Random fight in the Cavalry world

Started out as random ramblings to help get rid of my writer’s block, but became a proper fight scene. Thought I would post the half an hour of effort.

(Do not notice the screwed rifle stock)


Gunshots filled the air. Bullets whizzed past blurred bodies, shattering windows, putting holes into the newly painted buildings in Original.

And that paint was put on a few hours ago. Poor bastards, watching their hard work destroyed by these fighters with teary eyes.

There were four figures in the battlefield. Two of whom were from the Axiom clan, the other two from the Fable clan.

Their weapons flickered; the weapons were shuttled to and fro rapidly from their holder, into the air, back to the holder, back into the air. Clacking sounds echoed across the tall walls of the surrounding apartments. And in the middle of the city, a clock tower was a minute to ringing its bell.

Rae darted behind a car, rummaging in her pocket for another magazine, and slamming it into one of her handguns before the empty one even hit the ground. At the “bosh” of a rocket firing at the car, Rae lunged away behind a nearby apartment, just as the car exploded– spinning dramatically in the air, doors and hood flying through a window with a grand crashing sound, thousands of shards of glass flying to accent the effect.

Someone proceeded to scream.

A hand on her shoulder, and she spun around, coming face to face with Vicelin- her face fierce, and a hand pressed over a slash wound across a forearm.

‘Barely got away,’ she whispered in urgent tones. ‘Got meds?’

Rae shook her head, watching as her blood flowed down to the pavement below-

Then, a shot from behind. Reflexes taking over, they dashed away, and the pellets from a shotgun penetrated the wall which had been behind them a few moments ago. Vicelin groaned, letting go of her bleeding forearm and ignoring the pain as she jumped at the next building, slashing her way across the walls and disappearing from Rae’s sight after flying across the air to another building.

Rae launched herself at the wall behind her, climbing higher and higher; jumping away from the wall to a higher altitude, then pushing herself back into the wall by dashing backwards in mid air while swinging her sword – or wall cancelling. She could see the man with the launcher now; he dove into the area, spotting her almost immediately. Another “bosh”. She dashed away just as the wall exploded into ash and debri–

And then, unexpectedly, the man shot at her with his shotgun–

She barely saw the pellets before she dashed backwards, away from her original path, and avoided the shot, sustaining only a graze.

Rae gritted her teeth. This Fable clansman is pretty good… Damn…

Landing softly on the ground, she whipped out her pistols, tumbling sideways while spamming shots at him. His sword whipped back and forth, and she heard her bullets rattle uselessly to the ground. Her sword suddenly out and her handguns back in their holsters, Rae leapt at the wall and ran across it into a corner as the ground she ha been on moments before exploded, and a window behind her shattered. Within the house, more screaming.

Her sword clacked back into its sheath. Rae unholstered her handguns and pulled the slides of both to check her ammo, making a mental note to reload after three more shots from her left handgun. And then, from far away, Vicelin’s voice—


She whirled around, saw a golden flash, and then, something struck her in the left collarbone. She spun half a round from the impact, then stumbled back against the wall, gasping, a spot of dark red growing on her green shirt.

Sh*t, I got hit…

‘Darn, darn darn…’ She snarled, waiting for the pain to subside, a palm clenched over the wound.

Just then, a “bosh” sound—

Rae cursed, running desperately, suddenly uncoordinated, away from the wall. The girl from Fable clan abandoned all caution and dashed towards her, sword out of its sheath, a manic look in her eyes. She reached the wall where Rae had been—

The man screamed a warning—-

And the ground beneath the girl exploded, tiles flying everywhere. She screamed as she was thrown away from the explosion, slamming against the tiles ten feet away, blood spreading beneath her head where it hit. Rae looked at her twitching body for a moment, wide-eyed. She then turned to look at the man, his face twisted by revulsion and hatred.

‘GODDAMMIT!!!!’ He yelled, dropping the rocket launcher when he realized that he had to reload, charging at her, sword raised.

Gritting her teeth against the pain, Rae started shooting madly at him, but he deflected all shots. She unsheathed her own sword—

A sudden bang, and his back exploded in blood, his face freezing in an expression of horror and surprise. A final, hideous cry escaped his lips as he wobbled forwards, looking at the ground. He fell a few steps later, spasming wildly, limbs thrashing against the ground… And then, sudden relaxation. His eyes stared accusingly at Rae.

Behind him, Vicelin landed noislessly, replacing her shotgun into its holder at her hip, her gaze fierce, but triumphant. Rae tore her gaze away from the one of the dead man, knocking her own head with the base of her palm.

“I hate you” as his dying thoughts. Fu ( k that guy, damn.

‘Now, you owe me one,’ Vicelin grunted, pointing at her with a pistol gesture.

‘Go to hell, you -insert bad word here-,’ Rae replied, rubbing her temples.

‘Thank you for the vote of confidence.’

‘Got a dagger?’ Rae asked, looking down at her bullet wound– which did not hurt very much anymore.

Vicelin threw Rae a small silver dagger, and she caught it, its blade smacking softly against her leather glove. She proceeded to dig the bullet out of its wound, sticking the dagger savagely into the hole, pushing its handle until the small bullet emerged, covered in blood. She flicked it onto the ground, then tossed the dagger back at Vicelin, who caught it and shoved it back into her pocket.

‘ ‘Tis been a great day,’ she mumbled, vaulting onto her Mule, pulling Rae up with her, who did not reply. Its engine gunned into life, and it sped down the road towards the city’s entrance, a trail of smoke in its wake.

In the distance, the clock tower rang, and behind it, the sky became a misty orange.

EDITED: bad words

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