lmpqing is pain if your lvl 51 D:

You know, when you finally level to 51, you get really excited for lmpqing for the first time… but seriously? Its just like being back to level 35 and trying to join a lpq. It really feels like your a noob allllll over again, and im sick of it.

Although theres some nice high levels out there who invite you to your party, they eventually become level 71 and your stuck being alone again. For me, its a sad and depressing stage. The thing is, you dont even know WHERE to train! And training seriously takes AGES just to level up ONCE.

I know its easy for you spearmans and such, but unfortunatly, what are the mages supposed to do? D:

It’s just all a mess….and to be honest, i think this is one of the main reasons why so many people quit…

just because one person cant invite a low level in their party…

8 thoughts on “lmpqing is pain if your lvl 51 D:”

  1. Not neccesarily. I used to get into plenty of lmpqs before I quit.

    And I’m a sin. :


  2. Never even LMPQ’d before, heard it was awesome.

    To be honest, I couldn’t care less. o_o’

  3. Psh lmpq is easy to get into just frigin spam for a little bit like a minute or two and youll be in a party
    If you dont get in within the next 5 mins you got a nub party and get another one
    Thas all

  4. Once when I was level 35, I was invited into a party, and another member cried.

    Before we could even get one more guy, in quitting our party he spared no time!

    And when we asked him why, this was all he replied: “noob is level 35.”

    Quothe the raven NEVERMORE!

    Wow, that’s the first time I’ve ever written a poem D:

    I suck!

  5. Eh, I guess it’s harder for wizes since they’re not so awesome at dealing damage yet.

    Try to level a couple more times elsewhere and try again or just be patient and keep spamming until someone parties you. The good thing about lmpq is that it’s fast and there’s more parties getting inside. . . one of them is bound to pick you.

  6. thanks ganache :3

    ive had some luck with parties, but still, i feel so sheepish when people invite me,

    it feels as if i dont belong there

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