Becoming ambidextrous.

No, currently not going well. I take a looong time just to type a word. Even worse just to write one.

Today I went to take my VJC entrance test despite my right hand being unusable. It was a general ability test, thank god, so they only give you patterns and all you need to do is shade the correct answer. At least my left hand is good enough for that.

This is a picture I drew with my left hand. I swear I tried my BESTEST BEST (In the background are the early drafts of the Cavalry characters done on the other side of the paper by my right hand done a few weeks back, didn’t expect it to be seen after scanning) –> : link

….. ;_;

Kindergarten/nursery. Probably in between. At least it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought.

I’m starting to appreciate my right hand more. Too late. Took it for granted. The first day I was thinking: Nahhh won’t make much difference.

I mean I can play GunZ because my left hand’s fine, but I can’t aim properly and do A LOT of k style because my right hand can barely control the mouse. Cherish your right hand, guys~!!

Today in GunZ:

I got owned. Real bad.

Can’t even butterfly properly. Not even flash step. Basically anything involving the right hand and timing.

Which is basically nothing.

I managed to get a few kills through strategy, though. NUB STYLE!!!!!! Surprisingly effective… Even without k style. Today was e style all the way. I wall hung, wall ran, wall bounced, comboed, and sprayed.

Score: 10 kills…..

23 deaths

Can’t blame me for entering a room with all fux pro k stylers =[ 10 kills was good enough, you’d agree if you were playing in that room and refrained from k style completely.



I don’t have confidence to start the dragon slayer quest yet. Despite reassurances from a certain MMOTales member (thx =D), I continued lounging around, going, “ENTERTAIN ME, SOMEONE”.

Well, at least I got the record of 3 random events within 5 seconds.

1st second: Random old guy gives me puzzle box
2 seconds later: Frog princess random event (kissed it lul)
5th second: Mime random event

Lol. Nothing interesting to report… Oh, and when I got back…

EVIL CHICKEN (lvl 81 chicken wtgoab) RANDOM EVENT.

(Ran for my life.)

New game I joined:

Yep, I joined Cabal…SEA. Lol. Who else? Pretty fun so far. I’m only lvl 5 though. Uber low fps for me x_x

This blog took more than half an hour to type

8 thoughts on “Becoming ambidextrous.”

  1. Bah, I’m also training to be ambidextrous also, and it’s hard work.
    All cuz I had this dream of my master hand being sawed off, so yea.

  2. Lol, I’m also trying to be ambidextrous (you need dex for that! XD)
    I was actually just learning it because I thought it would be cool to write with my right hand (my left hand is my primary one)
    It’s still actually hard to write, but I can write at a slightly good pace and my letters are looking better
    Mostly, I think it’s cause I’d love to be able to take notes with one hand and when it gets tired switch
    Lol, hey you get one injury but you also gain a skill, which is not so bad!

    ~LaZzz. . .

  3. I’m ambidextrous. I can write a letter of my word with my left hand, the next letter with my right, and so on in a continuous chain. It’s perfectly neat, and I never get mixed up. I can also touch my nose with my tongue! >O

  4. I can only write in Chinese with my left hand and your left-handed writing is better than my right-handed D=

  5. Hm, Reeve, relax. I can train with you if you want.

    I can help you earn money, fast. Just train strength, fish trout, cook it, and no worries. I swear.

    I still have 7m left in CAbalsea. Gave away 41m. I can download it again, and give you the rest if you wannaz.

    Tell me earlier, anybody who needs money, I can spare 7m and equips, upgrade core high, or anything you need. < That’s in cabalsea of course.

  6. @greenday: You don’t happen to have a Topaz slotted, do you? :3

    [edit] Aw, scratch that. I just realised you play a different server, right? >.>


    Cabal ign: Colten, lvl 5 lol (got attracted to LGMS after that.)

    My runescape ign is Appollode if you wanna meet ^^

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