A New Beginning.

Thanks, if you’re reading this!

I decided to make a MMOTALE. Cuz just normal Mapling and not writing about your experience is kinda >.> meh. I mean it’s always fun sharing with other people about what you did today in Maple and all the interesting little stories. Well first off, to introduce myself, my name is Paul, and I’m on the world BELLOCAN. My IGN is CuumShot (Most Bellocanians should already know me for my outrageous name x3). Currently to this day, I’m a lvl 74 Ranger (AR). Yes, i’m a slow trainer. I know >.>. Well what I plan on doing in MMOTALES is starting off my Lvl 70 Chronicles. Too bad I couldn’t share my first 4 lvls of being 70 to the people. But there wasn’t much going on in them, so who cares XP. Well I Hope you enjoy reading my blogs!!

Lvl 70 Chronicle – Pt. 1

To start off, for the people that are wondering about my stats and equipment.

They’re right there


It’s 1 AM, and I just don’t feel like training tonight. Kind of a waste of my 12-4 2x EXP card. But w/e xP. All my friends are off cept for a couple people >.>. So i’m going to write a blog .

Today was a pretty good day. I slept late as usual, woke up to this day. Got on MapleStory. All my friends were on after coming from school, and afterschool and such ( I don’t have school, cuz I checked out and plan on going to a different school). Ughh, I was bored as ever so I decided to train at Pirates with 7 AR. Went pretty well, you know, just stand there healing, and holding onto the AR button, and getting a load of exp >.>. After I lvled (Lvl 74). I decided to go scrolling. Just for fun i decided to buy 10% overall dex scrolls (extremely cheap in Bellocan) and scroll my Linnex, that time it only had 8 slots, 2 failed :/. I didn’t expect it to go pretty good, just for the fun of it. But it went pretty well, 20dex/2str/9acc/3speed not bad eh? Ahh and I went FM hunting for 60% cape dex scrolls. I buy them for cheap about 1mil a piece xP. So far i could only get my hands on a couple of them and scrolled my PinkCape 2 atk. Currently it’s only 6dex 2slots. Now I only had about 30milish left. So I decided to buy a SMEGA with my remaining 1,700 nx cash. I did that and used it saying “Buying 8~10 dex Earrings 25mil+”. I immediately got whispers and someone had a 8 dex single earring. So I bought that for 25mil and quite happy about it . So right now I just got back from voodoos, training there at stopping at 20%, ughh just not in the mood of training tonight. I gotta go out LATER TODAY, so when I get back at night i’ll straight grind onto lvl 75 .

Quitting for REALZ

I’m gonna quit 100%.

Yes, not coming back with those “lolol pron” titled blogs.

Also, don’t expect me to write some long ass summary of why I’m leaving or what I’m gonna do after I leave.

Hey, good idea, I will.

The reason that I’m leaving is obvious, I don’t play any games anymore. Generally, I don’t. Like, I still play FPS and MMORPG with friends when we go to internet cafe. But yeah, I don’t anymore. Nothing I can do here except for reading other people’s blogs and commenting on them.

I seriously see no point in doing that; it’s not like I didn’t realized that just now, it’s just that I deny myself of that. I knew that it’s pointless like a year ago, but I still do it anyways, like addictions.

Also, I feel a little bit regret of getting my account banned. 78 blogs deleted, 1100 likes gone. All that effort. Wasted.
Seriously, why can’t he just delete that specific blog and just ban my account from being logged on and IP ban me, why does he need to delete everything? Will that cause reforms or something? I don’t get it. Just don’t get it.

But I do feel that it’s an accomplishment! If my blogs had never been deleted, I would’ve stayed longer and wasted even more time . It’s just like what my Social Studies teacher says

My Social Studies Teacher said: “[Some European dude’s name] wasn’t wrong; he wanted to sacrifice the useless poor people for the country’s economy problem, sacrificing something for the greater. It was a necessary evil.

Nonetheless, I would’ve saved all the blogs I’ve written for future references, or to read for fun.

Anyways, I’ll still be on MSN as always. I’m still using my god damn laptop because after my desktop got reprogrammed since the incident from last time, it died out on me again. Oh yeah, guess what, the reprogramming dude recovered my previous files and he accidentally put his own files in it too.

I found pr0n of Asian girls giving BJ’s, it’s disgusting. I’ve seen others, but not as disgusting as that one.
Yes, ladies, I watch pr0n, but not a lot.

Every guy watches pr0n at least less than 5 times a month, okay? I’m different, because I don’t have time for it LOLOLOL. Last time I watched was last year at April (April 2007)
It’s natural

Tarry! (It means wait in Old English) Before I go, I wanna tell you about my day today!
It’s Friday today in Taiwan, and I was hanging out with my friends, apparently I was so tired when I got home, I nearly passed out on my bed and went into a coma for 5 hours and woke up. Let’s see.. I was..

– School
– Watching dance and drama production from 3:30 to 5:00
– Locking from 5:10 to 6:40
– Ate dinner with friends
– Went back to school for no reason and did nothing at all
– Went home
– Pass out

I hope all of you who’ve read my blogs before have enjoyed it and have enjoyed my last blog, this.

My youtube account lolz, I might change accounts soon.

P.S. Yes, that’s my MSN if you’re too retarded to figure that out.

P.S.S. I’ll be on MMOT responding to comments to this blog.

P.S.S.S. If you’re wondering, I’m in the blue collared shirt in the picture. T’was locking <3

Lupine Dawn – Part 2

Lupine Dawn Part 2!

It’s hard to write two stories at once, yes, but if I get bored of one, I can hop to the other! HUZZAH!

The dazzling morning light had faded to an embracing afternoon sheen. The grisly scene of the morning was fresh in the minds of Jeremy and Crystal, who had spent hours dragging the dying man back to their camp.

The man awoke to the smell and sounds of a crackling fire. A familiar scent wafted through the air – the smell of charred pepe meat. He tried to stand, but could only muster enough energy in his broken body to twitch his neck.

‘Well, for starters,’ he began to himself, ‘I can’t open my eye. I also can’t feel my arm… or my foot. There’s a fire somewhere… I’m alive; I see a tent… am I back in the village?’

His thoughts were interrupted as Jeremy entered the tent. A spastic jerk of his neck revealed to him the ‘intruder’, and he tried to gasp, but his jaw felt locked shut.

“I’ll be blunt,” said Jeremy, “you’re lucky that you’re alive, for one. You lost way too much blood, your arm and eye were mangled, your foot was completely snapped, and your jaw was misaligned. You were pretty beaten up. We managed to patch you up and use our only emergency kit to give you stabilizing fluids. We’re taking you to El Nath tomorrow.”

The man groaned softly.

“Oh. Your arm, foot, and eye are all gone. I’m sorry. It’s the best we could do just to patch them up.”

He let out another groan, this one fiercer and distressed.

“Seeing as you can’t eat, I suppose I’ll let you sleep. You’ll be moved tomorrow morning.”

He didn’t respond, save for another jerk back towards the ceiling. Jeremy exited the tent with a sigh, going back to Crystal at the fire.

The snow was beginning to freeze over once more from soft power to hard ice. The churned areas from footsteps were already accidents waiting to happen. Jeremy’s large boots, however, kept him aloft.

“You think he’ll be okay?” asked Crystal between two bites of pepe.

“Well, I can tell you he’s gonna live,” said the other, forlornly. He didn’t touch the food in front of him, only fiddled with a buckle on his pants.

Crystal sensed his mood and scooted closer, resting a thickly gloved hand on his knee. “Don’t be so down. We saved his ass from death. That’s what counts.”

Jeremy didn’t answer, just stood and crunched over to his tent. “See you tomorrow,” he muttered, slipping into the cloth enclosure.

Crystal watched him as he left. Though she didn’t know him long, the usual courteous, charming Jeremy was quiet and sad. She considered for a moment following him, but since that was against the rules and guidelines of her research fund provider, she simply finished eating and went to bed in her tent.

Night passed almost silently. There were a few times that Jeremy had a nightmare, and awoke to sounds of lycan howls and packs roaring over territories, but he supposed it was normal for a night out so deep in the frozen lands of El Nath.

However, morning can only bring surprises in the world of MapleStory, and that is what they found here.

“What the hell! WHAT THE HELL!” yelled Jeremy, staring with disbelief in the tent that housed the mysterious man. His entire body was shaking; his eyes were wide in surprise bordering on horror.

Crystal was awakened by his shouting. She stepped groggily from her tent into the shining morning snow… tinted deep red from blood. In front of her was a bloodied and half eaten Jr. Yeti, its entrails exposed. Flies buzzed hurriedly around it. Visibly canine tracks stalked around it and from out in the Icy Territories, the led slowly back to the tent where the man was housed.

The terrified researcher ran to her colleague, only to screech in terror at the sight before them.

There, in the tent, was the man. The previously battered, broken man.

The only difference was that his body was fully healed, just as it was when he was born.

…nude and all.

He slept peacefully, his clothing tattered and strewn across the floor. He was pristine, but the tent was covered in blood and white hair. On his person, white hairs were scattered along his body.

Jeremy took Crystal to his side, curtly turning her from the scene. She was breathing heavily and bordering on crying.

“…okay. Okay. We… we…,” he didn’t know what to do. “We should… dump him? Find his village? What?”

“No… no…,” said Crystal, steadying herself and pushing away from Jeremy. She began to massage her temples. “We, uh… we experiment? Put him in a cage or, or something… I don’t… I don’t know…”

Just then, a moan came from the tent. The two turned and, there was Mr. Mysterious, bundled in a bloody sleeping bag.

He rubbed his eyes. “So, uh, wanna tell me where I am and why I can’t remember last night?” he said casually, smiling warmly.

Phew. Okay, yeah. Kinda short. I think. And… yeah.


Owie! Ouchie! Owie! Ouchie! Ow owch!! My mouth hurts Oh and before I forget. . .
*twirls around, takes out a shotgun, and shoots the critic sneaking up behind me*
Hehe, THAT’LL teach them to mess with meh! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

Okay, now—


*falls over dead*

D@*! CRITICS! Sheesh, they’re everywhere! Oh well, blogging in spirit form is cooler, ’cause I won’t be interrupted by a certain group of people!

Now where was I? Oh yeah, FlyFF

Fly Fa Fun! Great game, really. The flying part gets boring after the first 24 hours, but the gameplay is fairly good. The graphics are sorta. . .darkish, and horribly remind me of that dreadful game RS. The worst part is that (like most MMORPGs now) it is 3D. Gosh D*!$#@ Why can’t they make more 2D games like MapleStory? Btw, I used to play MS, but. . .the constant grinding finally caught up to me, after 40 levels. Crazy, ain’t it?

In FlyFF, the transportation is really easy. You can quickly use a board or broom to swing between continents, or just use a blinkwing (like a town scroll) to town. Pretty simple in my opinion. Not much is going on here, because the exp/monster ratio is outrageously high, keeping me addicted. Currently level 35. xP

Real Life
Yeah, my real life is turning out to be really stressful as of late. First, I just got a tooth removed, and now my mouth hurts like heck (constantly, not intervals of pain). I’ve also got a music lesson in 3 hours from now (and it will be [sarcasm]real fun[/sarcasm]), and what’s more, a fricken CM in two days (what’d ya mean there’s no command for sarcasm?). For those who don’t know, a CM is a certificate of Merit, which I can only take once per year. It’s like Grade 1 and Grade 2, except much harder. I’ve got to do theory (writing, memorizing composers, intervals, scales, sharps—Basically a written test) and performance (play 1/2/3 pieces depending on level. Also etudes and scales). I’m trying for level 7, so I only have to memorize and play 2 pieces (oh goody -_-). Augh, and this blog is taking up so much time too! Jeez…

As for my academics, they’re just fine. Straight A’s for da win!

Yeah. I’m not sure if that would classify as a rant. Would it?

Now time type a funny essay I found in the book ‘One Hundread Great Essays, Second Edition’ by Robert Diyanni:

[i]Dave Barry
Road Warrior
If you do as much driving on our nation’s highways, you’ve probably noticed that, more and more often, bullets are coming through you windshield. This is a common sign of Road Rage, which the opinion-makers in the news media have decided is a serious problem, currently ranking just behind global warming and several points ahead of Asia.
How widespread is Road Rage? To answer that question, researchers for the National Institute of Traffic Safety recently did a study in which they drove on the interstate highway system in a specially equipped observation van. By the third day, they were deliberately running other motorists off the road.
“These people are MORONS!” was their official report.
That is the main cause of Road Rage: the realization that many of your fellow motorists have the same brain structure as a cashew. The most common example, of course, is the motorists who feel a need to drive in the left-hand, or “passing,” lane, even though they are going slower than everybody else. Nobody knows why these motorists do this. Maybe they belong to some kind of religious cult that believes the right lane is sacred and must never come in direct contact with tires. Maybe one time, years ago, these motorists happened to be driving in the left lane when their favorite song came on the radio, so they’ve driven over there ever since, in hopes that the radio will play that song again.
But whatever makes these people drive this way, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can honk at them, but it will have no effect. People have been honking at them for years: It’s a normal part of their environment. They’ve decided that, for some mysterious reason, wherever they drive, there is honking. They choose not to ponder this mystery any futher, lest they overburden their cashews.
I am very familiar with this problem, because I live and drive in Miami, which proudly bills itself as The Inappropriate-Lane-Driving Capital Of The World, a place where the left land is thought of not so much as a thoroughfare as a public recreational area, where motorists feel free to stop, hold family reunions, barbecue pigs, play volleyball, etc. Compounding this problem is another common type of Miami motorist, the aggressive young male whose car has a sound system so powerful that the driver must go faster than the speed of sound at all times, because otherwise the nuclear bass notes emanating from his rear speakers would catch up to him and cause his head to explode.
So the tiny minority of us Miami drivers who actually qualify as normal find ourselves constantly being trapped behind people drifting along the interstate at the speed of diseased livestock, while at the same time we are being tailgated and occasionally bumped from behind by deranged youths who got their driver training from watching the space-fighter battle scenes in Star Wars. And of course nobody EVER signals or yields, and people are CONSTANTLY cutting us off, and AFTER A WHILE WE START TO FEEL SOME RAGE, OK? YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT MISTER NEWS MEDIA OPINION-MAKER??
In addition to Road Rage, I frequently experience Parking Lot Rage, which occurs when I pull into a crowded supermarket parking lot, and I see people get into their car, clearly ready to leave, so I stop my car and wait for them to vacate the spot and . . . nothing happens! They just stay there! WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING IN THERE??!! COOKING DINNER???
When I finally get into the supermarket, I often experience Shopping Cart Rage. This is caused by the people—and you just KNOW these are the same people who always drive in the left-hand lane—who routinely manage, by careful placement, to block the entire aisle with a single shopping cart. If we really want to keep illegal immigrants from entering the United States, we should employ Miami residents armed with shopping carts; we’d only ned about two dozen to block the entire Mexican border.
What makes the supermarket congestion even worse is that shoppers are taking longer and longer to decide what to buy, because every product in America now comes in an insane number of styles and sizes. For example, I recently went to the supermarket to get orange juice. For just one brand of orange juice, Tropicana, I had to decide whether I wanted Original, HomeStyle, Pulp Plus, Double Vitamin C, Grovestand, Calcium, or Old-Fashioned; I also had to decide whether I wanted the 16-ounce, 32-ounce, 64-ounce, 96-ounce, or six-pack size. This is WAY too many product choices. I caused me to experience Way Too Many Product Choices Rage. I would of called Tropicana and complained, but I probably would have wound up experiencing Automated Phone Answering System Rage (“. . .For questions about Pulp Plus in the 32-ounce size, press 23. For questions about Pulp plus in the 64-ounce size, press 24. For questions about . . .&quot.
My point is that there are many causes for rage in our modern world, and if we’re going to avoid unnecessary violence, we all need to “keep our cool.” So let’s try to be more considerate, OK? Otherwise I will kill you[/i]

Directly quoted, with no changes made (except for converting the dash into —).

Lol, isn’t it funny? Sucks to live in Miami for him.

If you didn’t laugh, you have no sense of humor. *insults reader*

Oh yeah MMO Talers, I have an important task for you.













You usually go on.

Oh cmon, I can use suspense for irrelevant topics (and a space waster)! It ain’t spam (or is it?) Well, thanks a lot for reading. And perhaps you could press the ‘I liked it’ button down there. Yeah.

Boredom can lead to serious concussions.

YEP. Soo i came back after a year of not playing (boredom got the best of me sadly -..-)

Gahh don’t start with the whole “you’ll always return” blah blah. Yeah. Anyway a year can really change a person o.0; (hahahah don’t start Rin.) Mmmm yea I simply play for pleasure and fun

I don’t know… i’m really out of ideas to write stories, though my minds been screaming WRITE THE WACKED UP STORIES!!! Still need some motivation for another novel though. High school isn’t allowing me the time on the weekdays though so I sustain my MS playing to the weekends. Hahahaha, but I can drive now! (And i’m officially driving now ^^ heehee.)

Just some simple rant. Very simple and retarded rant.

(Can’t think of a proper title)

Long time no type. Or something rather.

Lets start with….
Me being 111. I didn’t take an ss because I was on the phone spazzing …& Well I forgot? (mumbles)
Lets also add in that I got a storm caster from NLC I’m yet to sell it ..I like wearing it haha. Only good thing I ever got from those moron machines.
I’m thinking of getting a new kage. My dmg sucks right now. I want a pygo.. And argh I hate those stupid crystal ilbis You cant even re-charge them until showa ~__~ I know its a few patches away & all but meeh.. I haven’t even seen anyone use em *f3*
Also where are all the fire arch mages at?! I swear I’m yet to see one all i see are Bishops (yuck) and Ice arch mages (shudders)
None of them are in my guild or I dont see them in leafre. I acutally went looking for an F.p arch mage
Found = none

Moving on I’ve been playing COD4 with my friend Nick getting some rage….out. A lot of rage…
I’m ok at it but I’ll be playing that Until I get SSBB.
Ahh I can’t wait to get SSBB. Standing outside a game stop at 12 mid night just sounds fun.
I’m qutting ms until I finish SSBB. Which won’t take me long I can finish games within a 4-8 day period.
moving onnnn

I’ll pay good money for someone to make me happy
I’ve been miserable no sleep no nothing for 2 days now.
Sucks…being dumped
I won’t ramble on that but its just not the same thats kind of another reason why im quitting ms.
for a while anyway
falto lo que teníamos


4 Noobs, 13 Snails of Doom (Prologue)


Author’s Note

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Wow, whose dumb enough to stray into a lazydame blog?
Okay, so here’s a story I just drew up that is told mostly in dialogue
It will be random and hilarious, I hope (lol, I had to add that in because if I didn’t then you guys would think I’m bragging or something)
At first it was an idea, it formed in my mind, and I thought, “hey why not let some of my imagination spill out on a sheet of paper.” So this is the result.
Only a short prologue. I do not like to write prologues, I’d rather just kick right off into a story but I decided to make this a prologue while writing it. I simply could not squeeze this information into one paragraph like I was wishing for.
This will be a short and I’m thinking a fun little story to write! Recommendation: Pay close attention to the names so you don’t get confused!

13 chapters, 13 snails, 13 times the excitement! (This one doesn’t count!)

Prologue: History of Snails

The term snail is a word that nowadays seems to be derived by a foolishly insane noob that likes to connect random syllables together to make up incidental words that are not in existence. But in this coincidental event, this crazy noob would not be stating arbitrary vowels strung together with no apparent reason, he would be correct. Yes, no one believes crazy insane noobs are ever correct, but on this rare occasion this person would be correct. Although, you would have to go back at least 1313 years to understand the meaning of the word. This word, in the 13th century of maple world, was seen inhabiting almost all parts of the planet known as Maple. The paranoid noob would probably be deemed as normal in a time where so much was going on, for anyone could define what a snail was, and chances were that they could have spotted a snail while blurting out the words in an instant because of their familiarity with the creature.

The creature plagued the earth as much as dust plagues it. Sweeping up the debris of dust, a task so simple a level 13 noob possessing a 13 attack work glove could accomplish it. What happens if some specks of dust are overlooked? In this case, we’re talking about 13 specks of dust that are actually symbolizing snails. 1300 years before, on the 13th of the 13th month, 13 billion snails were wiped off the windshield of death and effortlessly flung aside into the streets of the afterlife. 13 million and 13 was the current total of snails at the time. Subtract 13 from 13 million and you obviously should get 13 left over. So, as you can see, 13 has always been quite a magnificent and magical number.

The year aforementioned was a time when many truly remarkable things were happening in the world. Speaking of the world, at that time the world had just enlarged its borders when a land had arisen from the ocean, for this reason it was viewed as mysterious. It soon became a destination target. Not like a vacation spot that everyone aims to be at, more like a zone of terrible foreboding. The populous snails of the earth all seemed to be slowly making their way there. As they gradually slid there, they started joining up in groups. Out of fear, noobs began to attack the migrating snails, for they mused that something big was coming. Something big did indeed show up. From the very center of the island, whose actions were all marked as inexplicable, arose a great revealing.

Bombs with legs had generated from an unknown source and were streaming from somewhere. They came forth spreading a wave of terror that pulsed rhythmically to everywhere and the rate they were reproducing at was incredible. Boomers, as they came to be known, became as numerous as the snails. They quickly spread out around the world. Then their mission was fulfilled. They exploded. The flashing, the noise, the scene can all be described as intense and the last noise and thing seen. . .in a snail’s point of view. It was really an explosion of miniature size. The snails were easily destroyed by it but every other being that can be described as big or tall came out of the situation with a chuckle, since the explosion had only tickled their feet.

Imagine you’re a snail. What might you do if a random and unexpected fire suddenly burst from nowhere and came at you at a deathly speed, threatening to end your life? You might not know, but a snail does. It hides. In its shell. Away from danger. And so science has determined there were only 13 snails that had the “intelligence” to duck into their shells, or maybe they were napping at a hell of a lucky time. So, never mistake an absurd noob as dumb for saying the word “noob”, for he has uncovered a time long lost and perhaps has other intelligent information to scream about, but I highly doubt it.

Naroo: Why that was just lovely!

Narator: Indeed?

Naroo: No.

Aris: Hey Jeeves, since you have the butler accent why don’t you fetch me a soda?

Narrator: The name is definitely not Jeeves, and I will most certainly not be fetching you a soda after that rude remark. In addition, I am not a participant in real existence, I am a created form that only lives in this story because the creator has chosen it to be so.

Aris: No five minute break?

Merto: MESO! ! !

Naroo: Well, look at that, Merto’s having another one of his meso tourettes outbursts.

Nubo: Guys, shuddup, we have a quest to take on.

Naroo: We do?

Nubo: Well not yet, but soon

Narrator: Congratulations on spoiling the storyline.

Nubo: It’s not like I told them we have to destroy the remaining 13 snails cause they may be a big threat to the planet and bring doom upon it! Geeze, relax!

Narrator: . . .*sigh*

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Lol, the actual story shall be actually very little like this
Less narrator, more noob!
More noobiness to come!

Oh, also, I’m working on several other things right now too.
A couple of comics, rewriting AHS (yes, for like the 3rd time!), and uhh. . .*throws bomb at face*
*disappears in smoke bubble* *trips over wire* *blog shuts off*

~LaZzz. . .(Your friendly neighborhood lazy perso. . .)(Lol, suicide attempt posting this right after the Nazgul released a chapter! XD)

Nighttime Mapling–I’m such a rebel

Warning: I still can’t take screenshots.


I’m trying to figure out why. I take the pic and I know MS gets the command (screen freezes momentarily) but my computer doesn’t receive the picture. ;-; I really wish I could play in windowed mode.

Onward to the real blog!

I spent almost all night Mapling.

I deleted my old Windia mage because I wanted the name SoulofHaruhi. Yes, just for the name. o_o

I’ve noticed that they’ve added new quests and now they have Victoria Island monsters on Maple Island.

Good for potential warriors and permanent beginners but bad for mages with only 4 STR. T_T

I spent like forever beating up on Stumps just for one twig and I never got it. T^T I spent so long hitting on them that after awhile MS disabled my attack for a few seconds. Ahh!

Anyway, those quests made it much easier to reach level 8. I’m kind of ticked though. When I started, I had to play for hours nonstop to get to level 10. Of course, it didn’t help that I was in channel 1 ^^ but after level 7 or 8, I had to go to the secret portal east of amherst to gain the rest of my levels. I think that portal might be gone! ;-;

Not to mention that little “quests” kept coming up that awarded exp points just for reading something. I got 11exp for reading about SP. Ahh…they newbies have it so lucky…

After my departure from Maple Island (which is now free if you do the Lucas quest), I went to Olaf who also had a new quest I’ve never seen before. Also, did anyone notice that Mai called Olaf, “she,” and Olaf called Mai, “he”? Haha, did Nexon mean to do that?

So I did the usual things you need to do to become a Magician. I went to Grendel, who talked a lot, made me a Magician and gave me a spiffy new newbie wand (back in my day I had to buy it!). I also noticed that he offered the trip to Leafre quest. I almost took it but I remembered the 30k I had to pay to get back to Orbis. >.> I wonder how many newbies got stranded in Leafre.

When I was done with him, I got ready to leave but then a light bulb accompanied by an annoying alarm sound appeared over my head. Grendel was going to help me train! Yeah! Okay! I had to defeat “eightslime”. “Haha,” I chuckle to myself. “What is ‘eightslime’?” I go to the next screen and complete the quest in like 10 minutes. I get like 300xp for it and go up to level 9.

Uh, I’m feeling kind of bad that this is so easy.

Next, I am to kill “twentyslime.” Done in a flash and I’m level 10. I stop there for the night because I want to play on my main before the kiddies log on and lag up the place.

Lesson for the day is to learn how to swim, aim, shoot, and heal ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!

I go to aquarium after taking a quest from the scientist in the sewers. (How was I supposed to know he had dead dog skin-or something like that-on the table?) I’m supposed to kill 50 aqua pepes but there are hardly any sniping spots and little space (and no air!) so I nearly got owned and wasted so many pots. I’m going poor because I’m wasting so many potions. *emosigh*

I soon grow tired of this and then I start testing out the creatures of Aquarium. I get chased around by fish, seahorses, and crabs for a few hours or so. I complete a couple of quests and then I die because I went exploring.

I go into the cave that leads to Pianus. I test one of the monsters. He hits me for about 150hp. I think it’s safe to go further into the cave. It’s one area away, the monsters in the new area can’t be much stronger than the monsters from the previous area.


I slap a sea monster thing. He slaps me back HARD. And by hard I mean 1459hp. T_T I have 1100hp or so. Instadeath. ;-;

No worries though. Aqua monsters give good exp so in no time I get the lost exp back. However, I’m back to where I started. Which is 35%. I wanted to get to 40% but I was getting bored…

Later on, I plan to play on Cabal for awhile. I need to get to level 30 today or else bad things will happen. *_* I’ll try to include screenies from there but they’re not as fun as MS screenies.

(> O.o)>