Where have all the [Nice People] gone?

Does anyone else here notice the horrible reputation that gamers get? I mean, it’s a given that on every game there’s a complete jackass out there that decides to do things to ruin the gaming experience for others.

It’s almost expected of gamers (especially younger ones) to throw around swear words (especially derogatory terms for homosexuals and black people-not “African American” since it’s just as racist to assume their heritage is Africa) and think nothing of it. How often do you get on a game to have a twelve year old call you a “f-g” and a noob just because they know you can’t do anything about it? How many times a day do these kids say the word “f-g” just because they get away with it?

Case in point: I was doing an instance (think of it as a PQ) on WoW at Scarlet Monastery. I really hate doing things like group activities (never PQ’d on Maple) in games because I hate the idea of messing up and pissing everyone off. You can imagine how I resisted doing this but my friend got them to add me to group and we got summoned. For the most part, I was told I was doing OK, basically throwing DOTs and sending in my minion.
Out of no where this dude/chick (couldn’t tell) says, “Damn skank put some clothes on” and points to my character.

Granted, I was wearing the Mageweave outfit that looks like this: link

They then did the laugh emote at me. I complained to my friend then apparently the tank ran in and aggro’d everything so I quit party and so did my friend. The rude person then spat at me and someone else told us to grow up. I’m not sure if it’s some how illogical, but I’d assume that someone who insults someone else FOR NO REASON is the one that is being immature. I’m not sure how this behavior isn’t unacceptable… What makes it ok to go up to a perfect stranger that happens to be helping you with an instance that they don’t even need to don and insult them? At level 39, I really wasn’t getting much out of that instance. I’d have been happy enough sitting in the Crossroads riding around on my blue fluffy bird thing (I got a Warlock mount but the birds just look awesome).

The day before this, I declined a duel with sitting around doing nothing in the Barrens and the guy calls me a “bitch” and a… vulgar word for female genitalia (I really don’t want to swear and this blog should explain it). He was picking a fight with me simply because I refuse to duel (I suck hard at PVPing).

And how many times have you seen on TV and movies a foul mouthed child on XBox live? It’s expected of gamers to throw around words and act like mouth-breathers. These days gamers are seen as either: pretention “geeks”, stupid children or rude college “frat boy” types. And it doesn’t matter if it’s “just a game”. It’s common sense and common curtesy that if you interact with humans you act like one and not a low-life piece of crap that thinks they can get away with anything because the other person isn’t close enough to slap them across the face.

If you have the opportunity, take the high road and at the risk of looking pretention, correct someone for their mindless use of vulgarities. I’d rather look like a cantankerous old lady than allow people like that run gaming and it’s reputation into the ground.

More screenies from WoW:
This amused me to no end and I still don’t know why:
Pulling a Lady Godiva wih Kavalina:
This looks like a really bad accident with a gnome and a mailbox:

Now that Wowcrap has consumed my soul, I’m a little worried about what the hell I’m going to do while I’m in Beijing (Olympics, yay!). I know there’s WoW China, but I can’t read Chinese, it’s pay by hour, etc. I’ve been worrying about MMOs and being in Asia for a while now. It’s my biggest worry to get stuck with my workaholic pops and nothing to do but read webcomics and drink milk tea and watch bootleg DVDs. I’m excited for the trip nonetheless!


15 thoughts on “Where have all the [Nice People] gone?”

  1. I can’t go near China on till they clean up the air there. (no offense)
    Triggers the asthma you know?

    Nice comic by the by.


  2. It’s not my comic >_>
    It’s space filler. . . but yeah it’s awesome.

    I can’t breathe in China either. There’s like a permanent haze of smog where my pops lives.

    That and people start smoking when they’re five there.
    There’s some serious sanitation issues in Dalian.

  3. You guys visited the worst parts then. @_@

    Go to the countryside for chrissakes, if you got family that lives in say far shandong or something, the skies are as good as anywhere in the world. >.>

    Not because of 1 place, China in a WHOLE is polluted. -.-

    As for the blog, yeah, it gets on everyone’s nerves in once a while. It just makes me wonder who ARE these people. .

  4. That’s why I have a male tauren. I hate the derogatory comments I get as a female character, even though I am a girl.

    And I’m sure it gets endlessly tiring for my husband, defending my honor every time some jerk says something rude.


  5. Yeah, I just ignore them
    They’re actually idiots that crave attention and just are trying to start something
    I just laugh at how incredibly nooby noobs are!

    They’re is this poster I once saw that said something like “Silence is wisdom”

    Thank you for the blog!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  6. LOL. The vulgar word for certain female genetalia . . . It’s not that bad a word when you get used to it D: . . . I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched that movie Atonement.

    Anyway, people on the internet will be assholes, and there will always be people on the internet . . . so naturally there will always be assholes. The GIF theory is pretty accurate, methinks. Anonymity does more harm than good. It makes people think they are more special than they really are. Like Anonymous. Blegh.

  7. I wish you could stick your hand through the monitor and reach over to that nub person and slap him.

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