sms? no.


Well, I hit level 50 several days ago, and I couldn’t be any happier. For my birthday, a friend got me 50,000 NXzorz, and I blew most of it on the Trade Shop, and some on a hair coupon for Showa. The spiked one fit me very nicely, as it resembles me dangerously in reality. I got a 9 attack WG, along with a something above average attack Slain.

I actually expanded my buddylist to 30 papelz. Most of them are occupied by inactive friends I know in reality, but if I were to delete them, my balls would then become non-existent. ;-; So I’m forced to punch myself in the face whenever I’m tempted to delete them off the buddylist.

Incredible apologies to iPod for not finishing the Axis Of Ekil for approximately 2-3 weeks right now. I was about to finish it, and I was on my 2nd to be last paragraph, but it restarted. My motivation imploded after I saw the restart occur right before my very eyes. I’ll get it done though. . .

[i]evenchulee lozl[i/]

I love my friends. I think they’re what keeps Spade playing MS all zeh time. They all love me, and I love them back. (Most of them.) They’re not the nooby friends I had when I first started to play the game, where we would just greet each other when one of the other logged on, and would never talk again. Eventually, we would ask each other who they were, and it would usually end up in the deletion of that person from the buddylist. (Pic 1)

I love my guild as well. Everyone’s so active and friendly there, and I can’t believe I made a guild with an emblem, and with a max of 25 members. We’re all planning on doing a GPQ soon, when everyone’s on and at a decent level.

AND OH YEAH. This guy offered me 4 maple items and 100 k for one of my Tobis. I think of that as the trade of the century. My friend said it was an okay trade, but he soon changed his answer as I tiger palmed him. (Pic 2)

I loved getting spammed. (Pic 3)

I HAFF TEH STEELARZ NAO! Someone was selling them for 4.7 mil, so I bought a set off of him. (I had 5 mil then lozl.) They look so 1337, and definitely kick the arse out of my Tobis. ;-; I’m planning on getting more sets after I buy a shop, and sell all of my dark scrolls and maple items. (That’s what normal people do, right? ‘-‘ )



FAME: 38
M.RANGE: 503
PLAYTiME: 7 hours. (weekly)

Well, I think I’m gonna leave it at that for now. Remember to click that button down there you see, because it will DEFINITELY award you with cookies and milk. Also, if you play in Global Broa, add me! iSHiNx7! We’ll get along just fine as long as you listen to ol’ Spadey and gimme all jer money! (I did mention that there is an entrance fee to the fabulous Spade’s BL, right?)


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  1. That’s it. The only way I’m gonna get Spade to finish his portion is to stalk him every time I can in MS.


    P.S. Write Axis o Ekil [04].

  2. Lololololol $50 down the drain. If I was gonna bust $50 on something, I’d get like eight four-packs of Java Monster since that stuff’s on sale.

  3. well ill add you to my buddy,
    no wait you add me, i have a-easy-to-remember name

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