Tensions arise

The competitive nature has gotten to us all. I’m pretty sure its not just me now, its every one of us. I got angry when my friend didn’t congratulate me on leveling up, and when she went AFK and started leeching off my EXP, I CCed. I usually do not do this, but I was so short tempered today! I didn’t have any outbursts but inside I was writhing with annoyance. My friend who’s with me all the time is being so.. jerky. I know thats not really a word but I can’t describe it any other way! Urgh, I’m so mad for having such bad feelings, when I should be happy. I feel gross. No one called me my righteous name today. StellaStellaStellaStellaStellaStella. For all my friends who are reading this, its Stella. read more

Another day in Maple.

So it was another day. Aside from the fact I got another $50 of NX. That makes like a million dollars spent now?

Anyway, I log in, around 7 PM, PST or so. I’m back at the Wyvern Canyon map, where I’d last logged after raising my Bahamut cap to 15. Bored, I go to the lowermost platform in the map and Gen-spam the Dark Wyvern mob. A Dragon Heart drops, –Did I tell you how hard it was to find even one?– so I think of it being lucky. read more

Hello Maplers.

Hello just on here to get some people to talk to maybe someone will talk I dunno maybe but anyways… I had a LVL 38 I/L Mage but I havent played in almost a year and I can’t remember my Password and I also forgot the Email address I used so yeah that sux…. but really it dont matter because the dang computer I’m useing has Dial-up (Friends Computer). But when I get a LapTop I will get back online and LVL up just as fast if not faster than I did on my last account. I LVLed up from LV.12 to LV.38 with-in a 7 hour time period…. Well anywho someone please talk I’m BOOOOOOOOOORED!!!! (>.&lt read more

OMIGAWSH. I just noticed >_>

I was reading some guides about luckless mages on Basilmarket just now, after years of not being on Basil.

Then I looked up and saw the Basil logo-thingy, whatever you call it.

[Pssst… look at picture nao XD]

I know it’s prolly not me anyway, since there’s sure to be more than one character with that look, but hey, I just feel a teeny weeny bit special. =D read more

[LordIsaac Maple Adventures Episode 1]

“No. I might be a mercenary, but I won’t kill innocents for money.” He sighed as he left the building. He was now jobless.
“Hello Isaac. Back already? You should really consider taking one of those tasks. They really pay well,” said Sin.
“There’s more honour to how I work than you, Sin. But you won’t understand. Nobody does.”

As they walked down the street, they could already find several pitiful crimes happening all around Kerning City. Muggers, rapists, killers, thieves, you name it. They were crawling everywhere. “What’s with this city? It used to be a nice and peaceful place! Look at it! Vandalism all over the place!” exclaimed Sin.
“Do you think it’s anything to do with the city’s new mayor?” questioned Isaac. “Ever since he came to power, the city has gone into a deep debt.” read more

Northern Markets Ep73

Episode 73: Condemed

Time slowed down for Owl, in fact, time literally crawled to a halt. It would be a hundredth of a millisecond to the second. Owl just stared. The shining DragonSoul arrow glided in slow motion towards her. She tried desperately to move but she was literally paralyzed.
The evil glare in the Ranger’s face was so menacing it scared her. She pressed her eyes shut and waited for the end, and then it all happened too fast. read more

ummmm hi ?

hear me hear me its the donts
this is my official first blog as my real one was dramaticly deleted !
(sobs) *sobs* sobs <sobs> etc …

now lets make this mmo related !

i left maple …
and started gunz so bye donts and donts 2 (my maple guys)
and hallo donts ! (my gunz dude)
im very creative when it comes to names aint i ? (my children donts and dontsy lol … jk)
so im new on gunz and im only lvl 6
but anyway im gonna play gunz only till i get swg ! (star wars galexies)
oh and dont worry ill play the emulated servers of emu !!!!
AND NOT ON THE RUBISH SOE MADE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry i got angry. read more

Glass shoes and whatnot

Okay, so after I waited for who knows how long for the patch to finish (I know that most of you people probably patched ages ago) I decided to go on…but then….it worked. So I went on and lvled my bandit-to-be to lvl 26…4 more lvls….
Anyways, pictures.

Picture numbah one
I was waiting for Kerning PQ, so I went to the swamp…found out that they rearranged thingies…and……that ligators drop glass shoes, as I kindly point out in the picture. I started talking to my guildmate and she decided to come over and check it out…by the time she came, I found 4 more. So then I started thinking that something was wrong…then she killed a couple gators and found two more…then we got bored and left… read more

A Perfect Day!

Good experience?



Here’s the tip of the iceburg.

I started out at lvl 61 today.

Now I’m lvl 63!



Your probably like “Pfft, thats easy”
But dude.. you need around “550,000” exp to level!
Most quests give around 20k, and killing 1 monster gives about 300xp.
Think about it @_@ read more

Valentine’s Quests

The Valentines quest is back! The quests are good because you get easy fame. The first quest is repeatable after every 60 minutes. The second one can’t be repeated… but I’ve heard that if you die and lose your chocolate basket, you get to repeat the second quest again! I don’t think it works. Anyone want to try and prove it? I’m not gonna bother. read more