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To be continued…

The Boy Was Lucky: Chapter 36

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The shadow began to wrap around them, consuming them. From Kayla’s perspective it was a large, slightly omniscient blob, but from an outsider’s perspective the shadow had become a cone with a large base. The narrow end pointing down, the cone cut through the air, speed slowly increasing until contact was made. A large splash erupted from the water as dozens of gallons of water were displaced. The collision put little strain on either of the pair as the peak cut through the surface with ease. As the cone dove deeper and deeper, the water’s resistance to be moved gradually slowed it down, preventing a deadly crash on the sea floor in the process. Surprisingly, Kayla found she could breathe as they descended. It appeared as though the shadow has absorbed the oxygen from the air. Its intelligence scared her, even if it was Derrin’s subconscious according to the Dark Lord. For the first time, she realized she could still see Derrin. She turned her head in his direction and made an effort to discern anything about his condition. Worry grew as she gave up, unable to discern anything from his hazy form.

A soft thud came from below and a startled Kayla began to assess the situation. They were on the bottom of the sea with a limited supply of air. This supply was even more unreliable because of Derrin’s fragile state. Derrin’s efforts to save them seemed fruitless in the end. The collision with the water above hadn’t killed them, but the lack of oxygen soon would. She began to look around desperately for anything to save them. She could hardly see because of the depth, and despite her greatest efforts could see nothing but sand and seaweed through the shadow. Slowly, a dark blip appeared to her right. A weak hope filled her heart. The chance of this being a way to the surface was slim to none, but at least it was something.

She struggled over to Derrin through the thicker-than-water shadow, and found his eyes still struggling to stay open. She pointed to the dark spot that was growing with every second, and Derrin squinted in the general direction. He shrugged slowly, unable to make out anything. She nodded, and waited for the thing to come to them. She struggled to suppress the panic slowly growing inside her: the shadow could run out of air at any moment or burst even before that. As the shadow grew closer, Derrin began to see it, and his eyes lit up as he recognized its importance. The size began to increase more rapidly, until suddenly it was as big as a small boat. Colors began to be distinguishable, and Kayla desperately strived to figure out what it was. Her heart skipped a beat as she recognized it finally and all hope emptied from her heart: it was a giant shark. The shark was now approaching at an incredible speed, cutting through the water like it was air. It shot past them, and began to circle its prey. Derrin struggled to move, much to Kayla’s surprise, and after a few seconds produced a throwing star. Shakily, he reached back and summoned all his remaining strength. His arm flung forward as his hand released; the result was less than uplifting. The star spun forward lazily, barely making it out of the shadow before coming to a twirling halt: all seemed lost.

The shark seemed to grow bored of waiting, and without warning made a sharp turn towards them, starvation gleaming in its eyes. The two stared on helplessly while the shark closed in, jaws separated. As the shark grew within fifteen feet of them, two blurs shot towards the shark from above them. The struck the shark directly on the nose, and it veered right in surprise, blood floated into the water surrounding the shark as Kayla the pair stared at the things that had damaged the shark: stars. A boy descended from above with an unnatural aquatic swiftness, stopping right beside the shadow. On his head was a dome, and his body was clothed in tight, dark apparel. In a flash the boy had sent two more stars into the shark’s gigantic fin, and it slowly retreated. Making sure that the shark was gone for good, the boy floated for a moment before gliding effortlessly into the shadow.

“I’m not going to bother asking how you got down here; we don’t have time. We’ve got to be gone in five minutes before the other sharks in the area that smelt blood arrive. That one’s not even hurt that seriously, but the others will finish it off. Take these oxygen masks, they’ll provide oxygen for about ten minutes each.” The boy reached into a pouch on his leg and pulled out six small, translucent balls. “Just give them a hard squeeze and they’ll expand into the size of mine.” When Kayla gave him a confused look, he explained further, “Concentrated oxygen.”

She nodded, “Derrin’s in no shape to swim. . .”

“I’m fine,” he said, cutting her off. “Don’t worry about me, protect Kayla,” then quietly, so that only she could hear, “since I can’t.” She looked at him, surprised at his alertness, and then smiled. She squeezed her mask, and after it expanded, placed it on her face with Derrin following suit. The sensation was like anything they’d felt before. The mask felt like a gel, but it was as light as air. With that, the boy took off with Derrin and Kayla behind him.

I’ve got much planned for this boy, he’s going to be a fun character xD
As a side note to those not from the US and thus not familiar with our weird measurement system, 1 gallon = 3.785 liters.
Anyways, I’m back from being sick! I can’t promise an early blog tomorrow because I’ve got a humongous project that I’m working on, but there will be one. Click the button if you liked it and rate out of ten if you want to.

The path of A Magician

This is just a story i wrote for fun. First one eva

One day, there was a teenager, called Ronald. He had dreamed of becoming a very powerful and well-known magician. He had started on a small little island, Pine Island, where there were many people around to help the newcomers. Ronald had started on Pine Island, and was learning many skills he would need before leaving little Pine Island. Ronald had been hunting for snails for the past few days. He had more intelligence than others, and was thus weaker physically than others, and was hurt more easily. He had finally gained three thousand dollars. He had picked them up from snails he had defeated, and had many snail shells. He then went on a trip to go back to his home village. He had found a merchant who had bought his snail shells for some money. When he reached his village, Martin, the man that had taught all the newcomers the basics of surviving, had asked to speak to Ronald. He asked, “Do you feel you are ready to leave Pine Island?” Ronald paused for a second to consider the question. “Yes, I feel that I am ready to leave Pine island and head over to the large island of Victoria.” Martin then said, “head over to port Sarim and talk to victor, he will tell you what to do” Ronald then said his goodbyes to his friends, and walked to port Sarim. When he reached port Sarim, he has noticed a very large boat, and a uniformed soldier with a spear and plate Armour. He then walked over to that soldier, and asked “may I speak with Victor?” the soldier turned, and told him to go to large tent about fifty feet away. Inside, there was a man who wore heavy Armour, with a large helmet revealing only the bottom part of his face. Ronal then said “I was told that you are Victor, and that I ask you what to do to leave Pine Island and head to Victoria Island.” The man then turned to him and said, “Who has instructed you to come to me?” Ronald then replied, “I was told by Martin of my village.” And the man then asked another question, “so you want to leave Pine Island now?” and Ronald replied “yes”. The man then ordered him to pack his belongings and get on the boat. Ronald woke up on the boat about twelve hours later. He saw that he was with many other people that had decided to leave Pine Island. When he exited the boat there was a large man, and he was telling the newcomers to line up single file, and they had all done as he instructed because his size alone was enough to frighten most people.

They had learned that everyone on Victoria Island had to gain a job, rouge, a warrior, an archer, or a magician. The large man said his name was Olaf and he was going to help them choose their jobs. The first person in line walked up to Olaf and was to be asked questions and to be examined. Olaf had seemed impressed by how strong the first person was, he announced, that he be a warrior. The second was later examined, and Olaf asked him to tell him what he saw about a hundred feet away to the north. He replied, “I see a very large statue”. Olaf replied, “you are correct, I advise that you either become a Archer, or if you prefer, use throwing stars.” When Ronald got to the front of the line, Olaf muttered to himself “he isn’t going to be a warrior for sure, he’s far too weak” then Olaf asked him a couple questions, “What is a square root of sixteen,” Ronald thought to himself for a second the replied “it is four”, “you are correct”. Then Olaf asked another question, “What is seven times twelve”. Ronald was sure of this one and replied “eighty-four”, “that’s right”, “Now I advise that you become a magician and learn how to use skills”, then Olaf whispered, “You’re the first smart one out of this bunch” and smiled at him. Ronald was taken to a village in the forest called Ellina. He had to talk to Grendel, at the top of the highest tree. He had finally reached there after climbing many vines. He talked to Grendel, and was told to do a test; he had gotten ninety-three percent on it, and was granted the Job of a Magician. The day was nearing sunset, and they were led to their dormitories. There, were many other magicians, some had powers over healing, some of Ice, and lightening, and there was a single magician, he had the power of fire. He was bunked with the magician of fire, who he later learned was Rick. Ronald had fell asleep right away, and woke up later in the morning when he was called to classes. He had learned the basics of using mana to create an energy bolt, and techniques to recover mana. Two months later. The wizards, the powerful magicians, had been called on a mission to stop a giant Snake in the northern wild lands. But during recess, Ronald had noticed that many of the slimes he was training on to become stronger, were gradually disappearing. But no other people seemed to notice. And during a break in between classes, he had felt the ground trembling for a split-second. After class, they had all gone their separate ways to explore; Ronald decided to go with two to-be healers, Jimmy, and Sean, to explore the dense forest. But while they were eating their extra food they felt an earthquake. They decided to go examine what was causing it. Ronald lost sight of the two for a minute, when they came running back, yelling “KING SLIME”, they had been taught that it was summoned once every few months, with the slimes merging together into one super slime. They were told to not approach one if possible at their level of skill. And they all decided to start running back. But they had gotten lost on their way back, and the slime king was nearing them. Then, they saw the king slime, it was enormous, and was bounding towards them at a furious pace. They decided there was only one thing to do, hide, in hopes of it passing them. They all hid high up in the tress, and Ronald hid in a tunnel under a tree. The King slime was knocking trees down as it came by. But the large slime had seen them a while back, and was knocking down trees in hopes of finding them. But one of Sean had lost his balance on the tree from the earthquake, and did a face plant as he fell onto the soft mossy ground, but the king slime saw him, and was bounding towards him to crush him. But Sean could not hope to outrun the king slime, and Ronald would not just watch as his friend got crushed, and he did the one thing he could do, he created an energy bolt, and fired it at the slime. The slime stopped for a second, and decided then to chase Ronald instead. Ronald then quickly climbed up a tree and tried to hide. Sean quickly got up and went to Jimmy; both of them then started casting their little energy bolts against the gigantic slime. Ronald then tore off a sharp long branch, about three arm’s length, and snuck up above the king slime. He then jumped off the tree, and used as much strength as he could, and plunged the Long Branch deep into the slime. The slime then reeled in pain as the branch had punctured its skin and it was leaking its insides. It then decided to retreat back to heal. But Ronald had landed from too far up and had broke foot as he landed, the two friends tried to heal him, but they were not advanced enough, and had quickly return to their village to seek help. When they had all returned, they were all praised for being brave, and having a great idea to puncture the slime’s outside. A few moments later, a legendary hunter came by, and spoke in a quiet voice, that the hunters had stopped the slime, and had trapped it. A week later Ronald’s foot had gotten better, and he had resumed classes, and was on his way to becoming a strong magician.

well? how do ya think?

Events. GMs. These are my thaughts.

These two things are starting to wear my patience down.

I am in the server, Khaini. I’ve been there since after I got hacked in Scania, quit MS then returned several months later. When my cleric, my first character in this server was a newbie it wasn’t that rare to see notices from the GMs even if only to say that a hacker had been banned. As time went on, I faught, leveled, talked with people and the sort. These notices, became almost non-existant.

I’d be droning on, to explain where this started, but I’ll skip to what really bugged me about today.

Suddenly, while I’m training at Coolies, there’s a super-mega saying that there’ll be an event and moments later, a notice. Something along the lines of, “Find me and get a prize!” There were only three chances given. Three people given prizes. How many people do you think participated in that event. A hundred? A thousand? Ten-thousand? However many there were, I ask you only this:

Was this event meant to be fun, or simply a waste of time, and a creator of dissappointment?

The GMs of today, don’t seem to care anymore. Or, they don’t think far enough ahead. They apparently think that the excitement generated by a chance to see a GM, and a mere few prizes given out is enough. I think it’s bullcrap. A complete, and utter, waste of time. That’s all that event was. What they should have been doing is catching hackers and getting them banned, silently or not.

If I were a GM; heck, if I could even show a GM where the hackers were, I’d be able to cut down the amount by 80% at LEAST. But no… GMs remain hidden from the key few in society that could help them make a difference.

Don’t try to argue with me on how busy GMs are, because I honestly doubt they’re so much so, that they can only find a handful of hackers and ban them, every few weeks…

Tell me the name of even one active GM in Khaini, and I will find a way to convince them to follow me to the hacker population’s diminishing.

But my thaughts on events still stand. They are a waste of time, if only a literal few people get anything but crushed hopes out of it.

The Next Millenium: Part One

P.S. Read “The Next Millenium: Prolouge” before reading this! Thanks ;D

I quickly took out a dagger I had in my inventory from long ago. I stabbed the Grey in the head and ran off. I was looking for surviviors. Dead people all around. The sewage pipes were draining blood. “What happened?” I thought.

On my way through Kerning city, I found a few good items that would be useful to me. A Dragons Tail, a few elixers, and a spell book for the 3rd job Hermit! I thought to myself, “With this, I can learn hermit skills!” So, I began my journey to the Hermit.

I began to leave Kerning city, to venture to Lith Harbor. “Maybe they didn’t get Maple Island.” I thought. “Maybe they did.” Then, behind my back, I saw a survivor. barely able to speak I saw, it wasn’t a friendly survivor. It was Mushmom. I was ready to take her down. Suddenly, she lit up with black. A Balrog had powered her. Next thing I knew, I was down.

The darkness started disappearing and I was able to open my eyes. “Was I the only survivor? Where’s everyone else? What happened?” I thought. “Be Not Afraid!!!” said a voice. “I am here to help.” A Gm appeared and helped me up. “The towns are destroyed. The world is gone.” said the Gm.

The Gm took me down into a door in the place that was once a pot shop. “Why is there a door in the toilet?” I asked. “Shhhhhhhhhh…this will help you.” replied the Gm. She found a book that said The Ways Of A Thief. And, I knew she was up to something.

I looked around and saw nothing left. Except the remains of many buildings. Suddenly, the ground shook. Bricks fell. I look up, “missles” I said. “RUN!” screamed the Gm. No, I won’t do this. I won’t let my home town die without me!” “NO!” said the Gm. The Gm jumped in front of me and suddenly, I was asleep…….

When I awoke, I saw I was in a cave. “Where am I?” I asked. “Shhhh.” replied the Gm. I got up and the Gm pushed me down. Then, the “Gm” removed her hat and I saw, she was a murderer wanted in the world. She pulled out a knife, and stabbed my leg. “AHH” I screamed. I pulled out stars, ilbi stars, and threw them at her! She dodged them and then she pulled out a DoomBringer and ran to me. Using my claw I grabbed the sword out of her hands. I pulled it up in the air, but before I could hit her, I felt a painful feeling in my chest. I had gotten stabbed.
I fell to the ground without feeling and lied on the ground…

To be Continued..

Sorry it’s kinda short. I didn’t have amany ideas for this part.

Aquilla Event Draft 2

We have settled for the curse eye quest as it can display teamwork and makes us one happy community. So now, we need a complete list of participants and a time and date.

I suggest this dates:

3 November 2006 (Friday)
11 November 2006 (Sunday)
17 November 2006 (Friday)

Timing will probably about 9pm.

Can you all please bump this to the front page so as to let all Aquillians notice?

Ty =D

Most Thieves Are Assholes… The End…

and what i say is true… exception to those who are nice, but all others, DAMN them to hell!!! they really piss me off…. and i know its true cuz the pattern is always the same…
1) they come
2) you ask them to cc
3) they act like a dick to you
4) they ks you
5) they take the stuff
6) they cc at the end, leaving you pissed off

they act like they’re soo great and soo pro cuz they can hit madd damage and make fun of other ppl like clerics for being so weak… i was at MM and each time i CC to an empty chnnl, a sin always comes and kses me even when i ask politely to cc… this is how the typical convo went…

*sin lands*
me: CC plz
sin: no -f3-
me: what, i was here first…
sin: idc noob, im not leaving
me: fck you, your the noob for disrespecting me, and and you’re lower lvl then me
sin: now cuz of that, im definatly leaving…
me: you werent gonna leave anyways -flaming eyes-
*MM appears and sin kills it in 5 hits and takes the drops and then ccs*
me: fcking nooby asshole!!!!

Why She Kept Her Head Down – Chapt. 2

Chapter 2: Making friends (finally!)


Prior Chapterlink

>>>>>>>Okay. Just to let you all know, the story takes place in Orbis and they go to school there. Also, the characters in the story are whatever they are in game, so Aliyah is a mage, Guru a fighter, Indigo her beloved infieri, and so on and so forth. You’ll see more of their “maplestoryness” as the stories go on and the characters fully develop. CHAPTER 2!<<<<<<<<<<<<

Aliyah sat under the huge oak tree watching some girls toss a Frisbee around. When suddenly, it landed next to her.

“Hey sorry! Can you toss that back to us?!” A girl with long black hair said.

Aliyah just looked at the Frisbee. She didn’t know how to toss that dam Frisbee if her life depended on it, so she held it up and walked to them and returned it.

“Hey, you wanna play?” The girl with the long black hair said.

Aliyah merely shook her head.

“Oh come on. You looked bored as hell over there when we were playing. It’ll be fun!” The girl reasoned.

“Yeah, we don’t mind. My name is Ezyan, she’s IndigoLove and the girl over there with the ponytail is Liviadia.” The girl with long brown hair who was now known as Ezyan said.

“I don’t know how to throw a Frisbee.” Aliyah said, looking down so the others wouldn’t see her face.

“Well we’ll teach you come on..uh, what’s your name?” Liviadia said, running over to the others.

“Aliyah.” She answered, still not looking up.

“Well, come on Liyah!” Ezyan siad, running backwards preparing to throw the Frisbee that she stole from IndigoLove.

“Hey! Give that back!” IndigoLove said, running after her.

Aliyah couldn’t help but smile, for the first time in, hell she didn’t know when the last time she smiled was. She just knew that she actually liked these girls. So she walked over and watched them as they threw the frisbee back and forth. Liviadia finally threw it to her, and to Aliyah’s surprise, she caught it!

“Throw it back Liyah!” IndigoLove yelled happily.

So Aliyah decided to give it a try and threw it, not very hard, but not too light either. And she actually did okay for her first time throwing it.


Aliyah went to her first class, walking the same speed that she always went. A fire could break out and she would still walk at that speed, while the kids around her would panic and scream. She knew she was weird, there was no denying it, but she always thought that it made kind of unique. You know how every girl thinks that their special, like they’re truly worth something? Well, Aliyah didn’t. She knew that she was just the opposite, that she wasn’t worth anything at all, but she didn’t care. She liked to remain in the shadows, to never get noticed by anyone. That’s why she was so surprised that she liked those girls that she met that day; they actually made her feel happy that she was noticed for once, like she belonged for once in her life. When she finally made it to her first class, she immediately noticed Gujju hugging all over Guruji. Aliyah couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of being touched by Gujju. She looked so cold. How could he stand her? But, it wasn’t her business so she looked the other way and continued walking to her seat.


Lunch rolled around faster than it usually did and Aliyah couldn’t be happier. She never liked science. As she left she bumped into someone walking out of the class. She looked up to see who she had bumped into and her breath got caught in her throat when she saw who it was that she ran into.

“Sorry.” She mumbled under her breath.

“So, you can apologize.” Guruji said.

Aliyah remained silent and looked down at her feet.

“You know you should talk more, you have a nice voice.” Guruji said smiling as he left.

‘I have..a nice voice?’ Aliyah thought as she watched him leave.

“Yo, Liyah!”

Aliyah turned to see Liviadia, Ezyan, and IndigoLove walking towards her.

“You got first lunch?” Ezyan asked.

“Yes.” Aliyah answered.

“Cool, you can eat with us.” IndigoLove said.

They all got in line, Aliyah in front; IndigoLove was next, then Ezyan, and then Liviadia. Everything was going fine, until some jack@ss got right in front of Aliyah.

“Hey! That little punk got right in front of Aliyah!” IndigoLove all but yelled.

“Aliyah, aren’t you gonna say anything to him?!” Ezyan asked, outraged.

“Hey, you little @sshole! Get your @ss behind us where you belong!” Liviadia yelled at the kid.

“Is that an invitation?” The guy said, eyeing Liviadia.

“Why you-!” Liviadia yelled, trying to grab the guy and punch him as the other two girls held her off.

“And what about you? What chu hidin’ under there?” The guy said, starting to grab at Aliyah’s hood.
Just as he was about to pull it off, a hand flew onto his shoulder and yanked him off of her.

Aliyah looked up to see Guruji, who looked pretty pissed. “Hey bub, why don’t you leave these pretty young ladies alone and go crawl back under the rock you came from, ya @sshole.” Guruji said, pushing the guy away from him.

The guy got the message and left, looking at the girls menacingly.

“You okay Liyah?” Guruji asked, looking at Aliyah.

Aliyah nodded. Guruji smiled and said, “Come on, yak it up. You know you want to. Besides I know you gotta talk more if these are the girls that you hang out with.” He said.

Just then, Gujju sauntered over, hugging on Guruji right in front of Aliyah.

“Guru-lover, why didn’t you wait for me outside?” Gujju said, not bothering to look at Aliyah or the others.

“Aww, and you saved a spot in line for me.” Gujju said, kissing his cheek.

“(Cough!) Slut!(Cough!)” “(Cough!) B*tch!(Cough!)” Liviadia and Ezyan said, between fake coughs.

Gujju glared at them for a minute and then chose to ignore them.

Aliyah looked down at her feet and smiled. Maybe that’s why she liked these girls so much, because they were so brave. Just like she wished she could be. Being near these girls gave her a new strength that she’d never felt before. It made her want to speak out too, but she chose not to at the moment.

“Guru-lover, you’re still gonna take me to Sycrus’s party tonight, right?” Gujju asked, coating her words in honey.

“Sure babe. It’s tonight at 8:00, right?” Guruji asked.

“Mm Hm. I expect you to pick me up at 7:00.” Gujju said.

As Liviadia, IndigoLove, and Ezyan heard this they all exchanged evil glances between each other.


Aliyah got home at her regular time, her mother was yet again talking on the phone to someone down at the office. So she didn’t even bother to say hello and just headed upstairs to take her usual nap.

“Aliyah!” Aliyah awoke to see who was yelling to her.

It was her mother.

“Some friends of yours are here to see you!” Her mother yelled.

‘Friends? I don’t-Oh yeah, those girls I met today.’ She thought getting out of her bed and going downstairs.

There stood IndigoLove, Ezyan, and Liviadia all dressed up in party mode looking at Aliyah.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had plans tonight? I would have helped you pick out something to wear.” Her mother said, pleased that her daughter was being social for a change.

“Oh, Aliyah! You’re beautiful! We’re gonna have so much fun giving you a makeover!” Ezyan exclaimed, excited that she got to see what Aliyah looked like finally. They pushed her upstairs and began to go through her wardrobe, picking out something sexy for her to wear. Liviadia began to brush her hair as Ezyan began applying makeup to her face.

Half an hour later, they finally finished. They stepped back to look at their work.

“Well, I think we did all we could for the patient doctor.” Ezyan teased, looking at Aliyah.

“Oh ****, it’s gettin’ to be party time! We gotta book it if we wanna show off our new improved friend.” IndigoLove said, looking at her watch.


Guruji sat there, bored as hell, as he watched his girlfriend get toasted and flirt with the guys around her. FInally, when he had enough, he got up and walked outside. He didn’t care too much for partying, it just seemed kind of pointless to him. Just then, his eye caught someone. The most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen. Beautiful tanned, flawless skin, beautiful figure, long legs. He couldn’t believe he’d never seen her before.

“Maybe she goes to another school?” He asked out loud, trying to think of a reason why he hadn’t seen her before. He had to get to know her, so he followed her through the crowd.

“Wooooooo! This place is jumpin’!” Ezyan yelled, swaying her hips to the beat of Kylie Monogue’s, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”.

Just then, someone tapped Aliyah on her shoulder. She turned around to find Guruji looking down at her.

“Hey, you wanna dance?” He asked; hope shining in his dark brown eyes.

“Oh she’d love to!” All three girls said, pushing Aliyah into Guruji.

Aliyah looked up into Guruji’s kind eyes and almost got lost in them.

I just can’t get you out of my head
Boy your lovin’ is all I think about
I just can’t get you out of my head
Boy it’s more than I bear to think about

Her instincts told her to pull out of his arms, but for some reason she just couldn’t. She felt so safe in his arms, something she’d missed feeling for a long time.

“Get your paws off my boyfriend b*tch!” Someone yelled behind them.

They turned to see a drunken Gujju, pissed as hell.

“Gujju, it’s not what it looks like, she fell.” Guruji quickly explained, finally letting go of Aliyah.

“Come ‘ere ya little b*tch!” Gujju yelled, grabbing Aliyah and trying to slap her, only to have her hand stopped by an angry Guruji.

“Gujju, I’m tired of your jealousy. You always do this.” Guruji said.

“But this little whore’s tryin’ ta steal youse away from me!” Gujju shouted.

“That’s it! We’re through Gujju! I’m tired of you being so dam clingy and starting some sh*t every time a girl even looks at me!” Guruji yelled, pissed as hell. With that said, he walked out. Aliyah just stood there in shock as Gujju fell to the floor, not believing that Guruji would ever talk to her that way.


TO BE CONTINUED! (Reviews and Feedback please!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Aquilla Event Draft 1

Continued from my previous blog, we can have an event.

Here are some ideas:

1) Chat in the fm
2) Do the 999 curse eye quest pted together
3) Do a jumping quest together

I need more suggestions =D

Personally, I like 2

Testing Blog

[h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h][h] [/h]

just type the heading tag


change the <> to []