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Well, I’m on vacation. I’m going to get you to guess where.

I really hope my sunflower lives to see the day I come back home. D:

Anyway, I’ve been thinking.

why games from north america n0t working here?

WolfTeam INTERNATIONAL, Combat Arms, etc.

Everything’s so boring, even the box (TV).

I’ve been forced to play a few boring games and watch videos on youtube that I’ve watched a thousand times.

It’s still funny, though. lulz.

I’m going to talk about SD Gundam Capsule Fighters. It’s about these super deformed gundams fighting to the death in a game with lasers.

I’ve only played about 30 minutes since this computer doesn’t work well with the game. I’ll send you some screenshots of the game later. By later, I mean like two weeks from now!

In SDGCF I’ve been dying a lot since there’s no mouse space to move around freely. I keep on bumping into the giant monitor, get stuck and get killed by people shootin’ wit laz0rz. They hurt.


Tired and stuff, imma go sleeeeeep now. D:

EDIT : I want a pet meerkat D:

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  1. Yay for still managing to feed our internet addictions while on vacation! Isn’t it grand?

  2. I left a giant hint on where I am for my vacation in the Combat Arms thread ;D

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