. ^^

JokeMaster- Puns I

[WARNING] You’re about to see horrible puns up ahead.


A school teacher was arrested at the airport for trying to go through security with a slide rule and a calculator. He was charged with carrying weapons of math instruction.

Did you hear a guy was murdered in town last night? Police found the victim face down in his bathtub, which was filled with milk and cornflakes. They think it was a cereal killer.

A young snail bought a new sports car with a big red “S” painted on the side. He wanted to drive around town and hear people say, “Look at that little ‘S’ car go!”

A farmer is milking his cow and as he’s milking, a fly comes along and flies into the cow’s ear. A little bit later, the farmer notices the fly in the milk. The farmer says, “Hmph. In one ear, out the udder.”

There’s a nudist colony for communists. Two old men are sitting on the front porch. One turns to the other and says, “I say, old boy, have you read Marx?” And the other says, “Yes…I believe it’s these wicker chairs.”

Recently, a Frenchman in Paris nearly got away with stealing several paintings from the Louvre. However, after planning the crime and getting in and out past security, he was captured only two blocks away when his Econoline ran out of gas. When asked how he could mastermind such a crime and then make such an obvious error, he replied, “I had no Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh.”

*There was an immigrant that tried to cross the border to America, but a patrol stopped him and told him to go back, but the immigrant begged the man to let him across. The patrol said he could, if he passed his test. His test was that the immigrant would have to use the words ‘green’, ‘pink’, and ‘yellow’ in a sentence. The immigrant thought for a little and then replied, “Okeh. Dah phone go, ‘Green green!’, and I pink it up, and say, ‘Yellow?'”

Early one spring morning, Papa Mole decided to check out the sounds and smells of the new season. He traveled along his burrow until he could stick his head out and survery the area. It was such a beautiful morning, he quickly called to Mama Mole to come join him. Papa Mole said, “It is such a beautiful spring morning. I hear the birds singing and I smell…bacon…yes, someone is frying! It smells so good.” Mama Mole said, “It is indeed a beautiful morning and…why, yes…I think I smell someone cooking pancakes. Yes, delicious buckwheat pancakes! Come quick, Baby Mole, you must experience these delectable sounds and smells!” Baby Mole raced along the burrow but could not squeeze past his parents. Mama said, “Do you smell those delicious smells of breakfast, Baby Mole? Doesn’t it make you hungry and happy that spring is here?” Baby Mole replied, somewhat disgruntled, his voice a bit muffled as he tried to squeeze past his parents again, “I wouldn’t know. All I can smell are molasses!”

*Two old men are talking to each other.
Old Man 1: Wanna go for a walk?
Old Man 2: But it’s windy.
Old Man 1: No, it’s Thursday.
Old Man 2: Me too. Wanna go get a beer?

All of these jokes were taken from “[A Prairie Home Companion] Pretty Good Joke Book (4th edition)

The two jokes with asteriks (*) by them were randomly thought up by me as I was typing these jokes, they may or may not be in the joke book, I dunno.

Maplestory: Interviews

Maplestory: Interviews with “Ghost”

Me: Hey everybody! Today, is a dark and gloomy day, and I’ll like to say that this is the best day to seek ghost. You know what I mean?

???: Yup. Sup. T-The best d-day e-ever.

Me: Oh, I forgot to introduce our new guest, my Maple friend, Shadow. He’s a little drunk today.

Shadow: I-I’m not d-drunk. I’m just *burp* s-s-shaky.

Me: Whatever. All I know is that you’re drunk.

Shadow: I swear drunk I-I’m not G-God.

Me: Okay, you’re really drunk. Get him outta here, Cameraman.

*Screens turn black*

(Insert Violent sounds)

Uhh!! *Burb* I’m n-n-not drunkkx…..

Me: Okay, we’re back after getting the irritating old fiend out of here. And now, let’s go interview some ghost so said to be sighted in the Kerning subways. And now, we’ll get the person who saw the ghost.

*Takes out the list and stares at it*

Me: Hey, cameraman, is there something wrong with the list? It says that the person who saw the ghost is Shadow?

*Camera shakes left to right*

Me: Absoloutely nothing wrong? Alright, where did you throw him to? What the hell? The dustbin? Alright, I give up. This interview ended up in a piece of junk.

*Camera shakes violently*

Me: What’s wrong? You’ve turned white. You’re the ghost? No? Where’s the ghost? Behind me?

*Turns around*

Me: What? I only see one bunch of toilet papers.


Me: Okay, maybe interviewing some ghost isn’t a good idea….


Me: YAhhhh Run!!!!

This stupid interview is brought to you by me and my fellow cameraman and my stupid friend Shadow who is drunk.

I am not drunk!!!!! *Burb*

Cameraman, who told you to get him out of the rubbish bin?

He did.

Sup y`all

Hello ^.^ lvl’d to lvl 27 on my Sin todayyy haha. trying to become a sin before xmas. you can still contact me In Game. I’ll be on AzNfRiScObOy. I’ll invite you to CastingCrown if you like– even tho we’re dead o.o; Killstealer4 still shows no remorse for leaving in the first place x]. if any of u wanna contact him:



xD any of u guys got stars for sale? Msg me in game. :]

Any of you gonna server move? I can partly fund y’all since thanks so IcyRaven– helped ME get on my feet ^.~ Haha i am planning to drop by in Windia to visit good ol’ buddy DragonFang (aka Dragonfang22)

payce out.

*Jesus Freak*


Never before I have seen this.

Never before I have felt this.

Never before i have heard this.

Maple Island was overcrowded.

Some were there for the fun.

Some were there for the KS.

Some of them just wanted to get a bandana.

I was every single one of them.


Hey!! Can’t I be poetic for once?