Im Back Jack!!!!

So, after a several month, unannounced break from maple, I have returned . I’m more into maple then I was, dunno if thats good or bad haha. But anyways, i’m back (as if you didn’t catch it the first time….) So, this must be the shortest blog ever written…..But, ill be back with a better one, I swear.

15 thoughts on “Im Back Jack!!!!”

  1. Please don’t say anything even if you don’t have enough material to cover for a good lengthy blog

    Don’t apologize, the damage is done already, or you can delete this blog now

    This pushes down valuable blogs that are actually spent more time on this puny one,

    Please fix this, and don’t make the same mistake again,


  2. xXyZaThEx said: “you SWEAR?



  3. What the fck is it with everyone and all the fcking swearing? God fcking damn it! There are fcking little kids on this fcking site and fcking kids can search Google and fcking see it. Next think you know, you’ll see little kids yelling, “Gimme a fcking apple now, btch!”

  4. I swear a lot.

    oh and spade, it’s just one blog
    Man, I’ve read all the blogs on the list like a long time ago
    I’m begging for anything
    I might even make 10 blogs, just so I can read them

    ~LaZzz. . .

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