A New Beginning.

Thanks, if you’re reading this!

I decided to make a MMOTALE. Cuz just normal Mapling and not writing about your experience is kinda >.> meh. I mean it’s always fun sharing with other people about what you did today in Maple and all the interesting little stories. Well first off, to introduce myself, my name is Paul, and I’m on the world BELLOCAN. My IGN is CuumShot (Most Bellocanians should already know me for my outrageous name x3). Currently to this day, I’m a lvl 74 Ranger (AR). Yes, i’m a slow trainer. I know >.>. Well what I plan on doing in MMOTALES is starting off my Lvl 70 Chronicles. Too bad I couldn’t share my first 4 lvls of being 70 to the people. But there wasn’t much going on in them, so who cares XP. Well I Hope you enjoy reading my blogs!! read more

Lvl 70 Chronicle – Pt. 1

To start off, for the people that are wondering about my stats and equipment.

They’re right there


It’s 1 AM, and I just don’t feel like training tonight. Kind of a waste of my 12-4 2x EXP card. But w/e xP. All my friends are off cept for a couple people >.>. So i’m going to write a blog . read more

Quitting for REALZ

I’m gonna quit 100%.

Yes, not coming back with those “lolol pron” titled blogs.

Also, don’t expect me to write some long ass summary of why I’m leaving or what I’m gonna do after I leave.

Hey, good idea, I will.

The reason that I’m leaving is obvious, I don’t play any games anymore. Generally, I don’t. Like, I still play FPS and MMORPG with friends when we go to internet cafe. But yeah, I don’t anymore. Nothing I can do here except for reading other people’s blogs and commenting on them. read more

Lupine Dawn – Part 2

Lupine Dawn Part 2!

It’s hard to write two stories at once, yes, but if I get bored of one, I can hop to the other! HUZZAH!

The dazzling morning light had faded to an embracing afternoon sheen. The grisly scene of the morning was fresh in the minds of Jeremy and Crystal, who had spent hours dragging the dying man back to their camp.

The man awoke to the smell and sounds of a crackling fire. A familiar scent wafted through the air – the smell of charred pepe meat. He tried to stand, but could only muster enough energy in his broken body to twitch his neck. read more


Owie! Ouchie! Owie! Ouchie! Ow owch!! My mouth hurts Oh and before I forget. . .
*twirls around, takes out a shotgun, and shoots the critic sneaking up behind me*
Hehe, THAT’LL teach them to mess with meh! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

Okay, now—


*falls over dead*

D@*! CRITICS! Sheesh, they’re everywhere! Oh well, blogging in spirit form is cooler, ’cause I won’t be interrupted by a certain group of people! read more

Boredom can lead to serious concussions.

YEP. Soo i came back after a year of not playing (boredom got the best of me sadly -..-)

Gahh don’t start with the whole “you’ll always return” blah blah. Yeah. Anyway a year can really change a person o.0; (hahahah don’t start Rin.) Mmmm yea I simply play for pleasure and fun

I don’t know… i’m really out of ideas to write stories, though my minds been screaming WRITE THE WACKED UP STORIES!!! Still need some motivation for another novel though. High school isn’t allowing me the time on the weekdays though so I sustain my MS playing to the weekends. Hahahaha, but I can drive now! (And i’m officially driving now ^^ heehee.) read more

(Can’t think of a proper title)

Long time no type. Or something rather.

Lets start with….
Me being 111. I didn’t take an ss because I was on the phone spazzing …& Well I forgot? (mumbles)
Lets also add in that I got a storm caster from NLC I’m yet to sell it ..I like wearing it haha. Only good thing I ever got from those moron machines.
I’m thinking of getting a new kage. My dmg sucks right now. I want a pygo.. And argh I hate those stupid crystal ilbis You cant even re-charge them until showa ~__~ I know its a few patches away & all but meeh.. I haven’t even seen anyone use em *f3*
Also where are all the fire arch mages at?! I swear I’m yet to see one all i see are Bishops (yuck) and Ice arch mages (shudders)
None of them are in my guild or I dont see them in leafre. I acutally went looking for an F.p arch mage
Found = none
. read more

4 Noobs, 13 Snails of Doom (Prologue)


Author’s Note

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Wow, whose dumb enough to stray into a lazydame blog?
Okay, so here’s a story I just drew up that is told mostly in dialogue
It will be random and hilarious, I hope (lol, I had to add that in because if I didn’t then you guys would think I’m bragging or something)
At first it was an idea, it formed in my mind, and I thought, “hey why not let some of my imagination spill out on a sheet of paper.” So this is the result.
Only a short prologue. I do not like to write prologues, I’d rather just kick right off into a story but I decided to make this a prologue while writing it. I simply could not squeeze this information into one paragraph like I was wishing for.
This will be a short and I’m thinking a fun little story to write! Recommendation: Pay close attention to the names so you don’t get confused! read more

Nighttime Mapling–I’m such a rebel

Warning: I still can’t take screenshots.


I’m trying to figure out why. I take the pic and I know MS gets the command (screen freezes momentarily) but my computer doesn’t receive the picture. ;-; I really wish I could play in windowed mode.

Onward to the real blog!

I spent almost all night Mapling.

I deleted my old Windia mage because I wanted the name SoulofHaruhi. Yes, just for the name. o_o read more