Self-Imposed Ban = Lifted!

W00t, finally met the deadline for the project I was working on. For those interested (if you’re not, just skip to after the divider LOL), it was a favour for a friend who’s organising a carnival for the benefit of children with craniofacial defects (cleft lip, etc.), and needed someone to optimise the posters for commercial printing. That means working with huge files at 300 dpi using Adobe Illustrator, and trying not to let it crash and waiting a few minutes when I press save. For those who live in Singapore, you can see the posters at MRT stations and in trains from 19 June to 16 July. Granted, I didn’t manage to do ALL of the posters because 2 of the formats were just too much for my poor laptop to handle (note to self: get a Macbook next time), but I feel a sense of satisfaction all the same.

Anyway it’s called WAFF: The Carnival (WAFF stands for Warm And Fuzzy Feeling… O.o; don’t ask), and the carnival is on 13 July at the *scape Youth Park, so if you guys are free, go down and support them. There’ll be live bands and stalls and everything is for a good cause.

Oh and my astronomy quiz was quite easy. The exam is the week after next though, so I suspect I’ll have to disappear from Maple again to study for that… I MUST GET AN A IN THIS SUBJECT!!

So that now I have free time… it means… BACK TO MAPLE!!!

To tell the truth, I snuck on a few times during my self-imposed ban, but ehhh. You guys didn’t restrain me enough. T_T

Anyway I’m level 46 now and I got my level 50 Olympus bow by trading in 20 Maple Coins! W00t, so I’ve got all my bows up till level 64+ (yes, I got my Maple Gandiva Bow with 1500 Maple Leaves). The next thing I’ve gotta do is get the rest of my level 50 gear. So is anyone selling female level 50 archer gear on Aquila? I hope to reach level 50 by next week. Probably by doing more MCPQ, because it is much more fun than grinding, but I need to collect more Maple Leaves which I refuse to buy, so I’ll probably take a break and train a little at the Simian Forest. LOL, I mean Monkey Forest. I’ve always wanted to say that… simian.

Oh I finished the Icarus cape quest with the help of my friend, but the cape I got was +5 jump and I didn’t want to bother with all the scrolling so I sold it at 550k. I’m still using my level 25 Old Raggedy Cape, which is so ugly I bought black wings with my maple cash so that I could hide it. LOL. But since it’s scrolled it has +5 dex and +10 hp… not very impressive, I know, but ehh. I’m not really after perfect equips. I have one slot left after a 60% dex for cape failed. If I chance upon another cape scroll I’ll try and see if it works. but lately none of my scrolls have been working (60% atk for bow failed yesterday as well).

Well I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about, actually. Except that the guild that I joined seems to be picking up in activity and that’s good, since it means that I’ll always have a conversation to hop into when I’m training. I’ve spent most of my Maple life guildless, and it got pretty boring when all my RL friends quit, which was one of the reasons why I quit playing Maple, since I didn’t see any reason to train anymore. Plus, I missed PQing at Kerning (there weren’t any of the other PQs yet) so training was really plain grinding. And for some reason at that time, I was really averse to spamming pots, so I levelled really really slowly doing normal attacks. Well needless to say, I now consume pots like water. But I still manage to make a profit most of the time while training, which is good because I yam p00r.

Oh one more thing: I just upgraded my 3Mbps line to an 8Mbps one. Yaaaaay.

OAKAY. Enough with the boring blog. I need to get more sleep because I’m down with the flu. Must’ve been that all-nighter I pulled the other day. Sigh.

Edit: Hmm I uploaded a screenshot but it doesn’t appear? Help? Anyway it’s just a screenshot of my equips and my black wings which you can see here: link

4 thoughts on “Self-Imposed Ban = Lifted!”

  1. Cool. I’ll keep an eye out for the posters.

    I do have my old archer equips lying around in my storages. I could pass them to you if you want.

  2. Wow that would be totally great. I don’t know how to thank you. How much will you be selling them for?

  3. I can let them go at NPC price, seeing how they’re pretty much not doing anything BUT sitting there in my storage. Better that someone makes some use out of it. I’ll go check on what I actually have first though. >.> It’s been so long since I’ve look through my mules. :X

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