Still Alive (in MMOT)

I quitz MapleStory FOR TEH GOODZ

Yes I’ll admit it. MapleStory as a whole is pretty much gone. MMOTMS has been swept up by many other things (sorry Darkie). I’ve been wasting 3 years of meh life playing this game, and boy was it fun. However, it was only fun because of my friends to talk to.

MSN pretty much stabbed it 5 times, gave a Roundhouse kick (lulz Chuck Norris good times…), and FALCOOOON PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWNCH’d it. MSN totaled it as a whole, pretty much. Training? PSSSSH. I’m too lazy for that stuff. I’ve been playing MS for 2 years and never really found training fun, thus earning me the level of 62. How nice. >_>

Now I’m like, MMOTales obsessed again lulz. MMOTMs allowed me to get to know about all you people! =D I know like, most of ya. o.o

As with MMOTMs, the RP lead me off somewhere away from MMOTMS. I’m still waiting for the RP, but I think it just went KABOOM with that spammer. Oh well. . . T_T

lolwut Combat Arms?

As many of you people know, I am the worst player everrrrrr. And proud. I still find this game rather fun, even though I die OVER EIGHT HUNDRED times!

This is a must-play. Play it noaaaaw!

Happy Birthday to yo- er Me! =D

That’s right. My birthday in one day. Yay!

Next blog will be my Birthday blog and will talk about the times I’ve been in here. (And trust me, I’ve been here for a decent time).

The real question is. . . How have I been lately?

I’ll be honest on this one. Got into some arguments in a friend on MapleStory, so I just like, left. We’re friends now though, but I’m still leaving MapleStory. I’m only going back for the guild (which is in a Guild Alliance. That equals more work. @_@).

As you know, I’m playing Combat Arms. I kill mainly on mines and s***ing (oh wait wut?!). XP Mines ftw!

I’ve been playing Smash for a while now. Best. Game. Eber. If there’s any MMOTaler out there who plays Smash, please tell me. XD I wanna challenge ya to a Brawl!

I’ve been active on MMOTales lately, and talking with everyone is awesome. O: This is such a big community for a website that has been spammed, flamed, and left in the shadow by Mr.Basil/Captain (I know he checks us today, so no offense to Mr. Basil).

I’d like to thank you all for making the best community. =D Including the person that’s watching this. Yeah you. >O

So how’s everyone else doing? Fine? Good? Sexy? Please tell me.

So anywho, I gotta save the best for my next blog. See ya! -Pain


15 thoughts on “Still Alive (in MMOT)”

  1. I know. D: I suck. Plus, I had the beginners gun, since I’m saving money to buy a one month AK-47.

  2. Wait, Combat Arms crashed on my OTHER computer. I switched it a few days ago soo…


  3. Combat Arms is eating all my friends’ souls. >: You will be missed. Lolol.


  4. Nexon’s only good decision was to keep Combat Arm’s NX fair

    They’re not going to add NX weapons or anything, I think

    People tell me Nexon is just adding clothes/appearances and everything to Combat Arms

    Thank you God


  5. LOl

    are girls even possible on CA? o_O

    i havent seen any D;



  6. Spade said: “Lol Pain. Yesterday, Tarheel and I obliterated you guys. ):


    That was mean of you.
    Besides, it wasn’t that much of an obliterate. According to our pre-agreed on terms, we only lost by 8 kills (I think)

  7. lolololol I kinda pwnt Dest and Arley. LOL I got 23 kills from that. Then again, Spade did most of the work. XD

  8. That was our second game in Snow Valley. That was where I kept glitching. :>


  9. My birthday was in July 12 =D happy birthday! (said this on your birthday)

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