first. time. evah.

So i was bored with having to wait for MMOTMS to go up, so i decided to play GMS. I logged in to find *gasp* my level 22 lukless mage. . .

I hate training
I hate training
I hate training
I hate training
I hate training
I hate training

once more,
I hate training

Sooo, i decided to hack. Soon i was happily hacking with Pin Unrandomiser, Perfect Damage, No KB, Super Tubi, Pin Type, Lag Hack, and Lemmings at Ellinia.

I quickly leveled to 23, and went back to hacking.

Within 10 minutes, i dced.

“Argh, again?” I thought to myself. I had been constantly getting disconnected, so it was normal. Or so i thought.

I logged in again, only to get a message saying This.

And the funniest thing is, ive been hacking for over three years (intermittently) and this is the FIRST TIME IVE EVER GOTTEN BANNED. And the funnier thing is, ITS ONLY FOR 1 DAY!

(I’m not really sure whether ive been banned for hacking though, because it just says using illegal programs. . .)

Yeah, I have no idea why i’m so happy either. Must be because its my first time. . . and you know what they say about your first time. . . ;]

Well actually i have no idea what they say but whatever.

Im done now, bye!

12 thoughts on “first. time. evah.”

  1. LOL . That’s cool .

    One of the first person who hacks and lets everyone know so loudly .

    You have my respect .

    No really .

    You do

  2. I usually grind for 5 minutes and get bored of it. Then I go to Henesys with my friends and the next month, I’m still level 40-50

  3. AznRiceFan said: “Respect points just plummeted several thousand points.”


    They just went into the negatives.

  4. This is FAIL on so many levels

    I thought Nexon was “No tolerance” now

    An effin’ one day ban

    Nexon, you’re stupid as hell

    i’d say something about you hacking under normal circumstances but why bother if nexon doesnt care about anything but money

  5. lawl i just made a new account and hacked it for perfect bowman stats
    4 str
    13 dex
    4 int
    4 luk


  6. Wow.

    Maybe they decided to give you another chance to NOT hack. Maybe thats why they only banned you for one day.

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