“And the heavens shall tremble”

I don’t think anyone made a blog about this yet so here i go.

On Saturday, June, 28, 2008, something AMAZING happened. The long awaited game was finally announced that it was in the works… Diablo 3!!
The gameplay looks amazing =D. Most 3D games’ graphics suck. They usually have polyagonal faces and body parts. They “humans” look like inhuman beings because of that. So far Diablo 3 look nothing like that.
One of the things i like anout this game is the destructible objects in the game. Rather than recklessly run in and smash zombies and demons with your weapon, why not just break a nearby wall and see them get squished? Just as enjoyable and yet takes less energy. (Lazy bums =O) So far they only showed 2 of the 5 (i think its 5) classes you can be which are the Witch Doctor and the Barbarian. So far a couple skills are shown. Also there is a version of each class for both genders (Yay, in other games i’ve seen men trying to look like womon since there’s no other verision for the other gender.)
Witch Doctor- summons these little monkey-like things to do his/ her bidding
-sends out a loctus swarm thing to attack enemies and after its done with one enemy, it goes to another one
-throws a fireball thing
Barbarian- slams the ground and does AOE damage
-spins around
-rushes forward will attacking
There also seems to be weapons enhanced with elements like ice and thunder.
Ice freezes them and thunder stuns them i think.
The feature i like most is when you die =D.
A lot of games when you die, you die the sae everytime. It could be falling out the floor so you look like you’re tanning or it could be a random tombstone drops outta the sky and you appear as a ghost floating around it. In Diablo 3, its much more exciting. There was a party of 2 barbarians (1 of each gender) and 2 witch doctors (1 of each gender). the female witch doctor, i believe got trampled over by a boss monster. The monster picked up the male barbarian and bit into him (ouch) and ripped him in half. (Ouchies) Later when the two survivours killed it, it blew up and all these zombies appeared. The game also has some kind of multiplayer on it. So far The game is looking great =D unlike other games that are coming out such as Warhammer 40000, Dawn of War 2 D=<. They last updated the site in April so theres barely anything in it D=<. Blizzard is so far making 2 games that the public knows of right now, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3. But i seem to be more excited abou Starcraft 2. Maybe beacuse its probably going to be released sooner.
If you wanna know more about Diablo 3 read here –> link

Also, yesterday i saw my cousin play maplestory. I was temped to look at my account which i hadn’t touched in about a year. Somehow i still remembered my ID, password, and PIN (Pin was quite easy, it was 1337, Hack me=D) as soon as i logged in, there was a notice. I knew what it was right away. ” You have been expelled form the guild” O well. I never even knew i was in a guild. Then came 2 buddy requests which i never heard of thier IGNS. But i added them anyways and surprisingly one of them was on!. I had 1.3 mil and i was at 89%, at the ludi PQ. I remember last time i was here on channel 1 it was packed. But now its empty D=. Then i got bored and logged off. Maple has turned into such a shame D=.

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  1. Yeah, the preview site is going through horrendous traffic though. ._. I really wanna see the preview. T_T D2 was one of the best games I ever played! -even though I used hecks- but WHO CARES. D:

  2. <33

    Diablo III looks amazing.
    Did anyone watch the gameplay trailer?

    *OMg lyke i cen breaks teh wallz*

  3. omg You scared me. I thought I typed that. >O

    I wanna buy Diablo III! And SC2.

  4. @Ganzicus
    Who said?
    Who’s she?

    Lol, I actually heard about this before this blog!
    So, mwuhahaha

    ~LaZzz. . .

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