There you have it folks…

…MMOTales has it’s own guild on SMS!

But before I get to that, I want to talk about how I Angeoed with Phil, Jams, Rya, and Holy.
I couldn’t get decent screenies since we kept getting pwned left and right. That dang old fart is tough. Her massive hand of doom scared me. Reminded me of my mother. God, I hope she doesn’t go all Anego on me when she gets older.

Now about the guild…

Guilds came out on SMS. At first I was against the idea and I’m like: “There are just going to be a bunch of 1 person guilds.”
I was initially going to stay guildless for the sake of my morals. But the Aaron told me about Arley making a guild called MMOTales where only us MMOTers were allowed entrance.
I learned of some MMOTers. Like Tenna. I had no idea she was a MMOTer. Then there was Invet. Didn’t know he was one either. I also wondered if Cheeze would join. Some MMOTers preferred to stay guildless, like Rya (Yuff). But it was okay, we wouldn’t force them. Although, Aaron kept pestering her to join in vain. Lmao.

That was also the day I met Dest’s char, TBaggins. Best. Name. Ever.

All we did was KPQ… but fail miserably. A bunch of times. But at least we had a nice conversation. Then some of us decided to take it to smega with Dest asking for GM heks. It was a nice conversation that made me feel a little bit better.
Then afterwards, I went to wep farm because I spent all my money on those smegas and Rya stayed to chat with me a bit before she left. Thank you, Rya. <3

All in all, I like the guild. I like it a lot. It was like my smaller world inside of an already small world. My little family. I felt like when we were being random and silly, that I temporarily forgot all of my problems and it was one of the best feeings ever. I really hope it doesn’t fall apart because if it did, I’d fall apart too. </3

~Happy Mapling from 13lue to you.

14 thoughts on “There you have it folks…”

  1. jaxk and I KPQ’d. We did it successfully 5 times. We failed 3 times.

    The failures didn’t count the other 5 times we tried to get in but somehow only one of us got into the KPQ.

    The failures I counted were when you go to Bonus from last stage, for some reason, only jaxk and I got into bonus. Wolfite and Kunu (I think was his name) stayed in Last Stage.

    I also made a new character. “ChuckNorris”.

    EDIT: Wait, isn’t Tenna a guy? He told me so over buddy chat.

  2. I am a guy, yeah, I just play a female character. The subject doesn’t come up much.
    But yeah, next time I’m on, invite me to this guild.

  3. Wait, your friends list on MMOTales has a “Vendetta”. Can it be? The Vendetta from SMS?

  4. I bet Tenna is Aurida’s love. So he can look at her forever.

    I will ravage, destroy and scatter the pieces of your body, mind, soul, and cat.
    No, seriously, the logic is like this: I usually play female or lesser-played types of characters in private servers.

    With less equipment to go around, you need to get into a niche where you can access equipment that doesn’t have many people fighting over it. Plus, I just like to see people’s reactions when I tell them I’m a guy. Heh.

  5. I’m not GUILDLESS, I just didn’t join MMOTales. I’m in Cody’s guild Glory.

  6. Hey, I’ll join the guild. Too god damn bad I ain’t the leader. Flipping going behind my back. Junior or no join! D<

    Btw, what if Maple Tippers find out who we are and come on over wanting to start something? How dare you give away our identities.

  7. Arladerus said: “Wait, your friends list on MMOTales has a “Vendetta”. Can it be? The Vendetta from SMS?”

    Yes, he is indeed, Vendetta from SMS. Add his warrior, Calamity.


  8. SilverFx said: “.________. Rawr. So why SEA-ers can’t play SMS? D:”

    Probably because the MapleSEA client is too advanced for SMS. That’s why only GMS players can play. SMS uses the GMS client to function.


  9. I’ve been gone too long, I think. I have no clue what SMS is. Can someone fill me in? T.T

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