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Need to get to a different town without walking?
Need to go from Henesys to Perion fast? read more

The Boy Was Lucky: Chapter 36

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The shadow began to wrap around them, consuming them. From Kayla’s perspective it was a large, slightly omniscient blob, but from an outsider’s perspective the shadow had become a cone with a large base. The narrow end pointing down, the cone cut through the air, speed slowly increasing until contact was made. A large splash erupted from the water as dozens of gallons of water were displaced. The collision put little strain on either of the pair as the peak cut through the surface with ease. As the cone dove deeper and deeper, the water’s resistance to be moved gradually slowed it down, preventing a deadly crash on the sea floor in the process. Surprisingly, Kayla found she could breathe as they descended. It appeared as though the shadow has absorbed the oxygen from the air. Its intelligence scared her, even if it was Derrin’s subconscious according to the Dark Lord. For the first time, she realized she could still see Derrin. She turned her head in his direction and made an effort to discern anything about his condition. Worry grew as she gave up, unable to discern anything from his hazy form. read more

The path of A Magician

This is just a story i wrote for fun. First one eva

One day, there was a teenager, called Ronald. He had dreamed of becoming a very powerful and well-known magician. He had started on a small little island, Pine Island, where there were many people around to help the newcomers. Ronald had started on Pine Island, and was learning many skills he would need before leaving little Pine Island. Ronald had been hunting for snails for the past few days. He had more intelligence than others, and was thus weaker physically than others, and was hurt more easily. He had finally gained three thousand dollars. He had picked them up from snails he had defeated, and had many snail shells. He then went on a trip to go back to his home village. He had found a merchant who had bought his snail shells for some money. When he reached his village, Martin, the man that had taught all the newcomers the basics of surviving, had asked to speak to Ronald. He asked, “Do you feel you are ready to leave Pine Island?” Ronald paused for a second to consider the question. “Yes, I feel that I am ready to leave Pine island and head over to the large island of Victoria.” Martin then said, “head over to port Sarim and talk to victor, he will tell you what to do” Ronald then said his goodbyes to his friends, and walked to port Sarim. When he reached port Sarim, he has noticed a very large boat, and a uniformed soldier with a spear and plate Armour. He then walked over to that soldier, and asked “may I speak with Victor?” the soldier turned, and told him to go to large tent about fifty feet away. Inside, there was a man who wore heavy Armour, with a large helmet revealing only the bottom part of his face. Ronal then said “I was told that you are Victor, and that I ask you what to do to leave Pine Island and head to Victoria Island.” The man then turned to him and said, “Who has instructed you to come to me?” Ronald then replied, “I was told by Martin of my village.” And the man then asked another question, “so you want to leave Pine Island now?” and Ronald replied “yes”. The man then ordered him to pack his belongings and get on the boat. Ronald woke up on the boat about twelve hours later. He saw that he was with many other people that had decided to leave Pine Island. When he exited the boat there was a large man, and he was telling the newcomers to line up single file, and they had all done as he instructed because his size alone was enough to frighten most people. read more

Events. GMs. These are my thaughts.

These two things are starting to wear my patience down.

I am in the server, Khaini. I’ve been there since after I got hacked in Scania, quit MS then returned several months later. When my cleric, my first character in this server was a newbie it wasn’t that rare to see notices from the GMs even if only to say that a hacker had been banned. As time went on, I faught, leveled, talked with people and the sort. These notices, became almost non-existant. read more

The Next Millenium: Part One

P.S. Read “The Next Millenium: Prolouge” before reading this! Thanks ;D

I quickly took out a dagger I had in my inventory from long ago. I stabbed the Grey in the head and ran off. I was looking for surviviors. Dead people all around. The sewage pipes were draining blood. “What happened?” I thought.

On my way through Kerning city, I found a few good items that would be useful to me. A Dragons Tail, a few elixers, and a spell book for the 3rd job Hermit! I thought to myself, “With this, I can learn hermit skills!” So, I began my journey to the Hermit. read more

Aquilla Event Draft 2

We have settled for the curse eye quest as it can display teamwork and makes us one happy community. So now, we need a complete list of participants and a time and date.

I suggest this dates:

3 November 2006 (Friday)
11 November 2006 (Sunday)
17 November 2006 (Friday)

Timing will probably about 9pm.

Can you all please bump this to the front page so as to let all Aquillians notice? read more

Most Thieves Are Assholes… The End…

and what i say is true… exception to those who are nice, but all others, DAMN them to hell!!! they really piss me off…. and i know its true cuz the pattern is always the same…
1) they come
2) you ask them to cc
3) they act like a dick to you
4) they ks you
5) they take the stuff
6) they cc at the end, leaving you pissed off

they act like they’re soo great and soo pro cuz they can hit madd damage and make fun of other ppl like clerics for being so weak… i was at MM and each time i CC to an empty chnnl, a sin always comes and kses me even when i ask politely to cc… this is how the typical convo went… read more

Why She Kept Her Head Down – Chapt. 2

Chapter 2: Making friends (finally!)


Prior Chapterlink

>>>>>>>Okay. Just to let you all know, the story takes place in Orbis and they go to school there. Also, the characters in the story are whatever they are in game, so Aliyah is a mage, Guru a fighter, Indigo her beloved infieri, and so on and so forth. You’ll see more of their “maplestoryness” as the stories go on and the characters fully develop. CHAPTER 2!<<<<<<<<<<<< read more

Aquilla Event Draft 1

Continued from my previous blog, we can have an event.

Here are some ideas:

1) Chat in the fm
2) Do the 999 curse eye quest pted together
3) Do a jumping quest together

I need more suggestions =D

Personally, I like 2

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