I’m Back…Again?

Well, I’m finally back after like, a year’s hiatus. I got Poo to level 52 and now I’m training Delcer mainly, he’s level 48 and counting. After a two hour session of CPQing (I love it), I decided to come back to MMOTales for no reason whatever. So anyway, I’m in the mood for a little rant.

1. I was getting another person for CPQ, and I managed to get a level 47 I/L. She had been spamming “J>PQ no noobs” and had a lot of NX. We managed to get in fairly quickly, and we sat in the lobby waiting. For my eyes I had male 4, the kind of small rectangular eyes with the low mouth. And guess what she said:

“That guy is so asian <–”

Ouch. I hate racism, but I decided to ignore it and let her stay in the party. (By the way, I am Chinese, but I’m actually female) I decided to start up a conversation wtih our other party member, a bandit, because we had known each other for an hour and were pretty good friends. A level 50 dexless sin had just left our party, so we decided to talk about him. The conversation went:

“I wish we had that sin back.”
“We kicked ass.”

And suddenly, the I/L’s like “noob” and she leaves without warning. Great.

2. Before that incident, a different I/L, me, and the dit were PQing happilyl and owning the other party. Suddenly, the leader of the other party says: “defame him” to my party’s dit. He said “Why?”

“You defamed me.”

“But you defamed me first!”

“because ur ugly” The dit in my party had the level 45 bandit’s hat or whatever covering his orange antagonist, and he had bushy brows. No NX. But the other guy had semi-decent NX, but he had orange antagonist and squinty eyes without a hat. Major ewwww. Who in their right mind would choose such an overused hair as their NX hairstyle if they had a lot of NX?

So for revenge I summoned a bunch of master chronos on them along with protectors and managed to cream them.


Next time, I shall give you readers (if anyone reads this anymore) a bunch of tips on how to defeat parties in CPQ.


7 thoughts on “I’m Back…Again?”

  1. Hey, welcome. :D~
    I’m just back too.

    PQing can be so stressful, I LPQed last night for the first time in ages, and we had an idiot who left in the middle of the party too.
    I tried not to flip out though.

  2. Welcome back.

    PQing is hard sometimes, especially finding a good party. (I’m the one to talk, I’m only level 18! I still do PQ though. )
    Anyways, ignore what other people say. I hate racism too.

  3. Welcome back! I remember you!

    And yeah, I remember there was this guy saying he hated chinks in the CPQ lobby.

    He had lawtz of defem dat daiz.

    EDIT: Oh yeah. You wanted to know how to defeat parties in cpq? Okay. First of all, only do cancel weapon attack and cancel magic attack. Also, if you’re versing low level sins and archers, summon Trojans and do speed up.


  4. i like to see the person who left try to find another party with “no noobs” =P

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