MapleSEA Servers:What ARE they DOING?!

I am playing MapleSEA and completing the event anniversary quest so I have been neglecting MMO a bit, but there is one teeny little problem. SEA players, ever noticed that the servers are choking on the traffic? Just 2 days ago <26th Jan> and today <28th Jan> there was SEVERE latency pulling my whole computer down. Plus there was 2 DCs today then the MapleSEA website said there was a server maintenance. Plus the Evil Spirit Jar 3 quest was totally faulty. I know my computer quality is lousy, but that was SEVERE lag. Not the ones that I usually get and clear up after a while, but those that are acute and chronic and causes 10 Disconnections in an hour flat! MapleSEA players, state your views here.

P.S. For MapleGlobal, MapleEurope and other servers, for your information MapleSEA’s new 5th world Eridanus is opening on 4th June, what would you do if your server is opening a new world but on that day the servers were so lousy until everyone’s computer lags so much that it DCs?

Note: I need plenty of Maple Leaves to upgrade me Maple Doom Singer into the new Level 64 weapons, anyone mind donating some? <1500 Maple Leaves to go>

Hey I am serious! I need Maple Leaves but I am REALLY hard up. F.Y.I. Bank balance: 200,000 mesos

3 thoughts on “MapleSEA Servers:What ARE they DOING?!”

  1. Haha I spot a typo, shouldn’t be 28 Jan, but 28 MAY right?

    Anyway yeah, I noticed the lag, which was so bad I got disconnected once, after that I just gave up and did something else.

    AND, Evil Spirit Jar 3 quest bugged me so much I just dropped the two jars that I collected because my inventory was crying out for space. I know I should have just held on and waited, but, bah.

    Anyway I think the servers are suffering from overload probably, because the school holidays are here and there’s a sudden surge in traffic, but I’m a techn00b so I wouldn’t know. O.o;

    Well, good luck collecting the 1.5k Maple Leaves! It isn’t so bad, really. I just exchanged my 1.5k for a level 64 bow, and I’m planning to collect a few thousand more to exchange for scrolls and an extra bow just in case (since there’s a chance your bow gets destroyed if you use the anniversary scrolls). A few days training should be enough to get the Leaves, so don’t be conned into buying them off other players (unless you’re feeling lazy ). It’s a motivation to train anyway!

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