There you have it folks…

…MMOTales has it’s own guild on SMS!

But before I get to that, I want to talk about how I Angeoed with Phil, Jams, Rya, and Holy.
I couldn’t get decent screenies since we kept getting pwned left and right. That dang old fart is tough. Her massive hand of doom scared me. Reminded me of my mother. God, I hope she doesn’t go all Anego on me when she gets older.

Now about the guild…

Guilds came out on SMS. At first I was against the idea and I’m like: “There are just going to be a bunch of 1 person guilds.”
I was initially going to stay guildless for the sake of my morals. But the Aaron told me about Arley making a guild called MMOTales where only us MMOTers were allowed entrance.
I learned of some MMOTers. Like Tenna. I had no idea she was a MMOTer. Then there was Invet. Didn’t know he was one either. I also wondered if Cheeze would join. Some MMOTers preferred to stay guildless, like Rya (Yuff). But it was okay, we wouldn’t force them. Although, Aaron kept pestering her to join in vain. Lmao. read more

Adulthood means New Journeys.

So, since my last blog, lots of stuff has happened. Like, Gujju becoming an ADULT! But that just means I’m getting closer to having to waste my money for a rebirth. But that’s not the point. So other than doing part time jobs, quests and training, I have been exploring the world of Mabinogi. So with the starting of Generation 2, Paladin came the opening of a new town: Emain Macha! read more

Self-Imposed Ban = Lifted!

W00t, finally met the deadline for the project I was working on. For those interested (if you’re not, just skip to after the divider LOL), it was a favour for a friend who’s organising a carnival for the benefit of children with craniofacial defects (cleft lip, etc.), and needed someone to optimise the posters for commercial printing. That means working with huge files at 300 dpi using Adobe Illustrator, and trying not to let it crash and waiting a few minutes when I press save. For those who live in Singapore, you can see the posters at MRT stations and in trains from 19 June to 16 July. Granted, I didn’t manage to do ALL of the posters because 2 of the formats were just too much for my poor laptop to handle (note to self: get a Macbook next time), but I feel a sense of satisfaction all the same. read more

Becoming ambidextrous.

No, currently not going well. I take a looong time just to type a word. Even worse just to write one.

Today I went to take my VJC entrance test despite my right hand being unusable. It was a general ability test, thank god, so they only give you patterns and all you need to do is shade the correct answer. At least my left hand is good enough for that. read more

Legacy MS!!!!! (Short blog)




After 2 whole years of no-maple, I’ve finally broken my record and MAPLED!!!!!!!!!!1111111

Which is absolutely believable, actually. Maple is one of the only games I can play at the moment, because all my right hand has to do is just hit the arrow keys (Hurts duh but nothing unbearable).

No, I didn’t join SMS, OdinMS, whatever…. read more

Random Thoughts on NX/characters, etc

Because I’m bored. Oh, and excuse any errors in spelling or grammer. I’m still not entirely used to typing on a laptop and sometimes I still miss hitting keys >_>;

I started a new character on Mardia last week, as my previous entry said… was it last week I started her? I don’t remember. Anyway. I haven’t gotten very far on her. She’s only level 17, but I’m hoping to still get to level 70 by the end of summer. read more

sms? no.


Well, I hit level 50 several days ago, and I couldn’t be any happier. For my birthday, a friend got me 50,000 NXzorz, and I blew most of it on the Trade Shop, and some on a hair coupon for Showa. The spiked one fit me very nicely, as it resembles me dangerously in reality. I got a 9 attack WG, along with a something above average attack Slain. read more

Shut yer Mouth, Son

(@title: that’s what SMS stands for in my opinion)

Well, it’s been a few months since I posted my last blog… Hey, wait a minute! I just posted one the other day! But (dun dun dun…) it was deleted! And I got my behind banned. Now I have do better to appease that one guy who I thought never visited this site! D<

Unless… Know anyone that can still delete blogs? I wonder… read more

MapleSEA Servers:What ARE they DOING?!

I am playing MapleSEA and completing the event anniversary quest so I have been neglecting MMO a bit, but there is one teeny little problem. SEA players, ever noticed that the servers are choking on the traffic? Just 2 days ago <26th Jan> and today <28th Jan> there was SEVERE latency pulling my whole computer down. Plus there was 2 DCs today then the MapleSEA website said there was a server maintenance. Plus the Evil Spirit Jar 3 quest was totally faulty. I know my computer quality is lousy, but that was SEVERE lag. Not the ones that I usually get and clear up after a while, but those that are acute and chronic and causes 10 Disconnections in an hour flat! MapleSEA players, state your views here. read more

Northern Markets Ep87

Episode 87

Dawn found the KOE high above the Kashkun mountains (80,000 feet above sea level). The instruments onboard picked up on extra radiation from the Sun and space, and as soon as the Sun came up, Ylin had to adjust the gloine-phol system to filter out the harmful radiation and UV light.
The sonar system produced confusing images and maps of the mountains, and they had to change the flight path several times to avoid cities and towns. Right now they were flying past Kashkun City. read more