Random Thoughts on NX/characters, etc

Because I’m bored. Oh, and excuse any errors in spelling or grammer. I’m still not entirely used to typing on a laptop and sometimes I still miss hitting keys >_>;

I started a new character on Mardia last week, as my previous entry said… was it last week I started her? I don’t remember. Anyway. I haven’t gotten very far on her. She’s only level 17, but I’m hoping to still get to level 70 by the end of summer.

Getting to level 70 in 3 months is possible for a lot of people, but not for me. I tend to get bored easily and end up never reaching my goals. I’ve played Maple for 3 years and the highest level character I have is level 76. I’ve had her for two years. And I got to level 70 LAST June/July. Yeah. See? Getting to level 70 in that amount of time is a challenge for someone like me. But I can always hope and try.

I’ve rarely bought any double experience cards. The only time I bought a double experience one was when it was on sale during the Christmas sales, in which I got from level 72 to level 75 with that. I bought a one day 2x experience card once on my sin before it was a regular item in the Cash Shop and it was on sale at random times. I saw it and got it because I was determined to get my sin to level 40 that night, and did (was level 38).

Anyway, I find the cost of the cards to not be worth it. I know people who buy them all the time to level up their characters, but I personally hate spending all that money on a character… $19 a month for double experience for four hours every night. Perhaps some see it as being worth it, but when you don’t have a job, it’s a little expensive >_> But I am considering buying a card to help me on my new character… which seems a little stupid since she is only level 17. *shrug* I was even thinking of getting a 10 day 2x exp card and one 2x exp card for a night… That would help out a lot. But once again, it’s expensive, in my opinion. I don’t really want to spend $10.50 just to get that much experience on something like Maple. It’s not worthwhile. Sure it will help speed things up, but how long will I actually play Maple and how much of Maple actually has to do with my life? -.-

So I dunno. I am going to at least get 5k NX so I can get a new haircut (an exp style, so I probably won’t get the one I won’t and waste $2.10 instead). Even though I’m against buying 2x cards, I do tend to go overboard with buying hair coupons. Not as much as some. It’s not like I spend tons of cash trying to get the style I want like some people. But considering how worthless I consider spending money on Maple, I probably have spent a little too much on hair in the past. If I get a decent hairstyle on the first try (I’m not going to try my luck. If I get a decent style, I ain’t messing it up by wasting my money to get another coupon and getting an ugly look), I may at least get a 4x exp card with the leftover NX since I don’t really have anything else to spend it on.

Anyway. This was written in a fit of boredom. I was going to post something similar in my LiveJournal, but only two of my friends there play Maple. And I post an entry almost everyday (I like to talk too much online sometimes), and I didn’t want to annoy them with an entry most (or all) of them wouldn’t want to read.

And I doubt anyone actually read all this Random thoughts. Woo. Adios mis amigos.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on NX/characters, etc”

  1. Heh I do feel the same way as you about the double exp and such being not worth my NX, while spending on hairstyles. Since I just got my pay last night I went out and bought 10,000 points as a treat for myself, and with that I bought a name label thing. I wanted a hair coupon but I didn’t see any that I liked, so I’m saving the rest for when my cape expires (I’ve got black wings at the mo’) so I can renew it when the time comes. Hehe. Okay this was a really random comment as well.

  2. 2x cards are a waste of money at extremely low levels. However some may find them useful at level 6x~8x (like me), others would find that completely useless as well. Mainly the upper levels use 2x cards, but they know how to sit there for hours “grinding.”

  3. $19 a month isn’t expensive at all. My gas bill is around $150 a month when I’m commuting (and bound to get worse very soon). Even if you don’t have a job, $19 a month is easy to make.

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