I’m a man.

It’s true. I dyed my skin a turquoise color. That’s is in a dragon raja. I got it dyed for a low price. It was only 14k. It was the real deal. You can die you’re skin any color you can imagine! Even magenta.

The last time I made a blog about Dragon Raja was this…

Well, now I’m making this. I made a new character. I made a Priest/Archer. I picked the class of a priest so I could heal, but the weapons aren’t locked by class, so you can use whatever. No one was dumb enough to notice until I pointed it out. Well, instead of being a sucky level 21 priest that hits stuff with a staff, I am a non-sucky priest that hits stuff with a bow.

Well, lets get to when I dyed my skin. Who knew you could dye your skin back in the anchient times, aye? Can you even dye your skin today? Well, not turquoise at least. I just talked to some chick in a purple robe and she dyed my skin for me. I don’t want to know how she did it, but she did and that’s all I care about…what am I saying…

I wonder if she……….*giggles*……..ya know………took off all my clothes and had to use her hands to paint my whole body inch by inch.


Here is a picture of me before I got my skin dyed.

On my other priest you will see that it is blue. That was a while ago when the charged me

70 flippin’ k for it!!!!!111one11

But, now they only charge 10k for it .

I’m happy

It’s almost time for the most epic ending you will ever see.


The End.

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  1. I went on my other account and refreshed it til it had 1k views, yeah, i was that bored.

  2. Jesus said: “I went on my other account and refreshed it til it had 1k views, yeah, i was that bored.”

    Go do that for my last blog. :O

  3. Grats on your priest/Archer!

    I hated your ending though, please don’t do it again.

  4. 0.o This game looks like runescape with a larger background and less players. Do you download it or is it browser based

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