Legacy MS!!!!! (Short blog)




After 2 whole years of no-maple, I’ve finally broken my record and MAPLED!!!!!!!!!!1111111

Which is absolutely believable, actually. Maple is one of the only games I can play at the moment, because all my right hand has to do is just hit the arrow keys (Hurts duh but nothing unbearable).

No, I didn’t join SMS, OdinMS, whatever….

I’m playing LGMS

Well. Its exp rates are 100x. Mesos too.

After 5 hours of playing, I got 7 million. And hit lvl 50. And steelies. And a whole lot of cool eq. Sold the unusable ones though. And I get like 100k every 3 mins if I don’t stop looting. But then, sadly, the looting is… FUXSLOWWWW!!!!!!!@@@


It’s basically once every 5-10 mins: “coolIlvled”. Plus, I took like 1 hour to get from lvl 1 to 30.

LGMS has a VERY GOOD server. I didn’t dc at all. It didn’t lag at all. And it can house like 2000 players at one go. it has 2 stable channels. YAY.

And the grinding barely felt like grinding. You lvl SO FAST!!!!!@@@ Some players hit like lvl 130++ after like 1 week.

Am I allowed to post a link?


funnyfroggy said: “Not unless you mention me somewhere

-mentions funnyfroggy-

–>> link

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  1. The installation for GMS hung halfway, so I didn’t manage to go through with installing the LGMS client. >.>

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