Incendiary Outing 4 – Maple Bash.

A new face,Lolli,came for the event. >D
The new veectim.

So before hand,Eon got the whole gang to come 5mins before him.
Reason being that we were going to eat real life lollipops slightly before he comes.
*hands out black paper bag labled ‘Eona’s Poisoned Lollipops’ [which no1 seem to notice] with lollies inside*

The funny thing though,when he came,he walked 1 round around a nearby giant pillar and just stood there clueless.I gave him a call,in which he started turning to our direction but somehow didnt see us.
Me Cat Silver Pb Mandy – All eatting lollipops. (You cant tell if pb is eatting a lolli though,he pratically put the whole thing in his mouth.Yes,stick and all.)

Ah yes,the famous ‘Are you the one?’ finger pointed at him,and it points back.
(I made him eat his lolli >D)

So off to the Maple 3rd year bash,with Pb panicking along the way. (Cos he saw many little kids armed with prepaid cards)

(around 9:20am i guess)
Majority of the stuff started at 10,only the verication booth was opened at 9.Thus we went to the verication booth 1st,on the 3rd floor.To those that didnt know it was on the 3rd floor,they spent their time aimelessly waiting on the 1st floor atrium for the event to start.

Uh ok…..
The q snaked everywhere,because in that area,majority of the shop booths are circular in shapped,and they were spread throught the place.So the q bends here and there,like a real humonoid snake.
So,time to wait!
*Waits for MORE then 10mins*
Lolli: We moved!
Eon: We are NOT EVEN 1 meter away fromw here we last were!! *Furiousely points*
*Begins to sweat,because the air-con wasnt on*
So after waiting for a hell long time,it was decided that silver and cat would stay,and the rest go below to q up to help redeem Eon’s Golden Ticket,which gives entree to the FR33 Market where players could exchanged their used ppcs for goodies.

The q did move,but sideways only due to the security.
By the time we were 1/2 way in that q (mind you,that q is HELL HELL HELL shorter then the verication one)
Silver and cat had ready reach the verication booth. (The booth q was more then 1thousand ppl long,the golden ticket one was less then 80 people long,so imagine.)
Pb couldnt verify,so he hogged the golden ticket q.
So when it was done,Eon and lolli went back to the q,with pb’s friend going off to take part in the lucky spin q,and the rest off to hog the FR33 Market q.

(Around 12pm i guess? > &lt
Got the golden ticket,which was more like a yellowish prepaid-sized plastic card,and went off to the FR33 Market q.If you know where Suntect Tropic’s atrium is,i will explain how long the q is.
The FM Booth is near the consiarge (Suntect help counter thingy) and the q streches from there all the way to near where starbucks is.Perhaps 1/2 the time shorter then the verication q.

It was till 3pm+ did i get to the FM.By then,they had run out of alot of stuff,and they had started to take back the golden tickets.(The golden tickets are by right yours to keep,and they give you unlimited entrees to the fm,cos you can only redeam 3 items at 1 shot) A big fight and a unhappy face later,Eon got her 3 items,with her guildies empty handed. (Cat was behind hogging the q too,because pb,mandy and lolli wanted to redeam a item each.)

In the end,me and cat didnt make it in time to cut in the spin the wheel q,because 1 staff was there being a ass.(Bty that q was from the Help desk area,through the toilet and out outside the building) And it turned out you didnt have to spin it anymore,1 coupon entiles you too a item.And we didnt even use our coupons D:

To sum it up,after 5hours + of NON-STOP q-ing with 7 people all over the place in most of the qs,
We all got 1 Maple Cash suit that lasts only 3 months,and the hat makes u BALD ._.’
I got 3 maple standee ( i gave the mage 1 to mandy as part of a deal) / a Maple Scedualer and a Maple Drawing Book.
Along with a Maple Paper bag and a lame can drink.
The rest got a standee each and some ez-link stickers.

One Word.

One Comment.
Horrid lack of croud management,dispite hosting the same event last year. (Last year’s event qs were SHORTER mind you)

Then it was off for lunch and bowling.
But the bowling fees were abit steep,so it was off to pool!
(Eon and cat were 1st timers)
It was fun,and i almost stabbed some1 with my stick thingy :3 while i was taking a shot.
Then i got thirsty and went to drink my can of Whatever beverage.
I have utterly NO IDEA WHY,all the flavous i get out of that louzy can is Lemon flavoured 100+.
> < Heck,i just sip it bit by bit and put it around the pool table whenever i was taking a shot..
Then pb got a idea.

My poor beverage was placed on the pool table,with a white ball placed near it.
And pb’s poking stick near the white ball.
*Takes photos*
After a few photos,pool shots and wrestling in the attempt to colour pb blue with the pool chalk thingy,me and cat went off.

There you have it,Incendiary’s 4th Guild Outing.
P.s. Cosfest is on the 5th n 6th! Who interested?

15 thoughts on “Incendiary Outing 4 – Maple Bash.”

  1. Oh yea,verification entiles you to a maple cash suit,which was suppose to be for the 1st 1 thousand.But it ended up for more then 1k people (which they broke their promise) And it started at 10+ when it was stated to be at 9am.

  2. It’s maplesea 3rd birthday,so they celeberated it by having a real life event at suntect mall.

  3. You missed the more exciting auction. That was freaking epic.

    But that’s gonna be my blog, so. *hogs*

  4. Dam I wish they had that here ._.

    I wanna dress up as a pixie


  5. @Zhlink: The Toy-and-Comic convention? Imppy and I were there too, cause we abandoned them to their queueing for an hour or so.

  6. You mean you didn’t see me?!?!
    I was wearing my green shirt with ‘Zhlink’ on it!

  7. Dood, there were a thousand over people there. Was I supposed to check out everyone’s shirt? >.> The only outfits I took good looks at were the cosplayers and the dolls’.

    ‘Sides, I didn’t know you were there. -.-

  8. I was staring at them cosplayers for quite some time.
    But those that don’t look nice, I just took a glimsp.
    Sides, I got some pretty good stuff there.

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