Have U Ever Thought?

Currently people have been complaining alot about gm’s not helping much but the fact is HAVE U EVER THOUGHT what maple story would be like without gms? i mean think about it no gm events ALOT more hackers maple story would be a hell of a mess and it wouldent be a game anymore it would be hell.Do u have any thoughts on this? is this keeping u thinking at night? or maybe u just wonder?? well now is the time to post what u thin here!

Drop Rates/Scrolling

For some reason I never get decent drops… the only decent drop I ever got was an aqua board… though I had hunted for it for like a week. Even though I have played tons during double drops all I got is a 17 attqack meba from drakes. I killed 100 mushmoms and I have seen like 20 scrolls drop… of those I only got 1 (60% speed… once I saw someone kill a mushmom that dropped a 60% glove attack and a 60% claw attack as I arrived too late to get most of the experience).
Now when I talk about my scrolling chances its like a totally different story… like recently I scrolled a 40 attack slain.. and almost got an 8 attack workglove… maybe thats cause before I scrolled the slain like 5 10% scrolls didn’t work on a set of pants (had extra scrolls and was bored). So I’m not really sure of how Wizet works this all out.
I just realized that after all this I have said nothing about what might cause this… so basically this was pointless.. O well.

High Level Players and their Boredom

Here’s another funny yet annoying thing that occured when training out at coolies a couple days back. Let me set the scene for you.

Me and a couple of my fellow guild members are there helping me train to level up for lv 64. There was a lv 76 Chief Bandit, lv 80 Priest, lv 63 Cleric, lv 79 Priest and lv 69 I/L wizard. Both Priests are using lv 20+ Holy Symbols to reduce training time so we were there for a good couple of hours and of course like everyone else who’s there you’ll encounter people trying to find a channel. So eventuall these 2 sins lv 89 and 84 come in from the same guild and decide to start killing everything we were. So the lv 69 wizard says “cc”, well in light of the previous blogs of make up responses for what cc will mean they respond with “W don’t give out Credi cards” Bear in mind these two clearly have ilbi’s and are using shadow partner and literally tearing at everything faster than we can.

But wait there’s more!!

Now they start to invite more people to help KS us. Now and lv 74 Chief Bandit and 86 White Knight appear to continue this “Guild Battle”. Now as much as we we’re losing my guys were starting to give up and I said we’re standing our ground, they asked why we should keep doing it when they clearly are out damaging us. I said to them “They are using Ilbi’s and using summon rocks for Shadow partners, at some point they’re going to run out of ammo and we can finally take them down. We need to be Patient.” Then they ask if I’m getting any exp from this battle and I said i was cause my guild manage to get a few good kills. Well eventually the 2 sins run out of ilbi’s and then run out of steely’s and were eventually using Tobi’s and they also ran out of summon rocks for their shadow partners.

This battle has already gone on for a good 15 minutes but they were starting to lose their grip as far as i’m concerned. They’re stupid White Knight kept asking if we give up yet. I said to him “Buddy, you and you’re friends are losing you’re grip on this battle, just leave cause we’re going to make an ass out of you all.” and then he’s like “We want this channel and want you to leave” and i said “Fat chance”.

Wow this has become a long rant XD so anyways come the 20 minute point they decide to stop attack us. so I decided to push my luck and ask “Did you finally come to your senses and decide to give up?” and one of them says back “No , you guys are boring and no fun anymore”. And then they all leave.

The point to this story is that some high level players decide to randomly piss off people just to cure their bordom. I should also mention that one of them defined a “Pro” as soemone who gets paid to fight and become better and that we’re all noobs. Well as far as I’m concerned a pro is someone who has a lot of knowledge of the game and isn’t an idiot who randomly walks into channels KSing people for their amusment. We have our high level pro’s and high level noobs.

Job Hunting [Part 2]

…Oh the surprises I met.

After listening to what seemed like a caveman with a cat, I decided to head my way towards a town called Henesys. Being a bowman, I figured, wouldn’t be so bad. I was quite happy to find that Henesys was not very different from Amherst, so I plopped down on a bench and dug through my bag for an apple, and was just about to take my first bite when a shadow fell over me.

“What is your business here, young man? Speak up!” said the shadow, armed with a decidedly dangerous looking cane.

I stared at the man, and foolishly decided to be smart with the guy. “Is this some sort of trick question, old man? I’m havin’ a snack. See? Apple! Malus pumila! Red, sweet, and jui-“

WHACK. Okay. So he must not have been THAT old. That man is lethal with his cane.

“Do you know who you are speaking to? I am Chief Stan of this town! Don’t you try smartmouthing me! Now shoo! There’s no loitering around here! Scram!” He waved his cane threateningly. After deciding that an intact skull was more important than personal satisfaction, I quickly threw the apple in my bag and hurried to the nearest portal. Anywhere to get away from the scary “Chief Stan”.

Eventually, I found my way to the house… ahem, TREE house, of the fabled Athena Pierce.

“Can you train me to become a bowman?” I asked her.

“No.” …Man this lady was straightforward, “You lack the dexterity for a true archer.”

Somewhat dejected, I thanked her, and decided to just wander around a bit. Not in Henesys, of course, due to one very scary, heavily armed Chief. So I walked, ran away from mean-looking pigs, jumped over nasty-looking thorns (not quite so successfully), and reached the treeline of some woods. Okay. Woods is an understatement. It was a freaking FOREST. A big one, too, but not in the sense of the area of the forest. Instead, the trees were big. Very big. Did I mention that I was never one for heights? After much wandering and fleeing from monkeys with vacant looks, I reached Ellinia. Would you believe that these insane fairies built their entire town on shaky branches? Sure, fairies have wings, but these little folk better have some good lawyers if they have to scrape me off the forest floor. What’s even better, Old Grendel’s house had to be at the tippy, tippy top. A little over a mile above the forest floor.

(Random geekiness. Did you know that given no air resistance (friction), an object falling from rest from a mile up would result in a velocity of 177.09 m/s, or 398.45 mi/hr, right before impact with the floor? That’s faster than the speed of sound! Ouch! NOTE: Yes, I bothered to calculate it <_<;;)

…And the old man said no. And this one was actually old. Except he commented that I wasn’t Magician material. In other words, I was too stupid to become a magician. Whoopdeedoo.

…The tribal leader in the middle of the dust-ridden desert was even worse. He told me: “YOU… WEAK… NO… WARRIOR…” Then proceeded to stare at the wall. And grunted.

So that left me with Kerning City. And, of course, that’s a story within itself.

Defame Power!!!

Wot most likely do u, when u get defamed for nothing? Hmmm lemme guess…
1. Do nothing
2. F2 and say “ty” to the defamer

Ok… that was a simple experiment for every1 reading… Now don’t u guys think defaming is a weapon every1 uses? I mean when u see that “— dropped ur fame” words in ur chatting menu, doesn’t it simply drive ur NUTS?
I got this experience from reading different kinds of blogs- almost always involving the word “noob” and “defame.
This is 2 examples of posts that involve with “noobs” and “defame”
Anyways, this is just a interesting experiment i thought of so- just think about it.
A Sitting pikachu production

Is there something wrong wiht me?

I’m just kind of sitting here before i go to bed and i’m just going through peoples post and if i like/agree with what they said i don’t leave a comment but if i hate/disagree with what they say i flame them >.< i don’t know why i dont just go to bed…… Is there something wrong with me? mabye i need a hobby……. or learn to spell =P

Super Bad Day

Well on Sunday I’m just doing the regular stuff (PQing, making deals) and it was just plain sad.
First, I was just dropping stuff and tempting ppl at the PQ place in Kerning. After awhile, I got brave and began to drop more expensive stuff (gold ores, equips etc.) Anyways, I drop this silver snowboard and I suddenly lag then this noob picked it up.
I was like “GIV IT BACK, NOOB”
He was like “I’ll sell it to u”
He then defamed me and log out. The bad thing is that his name is complicated( you know those really annoying nmaes?), so I couldn’t remember his name.
After geting pissed by that, I decided to try my luck at PQ. I got a party and I found a track, then one of my members left and started selling the track. I got mad at him, and defamed him. He called some of his friends and guild members, and massed defamed me.
I got so pissed, so I log out.
After awhile, I decided to play again. I got this good party and was clicking my fingers out on the PQ when suddenly a dude called “chiefban” summoned a werewolf and killed me like 4 times(I was trying to fight it after I died the first time). I kept on missing and finally a hermit came and killed it in about 5 shots.
I decided to quit PQing so I went to Sleepywood(used a scroll) and started hunting horny mushrooms. Then, there was this lvl 4x I/L Wiz ksing me. I cced but he followed me. So we started having a ks war. The good thing was that my internet was faster than his but then after about 20 minutes, I horny mushroom dropped a mithril pole arm. We all ran for it but he got it.
I logged out.

A Maple Love Tale 6

WOW I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. I MADE ANOTHER ONE! I’m so sorry I didn’t make one earlier. Just to let you know I’m going to end this soon. Yeah I know, I don’t have a lot of time to write this stuff sorry. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE OTHER ONES FIRST PLEASE READ THOSE BRFORE THIS ONE.

After a few silent moments, which seemed like hours to Shane, he got up and stared at the boat dock. Chris and Jenny looked at each other and nodded. Chris put his hand on Shane’s shoulder. “If your going I’m going too” said Chris. Jenny nodded with him. Shane looked at his friends. He smiled, he as lucky to have such great friends. “Ok then we head next thing tomorrow morning!!!

Shane practically destroyed his closet looking for all his best armor and stars. He looked has equipment. 1 Meba, 1 addy avrice, 3 sets of kubis, 4 sets of icicles, 2 sets of tobis, and 1 set of steelies. He took steelies at hand, and but everything else in his backpack.

Jenny clenched her arrows. She smiled she had hundreds of them, ready for anything. She took a bunch of unagi meals just for this trip. She wanted to bring her best friend home. It tore Jenny’s heart when she heard the Jessie was leaving to El Nath. She took her bow, and slammed the door shut behind her. She met up with Chris and saw he had his Doombringer and a few extra two handed swords that she couldn’t make out because of the morning Ellinia fog. Chris smiled at her and gave her a friendly “hi”. She shyly said her greetings back to him. They headed towards the dock to meet Shane.

They all met up at the dock and quickly got tickets. They went on the boat and impatiently waited for the boat to move. Someone else had come on the boat. It was a mage, and by the looks of his burns, he was a fire mage. He had a cheerful grin and said his greetings. “Hi, my name’s Arturo! Are you guys going to fight the balrog?” Shane looked down and told him if any monster stood in his way towards El Nath, he would kill it. “El Nath? I thought that place was destroyed!” said Arturo. Shane, Chris, and Jenny all looked at him in shock. “Didn’t you here? Some priest girl went off to destroy the Zakum, but then as soon as it was summoned, it got out of control and destroyed the whole snow city. Now it’s not a city, but a lava covered hell!” Shane didn’t believe his ears. There was a big crash, and the boat lifted up form the dock. Arturo saw that his companions looked down. “But don’t worry!” he said hastily. “Not all of it may be true! And of course someway, it got exaggerated!” Shane didn’t listen he was just thinking. “Did you say a priest girl?” asked Chris. Arturo nodded. “Hey Shane, that might’ve been Jessie!”

Shane looked up with eyes wide open. There was another crash. They all ran outside and saw the dark ship. It was the Balrogs!!!!!

You know I didn’t really like that ending, but yeah I had to give you something. I hope you enjoyed this!

My Side of a Maple Romance Story 1

Well, since stories are so popular around here, I’ll decided to give a shot at them myself .


The snow was blowing in my face. My face was numb, my feet were frozen, my stomache screamed in pain– from not eating much for many, many days. I am Chris, a top rank Assassin, of Kerning City. I clutched my Kumbi stars close to me, in case a monster was to come. But now, it wouldnt make a difference if I had a stick. I was too tired to go on. I was wearing my Bamboo Hat over my face, to attempt to block out the snow. My Meba was around my arm, barely keeping the frost from piling on my skin. I was venturing to El Nath. I was near it, I could tell. I was running out of food, and didnt know if I would make it to El Nath alive or not. Some people say getting there is half the fun, but right now, it seems that getting there is what I would call ‘survival’.

I shivered in the cold and finally made my way to El Nath. I went into the local store and sat on a chair and fell fast asleep. The warm, roaring fire felt like a warm blanket surrounding my body and wrapping me in it’s flickering arms. I could swear that I got to sleep for no more than 10 mintues when I woke with some old man poking me with a cane.

Old Man [dry voice]: What the ‘eck are you doin’ in my store you friggin’ tourist! Get out! OUT! OUT!!!
Me [sleeply]: Ow! Fool, stop pokin’ me! I’ll leave! I’ll leave!

I walked out of the store with an old man hollering at me. The cold wind stung my face as I exited the store. I heared the old man scream, “AND STAY OUT!” and slammed the door, as I left. I opened up my backpack. I had some Kumbis, Icicles, Mokbi, Wooden Tops, and some Wolbi. I also had some potions. All my food was gone, I ate it all during the cold, bitter trip. I decided to find a place to stay. I stayed at an Inn. The lady at the front desk showed me to my room. I bathed myself in some warm water and slept in peace.


I awoke in the morning. I deiceded to go purchase some snowshoes. I was here originally for vacation, but it wasnt so after I learned that the trip took everything out of me. I went to go kill some little Yetis. I grapped my Icicles and went outside. As I was exiting El Nath, I saw someone. She was a Cleric. She had long, black hair. It was very smooth. She was wearing a Green Jester hat, wielding a Wizard Wand, and wearing some snowshoes, and the usual skirt and top for Magicians. It was a girl I had a crush on. Her nickname was Lil Turtle because she always wore something green. She looked very troubled. Being the coward I am, I rushed out without her seeing my face. I started killing Yetis, but half heartedly. What was Lil Turtle doing here? Why was she troubled? The thought of Lil Turtle being my girlfriend filled my head until a voice snapped me out of my day dreaming. Lil Turtle noticed me, and was greeting me. My stomache felt like it was full of Stirges. I replied with a shy “Hi.” She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and teleported off turning red. I just stood there in amazement and willingly let a Yeti bite me just to see if this was a dream. It wasnt one. I continued killing Yetis with a stupified, smug look on my face. There was a sqeaky little voice inside me saying “She likes you!”


Please comment and click on the “Enjoyed it” button if you liked it. If you guys like it, I can write more =|


(>^^3)> A Kissy-Kirby Production(>^^3)>

©Copyrighted (not really but I like the symbol, and it makes me sound professional :P)

Lost Friends, and strange experiences.

I am still crushed with the 200 ton writer’s block and it’s breaking my back. I’m gonna write other blogs in the mean time. Bear with me, it’s LONG -.-

Lost friends

As i was making my new character for Maple Story (my 1st char was lvl 10– I thought it was high enough at teh time), I met some very nice people. I was a nooby lvl 15 rogue, throwing subis and using a garnier. I was the poorest person who could be in MS. I had less than 1k, and I never complained about it. As i was training with my friend (i kno IRL) someone walked by and just said “Jesus Loves you” and dropped me 20k. This person was a lvl 2X magician, named LootMage. He also gave my friend 20k. My friend and I are Christians and met at church (no, I’m not trying to fuse religion with gaming). We were very happy to see people sharing our beliefs through the game. We each added this person to out buddy list. Months later, the friendly mage was hacked. He made a new character (without my knowlege) and started training up. I was venturing around Kerning with my thief– now lvl 20– and met someone named “StarsOfPoo”. I just walked past this person and noticed he was wearing a lvl 15 glove, which I needed. I requested a trade and asked “Can I trade these ores for your glove?” and I put up a few hundred ores that I didnt need (yeah, hundred– I didnt know i can make stuff out of them). He replied “No, I still need it.” I cancelled the trade and was walking away. Then this happend:

StarsOfPoo: wait!
Me: yes?
StarsOfPoo: Do you know lootmage?
Me: *F6* do you know him o_O;? Yeah, I kno him. . .
StarsOfPoo: Hey! Long time no see! I’m lootmage!

I smiled and asked him did he want to party. He said “wait a sec.” and dropped out the lvl 15 glove for me to take. I took it and asked “DO you want me to pay you back?” and he jsut walked off and started killing. I have lost touch with this Maple Friend because he was hacked and probably quit playing or made another character that I dont know of.


~Yet, another lost friend~

I was training a noob mage of mine, lvl 8. I was wearing a wierd browing training set with a brown skull cap. Suddenly, a lvl 25 female mage ksed me accidentally and said “Woops! Sorry!” And i just smiled and said it was no problem. She then looked at me with an F6 face.

Me: What?
Mage: Your clothes look wierd. . .
Me: Um, yeah im a noob ^.^
Mage: lemme go buy you some better looking ones!

She then used a scroll to ellinia, bought me a blue set of clothes, mage hat, lvl 10 staff, and a lvl 15 set (blue)<– lol she luvs blue xD. She also bought my friend a lvl 20 stuffs and lvl 18 set of mage clothes (my friend is lvl 18 wearing lvl 15 stuff). We said thank you and quickly added her to our buddylist. After a while, we didnt grow as fond with this girl because she had a rather bad habit of cursing. She sometimes got annoyed with us so eventually we deleted her from out buddylist. We kinda seperated after that, and I think she quit MS. She still was a good friend besides her foul language though. He same was Sagahara btw .