Adulthood means New Journeys.

So, since my last blog, lots of stuff has happened. Like, Gujju becoming an ADULT! But that just means I’m getting closer to having to waste my money for a rebirth. But that’s not the point. So other than doing part time jobs, quests and training, I have been exploring the world of Mabinogi. So with the starting of Generation 2, Paladin came the opening of a new town: Emain Macha!

It’s really a pretty city and the largest one so far. When I got there, I went screen shot happy. As I explored the town, I found a lot of the stuff that was in the promotional video my friend showed me before I started to play.
I found the Auditorium/theatre thing. If my instrument playing skill was any good, I might had done a little something for people to hear, but sadly, Gujju has no talent. =(

There is also another pretty church, but this one is WAY bigger. But what I really hate about it is the Priest that stands outside the Church. James I hate that man. But you will find out why later. There is also a nice restaurant by the water, where you are greeted by the lovely Shena ahah her name is my name with the letters n e and h in reverse. When I got bored of walking around this huge town, I made my way over to Town Square. There are these two identical girls there who sell flowers, but are not twins according to one of the townspeople. There is also this rich dude there, who is constantly losing his money for you to pick up. If only he was somewhere near the beggar that is always asking me for spare change.

Right by the square, there was this observation tower run by a flirty guy named Galvin or something like that, so I went over there and looked through a telescope and got to see this amazing little video of the city. I went there later to look over at the top, and the view of the square from up there.

When the night came, I decided to hit the club! Because it’s only open at night. I spoke to the door guy dude, who a real pretty boy when you start a conversation with him. I went in, and realized this was no dance club. It was more like a burlesque house. I went inside to talk to the main. . .show girl, Rua. Boy, does she ever talk! In the end of the long conversation I had with her, she somehow convinced me to go get her an apple. When i brought her said apple, she asked me to go get her some chocolate! I never knew these skanks were so demanding.

So I left the club, disappointed. Then I found one of those cool board things with a hole in the face to take pictures in. Here is one of Gujju as Nao. Once I was done fooling around, i decided to leave the town, because doing part time jobs there was lame-oh. Normal deliveries to one person turn into them asking “While you are at it, can you go to this person who is nowhere near your boss and give them this stupid teddy bear because I’m a darn priest and flirting with a girl would get me into big trouble with the Big guy in the Sky?” Yeah. I hate James.

So I left, and again, i just got screenie crazed:

Pretty Night Sky
Another night sky
Pine Trees
Some Random Fat kid. LOL
The ocean

Kay. My eyes hurt. And I am hungry for some All Dressed chips while I dance around the house to various songs. Peace out.

EDIT: I just noticed Town Square is a circle

15 thoughts on “Adulthood means New Journeys.”

  1. You get the Adult Title when you reach age 18 Cheeze. It’s Mabinogi, not Real Life.

  2. MasterCheeze said: “*ahem* You have to be 21 to be a legal adult, not 20. o.o”

    yea well I am 23 in game right now! So HA

    RainOfSorrow said: “Just went through the pictures. . . Boy have you gotten fat.”

    You really dont know how to talk to girls, do ya?

  3. RainOfSorrow said: “You get the Adult Title when you reach age 18 Cheeze. It’s Mabinogi, not Real Life.”

    Dang, I really need to start reading blogs I comment in. I was initially going to say something about this blog having no MMO-related content. I thought Gujju was talking about her real life, and I thought you were asking to get slapped calling her fat. o_o

  4. As a person who has been on this site for like 2 years, i know to blog about my MMO day

    and Gujju is SOO NOT FAT!

  5. Btw, for the locket dungeon thing, is there something i get when i’m done it?

  6. I am always amazed at the genius of MMOT.

    Adult= 18.
    Drinking age= 21.

    Adult /=/ Drinking age

  7. FunnyFroggy, you have corrupted me for life in your blogs.

    Goodbye innocence T_T

  8. I’m sowwie. Will making you get a baby in my new hit story make you feel better?

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