Carnival PQ Tips (really, they work!)

Alright. Here we goes. A very brief guide on what to do in CPQ.

Fields 1/2: They suck.

Fields 3/4: In this stage, a Lightning mage would be VERY VERY helpful. Clerics are all right, I guess, but they must be pretty high level and have heal. (Lol, what cleric doesn’t have heal?) Warriors own here, as well as bandits <3 Archers are decent, as long as you have a close range party member to lure away all the monsters so you can snipe from a distance. Sins are only good if they have decent haste.

Fields 5/6: For rombots, sins are the best choice since they can jumpshoot, but if they’re below level 44 then they might not be the best choice. Bandits also own, but don’t get one under level 44 to do it. And your bandit might need a cleric. Warriors are a no-no, and no mages unless you have to. As for robos, getting either archers or sins would be a good idea, since they can snipe from platforms just in case the other party summons a lot. Sins are especially good since they can jumpshoot onto the platform above them.


Next topic is summoning.

Fields 1/2: No summon plz. Weakness + looting all the all-cure potions is a cheap tactic, but it works ;] But protectors might be better worth your CP.

Fields 3/4: If the other party has decent I/L mages or warriors or bandits, do not summon. I’m warning youuuuuuuuu. Otherwise, feel free to summon master chronos. Well, it’s actually moar complicated than that. Probably the most efficient strategy would be to summon avoid up/cancel weap/cancel magic all the time so the other party can’t kill at all. That’s usually what I do….If you insist on summoning a lot, either do rombot if you have A LOT of CP, or most likely master chronos. Power Up goes with rombots and magic up goes with master chronos. Speed up is very, very good if all they have is ranged units.

Fields 5/6: Spamming protectors won’t exactly work here, since robos aren’t affected. You must get your party’s UTMOST COOPERATION for this to work. That means they have to obey your every whim without question. Sound good ? It’s imperative that you make “the move” first. If you see the other party summoning, you’d better start doing it too. Master chronos are the best here, because if the other party’s on the ladder the master chronos’ magic attack will zap them off. Press F9 until it says you can’t summon anymore. Then mass summon protectors. You need around 150 CP for this. Start from F9 and go all the way down to F1. If you want to save CP, summon cancel magic/weapon, avoid up, speed up, and magic up. It sounds easy but it’s not, trust me. You have to know when to summon. If the other party isn’t making a move and they’re ahead, do it when you’re sure you have enough CP, but no later than five minutes in. Six is pushing it. If you’re ahead, do it at six. If you’re basically tied, do it at five. Also, loot all the potions so the other party can’t get them.


Time to go into the classes.



Levels 30-43

You don’t need cancel magic for them, just avoid up. Magic up for chronos.

Levels 44-50

Cancel magic beceause their accuracy might be too good for just avoid up. And you’d better watch their heal if you’re planning to summon master chronos.


Levels 30-43

Avoid up. You MIGHT be able to get away with summoning on them in fields 3/4, but I’d be careful if they were 40+.

levels 44-50

Cancel magic. Do not summon on them in fields 3/4 unless they only have ice.


Same deal. Their mobbing sucks so feel free to summon.


No need for seperate classes here. They have a crapload of HP. I’m warning you, do not summon on them in fields 3/4 unless you either spam avoid up (for 45 and below) or cancel weapon attack. Again, avoid up for 45 and below, cancel ewapon attack for 46+.



Dexless and low dex above 45 are very, very dangerous. Especially if they have haste. Above 42, do cancel weap. Otherwise, avoid up. If there’s a party full of hasting sins use Slow.


45 up, cancel weap. Below that, avoid up. If they’re romboting you might consider doing Power Up so they’ll die. Unless there’s a cleric. Do not summon on fields 3/4 if they have a high level bandit.


Below 42, avoid up, above that, cancel weap. Ehhh…whatever. Same deal.


If you can spare a couple of maple coins, if one of the monsters you kliled drop one, wait until the losers flock to the maple coin and pick it up at the last second. The only skills I find worth it are weakness in fields 1/2, and darkness and slow. All cure potions do not cure slow, apparently. But remember they only have a 70% chance of working.

This guide is supposed to be concise, right? I got carried away, and I have to eat lunch.


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  1. Erm, you sorta have to give it a pause between 2 blogs, but since both are so long, I’ll let it go. =p

  2. Oh, sorry I didn’t want them both together because they were both really long and about different things. So yeah

  3. Psh my tip
    Not really ive perfected my cpqs to a science
    Its just i get crappy parties

  4. Ah, here’s a really good idea
    Although it seems stupid, it worked and helped me so much
    Your party members if 3 or below, stay together
    The only problem is Maple Coins [Although I take turns with my friend ._.]

    Yea, stupid, but good

    Never summon Master Chronos for clerics ._. [My cousin, sin, and me, we pwned them, one second, we jumped from 600-900, auto win ]

  5. Warriors are pwnage at Rombots o_O

    I have a feeling you’ve never had a warrior in CPQ before,

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