There you have it folks…

…MMOTales has it’s own guild on SMS!

But before I get to that, I want to talk about how I Angeoed with Phil, Jams, Rya, and Holy.
I couldn’t get decent screenies since we kept getting pwned left and right. That dang old fart is tough. Her massive hand of doom scared me. Reminded me of my mother. God, I hope she doesn’t go all Anego on me when she gets older.

Now about the guild…

Guilds came out on SMS. At first I was against the idea and I’m like: “There are just going to be a bunch of 1 person guilds.”
I was initially going to stay guildless for the sake of my morals. But the Aaron told me about Arley making a guild called MMOTales where only us MMOTers were allowed entrance.
I learned of some MMOTers. Like Tenna. I had no idea she was a MMOTer. Then there was Invet. Didn’t know he was one either. I also wondered if Cheeze would join. Some MMOTers preferred to stay guildless, like Rya (Yuff). But it was okay, we wouldn’t force them. Although, Aaron kept pestering her to join in vain. Lmao.

That was also the day I met Dest’s char, TBaggins. Best. Name. Ever.

All we did was KPQ… but fail miserably. A bunch of times. But at least we had a nice conversation. Then some of us decided to take it to smega with Dest asking for GM heks. It was a nice conversation that made me feel a little bit better.
Then afterwards, I went to wep farm because I spent all my money on those smegas and Rya stayed to chat with me a bit before she left. Thank you, Rya. <3

All in all, I like the guild. I like it a lot. It was like my smaller world inside of an already small world. My little family. I felt like when we were being random and silly, that I temporarily forgot all of my problems and it was one of the best feeings ever. I really hope it doesn’t fall apart because if it did, I’d fall apart too. </3

~Happy Mapling from 13lue to you.

Adulthood means New Journeys.

So, since my last blog, lots of stuff has happened. Like, Gujju becoming an ADULT! But that just means I’m getting closer to having to waste my money for a rebirth. But that’s not the point. So other than doing part time jobs, quests and training, I have been exploring the world of Mabinogi. So with the starting of Generation 2, Paladin came the opening of a new town: Emain Macha!

It’s really a pretty city and the largest one so far. When I got there, I went screen shot happy. As I explored the town, I found a lot of the stuff that was in the promotional video my friend showed me before I started to play.
I found the Auditorium/theatre thing. If my instrument playing skill was any good, I might had done a little something for people to hear, but sadly, Gujju has no talent. =(

There is also another pretty church, but this one is WAY bigger. But what I really hate about it is the Priest that stands outside the Church. James I hate that man. But you will find out why later. There is also a nice restaurant by the water, where you are greeted by the lovely Shena ahah her name is my name with the letters n e and h in reverse. When I got bored of walking around this huge town, I made my way over to Town Square. There are these two identical girls there who sell flowers, but are not twins according to one of the townspeople. There is also this rich dude there, who is constantly losing his money for you to pick up. If only he was somewhere near the beggar that is always asking me for spare change.

Right by the square, there was this observation tower run by a flirty guy named Galvin or something like that, so I went over there and looked through a telescope and got to see this amazing little video of the city. I went there later to look over at the top, and the view of the square from up there.

When the night came, I decided to hit the club! Because it’s only open at night. I spoke to the door guy dude, who a real pretty boy when you start a conversation with him. I went in, and realized this was no dance club. It was more like a burlesque house. I went inside to talk to the main. . .show girl, Rua. Boy, does she ever talk! In the end of the long conversation I had with her, she somehow convinced me to go get her an apple. When i brought her said apple, she asked me to go get her some chocolate! I never knew these skanks were so demanding.

So I left the club, disappointed. Then I found one of those cool board things with a hole in the face to take pictures in. Here is one of Gujju as Nao. Once I was done fooling around, i decided to leave the town, because doing part time jobs there was lame-oh. Normal deliveries to one person turn into them asking “While you are at it, can you go to this person who is nowhere near your boss and give them this stupid teddy bear because I’m a darn priest and flirting with a girl would get me into big trouble with the Big guy in the Sky?” Yeah. I hate James.

So I left, and again, i just got screenie crazed:

Pretty Night Sky
Another night sky
Pine Trees
Some Random Fat kid. LOL
The ocean

Kay. My eyes hurt. And I am hungry for some All Dressed chips while I dance around the house to various songs. Peace out.

EDIT: I just noticed Town Square is a circle

Self-Imposed Ban = Lifted!

W00t, finally met the deadline for the project I was working on. For those interested (if you’re not, just skip to after the divider LOL), it was a favour for a friend who’s organising a carnival for the benefit of children with craniofacial defects (cleft lip, etc.), and needed someone to optimise the posters for commercial printing. That means working with huge files at 300 dpi using Adobe Illustrator, and trying not to let it crash and waiting a few minutes when I press save. For those who live in Singapore, you can see the posters at MRT stations and in trains from 19 June to 16 July. Granted, I didn’t manage to do ALL of the posters because 2 of the formats were just too much for my poor laptop to handle (note to self: get a Macbook next time), but I feel a sense of satisfaction all the same.

Anyway it’s called WAFF: The Carnival (WAFF stands for Warm And Fuzzy Feeling… O.o; don’t ask), and the carnival is on 13 July at the *scape Youth Park, so if you guys are free, go down and support them. There’ll be live bands and stalls and everything is for a good cause.

Oh and my astronomy quiz was quite easy. The exam is the week after next though, so I suspect I’ll have to disappear from Maple again to study for that… I MUST GET AN A IN THIS SUBJECT!!

So that now I have free time… it means… BACK TO MAPLE!!!

To tell the truth, I snuck on a few times during my self-imposed ban, but ehhh. You guys didn’t restrain me enough. T_T

Anyway I’m level 46 now and I got my level 50 Olympus bow by trading in 20 Maple Coins! W00t, so I’ve got all my bows up till level 64+ (yes, I got my Maple Gandiva Bow with 1500 Maple Leaves). The next thing I’ve gotta do is get the rest of my level 50 gear. So is anyone selling female level 50 archer gear on Aquila? I hope to reach level 50 by next week. Probably by doing more MCPQ, because it is much more fun than grinding, but I need to collect more Maple Leaves which I refuse to buy, so I’ll probably take a break and train a little at the Simian Forest. LOL, I mean Monkey Forest. I’ve always wanted to say that… simian.

Oh I finished the Icarus cape quest with the help of my friend, but the cape I got was +5 jump and I didn’t want to bother with all the scrolling so I sold it at 550k. I’m still using my level 25 Old Raggedy Cape, which is so ugly I bought black wings with my maple cash so that I could hide it. LOL. But since it’s scrolled it has +5 dex and +10 hp… not very impressive, I know, but ehh. I’m not really after perfect equips. I have one slot left after a 60% dex for cape failed. If I chance upon another cape scroll I’ll try and see if it works. but lately none of my scrolls have been working (60% atk for bow failed yesterday as well).

Well I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about, actually. Except that the guild that I joined seems to be picking up in activity and that’s good, since it means that I’ll always have a conversation to hop into when I’m training. I’ve spent most of my Maple life guildless, and it got pretty boring when all my RL friends quit, which was one of the reasons why I quit playing Maple, since I didn’t see any reason to train anymore. Plus, I missed PQing at Kerning (there weren’t any of the other PQs yet) so training was really plain grinding. And for some reason at that time, I was really averse to spamming pots, so I levelled really really slowly doing normal attacks. Well needless to say, I now consume pots like water. But I still manage to make a profit most of the time while training, which is good because I yam p00r.

Oh one more thing: I just upgraded my 3Mbps line to an 8Mbps one. Yaaaaay.

OAKAY. Enough with the boring blog. I need to get more sleep because I’m down with the flu. Must’ve been that all-nighter I pulled the other day. Sigh.

Edit: Hmm I uploaded a screenshot but it doesn’t appear? Help? Anyway it’s just a screenshot of my equips and my black wings which you can see here: link

Becoming ambidextrous.

No, currently not going well. I take a looong time just to type a word. Even worse just to write one.

Today I went to take my VJC entrance test despite my right hand being unusable. It was a general ability test, thank god, so they only give you patterns and all you need to do is shade the correct answer. At least my left hand is good enough for that.

This is a picture I drew with my left hand. I swear I tried my BESTEST BEST (In the background are the early drafts of the Cavalry characters done on the other side of the paper by my right hand done a few weeks back, didn’t expect it to be seen after scanning) –> : link

….. ;_;

Kindergarten/nursery. Probably in between. At least it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought.

I’m starting to appreciate my right hand more. Too late. Took it for granted. The first day I was thinking: Nahhh won’t make much difference.

I mean I can play GunZ because my left hand’s fine, but I can’t aim properly and do A LOT of k style because my right hand can barely control the mouse. Cherish your right hand, guys~!!

Today in GunZ:

I got owned. Real bad.

Can’t even butterfly properly. Not even flash step. Basically anything involving the right hand and timing.

Which is basically nothing.

I managed to get a few kills through strategy, though. NUB STYLE!!!!!! Surprisingly effective… Even without k style. Today was e style all the way. I wall hung, wall ran, wall bounced, comboed, and sprayed.

Score: 10 kills…..

23 deaths

Can’t blame me for entering a room with all fux pro k stylers =[ 10 kills was good enough, you’d agree if you were playing in that room and refrained from k style completely.



I don’t have confidence to start the dragon slayer quest yet. Despite reassurances from a certain MMOTales member (thx =D), I continued lounging around, going, “ENTERTAIN ME, SOMEONE”.

Well, at least I got the record of 3 random events within 5 seconds.

1st second: Random old guy gives me puzzle box
2 seconds later: Frog princess random event (kissed it lul)
5th second: Mime random event

Lol. Nothing interesting to report… Oh, and when I got back…

EVIL CHICKEN (lvl 81 chicken wtgoab) RANDOM EVENT.

(Ran for my life.)

New game I joined:

Yep, I joined Cabal…SEA. Lol. Who else? Pretty fun so far. I’m only lvl 5 though. Uber low fps for me x_x

This blog took more than half an hour to type

Legacy MS!!!!! (Short blog)




After 2 whole years of no-maple, I’ve finally broken my record and MAPLED!!!!!!!!!!1111111

Which is absolutely believable, actually. Maple is one of the only games I can play at the moment, because all my right hand has to do is just hit the arrow keys (Hurts duh but nothing unbearable).

No, I didn’t join SMS, OdinMS, whatever….

I’m playing LGMS

Well. Its exp rates are 100x. Mesos too.

After 5 hours of playing, I got 7 million. And hit lvl 50. And steelies. And a whole lot of cool eq. Sold the unusable ones though. And I get like 100k every 3 mins if I don’t stop looting. But then, sadly, the looting is… FUXSLOWWWW!!!!!!!@@@


It’s basically once every 5-10 mins: “coolIlvled”. Plus, I took like 1 hour to get from lvl 1 to 30.

LGMS has a VERY GOOD server. I didn’t dc at all. It didn’t lag at all. And it can house like 2000 players at one go. it has 2 stable channels. YAY.

And the grinding barely felt like grinding. You lvl SO FAST!!!!!@@@ Some players hit like lvl 130++ after like 1 week.

Am I allowed to post a link?


funnyfroggy said: “Not unless you mention me somewhere

-mentions funnyfroggy-

–>> link

Random Thoughts on NX/characters, etc

Because I’m bored. Oh, and excuse any errors in spelling or grammer. I’m still not entirely used to typing on a laptop and sometimes I still miss hitting keys >_>;

I started a new character on Mardia last week, as my previous entry said… was it last week I started her? I don’t remember. Anyway. I haven’t gotten very far on her. She’s only level 17, but I’m hoping to still get to level 70 by the end of summer.

Getting to level 70 in 3 months is possible for a lot of people, but not for me. I tend to get bored easily and end up never reaching my goals. I’ve played Maple for 3 years and the highest level character I have is level 76. I’ve had her for two years. And I got to level 70 LAST June/July. Yeah. See? Getting to level 70 in that amount of time is a challenge for someone like me. But I can always hope and try.

I’ve rarely bought any double experience cards. The only time I bought a double experience one was when it was on sale during the Christmas sales, in which I got from level 72 to level 75 with that. I bought a one day 2x experience card once on my sin before it was a regular item in the Cash Shop and it was on sale at random times. I saw it and got it because I was determined to get my sin to level 40 that night, and did (was level 38).

Anyway, I find the cost of the cards to not be worth it. I know people who buy them all the time to level up their characters, but I personally hate spending all that money on a character… $19 a month for double experience for four hours every night. Perhaps some see it as being worth it, but when you don’t have a job, it’s a little expensive >_> But I am considering buying a card to help me on my new character… which seems a little stupid since she is only level 17. *shrug* I was even thinking of getting a 10 day 2x exp card and one 2x exp card for a night… That would help out a lot. But once again, it’s expensive, in my opinion. I don’t really want to spend $10.50 just to get that much experience on something like Maple. It’s not worthwhile. Sure it will help speed things up, but how long will I actually play Maple and how much of Maple actually has to do with my life? -.-

So I dunno. I am going to at least get 5k NX so I can get a new haircut (an exp style, so I probably won’t get the one I won’t and waste $2.10 instead). Even though I’m against buying 2x cards, I do tend to go overboard with buying hair coupons. Not as much as some. It’s not like I spend tons of cash trying to get the style I want like some people. But considering how worthless I consider spending money on Maple, I probably have spent a little too much on hair in the past. If I get a decent hairstyle on the first try (I’m not going to try my luck. If I get a decent style, I ain’t messing it up by wasting my money to get another coupon and getting an ugly look), I may at least get a 4x exp card with the leftover NX since I don’t really have anything else to spend it on.

Anyway. This was written in a fit of boredom. I was going to post something similar in my LiveJournal, but only two of my friends there play Maple. And I post an entry almost everyday (I like to talk too much online sometimes), and I didn’t want to annoy them with an entry most (or all) of them wouldn’t want to read.

And I doubt anyone actually read all this Random thoughts. Woo. Adios mis amigos.

sms? no.


Well, I hit level 50 several days ago, and I couldn’t be any happier. For my birthday, a friend got me 50,000 NXzorz, and I blew most of it on the Trade Shop, and some on a hair coupon for Showa. The spiked one fit me very nicely, as it resembles me dangerously in reality. I got a 9 attack WG, along with a something above average attack Slain.

I actually expanded my buddylist to 30 papelz. Most of them are occupied by inactive friends I know in reality, but if I were to delete them, my balls would then become non-existent. ;-; So I’m forced to punch myself in the face whenever I’m tempted to delete them off the buddylist.

Incredible apologies to iPod for not finishing the Axis Of Ekil for approximately 2-3 weeks right now. I was about to finish it, and I was on my 2nd to be last paragraph, but it restarted. My motivation imploded after I saw the restart occur right before my very eyes. I’ll get it done though. . .

[i]evenchulee lozl[i/]

I love my friends. I think they’re what keeps Spade playing MS all zeh time. They all love me, and I love them back. (Most of them.) They’re not the nooby friends I had when I first started to play the game, where we would just greet each other when one of the other logged on, and would never talk again. Eventually, we would ask each other who they were, and it would usually end up in the deletion of that person from the buddylist. (Pic 1)

I love my guild as well. Everyone’s so active and friendly there, and I can’t believe I made a guild with an emblem, and with a max of 25 members. We’re all planning on doing a GPQ soon, when everyone’s on and at a decent level.

AND OH YEAH. This guy offered me 4 maple items and 100 k for one of my Tobis. I think of that as the trade of the century. My friend said it was an okay trade, but he soon changed his answer as I tiger palmed him. (Pic 2)

I loved getting spammed. (Pic 3)

I HAFF TEH STEELARZ NAO! Someone was selling them for 4.7 mil, so I bought a set off of him. (I had 5 mil then lozl.) They look so 1337, and definitely kick the arse out of my Tobis. ;-; I’m planning on getting more sets after I buy a shop, and sell all of my dark scrolls and maple items. (That’s what normal people do, right? ‘-‘ )



FAME: 38
M.RANGE: 503
PLAYTiME: 7 hours. (weekly)

Well, I think I’m gonna leave it at that for now. Remember to click that button down there you see, because it will DEFINITELY award you with cookies and milk. Also, if you play in Global Broa, add me! iSHiNx7! We’ll get along just fine as long as you listen to ol’ Spadey and gimme all jer money! (I did mention that there is an entrance fee to the fabulous Spade’s BL, right?)


Shut yer Mouth, Son

(@title: that’s what SMS stands for in my opinion)

Well, it’s been a few months since I posted my last blog… Hey, wait a minute! I just posted one the other day! But (dun dun dun…) it was deleted! And I got my behind banned. Now I have do better to appease that one guy who I thought never visited this site! D<

Unless… Know anyone that can still delete blogs? I wonder…

So basically in my last blog (if you read it) I just went into detail about the good stuff in SMS. I’ll rewrite that list in case it encourages any more of you rascals to go out and make an account!

• 30x-50x exp rate
• really high money and arrow drop rate
• excellent equip drop rate
• NX is free and doesn’t expire
• you can buy VIP coupons for eyes, hair, skin color, etc.; you can also buy smegas
• enemies don’t have buffs and can’t cause status problems
• mostly everyone is nice
• lots of events and GM’s are active
• hunting for most equips are pretty easy
• quests give insane exp (a simple 50k exp quest multiplied by 45? hella-awesome)
• swell table manners
• doesn’t cheat on you for your brother
• doesn’t press the snooze button for an hour, just wakes up
• doesn’t forget your birthday and anniversary

• it used to lag, so that problem may return but probably not
• NX you want is hard to come by, and you have to hope someone else will sell it or you find it at an event
• sometimes it’s pretty barren, but hey, no competition for training spots
• a BL glitch that sometimes gets rid of your recently added friends
• some PQ’s and bosses aren’t available for now, but they just came out with the KPQ that any level can participate in and you get quote/label rings from it

Speaking of the KPQ and its rewards, has anyone found a Maplebowl Quote ring yet? I just keep finding Maplebowl labels and VIP Rocks and Tele Cokes that don’t work. D:

Oh, maybe another thing to add to the advantages of SMS: a lot of MMOTaler’s play I guess. Uh, if you want their IGN’s you can probably just contact me in game (yeah, you have to get an account first before you can know how all plays), and I’ll spew out their identities.

Bah, but enough of the game itself and other MMOTalers. Let’s talk about what I got accomplished! I think in the last blog I posted I was level 70 or close to it. But now I am level 100 WK! I maxed out all three of my charges now, and I’mma go for Charge Blow, followed by MP Recovery, and then some first job skills. I don’t think there’s really a use for Magic Crash since enemies don’t even buff themselves, but I dunno if I should just in case that’s an update in the future. Tenna… uh, someone here on MMOTales said I should do that in case.

(don’t worry Tenna I know who you are on MMOTales)

I should start working on getting better equips though; I’ve had the same stuff for a while now. Right now I have a Red Battleroad (6 STR and 13 DEX), Dark War Grieves (the level 80 boots? scrolled with a 60% for DEX), a Maple Helmet (4/4/4/4), a Black Magic Cape (4 slots with a 60% DEX on it; I’ll keep that probably), a Dark Knuckle (4 STR with a 60% glove attack on it; I’ll probably keep that too), and a Maple Rohen I’ve had for ages (4 strength, 39 acc!, and 95 attack). I’ll just use that stuff for a while and slowly progress towards the highest level equips.

HONEY! Honey is the main ingredient on Iron Chef right now. :O

I guess I’d say I have decent equips, but if I donated a little bit I might be able to get some nifty stuff like a Zakum Helmet and Horntail Necklace, although I guess there was a Zakum Party one time. I’m pretty sure that bastard does like 4k damage so I’mma have to train to survive. I think I have only around 6k HP atm.

A thing that’s a little disheartening for a WK though is that you might not always hit your highest on all enemies. I’ve been training on Ghost Pirates and Dual Ghost Pirates since about level 84, and ever since then I could hit them 100% of the time with no accuracy buffs; I’m even to the point that I can hit 10k on them with a Power Strike Fire Charged. However, I went to Aqua Road at level 100 after I maxed my Thunder Charge, and I could only hit like 5k’s, and I kept missing. I wanna find a new training spot besides Dualies but my low DEX ways won’t let me do that for now. Any suggestions anyone? I have about 120 accuracy with a Sniper Pill, and I capped my DEX at 40.

Okay, I’m actually a little tired about talking about myself, so I wanna take this blog in a new direction. This summer’s releases! I’mma go see Iron Man this Sunday since our theater’s finally getting it; and I know I could’ve just seen it on the Internet, but where’s the fun in that?! You don’t get to enjoy the sinking seats, the sticky floor, the greasy popcorn, the warm pop, and the constant screw-ups with the reel.

Andandand that reminds me of the Dark Knight! That’s one of my top to-see movies this summer, along with the Hulk. Hopefully they didn’t fudge up that up this time.

Uh, that’s about all I can think of for movies… I know there’s a lot more out there. D:
To games then! I wanna play ToS2! And… I dunno. I gotta keep reading my Nintendo Power to stay informed. >.<

Okay, enough of that direction. I thought it would be a good idea, but I’m pretty much clueless. I only woke up about an hour ago, and that’s not long enough for me to fully get to it.

One last thing though: If anyone here is willing to trade a Black Snowboard Overall or a Dark Suit for a Brown Overboard Snowverall, contact me please! I know my BSO, but I want a BSO so the red will match my hat; a Dark Suit would also work ‘cuz I prefer it over my old Black Suit of Death. Yeah, just add MastrCheeze (I couldn’t include that first e).

Also, if anyone has some spiffy NX shoes or gloves (I really want some Black Leather Boots) for grabs, FIND ME!!@~!~~!@!!!~!~@

Mmkay then, that’s about it. Let’s go for a better blog than my last! >O


MapleSEA Servers:What ARE they DOING?!

I am playing MapleSEA and completing the event anniversary quest so I have been neglecting MMO a bit, but there is one teeny little problem. SEA players, ever noticed that the servers are choking on the traffic? Just 2 days ago <26th Jan> and today <28th Jan> there was SEVERE latency pulling my whole computer down. Plus there was 2 DCs today then the MapleSEA website said there was a server maintenance. Plus the Evil Spirit Jar 3 quest was totally faulty. I know my computer quality is lousy, but that was SEVERE lag. Not the ones that I usually get and clear up after a while, but those that are acute and chronic and causes 10 Disconnections in an hour flat! MapleSEA players, state your views here.

P.S. For MapleGlobal, MapleEurope and other servers, for your information MapleSEA’s new 5th world Eridanus is opening on 4th June, what would you do if your server is opening a new world but on that day the servers were so lousy until everyone’s computer lags so much that it DCs?

Note: I need plenty of Maple Leaves to upgrade me Maple Doom Singer into the new Level 64 weapons, anyone mind donating some? <1500 Maple Leaves to go>

Hey I am serious! I need Maple Leaves but I am REALLY hard up. F.Y.I. Bank balance: 200,000 mesos

Northern Markets Ep87

Episode 87

Dawn found the KOE high above the Kashkun mountains (80,000 feet above sea level). The instruments onboard picked up on extra radiation from the Sun and space, and as soon as the Sun came up, Ylin had to adjust the gloine-phol system to filter out the harmful radiation and UV light.
The sonar system produced confusing images and maps of the mountains, and they had to change the flight path several times to avoid cities and towns. Right now they were flying past Kashkun City.

“The Justice Arrow owned a storage building down there,” Jango explained. “Guys from Kashkun were the first to ship magicians from the Haktzku base near Perion, and they tried to run the magic market themselves but the Kashkun guards shut them down pretty quick,”
Ylin, Whiskey and Meeka were in the cockpit too.
“Then what happened?” Whiskey demanded.
“The JA set up a hard-negotiated deal with the guys who owned the army base at Cold Death Pass. In return for a fee of 60% of our profits, they let the JA drive across ourselves and the bow masters took over what was left of the market in Kashkun City. Of course, the guild at the pass didn’t deny SEA Lander guys from coming and going, they paid them good money to get across, and so the JA had to compete.”
“How? What kind of competition?” Ylin asked.
“A magician sells for alot more in the SEA Lands, so the guys had to pay the JA big money for them. In Victoria, they don’t have to pay so much, so they always came. After the rangers took over the pass, the Arrow completely controlled the magician smuggling operation from Victoria all the way to Kashkun. And so they raised the prices.”

“Damn. What’s the going rates last time you checked?” Whiskey asked.
“Jonas Oppal of the Opsquatch family was appointed the boss at the market in Kashkun. The customers were mountain farmers, Yetis, and tribesmen. A dead magician would be used for food and fertilizer for mountain crops. Live magicians were used as slaves. Dead ones sold anywhere between 100K and 15 million. Live magicians sold anywhere between 150K and the highest price I heard of was 90 million.”

Ylin scowled. “And all the magicians were from Ellinia?”
“Most of them, yeah. Most of the cheap ones were from Kerning, though, and at times, the JA and their business partners in Kashkun used SEA Lander magicians too, but they were alot cheaper than Victoria ones,”
“How did the Justice Arrow expand their business into New Saskatchewan?”

“They just went to Border Town and set up. They took over the magic market down there and used that place to sell Victorian magicians. Apparently the further you go into the SEA Lands, the more valuable they sell. So around Year’s End, the JA moved to selling magicians at Border Town only, and yeah. Kashkun customers went back to buying local magicians until the guard destroyed their market. Then the JA took it over and used it as an outpost.”
“Any other connections the bowmen might have?” Ylin asked.
Jango thought. He remembered being aboard the airship Hyuit last week.

The commander bow master said that the JA ships magicians to other places in the SEA Lands or sold them to criminals in New Saskatchewan. All the bowmen on the Hyuit were being dispatched to the JA’s base in New Saskatchewan, and they were to escort shipments of magicians.
“Yeah, they did, and Jalonska was sending guys out to reinforce the connections.”
“Why were you out here?”
“It was by accident. I was forced to do cleaning onboard the ship when it suddenly took off. The commander looked at me and didn’t even think about letting me off. Everyone else was a seasoned bow master,”

“And the New Saskatchewan armed forces destroyed them,”
Jango nodded. That was when he hid, and after the battle and the brutal storm was over, he stole a truck and drove all the way to Ellinia. Looking back, Jango still couldn’t believe he got past Cold Death Pass and missed the JA patrolmen in Perion.

The flight was a smooth ride since they blasted their way out of Ellinia, but when the KOE passed the electromagnetic barrier and entered New Saskatchewan airspace, things got rough. As they were blasted with radiation, the magic shield had to be put at max and the gloine-phol system also had to be maxed, But to Ylin’s biggest surprise, the magic abosrbant system actually began converting the cosmic and solar rays into mana and the plane was almost overloaded again, so after the mana reserve tanks filled up, the rest of the excess magic had to be discharged. In the morning sky, the KOE emitted a tail of bright white light.

But then they met harsh turbulence as the KOE took on the fierce winds of New Saskatchwean’s living skies. To keep the ship from being wrenched to pieces, Ylin was forced to fly low and keep less than a hundred feet above the ground. Ylin could not slow the plane down because the excess magic being let out the back exhaust pipes would burn the plane.

Everyone held on tight in fear as the KOE flew almost out of control over the hostile grassy New Saskatchewan landscape. Out on the prairies dominated by steel strength-razor sharp grass, herds of gigantic rabbits, wombats, mastodons, giant hamsters, and other monsters thought to be extinct.

It didn’t take long for the archmages of New Saskatchewan to notice and persue the KOE. A pack of wind mages chased after the ship, ordering the KOE to land and for its occupants to surrendur immediantly.
Eventually the plane landed- slid along the grass and came to a stop by a river 40 miles north of Border Town. Ylin, Meeka, the ranger, and the Kerning City cops were all arrested and taken away. The arrest went smoothly. As visitors in the strange land, Ylin made everyone surrendur and they showed no resistance when the archmages tied their hands in wind woven handcuffs. The magic wove the air into super strong fibers, and the handcuffs were as strong as metal chains. The Sasko mages weren’t rough at all once they realized the Victorians showed no resistance, and they realized they were not an enemy.
So they got taken away for interrogation and debriefing.
In the days that followed, everyone gave the Sasko authorities a full summary of the situation in Victoria, the JA’s war against Ellinia and Kerning City, and the ranger who surrendured and made this trip possible. The plane was taken to a base to be examined.
This chapter sucks I know because I wasnt inspired when I wrote it i just wanted to get this crap out of the way and move on in the series. 87 is to be tweaked some other time.